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Mall Train Rides for Sale

  • Extended Service Life, More Operation Range And Eco-Friendly; No Noise Pollution
  • Tailor-Made Powerful Motor To Pull Heavyweight, Up To 16 Passengers
  • High-Quality Mall Train for Sale Manufacturing, Member Of IAAPA And CAAPA
  • Patented Designs, Fabrication, And Certified Trackless Train Rides By ISO, CE, GOST

Recommend Mall Train Rides for Sale

You get a lot of train rides from XUNHU. Whether it’s mall train rides or other versions, it’s easy to choose the best one.

Available mall train rides for sale come in different tones. This ensures they perfectly match your amusement park. You can have a variety of customizations depending on your preferred park look.

XUNHU mall train for sale has superior artistry to guarantee superb performance and durability. You don’t have to speculate; send an inquiry to get firsthand information.

XUNHU has a trackless mall train for sale for everyone. Let us know your budget and preferred features, our sales team can help you purchase the best suitable design available.

Choose among different battery types, lighting arrangements, seating arrangements, and much more. Xunhu has a range of accessories available for mall train rides for sale as well.

XUNHU small mall train for sale is perfect for shopping malls, gaming arenas, and any place that welcomes families. Enjoy quick charging, long range per charge, and quick delivery of spare parts to keep downtime at bay.

Buy from us and benefit from elegant craftsmanship coupled with advanced tech at affordable prices.

12 Seats Mall Train Rides for Sale
XUNHU Mall Train Rides For Sale Are Highly Customizable; Color Battery Packs Can Be Tailor-Made, Cheaply Priced High-Quality.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Range: 80-100km
14 Seats Mall Train Rides for Sale
Premium Materials Like Steel And Fiberglass Make Mall Train Rides For Sale; The Trackless Electric Design Reduces Overall Cost.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Range: 80-100km
16 Seats Mall Train Rides for Sale
XUNHU Mall Train Rides For Sale Boasts Fade-Resistant And Weatherproof Paint; High-Quality Trains Low Price Enables Affordability.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Range: 80-100km
18 Seats Mall Train Rides for Sale
Mall Train Rides For Sale Suits Different Types Of Amusement Parks, Low Maintenance, Powerful Battery; Robust Tubeless Tires Support .

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Range: 80-100km
Mini Mall Train Rides for Sale
XUNHU Mall Train Rides For Sale Passes Extreme Quality Control; trackless mall train for sale with CE, BV, And ISO Approved.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Body material: Fiber glass
trackless train rides for sale (2)
Mall Train Rides For Sale Are Reliable And Safe For All Ages; XUNHU Is One Stop For All Amusement Park Needs.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Body material: Fiber glass
20 Seats Mall Train for Sale
Decorate Your Shopping Mall with 20 Seats Mall Train for Sale from Xunhu. Equipped with Amazing Lighting, Music System, larger power electric systerm and Colorful Design Options.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Body material: Fiber glass
24 Seats Mall Train for Sale
Enjoy Innovative Features for 24 Seats Mall Train for Sale at Affordable Prices from XUNHU. Benefit From Exceptional Build Quality and Secure Worldwide Shipping.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Range: 80-100km
27 Seats Mall Train for Sale
XUNHU 27 Seats Mall Train for Sale are a Treat to Look at and Extremely Fun to Ride in. Welcome Your Guests with Our Spacious Designs and Custom Options.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Body material: Fiberglass
30 Seats Mall Train for Sale
Suitable for Outdoor Places, Shopping Malls, and Amusement Parks, XUNHU 30 Seats Mall Train for Sale Offer Longer Range per Charge, Quick Charging Feature and Ability to Tow More than 4000Kg.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • :Range:80-100km
40 Seats Mall Train for Sale
Xunhu Offers Spacious Designs for 40 Seats Mall Train for Sale Equipped with Powerful Headlights, Weather-resistant Paint, Perfect for Outdoor Installation and Amusement Parks.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 3%
  • Range: 80-100kms
42 Seats Mall Train for Sale
Buy Affordable 42 Seats Mall Train for Sale Equipped With More Carriages and Powerful Battery of trackless train From Xunhu. Enjoy Quick Delivery all around The Globe.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 3%
  • Range: 80-100km

Your Premier Mall Train Rides Manufacturer in China

XunHu mall trains for sale are in use in China as well as different countries.

Apart from the quality mall train rides, XUNHU invests a lot in research and inventions. With 50+ patents, you get unique and distinct-looking amusement park rides.

The exceptional engineering begins with designing, cutting, and fabricating mall train rides. Every step ensures the quality never changes.

XUNHU always works with you to determine the best mall train ride for your park. You don’t have to be pro since the expert guide will ensure the perfect decision. All the train rides are certified hence safety and reliability for a long time.

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XUNHU Mall Train for Sale Projects

There are numerous projects belonging to XUNHU. Some are complete, while others in progress. The mall train rides for sale projects are in China, South Korea, Morocco, and others.

Also, XUNHU is a leading player in amusement park construction and design. Therefore, you can bet on XUNHU to be a contractor for your project.

XUNHU Mall Train Rides Manufacturing Capacity

Trackless Train Material
All Xunhu Mall Train Rides Have Durable Construction Material; Fiberglass, Steel, And Fabrics Are Most Common.
Trackless Train Painting
The Paint And Painting Process Makes It Even More Durable; The Paint Is Lead-Free, Eco-Friendly& Protects Rusting.
Trackless Train Simulation Operating System
Xunhu Mall Train Rides Use A Computer To Control Different Functions Through A Simulation Operating System.
Trackless Train Vacuum Tires
Xunhu Mall Train Rides Vacuum Tires are Sturdy and Durable to Ensure the Safe Driving of Your Train Rides.
Trackless Train Carriages
Xunhu Has Many Designs Of Carriages; There Are 50+ Mall Train Carriages Designs, Including The Latest Ones.
Trackless Train Lighting
Mall Train Rides Lighting Is Another Level, Using Low Energy Leds That Are Colorful And Thrilling To Park Visitors.

Being a credible mall train ride manufacturer and supplier, Xunhu leads the industry by offering reliable designs and exceptional build quality for shopping mall trains for sale.

Using up-to-date workshops equipped with the latest equipment, Xunhu’s competent design team assembles designs that are a treat to the eyes and luxurious to ride in.

Being an experienced player in the game, Xunhu provides design consultancy to malls and amusement parks that are looking forward to installing an electric train ride for sale.

Thanks to a decade of experience and ISO certification, Xunhu not only maintains strict quality control but also offers affordable prices.

Looking forward to buying a mall train ride? Call us today!

XUNHU is Your Reliable Mall Train Rides Manufacturer

Xunhu makes the shopping mall trains from highly qualified employees, there is consistency and quality guarantee.

Mall train rides have extra free parts to ensure no stress looking for trackless train spare parts. Besides, professional inspection means everything is working.

There is a timely and safe shipment of mall train rides to your park. XUNHU always ensures your shipment is easy and efficient.

The integrated modern technology makes XUNHU mall train rides easy to operate. Whether it’s lighting or other functions, a flip of a switch is enough.

Painting is unique since XUNHU use airbrush and 3D panting to bring out unique themes.


Mall Train Rides: The Definitive Buying Guide

Are you looking for mall train rides for your shopping mall or entertainment centers? Are you looking forward to buying a mall ride to start a business?

Are you looking for guidance to help you make smart decisions regarding the mall train ride business setup?

Do you need assistance setting up mall train rides in carnivals, shopping centers, and school fairs?

This FAQ guide is for you. We have compiled a comprehensive article to help you get an insight into the mall train ride business to help you figure out what works best for you.

Keep reading to learn more.


What Is A Mall Train Ride?

trackless train ride (8)

A mall train ride is a road/floor vehicle in which one tractor unit is used to pull carriages to drive people around like a railway train inside a mall, a shopping, or an entertainment center. The driving unit is electrically operated using a battery pack to pull 4-5 carriages connected like a train.

The seating capacity of mall train rides depends on how powerful the driving unit is. Usually, 1 carriage can accommodate 5-8 passengers in one go. The driving unit is operated and controlled by a human driver.

How Many Kinds Of Mall Train Rides for Sale?

Mall train rides are categorized into different types based on their size, number of connected coaches, battery power, passenger capacity, etc.


The main categories are:

  • Small kiddie mall train rides: These are smaller versions of mall train rides with a seating capacity of 4-6 children per coach and 2-3 coaches connected in line. Battery capacity ranges from 24V-36V.
  • Medium-sized mall train rides: These train rides can accommodate 6 adults per carriage with 3-4 carriages connected in line. Their power ranges from 36V to 48V battery.
  • Large-sized mall train rides: These train rides are bigger versions with 4-6 large carriages with a capacity of 8-10 people per carriage. These are powered by bigger battery packs of more than 72V batteries.


How Do Mall Trains Work?

Mall Train Ride Working
Mall Train Ride Working

Mall trains are battery-powered. One driving unit called a locomotive is used to pull 300-400 kg of a payload connected by hinges and ball joints.

The driving unit is operated by a driver who is in control of the speed, direction, etc. of the ride. The motor is powered by a battery pack of 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V, or more to drive the ride to mimic the motion of an actual train on tracks.

The number of carriages on mall train ride depends on the size and power of the driving unit. The bigger the unit, the larger is the motor and can pull greater payloads.

Why Are Mall Trains So Popular?

Mall Train Ride Popular
Mall Train Ride Popular

Mall train rides are popular for various reasons and are incorporated in various places. The reasons include but are not limited to:

  • Mall train rides provide a simpler and smarter way to drive people around in the mall or to a tourist attraction
  • They are fun to ride. Families prefer to ride on a train in shopping malls especially when they are accompanied by kids.
  • Mall train rides provide a sense of riding a real train which is a fun factor for kids. Parents are not worried as such trains move slower and are safe.
  • Children and adults both are fascinated by a real-looking train running in the mall. These mall train rides provide an extra income stream for business owners.


What Color Are Shopping Mall Train Rides For Sale?

Mall Train Ride Colors
Mall Train Ride Colors

Shopping mall train rides are available in every color you desire. Due to plastic or steel outer body, it can be spray painted at a local dealership to get you the color you want.

Typically, mall train rides are colored in bright shades to complement the design of the shopping mall. You can ask the manufacturer to paint the body of train rides as you desire.

Different paint options are available at the factory to choose from.

How Much Does A Mall Train Ride Cost?

Mall Train Ride Cost
Mall Train Ride Cost

The cost of mall train rides depends on various factors like:

  • Size and shape of the train
  • Number of carriages
  • Weight capacity
  • Size of motor
  • Size of batteries
  • The material used in the body
  • Several custom features are installed like enhanced music system, lighting system, safety features, etc.

Average-sized mall train rides with 3-4 carriages are available for 8000 USD. Bigger-sized mall train rides with 6-8 carriages are available for 10,000 to 13000 USD. If you want to have custom features like leather seats, enhanced seat belts, the cost increases accordingly.

Should I Buy or Rent A Shopping Mall Train?

Rent Mall Train Ride
Rent Mall Train Ride

That depends on where you are going to use your mall train rides, your business needs, your budget, etc.

If you are running your business of amusement rides, it is a better option to buy yourself a mall train ride for your business to cut recurring monthly rental costs.

Mostly renting mall train rides is beneficial when you have to use them for the time being or temporarily like in kids’ birthday parties, annual school fairs, carnivals in your community, etc.

Renting a mall train ride is not that expensive. You can get the ride for a day at reasonable prices. All you have to do is to make a phone call and the vendor takes care of everything.

You can rent a smaller kiddie mall train ride or a bigger one depending on your needs.

Where Can You Operate The Mall Train Ride?

Mall Train Ride Operate
Mall Train Ride Operate

Mall train rides can be operated anywhere if you have a plain smooth floor and sufficient space to drive mall train rides.

They can be used in many different places like:

  • Amusement parks and entertainment centers
  • Museums
  • Zoo
  • Tourist attractions
  • Hospital and medical facilities
  • Gaming arenas
  • Kids entertainment centers


How Many Carriages Are There In Small Mall Train Rides?

Small Mall Train Rides Carriages
Small Mall Train Rides Carriages

The number of carriages on a mall train ride depends on the size and power of the driving unit. The bigger the unit, the larger is the motor and can pull greater payloads.

A 48V battery pack can pull 6-15 people on average and hence 3-4 carriages. The bigger driving units can pull 7-9 carriages and they incorporate bigger battery packs and powerful motors.

The weight of the carriages also limits the pulling capacity of the driving unit. Lighter fiberglass bodies are usually used in making such trains instead of stainless steel or iron bodies.

Are Mall Trains Safe?

Mall Train Ride Safe
Mall Train Ride Safe


Mall train rides are way safer than other amusement rides. Even in the past decade, virtually no serious injuries were reported but only some minor ones.

Mall train rides feature plastic or fiberglass bodies equipped with seatbelts making them safe for kids.

Mall train rides run at a speed of 4-5 mph in indoor facilities and with you buckled in a seatbelt, it makes it even safer.

Only injuries that were reported in past years were caused by people tripping on the floor while trying to exit a moving vehicle.

Can You Ask For Customizations In Mall Trains?

Mall Train Ride Customization
Mall Train Ride Customization

That depends on the mall train ride in question and the extent of your request.

If you want to change the design altogether, after the mall train ride is delivered, that’s going to cost you a lot of money since you need to send the rides back and pay for the shipping.

In the case of smaller mall train rides, it is comparatively easy to enhance some features like a better sound system, innovative lighting system, frame designs, etc.

What Are The Main Parts Of Mall Train Rides?

Mall Train Ride Part
Mall Train Ride Part

Usually, mall train rides have a reinforced plastic body frame supported on a chassis that usually contains:

  • Shells
  • Frames
  • Wheels
  • Motors
  • Footswitches and controls
  • Steering wheel
  • Forward and backstage gears, etc.


Can You Buy A Mall Train from China Now?

Mall Train from China (2)
Mall Train from China

You can buy various designs of mall train rides from Chinese manufacturers. Even during the pandemic, you can avail various designs and makes of mall train rides from Chinese manufacturers.

All you need to do is to finalize your design after visiting the factory or using their online services. After you have finalized the design, you can place the order and discuss the various payment options. You are also required to provide advance and shipping details.

What Is The Capacity Of The Shopping Mall Train For Sale?

Mall Train Ride Capacity
Mall Train Ride Capacity

Many mall trains can accommodate 24-30 passengers at one time.

Different sized shopping mall train rides come with different seating capacities. Smaller kiddie train rides have a pulling capacity of 300-500kgs and can accommodate 5-6 kids per carriage.

Average-sized mall train rides can pull 700-1000 kg. These are usually equipped with 4-5 carriages with a seating capacity of 3-4 adults per carriage.

Bigger mall train rides can pull a load of 1100kgs on 3-4 carriages with a seating capacity of 2-8 adults per carriage.

How Much Space Must I Have To Operate The Mall Train Ride?

Different sized mall train rides have different space requirements to operate. Because there are many carriages attached to the locomotive, they have a large turning radius.

In large shopping malls, there is enough space available to operate a mall train ride, taking turns, etc. The minimum space requirement for an average-sized mall train ride is 40×150 feet. In such an area it is easy to operate mall train rides in the forward direction and take safe turns.


How Old Should Patrons Be To Ride The Mall Train Ride?

Every age passengers can ride unless they have a medical condition to suggest otherwise. Kids of all age groups are welcomed to take a ride on a mall train ride with a minimum height requirement of 30 inches if not accompanied by guardians.

Kids younger than a year can enjoy a mall train ride with their parents. There are no specific limitations for the riders. Anyone with no apparent health issues can safely ride the mall trains.

Can I Operate A Mall Train Indoors?

Mall Train Ride Indoor
Mall Train Ride Indoor

Mall train rides can run on all smooth surfaces including tiles, concrete, wood, plastic, rubber, etc.

You need to make sure that the surface is smooth, without holes or pits, without bumps, etc.

A rougher surface can cause the tires to wear fast while an excessively smooth surface can cause slipping during operation.

For indoor operations, it is not advised to choose gasoline-powered mall train rides as they make a lot of noise and emit smoke while traveling that can pollute the indoor environment. Always choose electric mall train rides for indoor operations.

Are Electric Mall Train Rides Noisy?

Electric mall trains are not noisy. You can hear the train moving but there is no rattling noise as you would hear in a gas-powered mall train rides.

They are equipped with musical accessories, horns, and lights. Due to lesser moving parts in the driving unit, there is no noise and they do not emit exhaust gases.

If you are hearing unusual noise from the wheels, or the driving unit itself, you need to stop the train rides and look for possible causes.

How to Buy a Suitable Shopping Mall Train?

If you are running a family-friendly business, it is always a great idea to install shopping mall trains to attract young customers and families.

It is a great way to add an income stream to your existing business. While choosing shopping mall trains for your business, please consider the following:

  • Your budget and the space you have available. To establish a shopping mall train business, you need an investment of 12000-15000 USD
  • Make sure the reliability is top-notch.
  • Check for the certifications
  • Look at the level of comfort, the train ride would provide to the riders
  • Choose a shopping mall train that offers attractive music and lights
  • Choose designs that feature fun factors like cartoons, birds, and swinging animals.
  • Make sure that the shopping mall trains appear good in condition and are inspected for safety.


What Are The Benefits Of Installing Shopping Mall Train Rides?

Mall Train Ride Benefits
Mall Train Ride Benefits

There are a lot of benefits of adding shopping mall train rides to your existing business.

You can compete with online stores by providing unique experiences to people that they cannot get online. People can even shop online but they would want to shop from a mall to enjoy a fun train ride experience. You get more customers this way.

People riding the mall train are more likely to drop by small shops in the mall and make purchases along the way.

Parents are more likely to bring their kids to the malls that they know are more likely to be equipped with different sorts of entertainment.

You can add an extra income stream to your business by introducing a mall train ride in your shopping mall for a ticket. Parents are happy to pay for rides to keep their kids entertained.

How Far Will A Mall Train Ride Go On A Single Charge?

Usually, mall train rides are designed to keep on going for 3-4 hours on a single charge. The range for a mall train ride varies from battery to battery and vehicle to vehicle.

An average-sized mall train ride with 3-4 carriages can keep driving for 12-20 miles on a single charge. Bigger battery packs can provide bigger ranges.

The range may vary depending on various factors like:

  • Speed
  • People riding
  • Size of the train
  • Number of carriages
  • Terrain
  • Motor and battery condition
  • Tire conditions, etc.


How Fast Do Mall Train Rides Go?

Mall train rides are slow-moving vehicles that are used to drive around guests inside a facility, airports, etc. Their speed depends on the size of the battery pack and the size of the motor of the driving units.

The speed ranges from 12-26 km/h for an average-sized mall train ride. The speed of the mall train ride depends on various factors like:

  • Driving unit size
  • Motor size
  • Battery pack size
  • Number of carriages
  • Riders riding the train


How Mall Train Rides Are Controlled?

Mall Train Ride Control

The driving unit of the mall train ride is just like an electric cart that is charged, operated, and controlled by a human driver. The vehicle is steered by a steering wheel, accelerated by a foot pedal, and stopped by a foot brake.

The driving tows the carriages linked to it in a manner that locomotive pulls the railway carriages. The distance depends on the size of the batteries.

The charging of batteries is performed by the charger that comes equipped with the package.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain Shopping Mall Trains?

Mall Train Ride Maintain

Mall train rides are not that expensive to maintain due to their simpler operations and fewer moving parts.

You need to maintain and update the electrical components of your mall train rides, check tires for wear, and safety equipment installed on the mall train rides.

The outside of your mall train rides should also be checked for cracks and scratches. You should polish the outer surface weekly to maintain a shiny look.

Overall, it usually costs 400-500 USD to maintain mall train rides having 3-4 carriages monthly given that none of them require major overhauls.

How Can You Maximize Revenue From Mall Train Rides?

There are many ways to cut maintenance costs and keep mall trains crowded:

  • The location of a ride is the most important. It should be free of any obstruction
  • Routine inspection is critical to ensure the mall train ride keeps running.
  • Keep the carriages clean at all times. This is very important as the ride will generate more income if it is thoroughly cleaned on each visit.
  • If there is juice spilled on a ride or shoe marks, no parent would allow their kid to ride, hence income falls.
  • Keep adding different designs and popular cartoon characters to the ride to keep the young rider excited and happy.
  • Keep adding decorations for holidays. Decorate the mall ride with roses and hearts on the occasion of Valentine’s Day or with Christmas trees on the holiday of Christmas.


How Do You Maintain The Mall Train Ride?

Mall Train Ride Maintenance
Mall Train Ride Maintenance

The following are included in the daily maintenance of a mall train ride:

  • Wipe down the bodies of all carriages of mall train rides as the day starts.
  • Check the seatbelts for wear or fraying
  • Have the floor cleaned
  • Inspect the bodies of the carriages for damages or cracking
  • Power on the unit, check if the rides are properly powered on and lights are flashing
  • Make sure they are properly charged at the start of the day.
  • Inspect the motor, music system, lights, etc. before operation.
  • Maintain the braking system of the train ride. Check the brake pads and replace them if needed.


How To Reduce The Maintenance Cost Of Mall Train Rides Monthly?

There are some ways by which you can lower the monthly maintenance costs for your mall train ride:

  • Perform daily inspection of the surface and moving parts to spot defects as soon as possible. A tiny undesired vibration if located early can save the money spent for part replacement.
  • Make sure you check safety accessories, lighting, and music systems for proper grounding to minimize the possibility of short-circuiting.
  • Make sure that only trained operation personnel are allowed to operate the mall train rides.
  • Hire trained professionals to do a periodic inspection of critical equipment like the motor, braking system, safety equipment, etc.


What Type Of Motor Is Used In Mall Train Rides?

Mall Train Ride Motor
Mall Train Ride Motor

Mall train rides incorporate both AC and DC motors for power conversion. DC motors provide a precise power output but they include brushes and commutators that are prone to wear and tear. DC motors take power directly from the battery.

Whereas AC motors require AC. Since DC batteries only provide direct current, an additional “DC to AC” convertor is used. AC motors do not use brushes so they have a longer life and low maintenance costs.

From Where Can You Buy Mall Train Rides For Your Business?

Buy Mall Train Rides

Since mall train rides are comparatively smaller structures, they are readily available in almost every developing country of the world for competitive prices.

Many amusement ride manufacturers provide mall train rides as well. Even smaller firms deal in manufacturing and supplying mall train rides as well as their spare parts.

All you need to do is get in touch with their sales representative and ask for a quotation for your selected models. Usually, they design and construct custom variants.

The team gets back to you after your request is processed and you are required to submit additional details.

Can You Ride A Mall Train Ride In Wet Weather?

Usually, mall train rides should be used only in the areas where they cannot be caught up in rain. Indoor mall train rides are safe in this case.

They can handle a nominal amount of rain but should not be operated in heavy downpours as water getting inside the unit’s control panel can cause irreversible damage to the circuit.

So it is not advised to operate mall train rides in the rain as it is hard to stop a running mall ride on wet surfaces posing danger to the riders as well as others around.

Do Mall Train Rides come with a Warranty?

Almost all manufacturers provide 1-2 years of warranty for the chassis of mall train rides from the date of acceptance of inspection.

Mostly the warranty covers the individual parts rather than the ride as a whole. Many parts that are covered under warranty are battery, motor, light and sound system, brushes, wheels, etc.

Damage to the surfaces is usually not covered under warranty. Within 2 years after installation, you can enjoy free part replacement, technical assistance, maintenance services, and repairs.

How Much Time Is Required To Ship Mall Train Rides?

Mall Train Ride Shipping
Mall Train Ride Shipping

The shipping time depends on the load weight and your location. If you are located within borders, it could take 15-30 days to get your order delivered upon completion.

Once your order for mall train rides is processed, your manufacturer handles the shipping for you.

Since these rides are bulky structures so they occupy a lot of space, one container is enough to ship 2 sets of mall train rides.

Since you are shipping a container, it has to be via the ocean. It normally takes 30-40 days via the ocean.

Certain circumstances, for example, weather conditions, slower ship movement to save fuel; port congestion, custom delays, port policies, etc. add extra time.

How Do You Choose The Best Mall Train Ride Manufacturer?

This step of choosing a reliable mall train ride manufacturer is crucial as your reputation depends on it.

While you are selecting a manufacturer, consider the following points:

  • The mall train ride manufacturer follows the highest standards of safety while manufacturing the mall train ride to ensure the safety of young riders.
  • The manufacturer provides high-quality and innovative products and provides affordable shipping options.
  • The manufacturer offers affordable prices and market competitive services.
  • The manufacturer offers additional after-sales services like installation, technical support, multiple modes of payment, etc.


What Different Types Of Material Are Used In Building Mall Train Rides?

Mall Train Ride Materials

Usually, mall train rides are lighter structures and are made up of the following:

  • Steel and iron (beams, gearboxes, shafts, motors, frame)
  • Plastics (acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG, ABS, styrene, HDPE)
  • Rubber and fiberglass
  • Epsilon Epoxy (body)
  • Leather and wood and tubes (seats)


Can Mall Train Rides Run On All Types Of Floors?

Mall Train Ride Floor
Mall Train Ride Floor

As long as the floor is plain, without pits and bumps, you can operate the train ride on that floor. Usually, concrete floors are used to operate mall train rides.

You should not operate mall train rides on a floor that is wet as it interferes with the braking capacity of the train. Excessively smooth surfaces can also cause mall train rides to slip while braking or taking turns.

How to Tell If the Batteries of Your Mall Train Rides Are Bad?

Mall Train Ride Batteries

There can be several indications that the battery of your mall train ride is not performing as expected.

  • The cycle time of your mall train rides has decreased significantly
  • You need to frequently charge your batteries
  • The driving unit is not properly powered up, lights are dim, speed is slow, etc.
  • Charger displays an error while charging your mall train rides
  • Rotten egg smell coming off from batteries indicating the battery is overheating and gassing out the excess amount of gas vapors and hydrogen from the terminals.
  • The battery is overheating while charging


How To Safely Charge Your Mall Train Ride?

Mall Train Ride Charging
Mall Train Ride Charging

You need to follow these precautions when charging your mall train ride:

  • Make sure the charging area is well ventilated and dry.
  • Make sure the key is off and the body is stable.
  • Always use the recommended extension cord type as mentioned in the user’s manual.
  • Inspect the extension cord for cracks, loose connections, damaged insulation, and frayed wiring.
  • Always connect the charging cord to the vehicle’s charge receptacle first, and then plug the cord into a wall receptacle to minimize the risk of sparking
  • Don’t leave your unit plugged in overnight as it decreases the quality of the batteries
  • Recharge the battery after every use. Don’t let the battery drain fully
  • Make sure that the battery connections are secured and not corroded


Can You Adjust The Power Consumption For A Mall Train Ride For More Speed?

Mall Train Ride Adjust
Mall Train Ride Adjust

A typical mall train ride draws about 7-9 amps of power from the floor at startup, and the amps drop to 3-4 under operation.

The mall train rides are optimized by the manufacturer to run under strict voltage and resistance conditions.

You should never tamper with the electrical circuits and power lines of your mall train ride.

Not only does it void the warranty of the mall train ride, but it puts the mall train ride at a higher risk of the short circuit also.

To enhance the speed of mall train rides, you need to upgrade the motor, battery pack, motor controllers, etc.

What Safety Rules Should Be Followed While Operating Mall Train Rides?

While operating mall train rides, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Read, understand and abide by the safety instructions listed in the user manual before operating
  • Only trained and responsible drivers should be allowed to operate the unit
  • The operating area should be kept obstruction-free
  • The mall train ride should be operated in areas free of other vehicles, moving people, or pets
  • Keep the speed steady and avoid sharp turns
  • Never leave the train unattended while the system is powered up
  • Operate in good daylight or artificial light
  • Do not operate on the slippery floor


What Is The Payment Procedure For Shopping Mall Trains For Sale?

After you have listed your requirements and have decided which mall train ride designs you are going to buy, the remaining process can be classified into the following phases:

  • You collect all the relevant documents asked by the manufacturer and create a contract
  • You pay 30% of the payment in advance.
  • Mall train ride manufacturer confirms and processes your order.
  • The manufacturing of mall train rides starts.
  • The manufacturer gets back to you once the process of manufacturing is complete.
  • You provide all the shipping details to the manufacturer and pay the remaining 70%.
  • The manufacturer ships the order to your desired location.
  • You inspect the carriages for defects and damages once they are delivered and confirm that you have received your goods.



Mall train rides have gained immense popularity in the last decade. More and more businesses are adding shopping malls train rides for additional income.

This guide talks about different options available for mall train rides and what you need to do to choose what suits your individual business needs.

We hope after reading this mall train rides FAQ guide, you are more knowledgeable regarding this business and in a better position to make a decision on which type of mall train ride to invest in, from where to buy, and how to maintain it. If you want to get more details of other trackless train rides, or other electric train rides, please feel free to contact Xunhu.

Thank you.

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