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Types of Utility Vehicles for Sale

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Recommend Utility Vehicles for Sale

Xunhu company has kinds of utility vehicles for sale at cheap prices, including small utility vehicles, electric utility vehicles, and 4 wheel utility vehicles. All utility vehicles for sale with consistent and efficient electric drive-train.

Chassis built from the finest quality metal and body composed of industrial-grade reinforced fiberglass provides strength, reliability, and superior functionality to Xunhu utility vehicles for sale. Available in a number of designs, color schemes, and custom options, Xunhu cheap utility vehicles offer a longer range per charge and increased torque.

Electric Utility Vehicle with Cargo box
Xunhu 2 Seater Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale with Cargo Box, Your Best Special-duty Utility Cars Manufacturer in China.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Climbing ability: 30%
  • Controller: 400A/48V
Xunhu 4 Seater Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale with Cargo box, Your Utility Vehicle Equipped with Consistent and Efficient Electric Drive-train.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 20km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Controller: 400A/48V
Small Utility Vehicle for Sale
Xunhu Small Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale Equipped With Smooth, Silent and Seamless Driving Control. High power, high climbing and strong appearance of Utility vehicle,

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 32km/h
  • Climbing ability: 30%
  • Controller: 400A/48V
Electric Utility Golf Cart for Sale
Xunhu Electric Utility Golf Cart for Sale at Cheap Price, Your Utility Vehicle Regenerative Braking to Near Zero Speed.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 32km/h
  • Climbing ability: 30%
  • Controller: 400A/48V
Electric Utility Vehicles for Sale
Xunhu Electric Utility Vehicle DT Series for Sale with Strong Carrying Capicity, You Can Enjoy the 7-15 Days Fast Delivery, Save Your Time.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing ability: 15%
  • Range: 400A/72V
Light Utility Vehicle for Sale
Xunhu Light Utility Vehicle Can Be Used in the Larger Golf Courses, Resorts, Sightseeing Spots, Airports Or Government Bases.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Controller: 500A/48V
Small Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale
XUNHU Assembles Small Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale at Highly Competitive Prices. Strong feature and Smaller Turning Radius, Utility Vehicles Are Powerful and Provide Superior Range Per Charge.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 32km/h
  • Climbing ability: 30%
  • Range: 100km
Xunhu Battery Powered Utility Vehicles for Sale Cases
Get Your Daily Chores Done With XUNHU Battery Powered Utility Vehicles for Sale. Powerful Enough to Tow Heavy Loads For a Longer Period. Buy Highly Affordable and Unique Designs.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Controller: 500A/48V
Electric Utility Carts for Sale
Featuring Extra Ground Clearance, XUNHU Electric Utility Carts for Sale are Highly Functional. Certified by ISO and CE, these Electric Utility Vehicles Can be Customized According to Your Needs.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Climbing ability: 30%
  • Controller: 400A/48V
2 Seater Electric Utility Vehicle for Hunting
High-Performance Designs For XUNHU 2 Seater Electric Utility Vehicle for Hunting. Equipped with All-terrain Tires, Utility Hunting Vehicles offer Pure Performance and Functionality.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 32km/h
  • Climbing ability: 30%
  • Controller: 400A/48V
2 Seater Golf Buggy GM-2 with Cargo Box
XUNHU Assembles Highly Customizable Designs of 2 Seater Electric Golf Utility Vehicle for Sale. Add Custom Accessories to your Golf Cart to Suit Different Requirements in Affordable Prices.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Climbing ability: 30%
  • Controller: 275A/48V
Small Electric Utility Vehicle Mini Truck
Buy an Affordable Electric Utility Vehicle Mini Truck for Sale From XUNHU. Perfect for Residential Maintenance, Warehouse Jobs, Food Delivery Business, etc. Powerful Enough to Bear Extreme Loading.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing ability: 15%
  • Range: 500A/48V
8L Electric Utility Vehicle
Featuring a Durable Stainless Steel Cargo Box, XUNHU 8L Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale Comes With a Remarkable Range per Charge and Intelligent Recirculating Steering System.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Controller: 500A/48V
4L Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale
Equipped with Large Cargo Box and Reliable Braking System and Strong Motor, XUNHU 4L Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale is Available in Multiple Designs and Custom Features.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 350A/48V
4L Electric Utility Golf Carts for Sale
XUNHU 4L Electric Utility Golf Carts for Sale Handle Slopes Like a Champion. Benefit from larger Loading up to 1000 Kg and Superior Travel Range of 80+ Km per Charge.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 350A/48V

Your Premier Utility Vehicles Manufacturer in China

Xunhu Utility Vehicles for Sale with 10+ New Designs, It Is a Perfect Combination of Style and Performance.

Xunhu Utility Vehicles Equipped with Smooth, Silent and Seamless Driving Control, and AGM Battery. All Xunhu Utility Vehicles Can Be Certified by CE.

Professional Design and Rigorous Manufacturing Processes Ensure that Your Utility Vehicles Most Safe and Reliable.

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Xunhu Utility Vehicles for Sale Cases

Xunhu utility vehicles have been sold to 60+ countries and are widely acclaimed by 10,000 customers.

Xunhu utility vehicles will always be with you to do the tough jobs of hauling heavy items, cleaning up debris, or delivering goods and parcels.

And You can use it in amusement parks, scenic spots, golf courses, schools, and airports. XunHu small electric utility vehicles for sale in South Africa, UK, Ireland, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia.

XUNHU Utility Vehicles Manufacturing Capacity

Xunhu Utility Vehicles Design
Xunhu Utility Vehicles for Sale With Strong Structure and Arractive Designs, Your Also Can Ask the Customized Design Service for Your Special Needs.
Xunhu Utility Vehicles Production Line
Xunhu Has Standardized Utility Vehicles Production Lines, Vertically Integrated Production Process Ensures Your Utility Vehicles Quality and Reliability.
Xunhu Utility Vehicles Mould
Xunhu Has A Professional Mold Workshop And The Most Professional Frp Production Workers In China To Ensure That Your Utility Vehicles Are High Quality.
Xunhu Utility Vehicles Structure
Xunhu Company has Various Utility Vehicles for You to Choose, Each One is Professionally Designed, So Your Utility Vehicles will be Safe and Reliable.
Xunhu Utility Vehicles Painting
Xunhu Large-scale Spraying Workshop And Equipment Meet European Anti-corrosion Standards, And Your Utility Vehicles Can Withstand Long-term Sun And Rain.
Xunhu Utility Vehicles Charger
Xunhu Utility Vehicles Equipped with Brands Power Charger, Quick and Efficient Battery Charge Maximizes Up-time.

Xunhu takes advantage of the most up-to-date developments in technology to make sure the quality it offers in its electric vehicles products stays unmatched.

Being a professional and an experienced utility vehicles manufacturer, Xunhu has been in the utility car business for more than a decade now. By maintaining quality and reliability across its production line of utility vehicles, Xunhu is trusted worldwide.

Whether you are in a food delivery business or need an efficient vehicle in your warehouse to move things around, Xunhu has an affordable and certified solution for you.

Choose from hundreds of detachable accessories and custom features like powerful batteries, reverse buzzers, bright LED lights, etc.

Save big if you decide to buy electric utility vehicles for sale in bulk from us. Xunhu prides itself by offering hassle-free shipping worldwide and technical assistance around the clock.

Give us a call today!

Hot-Sale Utility Vehicles Specifications

Utility Vehicles for Sale with Affordable Price

Buy affordable utility vehicles from Xunhu and get your daily chores done with style, comfort, and ease. Xunhu has a wide range of electric utility vehicles for sale to choose from depending upon your requirement.

Choose from available accessories like cargo bed, front snow plow, extra storage compartment, etc. just the way you prefer. Our powerful utility cars for sale climb hills with ease, brake responsibly and are highly customizable.


Utility Vehicles – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Having a task at hand might need you to look for a specialized vehicle. Especially when carrying small loads and general duties, utility vehicles are the best options. With specialized design and easy customization, they are superb for multiple tasks.

With utility vehicles available in different models, sizes and specifications, you have a selection task. However, going through this utility vehicles FAQ guide offers perfect buying confidence.

Ask for the best price for electric utility vehicles.

XUNHU Utility Vehicles


Keep reading:


What Are Utility Vehicles?

Utility vehicles are small motorized trucks that are for carrying small loads. They are primarily for general purposes as well as special task applications due to their low sides.

Also, some utility vehicles combine passenger and load-carrying abilities. With others having off-road capabilities, they are multipurpose and handy vehicles.

In short, utility vehicles have the main target of carrying specific tasks. The design, versatility, and high performance make them ideal for moving loads than passenger vehicles.

Electric utility Vehicles truck
Electric utility Vehicles truck

What Are The Different Types of Utility Vehicles?

There are different types of utility vehicles. But, the broad classification can be categorized depending on the power source.

Electric utility vehicles

Electric utility vehicles are the latest development. They don’t have combustion engines. Instead, they come fitted with electric motors.

Additionally, the motor draws power from rechargeable batteries. With these types of utility vehicles, there is less maintenance. Also, the vehicles have less noise and don’t produce polluting noise.

Gas utility vehicles

Gas utility vehicles utilize combustion engines. As the name suggests, the engine runs on gasoline.

These kinds of utility vehicles are noisy, considering they burn fossil fuels. However, they offer more range and power comparing to electric utility vehicles.

Although gas utility vehicles are most common, they are polluting. The noise and emission make electric UTV more preferable.

Diesel utility vehicles

Diesel utility vehicles are just like gas ones. They run on combustion engines only that they use diesel instead of gas.

Different Types of Utility Vehicles for Sale

Different Types of Utility Vehicles for Sale

What Is Considered A Utility Vehicle?

A utility vehicle is any motorized vehicle that helps in easing the work. They are common in industries, farms, golf courses, amusement parks, and others.

Apart from the typical utility vehicle that looks like trucks, some others types can be considered utility vehicles.

In most cases, utility vehicles are task-specific, while others are general purpose.

Since they have truck chassis, it is easy to customize these vehicles to suit different purposes.

XunHu Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale

Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale

How Much Does A Utility Vehicle Cost?

Utility vehicles come with different price tags. The price will depend on the model and features of a utility vehicle.

On average, you will pay $6000-$12,000 for most models.

The more basic models will sell at lower prices. Actually, utility vehicles with basic features have lesser price tags.

When you order for more customization, the more price you are going to pay. The larger models with more power and advanced features will cost more.

Depending on the task, you need to opt for the best type of utility vehicle.

Electric Utility Vehicle for sale with Cargo box

Electric Utility Vehicle for sale with Cargo box

What Is The Best Utility Vehicle?

The best utility vehicle depends on the task at hand. Also, it depends on where you are going to use the vehicle.

There many utility vehicle manufacturers hence different models. Therefore, you can find it difficult to say which one is best.

The easiest way to choose the best utility vehicle is to determine whether you need a gas or electric utility vehicle.

In most cases, electric utility vehicles are among the best options. They are cheap to maintain and can work in different places quietly. Whether indoors or outdoors, they work quietly without noise or polluting fumes.

Best Utility Vehicle for Sale

Best Utility Vehicle for Sale

What Is A Utility Vehicle Used For?

Utility vehicles have different uses. They are versatile and suited for use in different areas.

Some of the areas you can use utility vehicles include:

  • Moving luggage in airports
  • Common in most warehouses for easy cargo moving
  • Transportation of different farms products like feeds, fertilizers, and others
  • Carrying visitor luggage in golf courses
  • Luggage transportation
  • Tourism sector for carrying visitors luggage
  • Logistic companies

Electric Utility Vehicle Series

Electric Utility Vehicle Series

What Are the Most Reliable Utility Vehicles?

Among the most reliable utility vehicles, you can buy them from Xunhu. Especially when you want long reliability, electric utility vehicles from Xunhu are unmatched.

Since electric motors are more reliable, electric utility vehicles are outstanding and worth investing in.

Apart from the electric utility vehicles offering great services, they are excellent for low maintenance.

The sturdy chassis and general body construction make these utility vehicles awesome.

Xunhu utility vehicles are among the best and reliable choices you can invest in.

Electric Utility Vehicle 2 seats

Electric Utility Vehicle 2 seats

Where Can You Buy Utility Vehicles?

If you want to invest in utility vehicles, you need to look for the best manufacturers.

China is one of the top consideration options where you can get utility vehicles. With numerous manufacturers, they make a variety of utility vehicle models.

One of the best utility vehicle manufacturers is Xunhu. Making some of the leading UTVs, they are reliable and known worldwide.

The variety of utility vehicles gives you ideal ways to purchase top-quality vehicles.

Whether you want utility vehicles for recreational or for haulage, Chinese manufacturers offer all versions.

Electric Utility Vehicle Buy

Electric Utility Vehicle Buy

 Who Makes The Best Utility Vehicle?

Choosing the best utility vehicle manufacture can be tricky. That is why Xunhu makes some of the best and affordable utility vehicles.

Although there are many manufacturers in China, Xunhu has proved to be one of the leading options.

With quality materials, qualified engineers, and efficient support, the manufacturer proves to among the best.

Therefore, as you order utility vehicles from Xunhu, you can be sure they are from one of the best manufacturers.

Besides, the high level of certification means you can always be sure about the quality.

Best Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale

Best Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale

Who Are The Leading Utility Vehicle Manufacturers?

The leading utility vehicle manufacturers are scattered all over the world. But, most of the manufacturers have manufacturing bases in China.

There are many and reliable manufacturers in China who produce globally accepted utility vehicles. One of the leading manufacturers is Xunhu. The manufacturer makes a variety of utility vehicles hence excellent for various tasks.

Xunhu specializes in making electric and gas-powered utility vehicles. It is easy to have your best choice without struggling.

Apart from the quality of utility vehicles, there are also fantastic customer services.

Electric Utility Vehicle Manufacturer

Electric Utility Vehicle Manufacturer

Are There Electric Utility Vehicles?

Yes, there are electric utility vehicles. When you are thinking about investing in these vehicles, electric versions are exceptional choices.

The electric utility vehicles don’t need refueling. They have inbuilt batteries which store charge. Once you fully charge your utility vehicle, it can run for a long range without recharging.

Instead of engines, the vehicles use electric motors to achieve propulsion. Therefore, there is no burning of fossil fuels.

Without combustion, electric utility vehicles are quiet and no polluting fumes. Therefore, most people find them perfect for different applications.

Electric Utility Vehicles for Sale

Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale

 What Is The Electric Utility Vehicles Range?

The range depends on the battery capacity as well as type. Most of the electric utility vehicles run on lead-acid batteries.

The amazing thing is these days; some electric utility vehicles are running on lithium-based batteries. They are lighter and last longer than their Lead-acid counterparts.

With every manufacturer investing in adding more range, electric utility vehicles these days can achieve longer ranges.

You can get a utility vehicle with up to 100km range. This means it can offer more working hours before you can recharge. Consequently, it gives you more working hours and fewer downtimes.

Electric Utility Vehicles Range

Electric Utility Vehicles Range

Are There Gas-Powered Utility Vehicles?

Yes, there are gas as well as diesel-powered utility vehicles. They run on combustion engines as opposed to electric motors on electric utility vehicles.

The combustion engine in gas utility vehicles ensures there is no limitation to the operation. As long as the vehicle has fuel, you can be sure about convenience.

Although gas utility vehicles have high efficiency, they can cause noise and air pollution. Thus, working with these vehicles indoors can be tricky.

You can choose between the gas or diesel utility vehicle if you prefer the combustion engine type.

Gas-Powered Utility Vehicles

Gas-Powered Utility Vehicles

 How Large Are Utility Vehicles?

Utility vehicles are highly versatile when it comes to size. They are available in different sizes. The utility vehicle task depends on the task.

Most utility vehicles are not as large as full-size vehicles. However, they are great for carrying heavy loads.

Also, the size can range from small to large-sized vehicles. It all depends on the purpose.

When you need a utility vehicle that can carry over 1000kg, it has large chassis. Thus, it will be larger than a utility vehicle with a 500kg capacity.

Electric Utility Vehicles with Cargo box

Electric Utility Vehicles with Cargo box

What Is The Utility Vehicles’ Passenger Capacity?

Most utility vehicles are for transporting load and other heavy items. They are usually designed with the ability to fit 2 passengers.

The number of passengers isn’t fixed. Some of the utility vehicles can have additional capacity to fit up to 4 passengers.

It is possible to have a vehicle with a customized passenger capacity. But, in most cases, a standard number of passengers in a utility vehicle is two.

The choice of passenger capacity will also depend on the nature of work. Where more people are needed, it’s ideal to have a roomy utility vehicle.

Utility Vehicles' Passenger Capacity

Utility Vehicles’ Passenger Capacity

What Makes Utility Vehicles Different From Other Vehicles?

The design of utility focuses more on load than passengers. Therefore, these vehicles have a chassis and general body design that allows easy loading and unloading.

Some of the qualities that make utility vehicle different are:

  • Strong chassis
  • Low sides
  • Off-road capability
  • Strong pulling power
  • Customizable structure
  • Versatile application
  • Strong tires
  • Great ground clearance ability

Electric Utility Vehicles for Sale

Electric Utility Vehicles for Sale

Are Utility Vehicles Suited to All-Terrain?

There are different types of utility vehicles. Some are for use in indoor settings, while others are for outdoor applications.

Apart from general-purpose outdoor utility vehicles, there are some with all-terrain capability. Therefore, you can operate in off-road conditions without causing stress to the vehicle.

All-terrain UTVs have specialized designs to cope with uneven running surfaces.

They have an advanced suspension system, all-terrain tires, and other features. The specialized design ensures the vehicle can move on extreme terrain without a lot of stress.

Besides, the chassis has a superior design to withstand stress. The driver and passenger vehicles have more padding. The general vehicle construction focuses on enabling use in all-terrain conditions.

Utility Vehicles Suited to All-Terrain

Utility Vehicles Suited to All-Terrain

Where Are Utility Vehicles Used?

Utility vehicles have multiple uses. Actually, these vehicles have no restrictions to specific place use.

The common places where you can use utility vehicles include:

  • Homes
  • Industries
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Farms
  • Golf courses
  • Transportation companies
  • Warehouses

Electric utility vehicles Used

Electric utility vehicles Used

What Utility Vehicle Models Does Xunhu Manufacture?

Xunhu makes a variety of utility vehicles. Whether you are looking for a large utility vehicle or small options, you can choose from the available models.

Xunhu has all sizes of electric utility vehicles. Thus, you can choose one suitable for small or big tasks.

Whether you need utility vehicles for factory, farm, or other applications, they are available.

You can ask for customized utility vehicles from Xunhu to ensure you enjoy great efficiency.

Xunhu makes a wide range of utility vehicles that suits all your needs.

Utility Vehicle Models

Extended utility vehicle

Can Utility Vehicles Be Customized?

There are excellent customization options when you are buying a utility vehicle. In fact, Xunhu is one of the manufacturers that can deliver your utility vehicles customized.

Although there are customization options, some of the vital parts are basic. Therefore, some of the accessories are basic to all parts.

In most cases, customization will see you pay more than getting a basic model.

The most common features you can request customization are;

  • Media player
  • Air conditioner
  • Cabin doors
  • Alarm light
  • Closed rear trunk
  • Rear hydraulic lift

Utility Vehicles Be Customized

Flatbed Utility Vehicles for Sale

How Long Do Electric Utility Vehicles Take To Charge?

Unlike gas, electric utility vehicles require charging rather than refueling. Therefore, they need recharging when the battery runs low.

When an electric utility vehicle is charging, it can’t be working. It needs time to recharge to enable it to deliver efficient working performance.

In most cases, electric vehicle batteries require 6-8 hours of charging. Due to this, the best charging time is during the night.

Depending on the batteries on the electric utility vehicle, the charging time will vary. Amazingly, these days you can top up the charge to increase the range by charging for several minutes.

Gas utility vehicle

Gas utility vehicle

Can Utility Vehicles Be Used As Golf Carts?

Yes, utility vehicles are extremely versatile. They are suitable for use in different areas without technical difficulties.

Golf carts are part of utility vehicles. They serve a similar purpose; only they have passenger seats instead of the load compartment.

With customized utility vehicles, it can passenger and their golf gears. Actually, having a custom utility vehicle to act as a golf cart is superb.

The utility vehicles have sturdy chassis, which are easy to transform into different types of utility vehicles.

When you need a utility vehicle to use as a golf cart, it is possible to request customization.

Heavy-duty utility vehicle

Heavy-duty utility vehicle

Can Utility Vehicles Be Used For Recreational Purposes?

There are different uses of utility vehicles. Some have an advanced design that enables them to work even in off-road conditions.

Specialized utility vehicles for recreation are known as Utility task vehicles (UTV). Therefore, you can enjoy carrying your load even in off-road conditions.

Recreational utility vehicles are primarily for people who love to go off-road. Although they are for rough terrain, they should not be confused with all-terrain vehicles.

Despite recreational utility vehicles having advanced design, they are capable of carrying loads.

Large electric utility Vehicles

Large electric utility Vehicles

 Are Utility Vehicles Street Legal?

There is a mix of answers to this question. In some countries, utility vehicles can be driven on the road when they meet certain conditions.

Some countries require your utility vehicle to have all the necessary features to drive on the road. Some like windshields, wipers, headlights, and others must be preset. This allows you to qualify to get a license plate.

However, in other countries, it is illegal to drive utility vehicles in the street. Even when you have a utility vehicle with all requirements, they don’t have provision for these vehicles to drive on roads.

Before driving a utility vehicle on the road, ensure to check the law.

Light utility Vehicles

Light utility Vehicles

Are There Off-Road Utility Vehicles?

Most of type recreational utility vehicles have off-road capabilities. They have robust construction to ensure the ability to drive even in challenging terrain.

The building of these vehicles means you can use them in a variety of tasks. Whether it’s for carrying loads or driving on challenging surfaces, these vehicles have great adaptation.

When you need an off-road utility vehicle, you can request a manufacturer for customization. Also, these type of vehicles costs more than regular utility vehicles.

Since they use specialized tires, suspension, and other features, you have to pay more for off-road utility vehicles.

Utility vehicle with all-terrain tires

Utility vehicle with all-terrain tires

Do I Need A License To Drive Utility Vehicles?

When you need a utility vehicle for use on your farm, you might not need a license to drive it.

However, for some places like industries, airports, and other institutions, you need a license to operate a utility vehicle.

Also, for countries where utility vehicles can move on roads, you need a driving license. Driving a utility vehicle on the street means you are subjected to the traffic rules. A license being one of the requirements; you must have one.

For where utility vehicles are not road legal, driving doesn’t need drivers to have a driving license.

Utility vehicle for 4 passengers

Utility vehicle for 4 passengers

What Are Utility Vehicles Top Speed?

The maximum speed of utility vehicles is lower than standard cars. They are focused more on load-carrying capacity rather than speed. However, they have a good speed which makes work easier.

On average, utility vehicles have a maximum speed of up to 80Km. This is enough for the most basic tasks of hauling loads.

Even when the utility vehicles are for use in busy areas, speed and power let the job be done quickly.

Different models come with varying top speeds. It depends on the size and overall vehicle weight. Small models usually have less speed to ensure there are stability and maximum safety.

Utility vehicle for 6 passengers

Utility vehicle for 6 passengers

Do All Utility Vehicles Have Closed Roofs?

All utility vehicles don’t have a closed roof. For some, like ones working in warehouses and others indoors, they can have open tops.

Utility vehicle manufacturers make these vehicles with different cabs. Some are closed, others semi-closed, and others open.

However, the type of roof can have customization depending on your needs. Whether you need a reinforced roof or open design, there is always room for customization.

The design of the cab roof can be closed or open depending on your needs.

Electric Utility Vehicle DG-M2 +Cargo box3

Utility vehicle for cargo

 Do Utility Vehicles Have A Power Steering Wheel?

Utility vehicles these days are smooth and straightforward to drive. Unlike earlier days where the steering was manual, these days, the system has improved.

There are different types of steering systems like;

  • Rack-and-pinion
  • Speed sensitive
  • Articulated steering
  • Power steering
  • Recirculating ball steering system

One of the most common types of steering wheels you find in utility vehicles is recirculating-ball with power steering.

This type of steering is reliable and safe hence great, and ensures easy driving. With minimal maintenance requirements, it’s one of the ideal systems preferred by most utility vehicle manufacturers.

Utility vehicle for light cargo

Utility vehicle for light cargo

Are Chinese Utility Vehicles Accepted Globally?

There are different utility vehicle manufacturers from China. Every manufacturer from China exporting utility vehicles must have approval from relevant agencies.

Also, most of the manufacturers making utility vehicles have certifications. Some of the manufacturers like Xunhu make internationally accepted utility vehicles.

With certification from ISO, CE, BV, and others, you can import utility vehicles everywhere.

Besides certifications, the utility vehicles come with an extended warranty. This gives buyers confidence and utility vehicles acceptability globally.

Chinese utility vehicles are acceptable in every country around the globe.

Utility vehicle for passengers

 What Kind Of Brakes Do Utility Vehicles Use?

Utility vehicles must have efficient brakes. They are designed for carrying heavy load hence need to invest in an excellent braking system.

Utility vehicles can come with different types of brakes like;

  1. Electromagnetic brake system

The electromagnetic braking system is standard in hybrid vehicles. The motor develops resistance which brings the car to a stop. These kinds of motors use regenerative energy produced to charge batteries.

  1. Hydraulic brake systems

The hydraulic brake system is standard in utility vehicles. With a master cylinder feeding the system with oil, it’s smooth and easy to operate. Also, the network of metal pies and pistons ensures slight pressure created efficient braking ability.

  1. Friction brake system

The friction brakes come in pads or shoes. They use friction to enable vehicle stoppage. The pads rub against the rotating disc plate creating enough friction to allow the vehicle to stop.

In brake shoes, they rub against the rotating drum. Thus, the immense friction allows the car to stop.

Most vehicle utility vehicles use hydraulic and friction types.

Utility vehicle with 2 seats

Utility vehicle with 2 seats

Are Utility Vehicles Shipped Assembled?

Shipping utility vehicles is not complicated as you can think. Most Chinese manufacturers prefer shipping these vehicles unassembled. It eases the whole process since parts can fit in boxes.

The parts are easy to move since there is less damage. Also, when the vehicles come in parts, it is easy to save the needed space.

With manufacturers offering assembling on your site, you can be sure of the quality.

Besides shipping in parts, you can also get your utility vehicles fully assembled in containers. When you order in bulk, manufacturers might decide to ship utility in parts.

Utility vehicle with closed cab

Utility vehicle with closed cab

Do Xunhu Utility Vehicles Come with A Warranty?

Xunhu makes high-quality utility vehicles. Therefore, every piece comes with a warranty. It gives you great confidence and a sense of quality.

When you buy a utility vehicle from Xunhu, it comes with1 year warranty. This lets you enjoy undisturbed vehicle running without worries about mechanical breakdowns.

During the warranty period, Xunhu will replace damaged or malfunctioning parts. As long as you have the part covered, you enjoy free replacement.

Despite the fantastic warranty, it is limited to specific terms. The cover doesn’t apply when damage is due to;

  • Weather damage
  • Misuse of equipment
  • Use by unqualified personnel
  • Fast wearing parts like tires
  • Fire damage
  • Storm damage


Utility vehicle with closed cab

Utility vehicle with closed cab

Are Utility Vehicle Accessories and Spare Parts Available?

Utility vehicle accessories are available from manufacturers. Actually, when your vehicle needs additional accessories or spare parts, you can get them.

In most cases, when you buy a utility vehicle from Xunhu, you have an assurance of accessories.

Actually, the parts have numbers that enable easy ordering. Whether its replacement batteries or other parts, it’s easy and quick to be delivered.

Besides the additional custom accessories are available from the manufacturer. Therefore, when in need of customizing your utility vehicle, it’s possible.

Utility vehicle with large load box

Utility vehicle with large load box

Is It Possible to Switch Utility Vehicles from Electric to Gas and Vice Versa?

Converting your gas to an electric utility vehicle can be tricky. The initial design of a utility vehicle differs in size and design.

Electric utility vehicles use motors instead of engines. Therefore, the installation of a gas engine into an electric vehicle chassis can compromise the structure.

On the other hand, adding an electric motor to the engine compartment is tricky. They are not the same size which means a lot of modifications.

Switching electric utility vehicles to gas and vice versa is complicated. It will involve even the changing of transmission systems and others.

Utility vehicle with open doors

Utility vehicle with open doors

How Long Does It Take for Xunhu Take to Deliver Utility Vehicles?

Utility vehicles are large compared or other small vehicles. Therefore, it can take longer to assemble these vehicles. However, Xunhu makes these vehicles quicker than other manufacturers due to enough staff.

The standard time for the assembling of a utility vehicle can take around 3 days. Due to a dedicated team, even when you order in bulk, it is possible to get your vehicles on time.

Regardless of the size of a utility vehicle, the assembling time is standard. However, if you want a customized utility vehicle, it might have an additional day.

Utility vehicle with tilted cargo box

Utility vehicle with tilted cargo box

Do Utility Vehicles Perform Specific Tasks?

Utility vehicles are for performing specific tasks. You can have a utility vehicle designed for use in different situations.

In most cases, utility vehicles are used to carry loads. Some of the everyday tasks you can use utility vehicles include;

  • Carrying animals feed in farms
  • Moving golf accessories in golf courses
  • Carrying flower in greenhouses
  • Assisting in cargo movement in airports
  • Carrying visitors luggage in hotels

Although utility vehicles are for general purpose use, there are some with specific tasks. The vehicles are perfect for use where trucks can’t reach.

Utility vehicle for sale


Are Utility Vehicles Worth Buying?

Utility vehicles are worth having. They are excellent and handy when you need to transport cargo.

When you have a warehouse, farm, and other places, having utility vehicles is impressive. They can carry more load and enables access to challenging areas.

Utility vehicles offer exceptional flexibility when you need to transport cargo.

Besides carrying luggage, they are great recreational vehicles. The off-road utility vehicles are superb for recreational purposes.

Buy Utility vehicle

Buy Utility vehicles

Are Utility Vehicles All-Terrain Vehicles?

Not all utility vehicles are off-road. The design and specification of these vehicles depend on the chassis and manufacturer specifications.

Different models are suited for various tasks. You can have a standard utility vehicle or get all-terrain utility vehicles.

Since these all-terrain vehicles endure twisting and other conditions, they have a special design. Therefore, all-terrain vehicles have a higher price tag.

Utility Vehicles VS All-Terrain Vehicles
Utility Vehicles VS All-Terrain Vehicles

Are Utility Vehicles Suited for All Works?

Utility vehicles are general purpose. They can handle broad categories of works. The name utility denotes the versatility of these vehicles to carry a variety of tasks.

Due to the flexible nature and versatility, they are great for most tasks. Whether you need them for transporting cargo, recreational or others, they are excellent.

Utility Vehicles Suited for All Works
Utility Vehicles Suited for All Works

Are Utility Vehicles Expensive to Maintain?

If you consider the maintenance between electric and gas utility vehicles, there is significant variation.

Electric utility vehicles are easy and cheap to maintain. On the contrary, gas utility vehicles are a bit expensive.

In combustion engine utility vehicles, you need some routine practices like;

  1. Oil change
  2. Oil filter change
  3. Refueling
  4. Air cleaner cleaning
  5. Checking leaks

In contrast, electric motors don’t need heavy maintenance. As long as the batteries are fully charged, the motor ready for work.

Therefore, the maintenance cost for electric utility vehicles is significantly low.

Utility Vehicles Maintain
Utility Vehicles Maintain

Do Utility Vehicles Have A Transmission System?

Utility vehicles have transmission systems. They need to balance between power and speed. Therefore, all utility vehicles come with transmission systems.

The system is responsible for altering and selecting the power needed. Whether you need speed or power, it is the work of gears.

Utility vehicles being work vehicles must have a transmission system.

Utility Vehicles Have A Transmission System
Utility Vehicles Have A Transmission System

What Kind of Suspension System Do Utility Vehicles Use?

The suspension system depends on the type of utility vehicle. When you have a basic model, it will come with leaf springs on the rear axle. The front axle enjoys coil springs and shock absorbers.

When you consider all-terrain utility vehicles, they come with a heavy-duty suspension system. To allow easy movement on rough surfaces, they have rear independent suspension.

With each type of utility vehicle having the right suspension, they can handle the job perfectly.

Suspension System Do Utility Vehicles Use
Utility Vehicles Suspension System

Which Is Better Between Gas and Electric Utility Vehicles?

Although they serve the same purpose, electric and gas utility vehicles have many differences.

Electric utility vehicles Gas utility vehicles
Runs on electric motor Runs on combustion engine
Requires charging Requires gas/diesel refueling
Operates quietly Noisy when operating
No polluting fumes Produce polluting exhaust gases
Easy maintenance Expensive to maintain
Performs poorly in high speeds Better performance in high speeds


Gas VS Electric Utility Vehicles
Gas VS Electric Utility Vehicles

Are Utility Vehicles Worth Investing In Amusement Parks?

Investing utility vehicles in amusement parks can be a worthy idea. They are great, especially when you have customized one. They can be used as recreational vehicles hence great for carrying visitors.

Utility vehicles have high versatility. This means it’s easy to have your utility vehicle easily and quickly converted to a passenger car.

Apart from driving visitors around the park, they can be great for sightseeing.

Besides, when having traveling carnivals, rides, utility vehicles are handy for carrying some equipment. When assembling your amusement park rides, utility vehicles are helpful.

Utility Vehicles for Amusement Parks
Utility Vehicles for Amusement Parks

How Much Weight Can Utility Vehicles Carry?

Utility vehicles for sale come with different weight specifications. Most of the utility vehicles have a range of 500kg-1.3T weight capabilities.

The carrying capacity will depend on the chassis and cargo area. Utility vehicles with large designs have more cargo space.

There is no specific weight capacity when it comes to electric utility carts.

Utility Vehicles production line

 Are Utility Vehicles For Sale from China High Quality?

When buying utility vehicles from China, there are no doubts about the quality. There are many manufacturers making utility vehicles.

All manufacturers must have certification to manufacture these vehicles. Therefore, the Chinese government agencies set standards to ensure there is no quality compromise.

Apart from the government efforts, there are other international agencies certifying manufacturers.

The Chinese utility vehicles for sale are premium and can sell even in Europe.

Utility Vehicles For Sale from China
Utility Vehicles For Sale from China

How Much Will I Incur to Buy Utility Vehicles From China?

The total cost of buying a utility vehicle will be more than the manufacturer’s quoted price.

The price will increase due to the shipping cost as well as duty and taxes.

The manufacturing cost is always considered to ensure affordability. However, the other arising charges increase the utility vehicle price.

Generally, the shipping cost from China to different countries varies. But, you can expect it to range between $1000- $4000.

Buy Utility Vehicles From China
Buy Utility Vehicles From China

How to Choose High-Quality Utility Vehicles?

Choosing a high quality is one of the critical steps. Bearing in mind, there are many manufacturers; you need to invest your time and energy researching the right features to check.

Some of the vital qualities to look at are;

Power: Whether you choose gas or electric utility vehicles for sale, engine/ motor power is critical. The more power they can churn, the more they can deliver outstanding performance.

Versatility: Versatility is another feature that is important in a utility vehicle. Since utility vehicles are supposed to be multipurpose, you can check whether it’s ideal for different applications. Generally, a multipurpose utility vehicle has high versatility.

Durability: Another critical feature is the durability of your utility vehicle. When you are buying, check the quality of construction.

Also, it’s ideal for checking the quality of;

  • Engine/Motor
  • Suspensions
  • Transmission
  • Weight and towing capacity

Accessories: As you purchase utility vehicles, it’s essential to know whether the manufacturer offers the accessories. Although most people tend to overlook the accessories, they allow for increased work efficiency.

When buying accessories, it’s vital to ensure they fit correctly to ensure maximum safety.

Warranty: This one is essential when you are looking for a quality utility vehicle. Reputable manufacturers will offer an extended warranty since their products are trustworthy.

Even though new utility vehicles come with a warranty period, it’s ideal for checking the terms. A good warranty should have open and easy to understand terms

Choose High-Quality Utility Vehicles
Choose High-Quality Utility Vehicles

What Type of Wheel Do Utility Vehicles Use?

The type of tires in utility vehicles differs significantly. Here are those for use on flat surfaces and off-road ones.

When the utility vehicle is for use in warehouses or other paved surfaces, regular tires are ok. However, you have to choose the right size for utility vehicles.

All-terrain utility vehicles require off-road tires to allow superb performance. Using standard tires in off-road conditions can compromise vehicle performance and safety.

Type of Wheel Do Utility Vehicles Use
Type of Wheel Do Utility Vehicles Use

How to Identify Reliable Utility Vehicles Manufacturer?

Identifying a reliable utility vehicle manufacturer can be tricky. You need to go deeper than just checking basic information.

Here are some of the tips on identifying reliable utility vehicle manufacturer;

  • Referrals
  • Using products codes
  • Checking certification
  • Manufacturing capacity
  • Manufacturer reputation
  • Ask to access the accessible inventories
  • Testimonials


Reliable Utility Vehicles Manufacturer
Reliable Utility Vehicles Manufacturer

What Are The Basic Maintenance for Utility Vehicles?

Utility vehicles, be it gas or electric, requires regular maintenance. However, the maintenance practice depends on whether you are dealing with gas/diesel or electric utility carts.

General maintenance includes

  • Checking oil,
  • Charging batteries
  • Refueling
  • Checking tires
  • Greasing
  • Changing oil


Basic Maintenance for Utility Vehicles
Basic Maintenance for Utility Vehicles

What Are The Standard Features of Xunhu Utility Vehicles?

The standard features are basic ones that are available in all utility vehicles. When you buy a basic utility cart, it comes with standard features.

Some of these standard features you get in utility vehicles include;

  • Headlights
  • Windshield
  • Suspension
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Padded seats
  • Closed cabin


Standard Features of Xunhu Utility Vehicles
Standard Features of Xunhu Utility Vehicles

How Are Utility Vehicles Manufactured?

Utility vehicles have a similar production process, just like other vehicles. Since they are for carrying loads, they need strong chassis and other components.

The whole process involves;

  • Designing of a utility vehicle
  • Chassis cutting, welding, and assembling
  • Body construction; adding side panels, and doors
  • Paint job; the pain is applied to the utility vehicle
  • Interior work; fitting of seats and other components
  • Utility vehicle testing


Utility Vehicles Manufactured
Utility Vehicles Manufactured

What Is to Look at Before Buying Utility Vehicles?

As you plan to buy a utility vehicle, there are many things to look at. This gives you the ability to have the right utility cart.

Whether you are buying a recreational or cargo utility cart, you need to factor out the quality.

High-quality utility cars for sale are ideal since they offer fantastic performance and reliability.

The size, model, and type of utility vehicles are some of the vital considerations. Also, the manufacturer’s reputation is vital when you consider buying a utility vehicle.

With different utility vehicle prices, you have a choice to choose custom or basic models.

Buying Utility Vehicles
Buying Utility Vehicles

Is There Any Discounts When I Buy Utility Vehicles in Bulk from XUNHU?

Xunhu is a leading utility vehicles manufacturer. With a significant manufacturing and market base, it has exciting offers, which means you buy utility cars at affordable prices.

Xunhu gives out large discounts when you buy utility vehicles in bulk. This gives you the best utility vehicle price hence saving some cost.

The discount is impressive and doesn’t affect the quality of. Also, the additional services besides discounts make Xunhu one of the best utility vehicle manufacturers.

Buy Utility Vehicles in Bulk
Buy Utility Vehicles in Bulk

How to Maintain the Utility Vehicles?

The secret to keeping your utility vehicle working correctly is proper maintenance.

Whether you are operating an electric or gas utility vehicle, there is every need to provide proper maintenance.

Repairing and regular inspections are essential and let your utility vehicle perform to the maximum.

The key to keeping a utility vehicle well maintained is regular repairs and other essential inspections.

Maintain the Utility Vehicles
Maintain the Utility Vehicles

How to Maintain the Battery of Your Utility Vehicles?

Most electric utility vehicles use Lead-acid batteries. However, others use Lithium-based batteries.

Maintaining the batteries well maintained is essential. It allows the vehicle to operate for long without fast discharging.

To ensure maximum battery longevity, these are some of the tips

Always keep your batteries clean. Clean all dirt and grease

  1. Avoid water from getting into the battery compartments
  2. Invest in high-quality battery chargers and charging booths
  3. Charge batteries to the recommended time
  4. Ensures the batteries are well secured
  5. Provide insulation blanket
  6. Check battery water level regularly
  7. Replace batteries when they reach retiring age
Maintain the Battery of Your Utility Vehicles
Maintain the Battery of Your Utility Vehicles
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