Lifted Golf Carts Buying Guide

Lifted Golf Carts Buying Guide

Lifted Golf Carts for Sale – XunHu

XUNHU lifted golf carts have a reliable suspension system, all-terrain tires, and other amazing features.

Availability in different styles also means a great choice for different applications.

Extra ground clearance that can be changed to any value from 6 inches to 24 inches, allows easy maneuvering across rocky terrains and muddy roads.

Choose the lift type you prefer from “body-lift designs” and “suspension-lift designs”.

XUNHU also offers 4×4 variant for China lifted golf carts for sale for off-road driving, hunting and camping trips, etc.

The lightweight yet highly robust body is able to handle steep slopes and the suspension system can damp the jerks drastically.

Choose from hundreds of available lifted golf cart designs and custom accessories for lifted 2 seater golf cart options

Channelize the power XUNHU offers in its custom lifted golf carts for sale by using them as a utility vehicles to get daily chores done quite easily.

Buy multiple colors and seating options of electric lifted cart designs at an affordable price.


Your Best Lifted Golf Carts Manufacturer in China

XUNHU is the best lifted golf cart manufacturer you can get in China. You get the best golf carts and the best services without paying for fortunes.

There are huge discounts, especially when buying lifted golf carts in bulk. Also, the extended warranty is amazing to improve the trustworthiness of the product.

XUNHU is one of the amusement park rides manufacturers that participate in annual exhibitions in China. Also, it’s a member of CAAPA and certified by ISO, BV, and CE.

Apart from manufacturing, you also get installation and training. You and your staff won’t struggle to operate electric lifted golf carts.


Lifted Golf Carts- The Ultimate Buying Guide

Are you thinking about buying golf carts? You can go directly to purchase a lifted golf cart. XUNHU has ready-made, high-quality lifted golf carts. You can buy ready and use instead of buying a lift kit after purchasing a standard cart.

Before you settle on your preferable model, you need to go through the lifted golf carts FAQ guide. It has all the necessary information you need to buy the best-suited lifted golf car.

Read the Outline now…


What Are Lifted Golf Carts?

Lifted golf carts are small vehicles with added ground clearance for transporting golfers. The fitting allows the carts to move in rough terrain. Unlike the standard golf carts, lifted ones have more agility.

There are different lifted golf carts you can buy. Depending on the intended terrain application, you can have varying ground clearance. For rough surfaces, carts with more lifting are ideal.

XUNHU makes different types of lifted golf carts which allows you to make a choice. You can pick slightly raised to super-high lifted golf carts.

What Are The Type of Lifted Golf Carts Can You Buy from XUNHU?

There are different types of lifted golf carts to buy from XUNHU. The company makes different versions which are for serving different purposes.

When you have more passengers to ferry, there are large carts. However, smaller versions also exist for people with a few accessories to carry.

Apart from the number of passengers, the available lifted golf carts are versatile. They can have different designs to accommodate more cargo than passengers.

In short, the available type of lifted golf carts are;

  • 2 seater electric lifted carts
  • 4 seater electric lifted carts
  • 6 seater electric lifted carts
  • 8 seater electric lifted carts

How Much Is A Lifted Golf Cart?

Electric lifted golf carts from China are the cheapest options you can get. Not that the carts are substandard, but the combination of favoring factors ensures price is globally competitive.

You can get a lifted golf cart as low as $3,000 for standard models. However, there are also other high-end lifted electric golf carts that can pay up to $10,000.

There are also customization options that enable you to get your dream golf cart. Depending on your needs, you can specify the customizations, which will make the price differ.

When you choose to add premium accessories, the more you will have to pay. Keeping your lifted golf cart simple will see you pay less.

Where Can You Buy Lifted Golf Carts from?

Buying a quality lifted golf cart is one of the priorities when you are looking for one. Many manufacturers are making these golf carts. However, XUNHU is one of the leading manufacturers.

The manufacturing process ensures XUNHU makes a reliable and experienced manufacturer.

Being one of the leading manufacturers in China, you can buy golf carts in bulk. Other manufacturers make lifted golf carts in China.

Buy Lifted Golf Carts
Buy Lifted Golf Carts

How to Buy Lifted Golf Carts from China?

Buying lifted golf carts from China can be tricky, especially if you have no clue. But, when you get a reliable and reputable manufacturer, buying should not be stressful.

To buy a high-quality lifted golf cart, these are the steps to follow. They are easy and straightforward when you follow them keenly.

  1. Research about the available lifted golf carts manufacturers

This will give you a hint about the quality and general information. Having different manufacturers will provide you with an advantage. You will

  1. Consider attending Chinese trade exhibitions

Whether you think about attending physically or virtually, it is an important step. Trade fairs give you more exposure and understanding of different manufacturers.

There are different exhibitions held several times per year. Therefore, you have a perfect understanding and chance of netting the best lifted golf cart manufacturer.

  1. Select manufacturer who sell in wholesale

Choosing a manufacturer with the best wholesale terms is the next step. It means you get lifted golf carts with the least prices.

Most manufacturers in China prefer selling their products in wholesale. This significantly reduces the overall cost to the buyer.

  1. Check for supplier

Some manufacturers sell lifted golf carts but don’t deliver. Therefore, you need to look for an independent supplier.

Some manufacturers like XUNHU will facilitate the delivery of golf carts to your location.

If a manufacturer doesn’t offer supply services, there are many options available in China.

  1. Negotiate with a manufacturer about the lifted golf carts

Before entering into a contract with manufacturer, ensure to negotiate all your concerns. Whether it’s about customization, appearance, color, and others,

The negotiations are essential since you can express all your opinions and aspirations. Also, the manufacturer will tell all the services as well as terms and conditions.

  1. Negotiate about contract

It is crucial before you commit yourself, you need to negotiate the contract. The contract usually contains the agreement and other vital information for a smooth process.

The contract also contains the price as well as other aspects. With a good agreement, it will be smooth and easy to source your lifted golf carts.

  1. Prepare for lifted golf carts shipment

After following the steps, when the manufacturer completes manufacturing, it’s time to get ready for shipment.

Mostly, lifted golf carts shipment is through the ocean. Therefore, you have enough time to prepare for the arrival of your equipment.

  1. Hire a custom agent

Customs clearance can be hectic if you don’t know how the process goes. It is his reason that you need to hire a customs agent to handle the process.

A customs agent will help you negotiate and clearance from the taxman. With your goods cleared, you are now ready to get the golf carts to your area of use.

Buy Cheap Lifted Golf Cart
Buy Cheap Lifted Golf Cart

Can I Buy Lifted Golf Carts in Bulk; Is Price in Wholesale?

It is possible to purchase lifted golf carts in bulk. Primarily, most manufacturers in China prefer to sell their golf carts in bulk. This favors most buyers since you get a fantastic price cut than getting a single unit.

Manufacturers like XUNHU offer fantastic discounts. Once your buy lifted golf carts in bulk, you can be sure the price is wholesale.

Besides wholesale prices, the manufacturer will offer huge discounts. This means you will have a considerable savings when you buy directly from the manufacturer.

Buy Lifted Golf Cart Price from China
Buy Lifted Golf Cart Price from China

What Is A Good Price for A Lifted Golf Cart?

There is no specific good price for a lifted golf cart. However, the quality and features determine the price you are going to pay.

In most cases, the available features, type of lift kits used determine the best price.

When you need a standard lifted golf cart, you are going to pay a standard price. Contrary, highly customized golf carts will attract huge buying costs.

Ideally, it is possible to specify the features you want in your lifted golf cart. This will allow you to check the price, unlike where it’s not possible to customize.

Price for A Lifted Golf Cart
Price for A Lifted Golf Cart

How Do I Make My Lifted Golf Cart Go Smoother?

A smooth-moving lifted golf cart is a dream for everyone. However, it is not always the case. It depends on the type and quality of the lift kit installed on your golf carts.

These are some of the things you can do to make your lifted golf cart run smoother.

  • Invest in quality lift kits
  • Install a more powerful motor
  • Add a high-speed controller
  • Invest in good tires
  • Use high capacity golf cart batteries
  • Keep the golf carts within carrying capacity
  • Invest in a premium quality suspension system


Lifted Golf Cart Go Smoother
Lifted Golf Cart Go Smoother

Should I Buy A Lifted Golf Cart?

Yes, it would be best if you considered buying a lifted golf cart. The carts are amazing and multipurpose; therefore, they are not just for use by golfers.

The construction of lifted golf courses features a flexible structure. Therefore, it is possible to convert your lifted cart to other utility carts.

With versatile chassis, you can convert the cart to a utility vehicle or other purpose. Therefore, it is worth having lifted golf carts.

Buy A Lifted Golf Cart
Buy A Lifted Golf Cart

Do Lifted Golf Carts Go Faster?

Depending on the motor power, the speed differs among the golf carts. There are lifted golf carts that can go faster.

Lifted golf carts can run faster depending on the speed controller and motor power.

On average, lifted golf carts can achieve up to30 kilometers per hour. This allows the carts to be helpful even when you want to travel a longer distance.

Depending on the customization, you can improve the speed to suit your needs. With a powerful motor and speed controller, it is even possible to hit more speed.

Lifted Golf Cart with Powerful Motor
Lifted Golf Cart with Powerful Moto

Why Are Electric Lifted Golf Carts Better Than Gas Version?

Nowadays, electric lifted golf cars are getting more popular than gas. The development of long-range carts makes it a great option.

Apart from the long-range, electric golf carts are run smoothly without a lot of noise. Therefore, you can drive electric golf carts without causing noise pollution.

The fact these carts need charging rather than fuel, there are no more expenses on gas. Amazingly, it is cheaper to run electric lifted golf cats than gas versions.

Some quick comparison between electric and gas lifted golf carts;

Electric Lifted Golf Carts Gas Lifted Golf Carts
Runs on electric motors Runs on a combustion engine
Boasts more mileage Less mileage than the electric version
Cheap to maintain A bit expensive maintenance
Environmentally friendly Pollutes environment
Runs quietly Engines are noisy
Lighter and efficient Quite heavy


Do Lifted Golf Carts Ride Rough?

Lifted golf carts run more smoothly than standard golf carts. The refined tuning design helps to stabilize the golf carts.

The design and construction of lifted golf carts feature specialized designs. This enables them to perform excellently, even on rough terrain.

Since the carts have more ground clearance, they have naturally smooth rides. The suspension system is robust, which supports the carts while maintaining stability on rough terrain.

Whether your lifted golf cart is utilizing the lowest lift kit will perform better than standard carts.

In general, lifted carts are better and don’t ride rough regardless of the terrain.

All-Terrain Lifted Golf Cart
All-Terrain Lifted Golf Cart

What Is The Average Range of Lifted Golf Carts?

The average range of lifted golf carts depends on the battery capacity and voltage. The higher the battery capacity, the more miles your cart will cover.

Smaller lifted golf carts for 2 -4 people will frequently have 36V batteries. This is enough to power the carts for an average range of 30 kilometers.

On the other hand, same-sized lifted golf carts with 48V batteries will offer up to 60 km.

Bigger golf carts for 4, 6, and 8 passengers have less range due to the weight. The more weight a cart is carrying, the lesser range due to faster battery draining.

Every range is assumed lifted golf cart is running on a flat surface. Inclined and rough surfaces will see the range reduced.

Average Range of Lifted Golf Carts
Average Range of Lifted Golf Carts

Can I Order Customized Lifted Golf Carts from XUNHU?

Yes, you can order customized lifted golf carts from XUNHU. There are different levels of customizations you can order. Whether it’s interior, exterior, or general accessories, you can have a custom-tailored lifted golf cart.

Some of the vital accessories and parts are available for all models. But, others are for you as a buyer to request the manufacturer to fix.

Some of the custom accessories you can request from the manufacturer are

  • Paint color,
  • Battery types
  • Aluminum alloy wheels
  • Golf attachment bags
  • Caddy coolers
  • Retracting seat belts
  • Rain cover
  • Digital multifunctional dash
  • Windshield


Customized Lifted Golf Carts
Customized Lifted Golf Carts

What Are The Advantages of Lifted Golf Carts?

There are many reasons and benefits of having lifted golf carts. Whether you buy or lift your regular one, you are about to get a great lifted golf car.

Unlike the regular standard golf cars, you get impressive power and the ability to conquer different terrains.

These are some of the advantages you enjoy once you have a lifted golf cart.

More ground clearance;

Lifted carts have more ground clearance. The lifting is essential since it allows the cart to beat uneven terrain.

Smooth rides:

With lift kits providing additional height, there is aspect more robust suspension.

Ability to use bigger tires;

Apart from increasing the general cart height, you can also install larger tires. This further increases the ground clearance but can add more weight.

Increased stability:

Lifted golf carts have broad bases. This gives the carts more stability compared to regular ones. Apart from ground clearance, your cart enjoys better stability.

Advantages of Lifted Golf Carts
Advantages of Lifted Golf Carts

What Are Features That Make Golf Cart A Lifted Golf Carts?

Some features are exclusive for golf carts. Minus these features, they can’t be lifted golf carts anymore.

The main feature that makes these carts lifted is the use of lifting kits. These kits have specialized engineering, which allows the carts to fit and enjoy raised design.

You can add 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 inches of ground clearance with lift kits. Amazingly, there are ready lift kits, and also you can make homemade ones.

Apart from the lift kit, the tires are also different from standard golf carts. In most of the tire, lifted golf carts come with all-terrain tires.

Does XUNHU Manufacture Lifted Golf Carts?

XUNHU is one of the lifted golf cart manufacturers. There are different models you can buy depending on what you wish.

There are small models for 2 people that are great for golf courses and other uses.

Also, there are large ones that can serve to haul golfers and other uses. The good thing is XUNHU lifted golf carts are usable for multiple purposes.

You can also have custom lifted golf carts and convert them to other utility vehicles. Amazingly, you can inform XUNHU about the intended use, and they will deliver your golf cart as you wish.

How Are Lifted Golf Carts Manufactured?

The manufacturing of lifted golf carts is a complex process that involves different steps. Every process ensures the cart is reliable and there is a quality production.

The following steps are the major and vital ones in the production of lifted golf carts.

  1. Raw materials

The first step in the whole process is the determination and materials to use. These carts feature different materials like,

  • Metal tubes; steel, aluminum
  • Plastics
  • Fiberglass
  • Reinforced fiber plastic
  • Rubber tires
  • Vinyl cushions
  • Batteries
  • Motors
  1. Designing a lifted golf cart

The designing of a golf cart is the next step that follows after assembling raw materials.

Interestingly, there is no standard design when it comes to golf carts. You can choose your manufacturer design or submit yours for unique-looking golf carts.

You can have as many designs as you wish, and even manufacturers have a variety of designs.

  1. Manufacturing process
  2. Floor and body panels fabrication

The fabrication of floor and bod panels is the first step in the manufacturing process. These parts are cut from fiberglass or thin metal sheets.

In the case of metal sheets, the cut panels pass through a rolling machine. However, when fiberglass is in use, it undergoes the molding process.

  1. Chassis construction

The construction of the chassis involves the use of steel tubes. These tubes are cut to desired sizes and angles.

After the cutting, arch-welding is what follows to join the tubes. High-quality welding is needed to ensure the chassis has reliable integrity.

Once the chassis is in place, the floor is attached through welding. After the chassis, floor and body panel and in place, cleaning and painting follow.

The painting is crucial since it prevents the structures from rusting.

iii. Transaxle assembling and fitting to chassis

The transaxle is assembled by joining different parts. Usually, transaxles consist of bearings, gears, axle housing and grease, which ensure smooth wheel running.

When the transaxle assembly is complete, it’s bolted into the chassis.

  1. Motor, batteries and charging system installation

When the outer parts and major components are done, it’s when the motor is installed.

Also, the batteries, charging system and related components are fixed. To guarantee that these components are working correctly. They are thoroughly tested.

  1. Other components assembling

The process ends with the installation of the steering system, brakes, transmission and other vital systems.

Above all, headlights, side mirrors, safety belts and other interior finishing happens in this stage.

  1. Lifted golf cart testing

When the assembling is over, the last step is testing. Manufacturers have a testing track where they test electric lifted golf carts.

The track consists of bumps, an inclined surface, and speed testing track. Therefore, every lifted golf is delivered after passing strict quality assurance.

Electric Lifted Golf Cart (3)
Electric Lifted Golf Cart

How Does XUNHU Ensure Standardized Lifted Golf Carts Manufacturing?

XUNHU always ensures that manufacturing is standard and every golf cart passes a similar production process.

Different production lines in XUNHU deal with various activities. There are sections with chassis manufacturing, panel cutting and assembling lines.

The highly mechanized and automated manufacturing lines allow for consistency. Besides, the painting showroom has amazing robots that apply paint precisely.

Lifted Golf Cart with Large Tires
Lifted Golf Cart with Large Tires

How Reliable Are XUNHU Lifted Golf Carts?

The reliability of XUNHU manufactured lifted golf carts is impressive. There are no doubts that manufacturer makes high-quality golf carts.

The use of premium–quality materials ensures the carts can work without compromising performance.

Apart from the materials, the manufacture uses mature technology. Since the establishment, XUNHU has over 10 years in operation. Thus, the manufacturing technology is reliable and consistent.

There is enough workforce which makes lifted golf carts. Regardless of the number of items you need, delivery is on time.

6-Seater Lifted Golf Cart
6-Seater Lifted Golf Cart

How The After-Sale Services after Buying Lifted Golf Carts?

The after-sale services when you source your lifted golf carts from XUNHU are excellent.

The string support team is responsible for efficient customer attendance. Even when your carts are delivered, you can be sure of prompt support in case of a mishap.

Apart from robust support services, electric golf carts come with a fantastic warranty. This gives your cart efficient repairs in case they break within the warranty period.

With free fast-wearing parts, there is high peace of mind once you have the carts. Also, spare parts are readily available; hence there is no struggle looking for parts.

After-Sale Services of Golf Carts
After-Sale Services of Golf Carts

Why Are XUNHU Lifted Golf Carts Better Than Others On The Market?

Buying a lifted golf cart from XUNHU gives your great confidence. They are high-quality, which gives every buyer high trust.

Some of the main reasons why XUNHU lifted golf cats are better than others is due to;

  • State of the art manufacturing facility
  • Highly skilled labor; specialist, engineers and general staff
  • Certification by leading organizations like ISO, CE, BV, GOST and others
  • Excellent customer services and after-sale services
  • Extended warranty, free wearing parts and availability of spare parts
  • Through check before lifted golf carts delivery
  • Ease of conversions electric golf carts to other purpose vehicles


What Are The Standard Features You Get On Lifted Golf Carts?

As you plan to buy lifted golf carts, you need to consider some of the things. The available features are vital in determining the appearance and general performance.

There are standard features that every lifted golf cart must-have. However, the features differ across the manufacturers.

  • Suspension system
  • LED headlights
  • Safety belts
  • Side mirrors
  • Golf cart roof
  • Golf bag attachment
  • Dashboard


Can You Upgrade Standard Golf Cart to Lifted Golf Carts?

A simple answer is yes. Depending on your liking, you can upgrade your golf cart to a lifted one.

There are available lift kits that are available on the market. You can also order a lift kit from the golf cart manufacturer. This will give you a perfect fit and easy installation.

Besides the manufacturer, other third-party makers produce the lifts accessories.

Whether you buy lift kits or make yours, it is possible to upgrade your cart to lifted golf carts.

What Kind of Batteries Does XUNHU Fit In Lifted Golf Carts?

Before you buy a lifted golf cart, it is essential to check the type of batteries. Some batteries are better in comparison with others.

There are many types of batteries that you can opt for lifted golf carts. But. The most common ones are the AGM, lead-acid, and Lithium-ion batteries.

Lead-acid batteries are common among the old lifted golf carts. XUNHU mostly use these type of batteries. They are cheap, reliable, and safe since they have been in use for a long time.

Apart from flooded lead-acid batteries, you can also request Lithium-ion golf carts. Although they are a bit expensive, the batteries and light and superbly durable.

Do Lifted Golf Carts Have More Power?

The power depends on the motor in a lifted golf cart. Not all lifted golf carts have more power than standard ones.

Whether you are looking for a new or upgrade your current golf carts, it is essential to check the motor power.

As you consider buying or upgrading your cart, ensures the motor can support the additional weight.

Since lifted golf carts can accommodate larger tires, they need extra power. Before ordering or converting your cart, determine whether it will perform excellently with added lift kit weight.

Do XUNHU Lifted Golf Carts Accept Addition of Extra Accessories?

XUNHU lifted golf carts are versatile and can accept different types of accessories.

There are optional accessories that you can buy after the cart is delivered.

Some of the accessories are easy to fit, while others require some expertise. Regardless of the accessories types, XUNHU ensures your lifted golf carts can accept different fittings.

How Do I Know Genuine XUNHU Lifted Golf Carts?

With XUNHU making internationally recognized lifted golf carts, there is a possibility of imitations.

It is always advisable to check the authenticity of a golf cart before you buy. Buying genuine and original XUNHU lifted golf carts is easy.

The first thing is buying directly from the manufacturer. With the company offering direct sales, you can enjoy a fantastic guarantee about the golf carts.

Besides, all XUNHU lifted golf carts have a company logo engraved. They also have different quality marks from various certifying agencies.

What Are The Regular Lifted Golf Carts Maintenance?

If you want your golf cart to last longer, there is no choice when it comes to maintenance.

By offering maintenance, it’s possible to have your golf cart operating for years without issues.

Some maintenance practices are vital to let your lifted golf cart last long with outstanding performance.

Some of the maintenance practices include;

  1. Charging batteries regularly, especially when the cart isn’t in use
  2. Clean the battery connections
  3. Check battery water level regularly,
  4. Check the tire pressure frequently
  5. Inspect whether there are oil leaks, clean the oil spills
  6. Maintain brakes at least once a year
  7. Don’t overload your golf cart
  8. Keep your lifted golf carts protected against weather elements when not in use
Lifted Golf Carts Maintenance
Lifted Golf Carts Maintenance

What Are The Materials Used to Make Lifted Golf Carts?

The construction of lifted golf carts involves a variety of materials. Since they carry passengers and other items, they need to be solid.

Most of the lifted golf carts features have a combination of material like;

  • Metal; steel and aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP)
  • Metal sheet
  • Molded plastic
  • Fabric materials
  • Cushioning materials
  • Glass; windshield and mirrors

How Long Does It Take to Ship Lifted Golf Carts from China?

Shipping of lifted golf carts from China takes a bit of time. However, you can expect different times depending on the company.

Apart from the shipping companies, the number of lifted golf carts you order determines. When you order custom golf carts, it can take a bit longer.

Geo-location is also an essential factor to consider when you think about the delivery time.

Generally, it will take between 3-40 days to ship via ocean from China to other countries.

If your country is near China, the more quick delivery will be. If you increase the distance, the duration also increases.

Do Lifted Golf Carts Come With Warranty?

Every lifted golf cart comes with a warranty. Different manufacturers will offer varying types and forms of warranties.

For some manufacturers like XUNHU, you get a satisfactory warranty on your lifted golf carts.

You can get a warranty depending on the parts. Some manufacturers will provide different warranties to various parts instead of a whole cart.

When you buy a lifted golf cart from XUNHU, there are free parts. Especially fast-wearing parts, you get extra replacement parts.


What Is The Lifted Golf Carts Voltage?

Lifted golf carts come with different voltage specifications. However, standard carts have 36V or 48V.

Since there is no single battery with such capacity, they are either 6, 8, or 12 volts. They are connected to give the required voltage to run a golf cart.

The size and capacity of a lifted golf cat will determine the power it needs. 2 and 4 passenger golf carts come with 36 volts battery. Large ones for 6 and 8 passengers run on 48 volts batteries.

Are XUNHU Lifted Golf Carts Easy To Get Spare Parts?

Getting spare parts for your XUNHU lifted golf cart is easy. Some of the spare parts come with carts when they are delivered. The wearing parts which need frequent replacement, you get bonus parts.

Apart from the free parts, other spare parts are available when you need them. You can easily request spare parts since they have numbers.

Shipment of spare parts is efficient and quick regardless of where you are located.

What Is The Average Lifespan of Lifted Golf Carts?

According to experts, the average lifespan for a lifted golf car is 5 to 7 years. However, some can go up to 10 years.

The durability of a lifted golf cart depends on your maintenance. Regular general maintenance gives your golf cart an amazing lifespan.

Are Lifted Golf Carts Multipurpose?

Lifted golf carts are multipurpose.

They are useful in different places such as

  • Transporting people in hotels
  • Colleges and other institutions
  • Gardening activities
  • Amusement parks
  • People with different disabilities
  • Entertainment and other events
  • Carrying golfers and golfing equipment

The chassis allows for the conversion of lifted golf carts to different types of vehicles.

Are Lifted Golf Carts Good for All-Terrain Applications?

Lifted golf carts are suitable for use in different terrain. The higher ground clearance and robust tires ensure there is a smooth ride regardless of the terrain.

The higher the lift kit, the better the cart can conquer rough terrain. Apart from the reinforced structure, the suspension also adapts to the lifted nature of carts.

With various lifted golf carts, it’s possible to enjoy smooth rides in rough terrain.

Lifted golf cars are mostly popular among people who want to use them in off-road situations.

How Does XUNHU Ensure Lifted Golf Carts High-Quality Painting; Are Colors Customizable?

The painting line in XUNHU is modern. The full line painting with the latest paint brushes ensures a uniform and durable painting process.

You can request custom colors when it comes to lifted golf carts. A team of specialists can make and paint your golf cart with your desired color.

Besides, the painting process is unique and ensures the paint doesn’t chip or fade. The extra protection to your lifted golf cart by paint ensures you enjoy sleek looking cart for long.

The good thing, you can request a custom painting for your lifted golf cart.

Are Lifted Golf Carts Complicated to Maintain?

Maintaining electric lifted golf carts isn’t complicated at all. Unlike the gas-powered carts, these have the least maintenance.

There is no cleaning of air filters or oil change. The only routine maintenance is charging the batteries.

Apart from the regular maintenance, major maintenance like motor replacement are simple.

Compared to changing the engine in gas lifted golf carts, motors are simple to replace.

 Do Lifted Golf Carts Come With Canopy?

Lifted golf carts have a roof that ensures protection against sun and rain. The roof is standard, and unless you instruct the manufacturer otherwise, every cart comes with a canopy.

Although the carts have a roof, the sides and open, and no covers, you can also decide how your cart looks. It is possible to ask the manufacturer to add enclosures to offer more protection.

You can opt for open or roofed cart for your uses with different styles of lifted golf carts.

Lifted Golf Cart with Roof and Windshield
Lifted Golf Cart with Roof and Windshield

How Long Do Lifted Golf Carts Need To Charge?

The charging time for lifted golf carts depends on the type of batteries that are in use.

However, the charging time doesn’t vary a lot when it comes to battery types. Whether your lifted golf cart has Li-ions or lead-acid, the time charging time is about 8-10 hours.

The long charging time is to allow the golf carts to get a full charge and battery stabilization.

Since the batteries can store charge for a long time, it is recommended to charge your carts are night. It gives the carts enough time to charge fully while minimizing the disruptions during working hours.

How Are Lifted Golf Carts Shipped from XUNHU Warehouse?

Shipping lifted golf carts from XUNHU to your desired location is a complicated process. The golf carts are heavy and large, which increases the logistics.

Unlike other amusement rides in which shipment is in parts, golf carts come fully assembled.

The fact they come assembled means they need extra care to avert damages to vital components.

Generally, shipment is achieved by the use of containers. The smaller the lifted golf carts, the more can fit in containers.

Large lifted golf carts, only a few can fit in a transportation container. Since there are different-sized containers, they also fit a varying number of lifted golf carts.

Is It Possible to Overcharge Lifted Golf Carts?

A charge regulator is in electric lifted golf carts is an important component. It helps to regulate the charge and stop charging when the batteries are full.

Besides, a good manufacturer makes chargers that can charge and stop charging when batteries are full.

To be on the safe side, it is advisable to charge batteries to the recommended time. Most carts have indicators that show when batteries are full.

Overcharging lifted golf carts is not recommended at all. It can damage the batteries hence causing you an expensive replacement.

Do Lifted Golf Carts Use Special Tires?

When you are using lifted golf carts, you can opt to use standard or specialized all-terrain tires.

The lifting is essential and allows for more ground clearance. With more tire space, most people opt to use all-terrain tires.

Apart from the type of tires, the size of tires also differs. For smooth surfaces, regular tires are enough.

There are lifted golf carts that can take low or high-profile tires. Some can fit tires as low as 8’’ and as big as 22’’.

The choice of tires will depend on where you are using your electric lifted golf cart.

Can Lifted Golf Carts Drive on Streets?

The initial manufacturing of lifted golf carts isn’t meant for use in streets. They are utility vehicles that are for use in private areas.

However, you can modify your lifted golf cart to meet standards for use on the street.

The accessories and features you need to add to your golf carts and simple to get and install.

Therefore, it is possible to drive your golf carts even on the streets without breaking the law.

The essentials for a lifted golf cart to be legal road includes;

  • Front lights
  • Rear lights
  • Signals
  • Mirrors
  • Identification plate
  • Windshield
  • Wipers
  • Safety belts
  • Slow-moving vehicle sign
Lifted Golf Carts Drive on Streets
Lifted Golf Carts Drive on Streets

Are Lifted Golf Carts Easy to Troubleshoot?

Lifted golf carts are just like others. The only difference is the installations of a lift kit.

The maintenance and troubleshooting are normal, just like the standard golf carts.

Although most practices like battery check, charging and others are standard, suspension can be different. Since there is a lift kit, you need to take more attention to this.

In general, the way you troubleshoot and repair standard cart is the same way for lifted golf carts.

What Type of Suspension Does XUNHU Lifted Golf Carts Use?

XUNHU uses different types of suspension systems when it comes to lifted golf carts. This gives the carts amazing performance and smooth drives.

Since lifted golf carts are ideal for rough terrain, they have a robust suspension system.

The carts come with independent suspension systems to allow for smooth traction.

The front part boasts independent Macpherson suspension. This kind of suspension ensures your cart can move in extreme terrain while absorbing great impact.

The rear sections have Trail Arm suspension to allow the cart to have super smooth running.

Besides being smooth, these suspension systems are inexpensive and simple. The reliability is also top-notch; hence XUNHU preferring to use them in the lifted golf carts.

Why Should I Choose XUNHU Lifted Golf Carts?

You have every reason to choose lifted golf carts from XUNHU. One of the top reasons is the reliable manufacturing technology makes the carts superb choices.

To ensure you have a clear understanding, here are the reasons you should go for XUNHU lifted golf carts.

Large workforce; XUNHU has over1200 staff which includes specialists, engineers, and general staff.

Great experience: XUNHU has in golf carts, and amusement park rides manufacturing for over 10 years. The experience is enough to guarantee quality products.

Excellent customer services: The manufacturer has efficient customer service. With different channels, you can always reach support staff quickly.

Superb after-sale services: Even after the golf carts are delivered, any kind of support you might need is readily available.

Readily available spare parts: The spare parts are simple to get for your lifted golf cart. XUNHU provides OEM parts hence reliability and maximum performance.

Certified product; XUNHU has certification from different bodies. The major certification bodies are ISO, CE, BV, GOST, SVB, and others.

Quick lift golf carts delivery: The delivery of golf carts from XUNHU is amazing. You don’t have to wait for months, it usually takes 3-15 days, and your equipment is at home.

XUNHU Lifted Golf Carts
XUNHU Lifted Golf Carts

What Type Of Steering Are in Lifted Golf Carts?

Driving lifted golf carts is enjoyable due to smooth and easy steering wheels.

XUNHU offers lifted golf carts with a rack & pinion steering wheel system. The system is simple to use and has been in use for years.

Unlike the power steering system, rack & pinion doesn’t need complicated systems. Therefore, the battery energy is mostly used where needed.

For customized lifted golf carts, you can request a different steering system. However, the cost of your cart will go up.

Lifted Golf Cart with Smooth Steering System
Lifted Golf Cart with Smooth Steering System

Do Lifted Golf Carts Have Better Hill Climbing Ability?

The hill-climbing ability matters with the motor power. However, on rugged surfaces, ground clearance is also essential.

The addition of a lift kit adds some weight to the golf cart. The addition of a lift kit without adding motor power won’t increase the climbing ability.

The construction of lifted golf carts by manufacturer lets the carts get equivalent motors. This will give them the ability to enjoy great hill climbing ability.

Upgrading your standard golf cart to a lifted version won’t improve the overall power. Large tires and the extra weight will force you to upgrade even the motors.

It’s better to buy a lifted golf motor than upgrading since it will come with the right motor for the job.

Lifted Golf Cart with High Hill Climb Ability
Lifted Golf Cart with High Hill Climb Ability

Do Lifted Golf Carts Come With Windshield?

A windshield isn’t a standard feature among the lifted golf carts. Some manufacturers don’t install windshields, and you have to specify.

Depending on the use of your golf cart, you can have it fitted with a windshield or not. Some manufacturers install windshields as an optional feature.

Unless you are driving your lifted golf cart in the streets, a windshield isn’t a priority. Although, it’s a great feature to protect your and other passengers from rain and wind.

There are different styles of windshields you can opt for for your lifted golf carts. You can have a windshield from a golf cart manufacturer or a third-party maker.

Regardless of your choice, ensure the windshield is quality and durable.

Windshield Fitted Lifted Golf Cart
Windshield Fitted Lifted Golf Cart

Can I Get Lifted Golf Carts Replacement Parts from XUNHU?

Once you buy a lifted golf cart, the stress of sourcing spare parts is over. The manufacturer ensures every part you need is ready on time.

By providing original equipment manufacturer spare parts, you will enjoy the reliability of new parts. Besides, the numbering of parts makes it easy to request for your spare.

The elaborate supply system is ideal for the quick discharge of spare parts. Whether it’s batteries, motors, suspension systems, tires, and others, you get them in 3-15 days.

Amazingly, lifted golf carts come with some free parts on delivery. Especially, the fast wearing parts, XUNHU provides them to ease your struggle

Even after the elapse of warranty, getting golf carts’ spare parts is a simple task.

Lifted Golf Carts Replacement Parts
Lifted Golf Carts Replacement Parts

Are Lifted Golf Carts Heavier than Standard Ones?

Of course, lifted golf carts are heavier than standard ones. The addition of a lifting kit adds some kilos to carts.

This extra weight demands a powerful motor. Also, all-terrain wheels are a bit heavier since they have a larger profile.

Although lifting kits and additional features increase some weight, there is no great difference.

Besides the overall weight, lifted golf cats can handle more capacity due to structural reinforcement.

Lifted Golf Carts Heavier
Lifted Golf Carts Heavier
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