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New Golf Carts for Sale

  • XUNHU offers new golf carts for sale at highly reasonable prices without compromising the build quality
  • Equipped with a maintenance-free deep cycle battery, you get up to 80 km of distance per charge
  • XUNHU ensures top-notch quality in its new electric golf carts for sale by testing the assembled products on a 5km long testing track
  • XUNHU offers the best aftersales, attractive warranty perks, and 24/7 online assistance
  • Working closely with leading airlines and local freight forwarders, XUNHU ensures quick and reliable shipping worldwide

Recommend New Golf Carts for Sale

If you need to buy new golf cart buggy, XUNHU is your best investment. With its innovative designs and trendy colors, XUNHU continues to be the top supplier of new golf carts worldwide. Thanks to highly customizable bodies, you can get personalized designs and tons of compatible accessories from XUNHU.
Not just this, XUNHU offers top quality at the best new golf cart cost. The chassis is tested rigorously to support extreme loading without bending or cracking. XUNHU leads the industry when it comes to the best new golf cart brands. The use of a 48V maintenance-free battery allows for more than 70km of uninterrupted traveling. The seats are ergonomically designed to offer the utmost comfort to riders.

New Golf Cart GMD-H4+2
XunHu New New Golf Cart GMD-H4+2 For Sale With Custom Colors And Performance As Your Needs. Low Noise, No Pollution, Widely Applicable.
4 Seater New Golf Cart GMC-H4
XUNHU Produces High Quality 4 Seater New Golf Cart GMC-H4 That Is Capable of Handling Up to 20% Slope While Ensuring Stable Drive
New Golf Cart GMC-H2+2
With a Load-carrying Capacity of more than 540 kg and a Remarkable Range of 80 km per Charge, XUNHU New Golf Cart GMC-H2+2 Is Spacious, Powerful, and Offers a Smooth Riding Experience
New Golf Cart GMC-H4+2
Extra Ground Clearance, Stylish Leather Seats, Innovative Dashboard, and Heavy-duty Tires Make XUNHU 6 Seater New Golf Cart GMC-H4+2 Ideal For Airports, Resorts, and Hotels
4 Seater New Golf Cart GM-4C
Buy 4 Seater New Golf Cart GM-4C At the Best New Golf Cart Price From XUNHU and Benefit From Superior Loading Capacity and Comfortable Ride
2 Seater Lifted Hunting Golf Carts GMF-H2
With a Carrying Capacity of more Than 360 kg, XUNHU 2 Seater New Golf Cart GMF-H2 Is the Top Choice for Both On-course and Off-course Driving; Thanks to the Reliable Suspension System
4 Seater Lifted Hunting Golf Carts GMF-H4
XUNHU Manufactures The Best Quality 4 Seater New Golf Cart GMF-H4 And Offers Multiple Secure Shipping Channels Across The Globe
4 Seater Lifted Hunting Golf Carts GMF-H2+2
Featuring Self-compensating Steering System and Robust Hydraulic Braking Mechanism, XUNHU 4 Seater New Golf Cart GMF-H2+2 Can Climb Slopes and Maneuver Across Hills with Ease
Electric Golf Cart GMD-H2+2
XUNHU 4 Seater New Golf Cart GMD-H2+2 Features Anti-skid Flooring Layer and Ergonomic Seating Design That Allows For Smooth and Relaxing Ride

Your Best New Golf Carts Manufacturer in China

XUNHU enjoys the top spot in the market when it comes to offering quality, performance, innovation, and reliability at the best new electric golf cart prices. With retail, wholesale, maintenance, customization, and spare parts available under one roof, XUNHU caters to all your needs.

With a team of more than 200 technicians, sophisticated machining equipment, and a team of professional engineers, XUNHU ensures efficient production and thorough testing of all its new golf cart product lineup. The dedicated new golf carts R&D team works tirelessly to carry out the requested customization without compromising the structural stability of the golf vehicle.

Whether you need new golf buggies for sale in retail or wholesale, XUNHU can follow. With more than 10,000 annual shipments to more than 160 countries across the globe, XUNHU is your best investment.

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  • XunHu New Golf Carts for Sale Cases
  • XunHu New Golf Carts for Sale Cases
  • XunHu New Golf Carts for Sale Cases
  • XunHu New Golf Carts for Sale Cases

XunHu New Golf Carts for Sale Cases

XUNHU has trendy new golf buggy designs for sale and a variety of colors available for you to purchase. If you want to buy golf carts in bulk, no matter the customizations, XUNHU can produce bulk orders efficiently.

The freshly assembled new golf buggies are tested on a 5km long dedicated testing track where each weld and joint is tested thoroughly to ensure reliability and structural stability. Only the golf carts for sale that pass the test, are dispatched to the customers.

The golf carts are cased individually for shipping. They are wrapped in plastic sheets and chained in containers to prevent any accidental damage to the carts.

XunHu New Golf Carts Manufacturing Capacity

New Golf Carts Workshops
XUNHU New Golf Carts Workshops Are Equipped With Sophisticated Cutting, Moulding, Welding, and Assembling Equipment
New Golf Carts Skilled Workers
XUNHU employs 200+ skilled Technicians Supervised by a Team of Professional Engineers Works Dedicatedly to Ensure Flawless Production
New Golf Carts Frame
Crafted from Galvanized Metal, XUNHU Golf Carts Frames Are Strong and Robust Enough to Handle Repeated Loading Without Bending and Cracking
New Golf Carts Painting
XUNHU New Golf Carts Are Coated with Eco-friendly Weather-resistant Paint That Provides Ultimate Protection to the Chassis and Keeps Rusting at bay
New Golf Carts Parts and Accessories
XUNHU is the Hub of High-Quality Golf Cart Parts and Compatible Accessories. Buy OEM Spare Parts and Have Them Shipped to you at The Best Price
New Golf Carts Quality Control
XUNHU Dedicates Computer-aided Machines and Sophisticated Equipment To Ensure Strict Quality Control Across the Board

XunHu electric shuttle bus for sale

XunHu New Golf Carts

You can buy the new golf carts from XunHu with innovative designs.

With trendy features, spacious and exotic interior, and powerful motor, XUNHU’s new golf carts can climb slopes, maneuver across hills and sand, carry loads, and much more.

With more than 300 designs and dozens of compatible accessories and OEM parts, you can find everything you need under one roof.

You get to benefit from ISO-certified safety and XUNHU’s signature secure worldwide shipping

How to Buy New Golf Carts?

The first step is to finalize the new golf cart designs.

For that, you can either do your homework or visit the new golf carts factory and let our sales team help you through the process.

Once you have decided on the design and required features, you place your order.

Upon 30% advance payment, the production starts. XUNHU notifies you once the golf cart production is complete.

You need to pay the remaining 70% to commence the shipping process.

New Golf Carts Price

The new golf carts prices are depending on the design, size, seating capacity, type of golf cart battery used, type of golf cart motor, quality of raw material, and the number of installed features, the prices of new golf carts vary significantly from model to model.

The base new golf carts price starts from 3000 USD but can go up to 10,000 and more depending on the features you ask for.

XunHu has a wide range of new golf carts for sale at reasonable prices, get more details about the new golf carts now.

And this is one useful golf price guide for your reference.

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