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Wholesale Golf Carts

XUNHU, a leading golf cart manufacturer in China, specializes in premium OEM customization and production.

We design and craft a diverse range of golf carts tailored for top-tier brands.

Whether you’re looking to wholesale golf carts or make bulk purchases, XUNHU is your ultimate choice.

With unmatched expertise and quality, we ensure your golf cart business thrives. Choose XUNHU for excellence in every ride.

Wholesale Golf Carts in Large Quantities at Low Prices

XunHu offers a variety of wholesale golf carts for sale. Whether you want 8 seater, 6 seater, 4 seater, and 2 seater, they are available at wholesale. Apart from the different seaters, you can always request customized golf carts. They are highly affordable to reduce your investment cost.

XUNHU, a leading golf cart manufacturer, is actively seeking golf cart dealers, distributors, and wholesalers to join our network. We offer high-quality and reliable golf carts at competitive wholesale prices, making it a profitable opportunity for businesses looking to expand their product offerings. Partner with us and benefit from our full support and top-notch golf cart solutions. Contact us now to become an authorized XUNHU dealer or distributor. Let’s grow together in the golf cart industry!

2 seater golf carts wholesale
XunHu Sells Wholesale 2 Seater Golf Carts At Affordable Price; You Can Order Different Designs To Update Your Golf Course.

Optional Parts
  • Lead-acid batteries/Lithium batteries
  • Rear Seats/Cargo box
  • Rain Cover/Sunshine Curtain
  • Aluminum Alloy Rim
4 Seater Golf Carts Wholesale
Wholesale 4 Seater Golf Carts Are Cheap, Durable, And Safety For Multiple Functions, You Can Convert To Utility Golf Carts.

Optional Parts
  • Lead-acid batteries/Lithium batteries
  • Rear Seats/Cargo box
  • Rain Cover/Sunshine Curtain
  • Aluminum Alloy Rim
6 Seater Golf Carts Wholesale
XunHu Offers Wholesale 6 Seater Golf Carts In Bulk; You Can Order 5, 10, 20, And 50 Pieces with reasonable price At Once.

Optional Parts
  • Lead-acid batteries/Lithium batteries
  • Rear Seats/Cargo box
  • Rain Cover/Sunshine Curtain
  • Aluminum Alloy Rim
8 Seater Golf Carts Wholesale
XunHu 8 Seater Golf Carts Wholesale Price Is Affordable And Cheaper, You Can Order Standard Or Custom 8 Passenger Golf Cart.

Optional Parts
  • Lead-acid batteries/Lithium batteries
  • Rear Seats/Cargo box
  • Rain Cover/Sunshine Curtain
  • Aluminum Alloy Rim
11 Seater Golf Carts Wholesale
XUNHU 11 Seater Golf Carts Wholesale, spacious, comfortable, and reliable. Perfect for resorts, events, and large-group transportation needs.

Optional Parts
  • Lead-acid batteries/Lithium batteries
  • Rear Seats/Cargo box
  • Rain Cover/Sunshine Curtain
  • Aluminum Alloy Rim
Lifted Golf Carts Wholesale
XunHu Has Lifted Golf Carts In Wholesale; Whether You Want Small Quantity Or In Bulk, Delivery Is Quick And Safe.

Optional Parts
  • Lead-acid batteries/Lithium batteries
  • Rear Seats/Cargo box
  • Rain Cover/Sunshine Curtain
  • Aluminum Alloy Rim
Utility Golf Carts Wholesale
XunHu Sells Quality Wholesale Golf Carts To All Over The World, You Can Get Different Sized Utility Golf Carts In Large Quantity.

Optional Parts
  • Lead-acid batteries/Lithium batteries
  • Rear Seats/Cargo box
  • Rain Cover/Sunshine Curtain
  • Aluminum Alloy Rim
Wholesale Hunting Golf Carts
XUNHU hunting golf carts feature in rugged, efficient, and designed for outdoor pursuits. Ideal for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts seeking reliable mobility solutions.

Optional Parts
  • Lead-acid batteries/Lithium batteries
  • Rear Seats/Cargo box
  • Rain Cover/Sunshine Curtain
  • Aluminum Alloy Rim
Wholesale Vintage Golf Carts
Perfect for golf courses or retro enthusiasts, these carts deliver timeless charm and reliable performance.

Optional Parts
  • Lead-acid batteries/Lithium batteries
  • Rear Seats/Cargo box
  • Rain Cover/Sunshine Curtain
  • Aluminum Alloy Rim

Your Best Manufacturer for Wholesale Golf Carts

When you want to buy the best wholesale golf carts, XunHu is one of the top considerations. Making golf carts since 2011, there is reliability when ordering and using these equipment.

The manufacturing process is as per international standards. The laser cutting of panels and other parts ensures high precision. Moreover, qualified welding personnel creates reliable joints that last for years.

XunHu has automated manufacturing lines to speed manufacturing. Despite the automation, wholesale golf cart manufacturing has high-quality control.

All wholesale golf carts pass stringent testing before delivery. Whether you order in bulk, every piece must pass the set testing standard.

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Wholesale Golf Carts for Sale Cases

XunHu wholesale golf carts for sale are available for delivery worldwide. Many users are ordering these equipment in large numbers.

You can order golf carts at wholesale regardless of your location. XunHu delivers golf carts in all countries. Whether in Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe, and Australia, you can get them delivered quickly.

Xunhu Wholesale Golf Carts Manufacturing Capacity

Wholesale Golf Carts Parts
XunHu offer a wide range of components, ensuring quality, availability, and competitive prices for golf cart repairs and upgrades.
Lifted Golf Carts packing
XUNHU Wholesale golf carts packing involves efficient packaging methods to ensure secure transport, protecting carts from damage and ensuring they reach customers intact.
Lifted Golf Carts Frame
High-Quality Galvanized Steel Make Wholesale Golf Carts Frame; Production Line Ensure Frames Fabrication Is Standardized, Steel Is Strong And Resists Twisting.
Lifted Golf Carts Painting
XunHu Wholesale Golf Carts Painting Booths Meet International Standards; Dust Free, Waterproof Warehouses Ensures Reliable Paint Application.
Lifted Golf Carts Assembling
Assembling Of Wholesale Golf Carts Involved Professionals; Standardized Assembling Line, Vertical Integrated Line Helps To Speed The Process.
Lifted Golf Carts Testing
XunHu Wholesale Golf Carts Undergoes Testing Before Leaving The Factory; With 5km Testing Run, It Has Bumps, Hills, And Other Necessary Testing Features.

If you want to buy Golf Carts in bulk, you are in the right place. Xunhu, being a leading Golf Cart Manufacturer in China, offers quality and highly customizable Golf Cart designs and custom options.

Xunhu is trusted by more than 15000 clients around the globe for the quality and attention to detail it provides, even for the bulk order exceeding 500 as MOQ. Enjoy quick processing of your order, splendid build quality, custom paint options, company logo embossment, and reliable body kits for Wholesale Golf Carts.

Xunhu offers multiple payment options, onsite bulk inspection services, and quick and secure delivery all over the world. Xunhu offers a significantly shorter lead time due to the state-of-the-art manufacturing line it has.

Want to add a fleet of Golf Carts to your business? Visit our factory today or give us a call.

Your Best Manufacturer and Supplier for Wholesale Golf Carts in China

XUNHU stands as your premier manufacturer and supplier of wholesale golf carts from China.

With a reputation built on precision engineering, exceptional quality, and unmatched customization options, XUNHU ensures you receive top-tier golf carts tailored to your exact specifications.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every vehicle we produce.

Whether you need electric or gas-powered carts, our diverse range caters to various needs, from golf courses to resorts.

Partnering with XUNHU means gaining access to cutting-edge designs, stringent quality control, and competitive pricing.

Elevate your business with golf carts that epitomize durability, performance, and style – all under the trusted banner of XUNHU.

Wholesale Golf Carts: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q1: What types of golf carts are available for wholesale purchase?

Q2: Can I customize the golf carts for my business?

  • A2: Absolutely! XUNHU specializes in OEM customization, allowing you to personalize golf carts with your brand logo, colors, and specific features.

Q3: What is the minimum order quantity for wholesale purchases?

  • A3: Minimum order quantities vary based on the specific model and customization requirements. Please contact XUNHU’s sales team for detailed information.

Q4: Are the golf carts electric or gas-powered?

  • A4: XUNHU offers electric golf carts and buggies, allowing you to choose according to your preference and environmental considerations.

Q5: What after-sales services are provided for wholesale buyers?

  • A5: XUNHU provides comprehensive after-sales support, including spare parts availability, technical assistance, and warranty services, ensuring a smooth experience for wholesale buyers.

Q6: Can I order spare parts separately for maintenance purposes?

  • A6: Yes, XUNHU offers spare parts sales separately, enabling you to order specific components for maintenance and repairs.

Q7: Is international shipping available for wholesale orders?

  • A7: Certainly! XUNHU provides worldwide delivery services, ensuring that your wholesale order can be shipped to any location globally.

Q8: How can I request a quote for wholesale golf carts?

  • A8: To request a quote, please contact XUNHU’s sales team via email at sales@hnxunhu.com or phone at +8615737112851, providing details about your specific requirements and customization preferences.

Q9: Can I choose different seating capacities for wholesale orders?

  • A9: Yes, XUNHU offers golf carts with various seating capacities, including 2-seat, 4-seat, 6-seat, 8-seat, and 11-seat configurations. You can select the models that best fit your business needs.

Q10: What certifications and quality standards do XUNHU golf carts adhere to?

  • A10: XUNHU golf carts adhere to quality standards such as ISO9001/CE certification, ensuring that all golf vehicles meet international quality and safety requirements.

Q11: What factors determine the pricing of XUNHU wholesale golf carts?

  • A11: XUNHU wholesale golf cart prices are influenced by factors such as customization options, quantity ordered, additional features, and delivery requirements. The more specific your order, the more accurate a pricing quote XUNHU can provide.

Q12: How can I request a detailed price quote for wholesale golf carts from XUNHU?

  • A12: To request a detailed price quote, please contact XUNHU’s sales team. Provide information about your customization requirements, desired quantity, and any specific features needed. XUNHU will then provide you with a tailored pricing proposal.

Q13: What support does XUNHU offer to those interested in starting a wholesale golf cart business?

  • A13: XUNHU provides comprehensive support to entrepreneurs starting a wholesale golf cart business. This includes expert advice on selecting suitable models, assistance with customization options, and guidance on market trends to ensure your business gets off to a successful start.

Q14: How can I become a dealer of XUNHU golf carts?

  • A14: Becoming a dealer of XUNHU golf carts involves reaching out to XUNHU’s business development team. They will guide you through the application process, provide dealership requirements, and discuss the terms and conditions. XUNHU welcomes partnerships with dealers globally.

Q15: What are the benefits of being an authorized XUNHU dealer?

  • A15: Authorized XUNHU dealers enjoy benefits such as access to exclusive models, competitive pricing, marketing support, training programs, and priority customer service. Additionally, XUNHU provides promotional materials and ongoing assistance to enhance your sales efforts.

Q16: Can I visit XUNHU’s manufacturing facility to see the production process?

  • A16: Yes, XUNHU welcomes visits to its manufacturing facility. Please coordinate with our sales team to schedule a visit. Witnessing the production process firsthand can provide valuable insights into the quality and craftsmanship of XUNHU golf carts.

Q17: What marketing and promotional support does XUNHU offer to its dealers?

  • A17: XUNHU supports its dealers with marketing materials, including brochures, catalogs, and digital content. Additionally, XUNHU provides promotional strategies, online presence optimization, and participation in industry events to enhance brand visibility.

Q18: Does XUNHU offer training programs for dealers and their staff?

  • A18: Yes, XUNHU conducts training programs for dealers and their staff. These programs cover product knowledge, technical training, sales techniques, and customer service. Continuous training ensures that dealers are well-equipped to represent XUNHU effectively.

Q19: What is the lead time for fulfilling wholesale orders of XUNHU golf carts?

  • A19: The lead time for fulfilling wholesale orders varies based on the specific models, customization requirements, and quantity ordered. XUNHU’s sales team can provide you with accurate lead time estimates based on your order details.

Q20: Does XUNHU offer warranty and after-sales support to wholesale buyers and dealers?

  • A20: Yes, XUNHU provides warranty coverage and comprehensive after-sales support to both wholesale buyers and authorized dealers. This includes spare parts availability, technical assistance, and repair services, ensuring a seamless experience for all customers.

Bulk purchasing golf carts from XUNHU amplifies these benefits. With XUNHU, businesses gain access to high-quality, customizable golf carts at competitive rates.

Our bulk orders are tailored to suit diverse needs, ensuring seamless operations for resorts, golf courses, and more.

Partnering with XUNHU guarantees not just quantity, but also top-notch quality and reliability for every golf cart acquired in bulk.


FAQ Guide: Wholesale Golf Cart Parts and Accessories

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ guide about wholesale golf cart parts and accessories. In this detailed guide, we will explore the essential components that power golf carts, their accessories, and everything you need to know about sourcing them in bulk. Whether you’re managing a golf course, a resort, or a rental service, understanding these components is crucial for maintaining a fleet of high-performance golf carts tailored to your specific needs.

Part 1: Understanding Golf Cart Parts

Q1: What are the main components of a golf cart?

  • A1: Golf carts consist of several key parts, including the motor, controller, batteries, suspension system, wheels, and brakes. Each component plays a vital role in the cart’s overall performance.

Q2: What types of motors are commonly used in golf carts?

  • A2: Golf carts primarily use electric motors, either DC or AC, to drive the vehicle. DC motors are common in older models, while AC motors offer better efficiency and performance, making them the choice for most modern golf carts.

Q3: How do controllers influence a golf cart’s performance?

  • A3: Controllers regulate the power flow from the batteries to the motor. Upgraded controllers can enhance speed and torque, providing better control over the cart’s acceleration and overall performance.

Q4: What types of batteries power golf carts?

  • A4: Golf carts typically use lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries. Lead-acid batteries are cost-effective, while lithium-ion batteries offer longer lifespan, faster charging, and higher energy density.

Q5: What role does the suspension system play in golf carts?

  • A5: The suspension system, including shocks and springs, ensures a smooth and stable ride by absorbing shocks and bumps. Independent suspension systems offer superior comfort, especially on uneven terrains.

Q6: Why are wheels and tires important in golf carts?

  • A6: Wheels and tires impact traction, stability, and overall handling. Different terrains require specific tire types, such as all-terrain or low-profile tires, to optimize performance.

Q7: How do golf cart brakes function?

  • A7: Golf carts utilize mechanical, hydraulic, or regenerative braking systems. Mechanical brakes are standard, but some advanced models feature regenerative systems, converting kinetic energy into stored energy for increased efficiency.

Part 2: Exploring Golf Cart Accessories

Q8: What are some common golf cart accessories?

  • A8: Golf cart accessories include custom seating, lighting kits, enclosures, windshields, GPS systems, coolers, and storage solutions. These accessories enhance comfort, convenience, and aesthetics.

Q9: How do custom seats and upholstery enhance golf carts?

  • A9: Custom seats and upholstery not only add a touch of luxury but also improve comfort. They come in various materials and colors, allowing businesses to match the carts’ interior to their brand or theme.

Q10: What types of lighting kits are available for golf carts?

  • A10: Golf cart lighting kits include headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, and underbody lights. LED lighting is popular due to its energy efficiency, brightness, and longevity.

Q11: How do enclosures and windshields benefit golf cart users?

  • A11: Enclosures and windshields protect passengers from wind, rain, and dust, ensuring a comfortable and weather-resistant ride. They are especially valuable in colder or rainy climates.

Q12: What role do GPS systems play in golf carts?

  • A12: GPS systems provide navigation assistance and course mapping for golfers. They enhance the golfing experience, helping players identify distances, hazards, and optimal routes on the course.

Q13: How do coolers and storage solutions improve golf carts?

  • A13: Coolers and storage solutions provide practicality and convenience. Golfers can store beverages and snacks in coolers, while storage compartments keep personal items, golf bags, and equipment organized and secure.

Part 3: Sourcing Wholesale Golf Cart Parts and Accessories

Q14: Why opt for wholesale golf cart parts and accessories?

  • A14: Buying wholesale ensures bulk discounts, cost savings, and consistent availability of parts and accessories. It’s a cost-effective solution for businesses managing multiple golf carts.

Q15: How to choose a reliable supplier for wholesale golf cart parts and accessories?

  • A15: Look for suppliers with a strong reputation, certifications, and positive customer reviews. Consider their product range, customization options, and after-sales support. Direct communication with suppliers can also provide valuable insights.

Q16: What considerations are important when customizing golf cart parts in bulk?

  • A16: When customizing in bulk, consider compatibility, quality, and consistency. Ensure that customized parts meet industry standards and regulations. Direct collaboration with the supplier helps achieve tailored solutions.

Q17: Can bulk purchases include a variety of accessories for diverse customer preferences?

  • A17: Yes, reputable suppliers offer a wide selection of accessories suitable for diverse preferences. Bulk orders can include different accessories to cater to various customer needs, ensuring flexibility and customer satisfaction.

Q18: Are there warranty options for wholesale golf cart parts and accessories?

  • A18: Reliable suppliers offer warranty options for parts and accessories, ensuring replacements or repairs in case of defects or issues. It’s essential to clarify warranty terms and conditions before making a purchase.

Q19: How does the shipping process work for bulk orders of golf cart parts and accessories?

  • A19: Shipping for bulk orders varies based on the supplier’s location and your destination. Reputable suppliers coordinate efficient shipping methods and provide tracking information. It’s advisable to confirm shipping costs and delivery times beforehand.

Q20: How can businesses ensure the quality of wholesale golf cart parts and accessories?

  • A20: Prioritize suppliers with quality certifications and conduct thorough inspections upon delivery. Regular communication with suppliers, sample testing, and understanding of manufacturing processes contribute to ensuring quality.

We hope this comprehensive FAQ guide has provided valuable insights into the world of wholesale golf cart parts and accessories. For further inquiries or to explore customization options, feel free to contact reputable suppliers like XUNHU. Elevate your golf cart fleet with high-quality parts and accessories, ensuring exceptional performance and customer satisfaction.

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