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Affordable Tourist Train Rides

  • Comfortable Seats, Smooth Ride And Long Range Durable Battery Pack
  • Powerful Motors To Pull More Carriages, Over 100 Tourist’s Trains For Sale
  • Customizable Carriages And Locomotive Designs To Desired Shape And Style
  • Affordable Price, Quality Materials Certified By CE, ISO, And Other Bodies

Recommend Tourist Train Rides for Sale

Buying tourist train rides for sale from XunHu is impressive. You can choose over 100 available designs to get into your park. There is also freedom of choosing the right style and design you aspire. You can select custom or existing models.

The quality and construction of trackless tourist train rides bring excellent reliability to your park. XunHu makes reliable trackless trains with extended range and robust bodies. Apart from the quality, you can also request a variety of customization. Whether it’s appearance, capacity, or locomotive design, there is room for customization.

There are even additional features you can order from XunHu to ensure your train is more appealing. XunHu offers quality and luxury together at affordable prices. Being a leading amusement park consultant, XunHu provides exceptional designs of various sizes and designs to suit and complement the needs of different parks.

Buy the best tourist train rides from XunHu and take advantage of highly customizable designs and innovative features. Get the locomotives and the carriages of your tourist train rides for sale the way you prefer.

The fiberglass body covered with weather-resistant paint stays glossy even after years of outdoor usage. Reliable suspension and vacuum tires offer strength to the chassis and comfort to the riders. Fancy LED lights and sound system at the attraction to the ride. Let the guests at your park enjoy a trendy appearance, comfortable seats, and a noise-free ride of tourist trackless electric trains.

Visit our factory and team up with our design engineers to get customized electric tourist trackless train variants assembled just the way you prefer.

Tourist Train Rides for Sale A
XUNHU Tourist Train Rides Have Long Range, Reliable Power; Powerful Motors, Batteries And You Can Customize Different Feature.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Capacity: 40p
  • Battery:12*5pcs
Tourist Train Rides for Sale B
Riding On XUNHU Tourist Train Rides Is Appealing; Attractive Colors, Padded Seats, Smooth Running And Reliable Suspension Systems.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 3%
  • Range: 80-100km
Tourist Train Rides for Sale C
XUNHU Tourist Train Rides For Sale Are Affordable, High Quality; CE And ISO Certified, Strong Construction Materials, Quality Tires.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Body Materials: Fiberglass
Tourist Train Rides for Sale D
Tourist Train Rides For Sale From XUNHU Are Simple To Drive, Efficient Braking And Great Overall Safety, Appealing Readymade And Custom Designs.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 3%
  • Body Materials: Metal
Tourist Train Rides for Sale E
XUNHU Tourist Train Rides For Sale Have Superior Construction, Robust Chassis, Body Yet Lightweight, Delivery Is Global Within 7-15 Days.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Suspension system: Leaf spring
  • Carriage style: Antique open carriage with roof
Tourist Train Rides for Sale F
XUNHU Train Rides Are Comfortable,Enjoy Smooth Movement Without Bumps, Heavy Duty Suspension, And Vacuum Tires Are Sturdy And Smooth.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 3%
  • Body Materials: Metal

Your Premier Tourist Train Rides Manufacturer in China

XUNHU is a top tourist trains manufacturer in China. The great experience of over 11 years makes it highly reliable.

Apart from great experience, XUNHU has a super large warehouse. You can rely on XUNHU since there are 587,970 sq.ft. for production and storage of tourist train rides for sale.

The manufacturing involves super high-quality materials sourced globally. Vital parts like motors and bearings are reliable to provide extended range.

With a capacity to deliver over 1000 sets per year, XUNHU always meets your demand on time. A great team of engineers, specialist and general staff ensures your order meets the agreed deadline.

  • Tourist Train Rides Manufacturer in China
  • Tourist Train Rides Manufacturer in China (2)
  • Tourist Train Rides Manufacturer in China (1)
  • Tourist Train Rides Manufacturer in China (4)
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  • Tourist Train Rides for Sale Cases (2)
  • Tourist Train Rides for Sale Cases (3)
  • Tourist Train Rides for Sale Cases (4)
  • Tourist Train Rides for Sale Cases (5)

XUNHU Tourist Train Rides for Sale Cases

XUNHU is known in many countries for excellent theme park train rides. There are customers all over the world enjoying XUNHU tourist rains rides for sale.

You can always invite XUNHU specialists to your park to assess and help you to plan. You can always order custom tourist train rides.

XUNHU Tourist Train Rides Manufacturing Capacity

Tourist Train Rides Material
Tourist Train Rides From Xunhu Have Latest Fiberglass Bodies And Steel Structure To Ensure Superior Quality.
Tourist Train Rides Painting
The Kind Of Paint Xunhu Uses Is Waterproof And Lasts Long Without Chipping Or Fading.
Tourist Train Rides Simulation Operating System
Driving Tourist Rides By Xunhu Come With High Safety Due To Simulation Operating System.
Tourist Train Rides Vacuum Tires
XUNHU Uses Vacuum Tires In Tourist Train Rides; They Are Tough And Reliable To Take Heavy Weight.
Tourist Train Rides Carriages
Carriages For Tourist Train Rides Are Custom And Durable; They Are Made From Fiberglass To Cut Weight.
Tourist Train Rides Lighting
The Lighting In Tourist Rides Is Amazing; The Led Animated Lighting Effects Are Also Customizable.

XUNHU is a professional tourist train manufacturer with a decade of experience in the business. You will find various XUNHU electric tourist train for sale designs in amusement parks of more than 100 countries in the world.

Known for superior build quality, customizable designs, and affordable prices, XUNHU electric tourist trackless trains provide a fun experience to the riders.

With ISO and CE certification, XUNHU guarantees reliable products ready and tested for commercial operation.

Not sure which design might suit your park? Invite XUNHU technicians to come to visit your park and assess the possible solutions. Skeptical about payment methods? Choose from a variety of payment options.


Be assured of safe and quick shipping to your country as XUNHU has been in business with the biggest seaports and famous airlines in China for more than 10 years.

Tourist Trackless Train Design

Tourist Locomotive Trackless Train
Tourist Locomotive Trackless Train

Your Reliable Tourist Train Rides Manufacturer in China

Nothing beats XunHu when it comes to reliability. The manufacturing process maintains international standards. Actually, from high precision cutting to the final process, there is excellent quality control.

The superb material sourcing ensures every tourist train for sale is high-performing. Whether it’s motors or batteries, they are reliable and last longer.

XunHu is a member of CAAPA and other amusement equipment manufacturer’s organizations.

With 1000+ parks using XunHu tourist train rides, you can also be among the elated customers.

You have every reason to buy trackless tourist train rides from XunHu. High precision and controlled manufacturing give you all the confidence.

Tourist Train Rides: The Definitive Guide

Are you interested in investing in amusement park trains? Tourist train rides are best when it comes to adding fun to parks and resorts. However, if you have some questions, here is a definitive FAQ guide for the best tourist train rides for sale.


What are Tourist Train Rides?

Tourist train rides are trackless trains and track train rides that carry people for entertainment purposes. They are common in amusement parks, playgrounds, Municipal Park, and others.

Like full-size trains, these tourist trains have several coaches and locomotives. Additionally, there are combustion and electric tourist mini trains.

How Many Types of Tourist Train Rides for Sale?

The tourist train rides are classifiable into different types. The main classifications are based on track and power.

Tourist Train Rides for Sale

Electric tourist train rides

These are the type of train rides with fitted electric motors. Unlike traditional combustion engines, these run on electricity. Therefore, they have rechargeable batteries and operate without emitting fumes or loud noise.

Combustion engine tourist rides

The trains use combustion engines for power. They have gas or diesel engines that burn fossil fuels to generate power. They are convenient but tend to be polluting.

Tracked train rides

Tracked train rides run on tracks. They have designated rail, which means they can only run on specific lines.

Trackless train rides

Unlike their tracked counterparts, these don’t need rails. They have rubber tires which ensure easy driving on roads. These trains are the best options since the initial investment and running are cheaper.

Tourist Train Rides for Sale Price

The average wholesale price of tourist trains differs due to the customizations. On average, it will cost around $10,000-$45,000. Tracked train rides and custom ones will cost higher than standard trackless train rides.

Tourist Train Rides for Sale Price


Tourist Train Rides Sizes, Seating, and Applications

The tourist trains for sale are about 2-3 coaches plus a locomotive. However, you can have a customized train ride depending on your specifications.

Additionally, the carrying capacity also varies. The average capacity ranges from 20-60 passengers. When you want customizations, the number of seats can vary.

Well, the application of tourist train rides is versatile. They are ideal for use in most entertainment places. But the common applications include;

  • Outdoor entertainment parks
  • Amusement parks
  • Municipal parks
  • Indoor malls
  • Carnivals


How to Make a Tourist Train Ride?

Making tourist train rides is a process and involves a series of processes. In most cases, Tourist Train Manufacturers have a standardized process that helps in accelerating the production processes.

  • Assembling of the train rides raw materials
  • De-rusting and treating steel parts
  • Designing and technical drawing
  • Precision cutting of the materials
  • Assembling of chassis
  • Molding FRP of body parts and seats
  • Installing engine/ electric motor into the chassis
  • Fitting transmission system
  • Installation of seats and interior finish
  • Testing the train ride


What Are the Parts and Materials of Tourist Train Rides?

Tourist train rides for sale come with different styles, designs, and customization. However, the main parts of these trains include:

  • Electric motors for electric train rides
  • Engine for combustion train rides
  • Transmission system
  • Brake system
  • Steering system
  • Rubber wheels for trackless trains
  • Steel wheels for tracked train rides
  • Headlights


Besides the major parts, materials are also critical parts for manufacturing train rides. Some of the most vital materials are;

  • Steel tubes and rods for chassis and general structure
  • Fiberglass for molding seats and body panels
  • PU leather seat covers
  • Rubber for tires
  • Glass for mirrors and windshield


What Are the Features and Advantages of Tourist Train Rides?

Tourist train rides for sale have a lot of features that make them ideal for chauffeuring visitors. There are standard and custom features which make the trains extra comfortable. Some of the top features include

  • Electric motors
  • Padded seats
  • The highly reliable suspension system
  • Heavy-duty battery packs
  • Electric steering system
  • Steel/aluminum alloy wheels
  • Entertainment system
  • Candy box
  • PA address system


Advantages of electric tourist train rides

  • Powerful electric engines for efficient pulling
  • Digital control system for easy operating
  • Easy customizations to suit your requirements
  • High precision manufacturing
  • Lightweight materials for high efficiency
  • Quiet and pollution-free electrical motor
  • Thorough testing to ascertain quality
  • Standardized production unit for uniformity
  • Fast and reliable delivery
  • Reliable after-sale services
  • Extended warranty with quick spare parts delivery


How to Choose the Best Tourist Train Manufacturer?

Choosing the right tourist train manufacturer is ideal to ensure your products are certified. The good thing is these days; you can access information about different manufacturers online. Therefore, it’s easy to make a good comparison and select the best brand. Some of the things to look at when choosing a manufacturer are;

  • Production capacity
  • Company raw materials sourcing
  • Product quality assurance
  • Company certifications
  • Range of the products
  • Shipment services
  • Company reputation and after-sale services


Buying Guide of Tourist Train Rides

If you are looking for the best tourist train rides, you need to check different things. Here are the aspects to look for when buying train rides.

Seating capacity

Every amusement train ride aims to ensure maximum profit. Therefore, the seating capacity is vital when sourcing train rides for sale. Ideally, it’s important to mix different train rides with varying capacities.

Maintenance requirements

Every park owner is looking for a train ride with minimal maintenance needs. Thus, opting to sell electric tourists train rides is excellent. By eliminating gas engine, maintenance cost also goes down.

Warranty terms

Whether you are a park owner or wholesaler, it is essential to ensure your manufacturer offers a warranty period. It’s a critical part of the purchase agreement since you get high-quality assurance.

Trains ride safety

Of course, this is paramount to guarantee passengers their safety. Every train ride, not only for tourists, should be safe. The interior should offer safety features like seat belts. Also, the structures should be stable, rigid, and reliable.


Certification is another quality that is essential for every train. Ensures your selected equipment has CE, ISO, and other regional marks depending on the destination. However, international standardization marks should be a priority since they are recognized worldwide.


As you plan to buy tourist train rides in bulk, you can comfortably get your equipment from XunHu. Fulfilling all the requirements, you can get your tourist train rides at the best prices.

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