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Recommend Resort Car for Sale

Resort cars for sale are available in XUNHU in different styles and passenger capacities. Whether you need them for passengers or other tasks, they are versatile.

There are different resort cars, and you can customize yours. XUNHU accepts customization requests without charging high prices.

Although you can get custom designs, resort cars here are 30+ designs ready. This ensures you can always make the right decision.

Whether you need resort cats or resort golf carts for different purposes, there is 4 seater to 23 seater resort cars.

8 Seater Resort Car for Sale
XUNHU 8 Seater Resort Car Serves Well In Different Application; Large Windows, Open And Closed Designs Are Available Upon Specification.

Main Data:
  • Battery:8V*6pcs
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
11 Seater Resort Car for Sale
XUNHU 11 Seater Resort Car For Sale Has Sturdy Chassis, Sturdy Floor, Body Panels; Large Windshield With Wiper.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Motor:72V/5KW
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
Resort Car Nimo Design
Unique Resort Car Nimo Design Is Attractive To Kids And Adults; You Can Choose Among The Numerous Colors Available.

Main Data:
  • Battery:12pcs*6V
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
14 Seater Resort Car for Sale
14 Seater Resort Car Is Large, Ideal For Carrying More Passengers, You Can Order Custom Features Like Music Player, Animated Lighting, Paint Color And Air Conditation.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
Resort Car for Sale Dolphin Design
Dolphin Designed Resort Cars Have Unique Appearance, Quiet Running, Robust Suspension System, Provides Smooth Traction For High Passenger Comfort.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
Electric Resort Car for Sale
XUNHU Electric Resort Car Runs On Powerful Maintenance Free Batteries, Branded Charger Enables Fast Charging; Batteries Offer Extra-Long Range.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
4 Seater Resort Car for Sale
Buy Extra Spacious 4 Seater Resort Car for Sale from XUNHU. Lightweight and Strong Chassis Handles Rough Terrains Better. Choose from 30+ Available Appearance Designs or Ask us to Assemble a Unique one For You.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 32km/h
  • Turning Radius:4.5m
  • Climbing Capactity:30%
23 Seater Resort Car for Sale
Enjoy Innovative Features and Extra Loading Capability for 23 Seater Resort Car for Sale from XUNHU. with Fun Features like Bright LED Lights, Seatbelts, Intelligent Steering, and Robust Braking plus Suspension System.

Main Data:
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:80-100km
Resort Car for Sale with Retro Design
Fancy a Retro Design for Your Resort Vehicles? Buy Just the Right Resort Car for Sale with Retro Design From XUNHU. Covered with Fun Color Combinations and Antique Retro Design Front, these Vehicles are a Luxury to Ride in.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
Resort Golf Carts for Sale
XUNHU Resort Golf Carts for Sale is Equipped With a Robust Steel Chassis,Strong Body Cover, Luxurious interior decoration and Elegant Appearance. Perfect For Luxury Resorts, VIP Guest Houses, and High-end Hotels.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Motor:AC48V/5KW
  • Climbing Capactity:25%
Xunhu Resort Vehicles for Sale
Available in a Wide Spectrum of Attractive Colors, XUNHU Resort Vehicles for Sale Appear as Classy and Luxurious as Vehicles can Get. They Feature a Fiberglass Roof, Bright Headlights, and Leather Finish on the Seats.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Motor:Max.travelling Range:80-100km
  • Motor:AC48V/5KW
XunHu Electric Sightseeing Cars for Sale
Buy Affordable Electric Sightseeing Cars for Sale From XUNHU. Benefit from Quick and Reliable Shipping, Highly Functional Designs, Optimum Ground Clearance, and Hundreds of Available Accessories.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km

Your Premier Resort Car Manufacturer in China

XUNHU is China’s leading resort car manufactures for the past 10 years. Combining resort car and other equipment manufacturing, you can always bet on the quality.

The vast network of sales proves XUNHU is a leading manufacturer. It has set foot in 100+ countries with over 10,000 clients happy.

At XUNHU, there are numerous resort cars, sightseeing cars, and tourist train rides you can buy, and they meet international quality. Whether you want resort cars for sale in bulk, you will get them delivered within time.

There is strict quality control to ensure every resort car leaving the warehouse is superb. Every car has excellent quality as per different certifying agencies.

  • Resort Car Manufacturer in China (1)
  • Resort Car Manufacturer in China (3)
  • Resort Car Manufacturer in China (4)
  • Resort Car Manufacturer in China (2)
  • Xunhu Resort Car for Sale Cases
  • Xunhu Resort Car for Sale Cases

Xunhu Resort Car for Sale Cases

XUNHU ships over 1000 resort cars every year to all parts of the world. Whether you need the cars in bulk, you get them on time.

The shipment of these resort vehicles is fantastic and satisfying. With 100+ amusement parts and attractions enjoying XUNHU resort cars, you can also join the team.

XUNHU Resort Car Manufacturing Capacity

Resort Car Design
XUNHU Male Resort Cars With Heavy-Duty Design; Chassis Is Steel To Withstand High Stress, Outer Designs Are Varying Depending On What You Love.
Resort Car Production Line
Standardized Resort Car Production Lines Helps To Maintain Quality And Consistency; Clean Workshops, Safe And Meets International Standards.
Resort Car Mould
XUNHU Frp Molding Line Is One Of The Best In China; The Panels Are Beautiful, Strong To Give Your Car Best Performance.
Resort Car Structure
Reliable Structure And Amazing Features Are Standard In Resort Cars; Mirrors, Lights, Wipers, Weatherproof Paint Maintains Car Natural Beauty.
Resort Car Painting
XUNHU Resort Car Painting Is In Special Spraying Warehouse, The Paint Is Eco-Friendly, Meets European Standards.
Resort Car Optional Accessories
You can buy high-quality accessories at XunHu, and XunHu will also provide free accessories for your bulk orders.

XUNHU has been offering reliable and affordable transport solutions to resorts, hotels, airports, VIP resthouses, etc. worldwide for more than a decade now and the feedback has been phenomenal.

Trusted by thousands of satisfied clients from all over the globe, XUNHU leads the market as a professional and experienced resort car manufacturer.

XUNHU is a one-stop-shop for all your business needs when it comes to buying exotic resort vehicles. Buy accessories, spare parts, and customized body kits for resort vehicles from XUNHU at the lowest prices.

Certified by ISO and tested by XUNHU under strict quality standards, these electric resort cars are safe, powerful, long-lasting, and customizable.

Benefit from huge discounts if you select XUNHU as your wholesale electric resort vehicle manufacturer. Get spare parts shipped right to you on just a phone call.

Want to know more? Send us an inquiry or give us a call.

Resort Car Details

Resort Car Optional Accessories

Resort Car Applications

XunHu Resort Cars for Sale

Apart from the available designs, XUNHU offers liberty to its customers to ask for custom designs, different color combinations, versatile seating arrangements, etc. to complement their existing business.

Be sure of the quality offered by XUNHU as it procures only the top-quality raw material to assemble your resort car for sale. Taking advantage of the best manufacturing practices and established safety standards, XUNHU resort vehicles are trendy to look at and extremely fun to ride in.

The quick direction-control button, robust foot pedals, intelligent steering system, and vacuum tires make your electric resort car an all-terrain vehicle.

Plus, XUNHU uses maintenance-free batteries to make sure you are always on the go, and an efficient motor grants you the ability to climb steep slopes under heavy loading conditions.

Want to know more? Give us a call today!

Your Top Resort Car Manufacturer in China

XUNHU is the top resort car manufacturer in China. It has excellent experience since its establishment in 2011. With highly qualifies staff, they can make your resort cars to perfection.

Besides the high capacity and experience, XUNHU has 1200 highly qualified staff. Of this number, 200 are specialists and engineers who help in the development of new resort cars and other equipment.

With a total area of 587,970 sq.ft, manufacturing, and storage area are in the same facility. Therefore, it’s easy even to perform testing conveniently.

The level of manufacturing technology, testing of resort cars surpasses other manufacturers. Also, XUNHU has various certifications from CE, ISO, SGS, BV, and other organs. Therefore you can always order resort cars from XUNHU with great confidence.

Resort Car: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Resort Cars Introduction
Resort Cars Introduction

More and more resort businesses are opening every ay. People are investing in building resorts and hotels. In the last decade, the real estate and hotel business has sky-rocketed. With such business, comes a need for a fleet of resort vehicles.

Tour guides use vintage resort vehicles at tourist attractions to create an extra income stream for their business.

You, undoubtedly, want to leave a lasting impression on your guests. So if you are considering investing in a resort business, or want to start a business of renting resort utility vehicles to an existing business, this FAQ guide is for you.

We have carefully compiled important queries that people have when they are getting started with their resort businesses.

Read the outline now…


What Are Resort Cars?

Resort Cars
Resort Cars

Resort cars or hotel vehicles are usually battery-powered transportation solutions used to carry guests around a facility, transport their luggage to the suites they have booked, carry them around to visit local attractions, for sightseeing around a resort, etc.

Resort cars can be gas-powered as well. They provide a touch of hospitality and elegance to the people visiting your resort or hotels. They can be customized to suit different locations and themes to give your guests a memorable experience.

Where Can You Use Resort Cars?

Resort Cars Use
Resort Cars Use

Resort cars are not just limited to resorts. Any place that welcomes families and covers a reasonable ground area is a great option for a resort car. They leave a lasting impression on the guests visiting your facility.

Usually, they are used in:

  • Power generation plants where guests are usually driven around the site
  • Shopping centers
  • Amusement centers and parks
  • Large Factories
  • Golf courses
  • Museums
  • Housekeeping
  • Carrying cargos
  • Gaming arenas
  • Tourist attractions
  • Zoos
  • Hotels
  • Carnivals
  • Theme parks, etc.


What Electric Vehicles Can Be Used As Resort Cars?

Resort Cars Vehicles
Resort Cars Vehicles

Electric vehicles are a better choice when it comes to using them as resort cars. They are highly customizable, quieter, affordable, and emission-free.

Due to the absence of a noisy engine, electric vehicles have found a great demand. Guests are better able to enjoy the surroundings and are better able to listen to the tour guide.

Following electric vehicles can be used as resort cars:

  • Electric golf carts
  • Electric shuttle vehicles
  • Electric utility vehicles
  • Electric sightseeing vehicles
  • Electric vintage cars, etc.


How Much It Costs to Buy A Resort Car?

Resort Cars Cost
Resort Cars Cost

New electric resort cars can cost anywhere between $4500 to $12000 depending on the model, design, add-ons, seating capacity, and power of the motor, etc.

An average-sized electric resort cart, with a seating capacity of 4 people, a windshield, and a top can cost anywhere between $4000 and $7000.

While gas-powered resort cars cost often range from about $4,000 to upwards of $15,000. At the low end of this price range, you’ll find basic designs. On the high end, you can purchase luxury resort cars with custom features like extra horsepower, extra safety features, more comfortable seats, etc.

What Are Different Types of Resort Cars for Sale?

Resort Cars Types
Resort Cars Types

Resort utility vehicles come in different shapes, designs, and capacities. Each category is unique in its features and using options. Usually, resort vehicles can be categorized as follows:

By power:

  • Electric powered resort cars use a battery pack to power the vehicle’s electric systems and the motor
  • Gas-powered resort cars use a gasoline engine. These variants have more torque and climbing power
  • Hybrid resort cars are the vehicles that use combine the best aspects of gas variants and the electric ones. Such resort cars incorporate an engine as well as a powerful battery to power the vehicle

By seating capacity:

Resort vehicles provide a range of options when it comes to seating capacity:

  • 2 seater resort cars
  • 4 seater resort cars
  • 6 seater resort cars
  • 8 seater resort shuttle vehicles
  • 12 seater shuttle cars
  • Up to 23 people resort shuttle vehicles


What Is The Seating Capacity of Different Resort Cars?

Resort Cars Capacity
Resort Cars Capacity

Different sized resort vehicles are available. That entirely depends on the size and design of the electric shuttle vehicles. The seating capacity ranges from accommodation 3 people to almost 24 people on a tourist resort shuttle.

A 48V battery with a current output rating of 100Ah is enough to push a payload of 1000 kg before the battery is fully drained and needs to be charged.  Smaller resort vehicles use a 12V battery to drive around 3-4 adults.

What Should You Consider While Buying A Resort Car?

Resort Cars Consider
Resort Cars Consider

You need to first set a preference for whether you need a gas resort car or an electric one. After carefully considering the pros and cons of the two variants, you need to look at the following features and make sure they meet the price asked:

  • Look at the age, condition, and amp rating of the battery
  • Look at the seating space available and the comfort it offers
  • Model, make, and age of the frame
  • Make sure it is equipped with enhanced safety features
  • Choose new resort cars for your business. They provide more comfort and receive less yearly maintenance.
  • Confirm which accessories are part of the deal
  • Check if the owner is willing to negotiate the price
  • Test drive the car to see the performance, check the leaks and see how is the overall condition


What Are The Benefits of Using Electric Resort Cars?

Resort Cars Benefits
Resort Cars Benefits

Gas resort cars provide better torque and power but there are many reasons why electric resort cars are better:

  • Electric resort cars are nearly silent while running. They are turned off with a switch and start without a noise. They provide comfort and respect to the guests who prefer to be surrounded by the natural sounds of your resort
  • They are cheaper to operate as compared to gas variants. Gas and diesel prices go up year by year and operation cost keeps increasing. With electric resort cars, you can charge them up quickly and they cost a lot less to operate
  • Electric resort cars are highly customizable. You can have them designed the way you like to compliment your resort.
  • With a lot fewer moving components, there are lesser recurring maintenance costs when it comes to electric resort cars
  • They are eco-friendly and provide a cleaner option


How Resort Cars Are Powered?

Resort Cars Powered
Resort Cars Powered

Resort cars are both electrically powered and gasoline-powered. Various manufacturers design different power mechanisms for resort cars to address the specific needs of the customers.

Both variants have their pros and cons and whether to choose an electric or gas-powered vehicle, depends on your requirement.

Electric resort cars used 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V batteries to power the vehicle while gas variants are equipped with either 4 stroke or 2 stroke gasoline engine.

What Are The Main Components of Resort Cars?

Resort Cars Components
Resort Cars Components

The main parts of resort cars are as follows:

  • Fiberglass/High-quality plastic body
  • Iron/steel chassis
  • High-quality seats and seatbelts
  • Maintenance-free batteries
  • Motor controller
  • Traction motor
  • The engine in case of gas variants


What Type of Battery Is Used in Electric Resort Cars?

Resort Cars Batteries
Resort Cars Batteries

Usually, both flooded lead type and dry batteries are used in electric resort vehicles. In recent years, modern resort vehicles have come equipped with a maintenance-free, deep cycle battery.

  • Flooded or ‘wet type’ batteries
  • AGM lead-acid batteries
  • Gel lead-acid batteries
  • Lithium-ion batteries

Such batteries have benefits over conventional ones like no need to check the electrolyte level. Such batteries are quicker to get charged and can deliver steady current output to the motor. These batteries have a life span of 2-3 years if well maintained.

Dry batteries are usually more expensive.

What Type of Motor Is Used in Electric Resort Cars?

Resort Cars Motors
Resort Cars Motors

Two types of batteries are commonly used in electric resort carts:

  • DC motors
  • AC motors

Modern resort cars incorporate both AC and DC motors for power conversion. DC motors provide a precise power output but they include brushes and commutators that are prone to wear and tear. DC motors take power directly from the battery.

Whereas AC motors require AC. Since DC batteries only provide direct current, an additional “DC to AC” convertor is used. AC motors do not use brushes so they have a longer life and low maintenance costs.

Are There Seatbelts Available with Resort Cars?

Resort Cars Seatbelts
Resort Cars Seatbelts

Usually, resort cars are not pre-equipped with seat belts to provide the comfort of getting in and out easily to the guests. But you can always get them installed later if you want.

Many dealerships and cart detailing shops provide the option of seatbelt installation for 50-150 USD depending on the quality of straps, metal used in hooks, the plastic grade used, frame quality, different fabrics for straps, etc.

You can ask the dealership for seatbelt options. It becomes a necessity if you are driving around in your resort with kids.

Should You Buy Gas Powered or Electric Resort Cars for Your Business?

Resort Cars Gas
Resort Cars Gas

It depends on your requirements and personal preferences. Both variants have their pros and cons. You should address what works best for you depending on your budget and requirements:

Electric resort vehicles benefits over gas variants are:

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low operation cost
  • Less noisy
  • Environment friendly

While the disadvantages are:

  • Repeated need of charging
  • Low power while moving uphill
  • Less control while moving downhill
  • Costly battery replacements


What Is The Best Resort Car for Sale?

Resort Cars Best
Resort Cars Best

Differently designed resort cars serve a different purpose. There are different features to be considered within the category to find out what works best for you. Those features include:

  • Body strength
  • Brakes and suspension
  • Type and performance of the battery
  • Type and performance of motor
  • Range
  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Ability to handle terrains, etc.

For example, if you need to transport heavy luggage, you would prefer an electric resort utility vehicle that performs well under heavy loads. In case of transporting guests repeatedly from one place to another, the vehicle with greater range works best.

Where Can You Buy Resort Cars From?

Resort Cars Buy
Resort Cars Buy

Many different firms of different capacities incorporate various methods to manufacture and sell resort cars around the world.

You can find licensed manufacturers and suppliers in more than 4 continents that deal in manufacturing, technical support, and spare parts.

Usually, electric golf cart manufacturers also deal in making electric resort cars, shuttles, etc

You submit the required documents and sign a contract to get started. You go through different payment schemes, additional delivery charges, etc. with the manufacturer and choose what works best for you.

How to Choose Reliable Manufacturers for Resort Cars?

Resort Cars Manufacturer
Resort Cars Manufacturer

Choosing a reliable manufacturer for resort cars is crucial as your reputation depends on it. You should do your research and analysis to figure you what exactly you need. Then you start looking for a manufacturer to assemble such a vehicle for you.

While you are selecting a manufacturer, consider the following points:

  • The resort car manufacturer follows the highest standards of safety while manufacturing the vehicle to ensure the safety of your guests and their luggage
  • The manufacturer provides high-quality and innovative products and provides affordable shipping options
  • The manufacturer used high-quality material that follows international testing standards and assembles innovative designs
  • The manufacturer has a good reputation and experience in the industry
  • The manufacturer carries out onsite testing before shipping the vehicle to you
  • The manufacturer offers affordable prices and market competitive services.
  • The manufacturer offers additional after-sales services like service, technical support, multiple modes of payment, etc.


How to Perform a Battery Inspection of Your Resort Car?

Resort Cars Inspection
Resort Cars Inspection

Battery inspection of the resort car should be carried out weekly to make sure that the battery is in good condition. Follow these steps to perform the inspection of the battery.

  • Examine the battery outer case. It should be free of corrosion. Clean any dust or dirt left on the case. If you see cracks or liquid oozing at the top of the case, you probably need to replace the battery.
  • Examine the brackets that hold the battery in place. Make sure they are not corroded. They should hold the battery firmly as a vibrating battery can damage other components and has a much shorter life.
  • Check the battery terminals to make sure they are free of corrosion and are tightly secured.


Do You Need to Replace Oil And Filters in Your Resort Car?

Resort Cars Oil
Resort Cars Oil

Maintenance costs are recurring in the case of gas resort cars where you need to change oil filters, engine oil, air filters, etc. after a certain period. You should use high-quality filters in your gas resort vehicle for safe and reliable operation.

In the case of electric resort cars, you need to keep an eye on brake fluid and gear oil. Due to the absence of an IC engine, there is no need to change the oil and air filters of the engine.

What Is The Charging Time of Resort Cars?

Resort Cars Charging
Resort Cars Charging

Usually, it takes 3-7 hours to charge a fully drained battery of resort cars using the charger equipped with the vehicle.

You should not let the batteries drain fully or more than 80 percent to increase the lifespan of the batteries.

The best practice is to let your resort car charge daily at night after you are done using it during the day. Never leave your resort cart plugged in all night as it can cause overcharging and damage to the battery.

How Far Would An Electric Resort Car Go on A Single Charge?

Resort Cars Range
Resort Cars Range

Normally average range for an electric resort car is 25-40 miles in one full charge. Range may decrease if the battery is overloaded; you are towing weight or traveling uphill.

Electric resort car traveling range depends on various factors like:

  • Condition of the resort car
  • Battery condition
  • Acceleration of the cart
  • Passengers riding
  • Track condition, etc.


How to Maintain the Body of the Resort Car?

Resort Cars Body
Resort Cars Body

It is very important to maintain the body of your resort cars to keep them appealing and attractive to the guests. It leaves a bad impression on the guests if they have to ride dirty-looking resort cars. To maintain the body of your resort cars, you should follow the following steps:

  • Wash the body of the resort cars with warm soapy water daily and polish it with silicone-based polish to improve the appearance.
  • In case you spot broken or chipping paint, carefully sand it with sandpaper and then apply acrylic-based spray paint to cover the area. Let it dry for few hours
  • If there are shallow scratches on the body, they can be removed by a “cutting” type of polish.
  • Daily clean the outer body and seats of the resort cars before starting the day.


Do You Need A License to Drive Resort Cars?

Resort Cars License
Resort Cars License

Resort cars when driven inside a facility or a resort, do not require you to have a driving license. But if you decide to drive your resort cars around a neighborhood or on public roads, you must acquire a driving license from the state.

Certain conditions need to be met to make a resort car street legal like:

  • Working lights (headlight, tail lights, turn signals)
  • DOT-approved tires, windshield wiper, and working seatbelts
  • Minimum top speed between 20-25 mph
  • A vehicle identification number
  • Interior and exterior-mounted mirrors
  • Speedometer
  • Working horn
  • Reflex reflectors on all corners of the cart
  • A license plate bracket
  • Insurance
  • Certificate of vehicle’s registration
  • Driver’s license and tag
  • Slow-moving vehicle sign


What Checks Should You Perform Before Operating The Resort Car?

Resort Cars Checks
Resort Cars Checks

Always check the following before every use of your resort cars to minimize the risk of an accident:

  • The accelerator pedal is working without jerks
  • The brake pedal is operating correctly
  • Brake fluid level is adequate
  • Indicators/lights are working
  • Brake/tail lights are working
  • Horn is working
  • The steering wheel is without play
  • Tire conditions and air pressure
  • Seat belts are secure
  • Battery and cables are in a suitable condition
  • Engine oil level is adequate in case of gas variants
  • The hand brake is working


How to Safely Operate a Resort Car?

Resort Cars Operate
Resort Cars Operate

To ensure the safety of the resort vehicle and the passengers on board, a correct operating sequence is essential. The steps to be followed are given:

  • Never operate the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication.
  • Make sure passengers are seated with seat belts secured.
  • Adjust mirrors as you need to have a clear view of the surroundings.
  • Drive slowly. Practice maneuvering and using the accelerator and brakes on level surfaces.
  • Before turning, activate a turn signal to alert others of your intentions to avoid undesired consequences.
  • Do not carry a passenger until you have at least two hours of driving experience with your vehicle to ensure the safety of everyone.
  • You should read the user’s manual before operating
  • Do not drive at speeds exceeding 15mph on slippery or wet surfaces.
  • Follow the weight limits
  • Avoid sharp turns
  • Make sure that there is no one behind while taking a reverse
  • Reduce speed on wet and slippery surfaces
  • Do not allow children to operate
  • Remove the key and set the handbrake engaged as you leave


How to Safely Charge the Resort Car?

Resort Cars Charger
Resort Cars Charger

Always follow these precautions when charging your resort car:

  • Position the vehicle on a level surface. Make sure the charging area is well ventilated and dry.
  • Make sure the key is off and the body is stable.
  • Always use the recommended extension cord type as mentioned in the user’s manual.
  • Inspect the extension cord for cracks, loose connections, damaged insulation, and frayed wiring.
  • Never use a damaged extension cord while charging your sightseeing vehicle.
  • Always connect the charging cord to the vehicle’s charge receptacle first, and then plug the cord into a wall receptacle to minimize the risk of sparking


Can You Tow A Load with A Resort Car?

Resort Cars Towing
Resort Cars Towing

Read the user’s manual to make sure how much load you can safely tow with your resort vehicles. Usually, resort utility vehicles are designed to tow loads buckled to them.

Different variations and power capacities of your sightseeing car offer different towing load limits. Always refer to the booklet provided by the manufacturer to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Always slow down the speed when towing. Towing a trailer increases the braking distance of your resort car.

Attach the towing load to the hitch bracket only. Do not attach to any other location on the resort vehicle.

Do Resort Cars Come with A Warranty?

Resort Cars Warranty
Resort Cars Warranty

Yes, resort cars do come with a warranty. Under the warranty period, you can avail of free part replacement by providing proof of damage, original invoice, and the warranty voucher.

Manufacturers provide 1-2 years of warranty for the frame of resort cars. Other components acquired by other suppliers such as motors and batteries are subjected to a warranty period as provided by their manufacturers.

How Are Resort Cars Packed for Delivery?

Resort Cars Packaging
Resort Cars Packaging

Resort cars are usually packed in iron frames with a plastic sheet wound around for safety. If you are purchasing resort cars in bulk, they are individually packed in iron frames or placed in the container in bulk.

The cars are placed in the container with the handbrake engaged. If you want to have your resort car packed a certain way, you can reach out to the manufacturer.

How Much Time Does It Take to Deliver Resort Cars to You?

Resort Cars Transport
Resort Cars Transport

It depends on the fact that from where you are getting your resort car shipped. If it is from a dealership located in your state, all you need is a trailer to pick up your vehicle from the dealership and deliver it to your doorstep.

It usually takes 15-30 days to deliver after your order is confirmed.

If you are having your resort car shipped from other states, trucking companies are expensive but can deliver within a day or two. You can opt for railway transportation to have your cart shipped to the nearest unloading area in 3-4 days.


Resort Cars Summary
Resort Cars Summary

Buying resort vehicles is a profiting investment. People love being driven around in an exotic vehicle while they engage in witnessing the beauty of the resort.

Resort owners are more likely to buy a fleet of resort cars when they want to provide the best consumer experience to their guests.

This FAQ guide talks about the designs available, the manufacturers in the market, how to buy and from where to buy a resort car. We hope that we were able to help you.

Thank you.

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