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Vintage Golf Carts for Sale Features

 The retro design and customized color are accepted.

The aluminum hub and aluminum alloy chassis make the cart nice and lighter.

Powerful battery and AC motor make stronger climbing ability.

Large seat space and good ride experience.

Recommend Vintage Golf Carts for Sale

The Xunhu Vintage Golf Car has a brighter appearance and a better electrical system than the traditional golf cart.

The number of golf cart seats from 2 to 14 seats is available, and aluminum alloy chassis and steel chassis are also available for Xunhu vintage golf cart which can make the Carts lighter and more stable.

Xunhu accepts customization of different colors, appearances, and golf cart performances to meet the needs of your VIP Customers.

2 Seater Vintage Golf Carts for Sale
XunHu 2 seater Vintage Golf Carts for Sale with golf bag sits and canndy pandel as option, customized color are accept.
4 Seater Vintage Golf Carts for Sale
XunHu 4 seater Vintage Golf carts for Sale with Aluminum alloy chassis, Retro desgin, Popular for Hotel, Shopping mall VIP customer.
6 Seater Vintage Golf Carts for Sale
XunHu 6 Seater Vintage golf carts open version without roof with 48V 5KW AC Motor Enable long range and strong climbing ability.
8 Seater Vintage Golf Carts for Sale
XunHu 8 Seater Vintage Golf carts with Classical color matching for Sale with Aluminum hub, Retro desgin and Nice Grill net.
10 Seater Vintage Golf Carts for Sale
XunHu 10 Seater AC 48V 5KW Golf Carts for Sale, Large AC 72V 5KW as Option to Meet your demand.
12 Seater Vintage Golf Carts for Sale
XunHu large Capacity 12 Seater Vintage Carts for Sale, Can accept Customized Electric systems, seaters color and Hub style.
14 Seater Vintage Golf Carts for Sale
XunHu 14 Seater Vintage Golf Carts For Sale is Popular For the Reception of your VIP Customers in Golf Course.
Luxury Golf Carts for Sale
XunHu Luxuury Golf Carts For Sale with LED Lights, CD player and Aluminum Alloy hub, Nice appearance more Attractive.
Retro Golf Carts for Hotels, Airports, Resorts
XunHu Retro Golf Carts for Hotels, Airports, Resorts, Comfortable and spacious passenger space.

Your Best Vintage Golf Carts Manufacturer in China

Xunhu has been specializing in the production of the Vintage Golf Carts for more than 10 years, has rich experience in golf cart production, and optimizes the use details of electric golf carts for sale according to customer feedback, paying more attention to customer experience.

The Xunhu factory has semi-automatic production line to better control product quality in the production process of golf carts. More than 50 Professional R&D engineers can meet your Customizable electrical systems, appearance and Colors needs.

Xunhu pays more attention to product quality and your experience.

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  • XunHu Vintage Golf Carts for Sale Cases (2)
  • XunHu Vintage Golf Carts for Sale Cases (1)
  • Vintage Golf Carts for Sale Cases (2)
  • Vintage Golf Carts for Sale Cases (1)

XunHu Vintage Golf Carts for Sale Cases

Xunhu vintage golf cars are favored by many golf courses, shopping malls, and hotels because of their nice retro design and AC electrical system, and are used as special reception cars for VIP customers. You can also find our vintage cars at Dubai mall.

Many people are also attracted by its unique appearance as a short-distance family car.

XunHu Vintage Golf Carts Manufacturing Capacity

Vintage Golf Carts Workshops
XunHu has a professional and modern golf cart production workshop, which strictly controls every production process.
Vintage Golf Carts Skilled Workers
XunHu has 600+ first-line skilled workers, and the quality of every golf cart is guaranteed.
Vintage Golf Carts Frame
The frame of the XunHu golf cart is strong and durable, and adopts the most professional welding technology to ensure the safety performance of the car.
Vintage Golf Carts Painting
The XunHu golf cart is sprayed with epoxy car paint technology, and the body is rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
Vintage Golf Carts Main Parts and Accessories
XunHu can provide a full range of accessories for your golf cart, saving you time and money.
Vintage Golf Carts Quality Control
The XunHu golf cart factory workshop uses a quality inspection team of 20+ people, and every key part will be inspected multiple times to ensure the quality.

Golf Cart Customized Color

XunHu Vintage Golf Carts for Sale

Xunhu Vintage Golf Cart has a beautiful design, The aluminum alloy chassis makes golf carts lighter, has corrosion resistance, and longer service life of the electric Vintage Golf  Cart.

Xunhu in order to enhance the driving experience of vintage golf carts, all electric golf carts are equipped with large-capacity battery packs and AC electrical systems, so that the overall performance and travel range performance of the vehicle is better.

At the same time, in order to improve the comfort of passengers, the car has large seat space and uses comfortable and soft luxury seats.

The car’s aluminum alloy wheels, beautiful China net, CD player can enhance your experience of using the vehicle.


In the world of golf, where tradition meets modernity, vintage golf carts offer a unique blend of classic charm and contemporary convenience.

XUNHU takes this legacy to a whole new level with its exquisite collection of vintage golf carts for sale.

Each cart stands as a testament to craftsmanship, offering golf enthusiasts a chance to indulge in the nostalgia of yesteryears while enjoying the latest in golf cart technology.

Timeless Design:

XUNHU’s vintage golf carts are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the elegance of antique golf carts.

The design pays homage to the classic aesthetic of golf’s golden era, featuring gracefully curved bodies, polished chrome accents, and rich, hand-stitched upholstery.

Quality Craftsmanship:

These antique golf carts are not just eye-catching; they are engineered for durability and performance.

XUNHU ensures that each cart is built using high-quality materials, providing golfers with a reliable and stylish mode of transport across the greens.

Modern Features:

Despite their vintage appearance, XUNHU’s carts boast modern features for convenience and safety.

Upgraded suspension systems provide a smooth ride, while powerful electric motors ensure efficient performance.

LED lighting enhances visibility, making these carts ideal for both daytime and nighttime golfing.

Environmentally Friendly:

XUNHU’s vintage golf carts are designed with eco-consciousness in mind.

They are powered by electric batteries, reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution on the golf course.

This eco-friendly approach aligns with the growing trend towards sustainable golfing practices.

Customization Options:

XUNHU understands that every golfer has unique preferences. That’s why their vintage golf carts come with a range of customization options.

From selecting the perfect color scheme to adding personalized touches, golfers can create a cart that matches their style and taste.

Affordable Luxury:

XUNHU makes luxury accessible with their competitively priced vintage golf carts.

Despite their classic appeal and modern features, these carts are offered at a reasonable cost, ensuring that golfers can experience the allure of vintage without breaking the bank.

Efficient Charging:

Charging your vintage golf cart is hassle-free, thanks to XUNHU’s advanced charging technology.

The carts are equipped with high-frequency onboard chargers, allowing for rapid and efficient charging, so golfers can spend more time on the course and less time waiting for their cart to power up.

Unparalleled Support:

When you invest in a vintage golf cart from XUNHU, you’re not just getting a stylish ride; you’re gaining a partner.

XUNHU’s customer support team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

Whether you have questions about your cart or need assistance with maintenance, XUNHU is there to provide unparalleled support.


XUNHU’s vintage golf carts redefine the golfing experience, blending the charm of the past with the convenience of the present.

With their timeless design, quality craftsmanship, modern features, and eco-friendly approach, these carts are a testament to XUNHU’s commitment to delivering excellence.

Embrace the elegance of vintage golfing and elevate your game with XUNHU’s exceptional range of vintage golf carts.

Step into a world where tradition meets innovation, and every ride across the greens becomes a journey through golfing history.

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