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Recommend Kids Train Rides for Sale

With over 100 kids train rides for sale, XUNHU always has what you are looking for. The trackless train for sale is some of the products you can get in XUNHU.

The different designs, styles, and sizes of trackless trains for kids offer you excellent choices. You can also request custom designs with the help of XUNHU experts.

Visit our factory or send us an inquiry today!

Kids Train Rides for Sale British Design
XUNHU Kids Train Rides For Sale Are Available In A Wide Range Of Designs, Colors, Lights, Music And Sizes; You Can Get 12, 14 &16 Passenger Kiddie Trains.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Body Materials: Fiberglass
Kids Train Rides for Sale Thomas Design
XUNHU Kids Train Rides For Sale Offers Different Passenger Capacities; Robust Structure Permits Heavyweight Support, Colors And Decorations Are Different.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Range: 80-100km
Kids Train Rides for Sale Clown Design
XUNHU Kids Train Rides for Sale with Clown Design Have Perfect Manufacturing; Fabrication Is At Par With International Rules, Prices Are Pocket Friendly To Ensure Profit On The Start.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Chasiss structure: Professional Steel
Mini Kids Train Rides for Sale
Mini Kids Train Rides From XUNHU Pass Strict Certification Processes By ISO, CE, And Others, New 2021 Designs Available.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Suspension system: Leaf spring
  • Carriage style: Antique open carriage with roof
Kids Trackless Train for Sale
XUNHU Kids Trackless Train for Sale Will Run In Different Areas Smoothly; Vacuum Tires And Robust Structure Maintain Kid’s Safety And Comfort.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Battery:12V*5pcs
Kids Train Rides for Carnivals
Kids Carnival Train Rides For Sale with By XUNHU Is Compact, Perfect For All Areas; Malls, Amusement Parks, Backyards; Price Is Unbeatable.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Range: 80-100km
Kids Amusement Park Train Rides for Sale
XUNHU Kids Amusement Park Train Rides for Sale are Powerful, Amazing-looking, and are Packed with Fun Features, like Kids-friendly Locomotives, Music System, Fancy Lights, and Many More.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Suspension system: Leaf spring
  • Carriage style: Antique open carriage with roof
Kiddie Train Ride for Sale
Loved by Kids, XUNHU Kiddie Train Ride for Sale is Ideal for Any Place that Welcomes Families. Equipped with Quick Charging Battery and Fancy Features, Every Kid Would Want to Take a Ride In This Kiddie Train For Sale.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Chasiss structure: Professional Steel
Mini Train Rides for Sale
XUNHU Mini Train Rides for Sale Are Ideal for Indoor Spaces Like Shopping Malls and Gaming Arenas. Featuring a Compact yet Powerful Design, Mini Trackless Trains Offer Smaller Turning Radius and Longer Range Per Charge.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Suspension system: Leaf spring
  • Carriage style: Antique open carriage with roof
Indoor Train Ride for Sale
XUNHU Assembles Quite Unique and Innovative Designs for Indoor Train Ride for Sale Variants. Choose from 100+ Designs and Benefit From Secure and Reliable Container Loading, and Shipping.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Body Materials: Fiberglass
Kids Theme Park Train Ride for Sale
XUNHU Kids Theme Park Train Ride for Sale is an Affordable Option For Any Theme Park. These Trains Can be Customized According to the Theme Park, Are Easy to Operate, and Inexpensive to Maintain.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Range: 80-100km
Kids Trackless Train Ride for Sale
Buy Affordable Kids Trackless Train Ride for Sale from XUNHU. Available in 100+ designs, These Kid Train Rides offer Safety and Superior Range. Buy in Bulk and Get High Discounts.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Suspension system: Leaf spring
  • Carriage style: Antique open carriage with roof
Electric Trackless Train for Kids
Equipped With Great Features, XUNHU Electric Trackless Train for Kids are Powerful Enough to be Used In Indoor Spaces like Shopping Malls, and Outdoor Spaces Like Zoos, Theme Parks, and Amusement Parks.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Body Materials: Fiberglass
Kids Train Rides for Mall
Buy the Best Kids Train Rides for Mall with Innovative and Highly Functional Seating Arrangement from XUNHU. Extra Ground Clearance, Vacuum Tires and Sturdy Body Kit Ensure Comfort with Style.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Battery:12V*5pcs
Electric Kids Train Rides for Sale
Buy Highest Quality Electric Train Rides for Kids From XUNHU at Competitive Prices. Enjoy Fun Features like Bright LED Lights, Superior Braking and Steering System, Low Maintenance, and Inexpensive Operation under a Variety of Weather Conditions.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Suspension system: Leaf spring
  • Carriage style: Antique open carriage with roof

Your Premier Kids Train Rides Manufacturer in China

Manufacturing amusement train rides for over 11 years, XUNHU has extensive experience. The combination of equipment features kids’ train rides for sale to an international market.

Apart from the high-quality kid train rides, XUNHU is a member of CAAPA, which gives your confidence when buying.

A highly dedicated team makes the kids train rides with precision and perfection. Regardless of the style and shape, you get a perfect description of your trackless train.

Trusted by over 10,000 customers and 1000+ parks worldwide, you can be the next happy customer. Also, the services, even after the delivery of kids trackless train rides, are satisfactory.

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  • Kids Train Rides Manufacturer in China (2)
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  • Kids Train Rides for Sale Projects (4)
  • Kids Train Rides for Sale Projects (3)
  • Kids Train Rides for Sale Projects (2)
  • Kids Train Rides for Sale Projects (1)

XUNHU Kids Train Rides for Sale Projects

With 1000+ amusement parks, carnivals and shopping malls using XUNHU kids train rides, you can’t go wrong. The parks are in different localities, which shows the reliability and reputation.

XUNHU has upcoming projects in different counties. Some are in Nigeria, Russia, Nigeria, and Cambodia, among others. Even when you are new to amusement parks, XUNHU is ready to make a profitable park anywhere.

XUNHU Kids Train Rides Manufacturing Capacity

Kids Train Rides Material
Kids train rides bodies boasts fiberglass, chassis reinforced galvanized steel for topmost safety.
Kids Train Rides Painting
Xunhu Kids' Train Rides Feature Waterproof, And Fade-Resistant Paint Applied With An Airbrush For A Smooth Film.
Kids Train Rides Simulation Operating System
The Computerized Kids Train Rides Have Simulating Operating System To Offer High Safety.
Kids Train Rides Vacuum Tires
Vacuum Tires In Use In Kids Train Rides Have Exceptionally Long Life Shelf Regardless Of The Condition.
Kids Train Rides Carriages
Over 50 Designs Of Kids Train Ride Carriages Are Available; Custom And 2021 Designs Are Also Available.
Kids Train Rides Lighting
Xunhu Uses Experts To Design Animated Lighting For Kids Train Rides; They Are Attractive And Elating.

With a legacy of trust, credibility, and quality, XUNHU has been leading the kids train rides manufacturing industry as a professional electric trackless train rides manufacturer and supplier.

Known for the strict and efficient quality control, semi-automatic and fully automatic workshops, experienced technicians, and credible testing facilities, XUNHU ensures the quality and reliability of every part it manufactures.

XUNHU incorporates internationally established manufacturing and machining techniques for molding, cutting, welding, painting, and assembling. Being certified by ISO, CE, GV, and other leading agencies, XUNHU offers certified and trustworthy quality and safety in its products.

Not only does everything come at an affordable price, but XUNHU also takes efficient measures while packing and shipping your amusement park trains for kids. You can even ask for custom packaging options. XUNHU, being a leading kid trackless train supplier, offers quick shipping, no matter where your amusement park is located.

Get in touch with our representative to know about payment options, shipping channels, and more.

XunHu Kids Train Rides for Sale

XunHu Kids Train Rides for Sale – Best Price & Fast Delivery

To great fun, XUNHU makes different themed kids train rides for amusement parks. There are animals, cartoons, and other exciting character-themed locomotives.

Available in trendy designs, XUNHU kids electric amusement train rides offer a longer range per charge, decent loading capacity, smaller turning radius, and reliable braking system. The fiberglass body is coated with eco-friendly paint, making kids train for sale highly weather-resistant so that they can be used in outdoor spaces.

XUNHU uses maintenance-free deep cycle batteries to ensure you have lesser downtime. With vacuum tires and reliable suspension system, the electric trackless kids train stays stable, even on slight slopes.

XUNHU incorporates tons of innovative features, like LED lights, music system, custom designs for carriages and locomotives, etc. at highly affordable prices. XUNHU has 100+ designs for outdoor as well as indoor amusement park train rides for kids. XUNHU offers free installation services as well.

The body is customizable enough to complement any resort, hotel, or shopping mall. XUNHU offers liberty to the customers to choose the colors and designs they think suit their business. Due to affordable rates, any business can own a fleet of electric trains for sale for kids.


Your #1 Kids Train Rides Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Relying on high-precision manufacturing processes, XUNHU is reliable in making kinds of train rides. Whether you want any design, you can approach XUNHU and get fulfilling results.

With high experience in making kids train rides for sale, they are reliable and reputable worldwide.

Once you buy kids train rides, XUNHU follows to ensure they are working flawlessly. Also, the service extends to spare parts and general support.

When the kids train rides get into your park, XUNHU ensures everything is working correctly. With the latest designs available, it’s time to give your amusement park an updated appearance.

Every kids train ride that leaves XUNHU warehouse boasts extensive testing. You can be sure and confident of superior performance.

kids train rides (1)


Kids Train Rides – Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you aspire to have a profitable kids entertainment ground or amusement train ride? You can achieve it by investing in kids’ train rides. Buying these equipment in bulk is cheaper and offers you a great advantage.

With different types of kid rides, you can choose the design and style for your park. Whether it’s trackless or tracked trains, you need to go for the best. This kids train rides FAQ guide has all your worries settled.

Read the Outline…


 What Are Kids Train Rides?

Kids train rides are small train-like vehicles with the ability to carry people. They are part of amusement park rides. However, they are ideal for different places. You can find them in parks, municipal parks, and entertainment grounds.

The trains are variable and come in racked and trackless design. Depending on your plans, you can choose between these two versions.


What Are The Different Types of Kids Trains Rides for Sale?

There are different types of kids mall train rides. The main designs are tracked kids trains and trackless kids train rides.

Trackless kids train rides

These kinds of mall trains, as the name suggests, don’t run on a track. They have large wheels which enable them to move on a smooth surface.

Since they are straightforward, the trains are most popular in amusement parks. Also, they don’t need the extra cost of laying the track system.

Trackless kids train rides are common in zoos, playing grounds, indoor parks, and others.

Tracked kids train systems

Tracked kid train rides move on tracks. Their designs ensure they can only operate where there are tracks. Unlike the traditional tracks mall trains, nowadays, they have batteries gas engines.

Types of Kids Trains Rides for Sale
Types of Kids Trains Rides for Sale

What is the Price of Kids Train Rides?

The price of kids train rides differs depending on the customization and features.

When you want to have indoor kids train rides, you will have to pay more for the enclosure.

Also, tracked train rides for kids have more price tag. This is because of the trains and the construction of tracks.

On average, you will pay $3,000-$25,000 for trackless trains. For tracked versions, it can go up to$40,000.

When you add customizations, the price can be going to vary.

How Do Kids Train Rides work?

The working principle of kids train rides is simple. Actually, it’s not compacted like other amusement rides.

The trains have a locomotive that has a motor or gas engine. It is the locomotive that provides the pulling power.

Attached to the locomotive are the coaches. These aren’t powered and rely on the locomotive for pulling.

When you power the locomotive, it provides the pulling action to the coaches. The coaches have seats that allow kids to sit comfortably.

Are Kids Train Rides Safe?

Kids train rides are among the safest amusement park rides. They can carry kids without causing a significant safety concern.

These are reasons kids train rides are considered safe;

  • Low-speed travel
  • Short distance coverage
  • Certification by relevant agencies
  • Rigid construction designs and materials
  • Noise and fumes free operations


How Do You Find A Reliable Kids Train Rides Manufacturer in China?

China has numerous park ride manufacturers. They manufacture a variety of equipment, including kids, train rides.

Getting reliable kids train rides manufacturer is an uphill task. Buy, you can spot a reliable manufacturer by checking a variety of aspects like;

Manufacturing capacity

It is a vital aspect. Manufacturing capacity determines whether the manufacturer can handle your needs.

Number of staff

The number of employees also gives a glimpse of company capability. Established manufacturers have more staff to cater to the enormous demand.


Certification is another vital requirement when scrutinizing manufacturers. Your optimum manufacturer should have the necessary certifications. Especially check standardization marks from CE, ISO, BV, GOST, SGS, and others.

Delivery time

The delivery time matters a lot. A company that takes less time to deliver is preferable. It shows commitment to service to its customers and saves your waiting time.


Warranty in train rides is a must. Different Chinese manufacturers offer varying warranty periods. Choose one with the best terms and longer duration.

Customer support

You can identify a good manufacturer by the way they hand you. This means even in case of problems, you will get the same type of support.

Kids Train Rides Manufacturer in China
Kids Train Rides Manufacturer in China

What Is the Passenger Capacity of Kids Trains Rides?

The capacity of kids’ train rides differs depending on the number of coaches.

The standard trains have up to 3 coaches. The trains can carry 8- 24 passengers.

The capacity will always depend on the size and number of coaches. Powerful engines/motors can offer more pulling power. Thus, they can pull coaches with more weight.

mini train rides (12)

How Many Coaches Do A Kids Train Ride Has?

Kids train rides come in different sizes. The number of coaches varies from 1-3. It all depends on how powerful a motor is. The more power, the more pulling hence more coaches.

What Are the Main Parts of the Kids Trains Rides?

Kids train rides have different parts. However, the main ones include;


Motors and engines are the powerhouses. They provide the power needed to propel a train. Motors/engines have different power output hence varying pulling capacity.


This is the main base structure that supports the train. Made from steel, it holds the weight and stabilized the train.

Steering system

The system is vital for easy kids’ train ride control. Without a reliable steering system, it’s not easy to drive a kid train.

Transmission system

The transmission system is another critical part that allows the kid train to achieve a smooth ride. Also, it helps in controlling the speed by alternating the gears.


It consists of the side panels and other related parts. Offering enclosure also maintains the safety of riders.


A kid train ride can’t move without wheels. Whether it’s tracked or trackless, wheels are a vital part of the train system.

Main Parts of the Kids Trains Rides
Main Parts of the Kids Trains Rides

How To Choose Best Kids Train Rides For My Theme Park?

Choosing the best kid train rides isn’t a complicated process. There many qualities that you can check to ensure premium choice.

To buy premium quality kids’ train rides, these are some of the things to consider.

Train appearance

Appearance is one of the vital aspects when you are making a purchase. Kids train rides should be attractive as possible. With different decorations, it is ideal to choose the best color for your park.

Besides the paint color, the overall shape design is vital. You can choose different locomotive designs. There are some with fish, animals, and other shapes.

Materials of construction

Kid trains rides construction materials are also vital when it comes to the quality of kids’ train rides.

The construction, especially for chassis, should be from sturdy materials. Preferable, steel chassis is robust and durable.

Apart from the chassis, the body should have sturdy and lightweight materials. In most cases, FRP is the standard material in the construction of body panels.

Certified kids train rides

Certification is a one of major ways to know your target products are up to the standards. When you want to buy kids train rides, you must check whether they are certified.

Different certifying agencies ensure manufacturers make quality equipment. Some internationally recognized labs are from CE, ISO, BV, SGS, GOST, and others.

Check for warranty

A reliable manufacturer makes high-quality train rides. Besides, you get a fantastic warranty which guarantees high performance and reliability.

Kids train rides with extended warranties tend to have better quality. Therefore, always pick a manufacturer with a more extended warranty period.

Which Is Better Between Tracked And Trackless Kids Trains?

There are minimal differences when it comes to tracked and trackless kids train rides.

They all function the same only the running surface differs. But, when it comes to versatility, trackless kids’ train rides are in a better position.

They can run on any surface as long as it’s pretty smooth. The large wheels ensure these trains can run in different places.

The cost of installing a trackless train is significantly lower than tracked versions. Also, the trackless are ideal for different places and are flexible.

On the other hand, tracks kids train rides need a track system. Therefore, they can’t run in places without tracks.

What Quality Standards Do Kids Train Rides Need?

There many quality standards that kids train rides need. The quality standardization depends on the agency offering certification.

For the kids train rides, these are the quality standards you need to check

  • ISO/IEC 17025: General testing, competence, and calibration
  • IEC 60204-1:2005: General Safety of different type of machinery
  • EN 1176: all playground equipment and surfaces
  • GOST R 53130: Safety of amusement park rides
  • ASTM F1637-09: Standard for safe walking places for theme park rides
  • EN 1990: Basis of structural design
  • ISO 12944: Steel parts protection against corrosion by protective varnish
  • ISO 9692-3: Welding and associated processes
  • AS 3533.1: Amusement rides, accessories, and devices
  • EN 1837: Integral lighting of a machine

Low-Speed electric Vehicles certificates

What are the Quality Certifications for Kids Trains?

Certification of kids train rides is vital to guarantee safety and general performance.

Since the trains have different components, they have different levels of certifications.

There are different certification laboratories like ISO, CE, GOST, and others. Each of the laboratories issues different certification codes depending on the type of certification.

Some of the most common are;

  • SO 12100:2010, SO 13849-1, ISO 13849-2, ISO 14118; these are codes for different safety assessments.
  • SO 14732, ISO 14731, ISO 15610: They are vital welding and related tasks
  • IEC 60364-4-41, IEC 60364-7-740, IEC 61558-1: electrical installation and safety of electrical components.
  • EN 50172; Emergency exits conformity


What Are The Safety Features Are in Kids Train Rides?

Kids train rides come with different types of safety features. These features are essential for ensuring kids enjoy rides with minimal chances of injuries.

Apart from observing the safety rules, there are features already on the trains that keep kids safe.

Some of the notable features include:

  • Sturdy safety belts
  • Rigid chassis that resists twisting
  • Emergency brakes
  • The robust body that can handle a massive impact


What Are Optional Features You Can Order for Kids Train Rides?

There are always optional parts you can order for your kids train rides. However, the parts differ from one manufacturer to the other.

You can request the manufacturer for custom parts installation or buy them after delivery of kid train rides.

Some of the optional features are

  • Local music
  • Custom lighting
  • Color of train
  • Window curtains
  • Type of batteries
  • Parts branding
  • Digital display


What Are The Structure Specifications of Kids Train Rides?

The structure specifications for kid train rides will differ from one manufacturer to another. It depends on the manufacturers.

Since there are varying sizes of kids train rides for sale, they have varying structural specifications.

Structure Specifications of Kids Train Rides
Structure Specifications of Kids Train Rides

Standard approximate specifications are;

  • Length: 16-35 feet
  • Capacity: 8-28 passengers
  • Weight capacity: 400kg-700kg
  • Empty weigh: 600-1500kg
  • Number of carriages: 1-3
  • Height: 6- 6.5 feet
  • Motor power: 3kw-5kw


How Do Xunhu Control The Quality And Test The Finished Kids Train Rides Before Shipping?

XunHu has a reliable testing facility that ensures all kids train rides get perfect kids train rides.

There is a complex testing track with different styles to ensure sufficient testing.

A hill climb is excellent to determine the climbing capacity of electric kids train rides.

Apart from the climbing ability, there is a section with bumps that tests the suspension system. It ensures the kids’ train rides run smoothly without bumpy effects.

The smooth track allows XunHu specialists to test for the maximum speed. Also, the braking efficiency happens in the speed testing track.

XunHu has a variety of testing mechanisms; hence it’s possible to get reliable kids train rides.

How about Kids Train Rides Climbing Capacity?

XunHu kids train rides are powerful and enjoy the great ability to climb inclined surfaces.

However, since these trains have more coaches, they can only climb slightly elevated surfaces.

Motor power is the determining factor on whether your kids train rides will climb hills.

Whether you want tracked or trackless kids train rides, they all have some hill climbing abilities.

How about the Carrying Capacity of a Kids Train Ride?

The carrying capacity of kids’ train rides depends on the installed motor power. It will determine the number of coaches a locomotive can pull.

Large motors and engines have more power hence great for more capacity. On average, XunHu kids train rides can carry between 14 and 30 kids.

This depends on the number of coaches you want. When you need more coaches, the larger the carrying capacity.

With more power, kid train rides can pull more coaches, hence larger capacity.

Is It Possible To Customize Kids Train Rides?

Customizing your kids train rides is possible. Most manufacturers like XunHu allow you to request customization.

Customized Kids Train Rides
Customized Kids Train Rides

The chance to customize your kids train rides is excellent since you get what you aspire. You can request customization of different aspects like;

  • Color
  • Train design
  • Entertainment system
  • Animated lighting style
  • Type of wheels
  • Battery sets
  • Dashboard
  • Type of controllers


Can I Use My Brand Name on Train Rides?

Yes, it is possible to have your brand name on kids’ train rides. You need to talk to your manufacturer and enjoy branded train rides.

Whether it’s your theme park name or another, you can specify. You get branded kids train rides with names and colors matching your needs.

Some manufacturers like XunHu offer a great chance to have kids train rides with your brand name.

Regardless of the manufacturer, you should be able to have customization. Branding should also be an option hence giving you dream kiddie train rides.

kids train rides (6)

Do Kids Trains Rides Have Recommended Age Limit?

Like all amusement park rides, kids train rides also have an age limit. There is the minimum age for a kid to ride.

In most cases, amusement part train rides allow kids over 2 years old to take a ride. However, when the kids are riding with an adult, there is no age restrictions.

Age limitation is absolute for any amusement park to reduce the chances of accidents.

What Are The Applications of Kids Train Rides?

There are many applications of kids’ train rides. They are versatile amusement park equipment that can work on different areas.

The most areas where you can use kids train rides are;

  • Amusement parks
  • Theme parks
  • Municipal parks
  • Kids playgrounds
  • Malls

Besides application in different areas, they also have various applications

  • Transporting tourists
  • Entertaining kids
  • Carrying light cargo
  • Carrying kids in hotels


Are There Indoor And Outdoor Kids Train Rides for Sale?

Kids’ train rides are highly versatile. You can use them in different places depending on the type of your playground.

There are indoor and outdoor kids train rides for sale. They are compact and ideal for application indoors and outdoors.

Trackless kids train rides and tracked kids train rides are available indoors and outdoors.

However, trackless trains are well suited for outdoor situations than indoor ones. The ability to travel on different surfaces ensures they are great choices.

Tracked kids train rides are perfect for an indoor environment. The fixed nature means more safety and reliability even in compact indoor spaces.

Are Kids Train Rides Good For Traveling Carnival Ride?

Kids train rides are perfectly suitable for traveling carnival rides. Especially the trackless kids train rides; they are simple to move and deploy.

The lack of tracks enables these trains to run on any flat surface. It means once you move your park, there is no stress of installing a track system.

Apart from the laying of tracks, tracked kids train rides require extra transportation costs. Their limited nature when moving makes them unideal options for traveling carnival rides.

If you want to invest in traveling carnival rides, trackless kids’ train rides are the best options.

Do Kids Train Rides Require Frequent Inspection?

To ensure high-level safety, kids’ train rides require frequent inspections. Especially, regular check-ups are vital and protect your train rides from major breakdown.

Kids train rides, just like any other machine, require daily, monthly, and yearly maintenance.

Daily maintenance

  • Battery charging
  • Inspecting tire condition
  • Working charging system
  • No outrageous motor sound
  • All safety belts are in order

Monthly inspections

  • Conditions of tires
  • Performing battery charge retention capacity
  • Grease moving parts
  • Check for steel structure of rust and corrosion
  • Check wiring and electrical system performance

Yearly inspection

  • Check motor performance
  • Test the battery condition and replacement
  • Train repainting
  • Greasing some hard to grease parts
  • Testing electrical system in details
  • Replacing damaged parts


How Are Kids Train Rides Shipped?

The shipment of kids’ train rides is through containers. They come while fully assembled; hence only a little work remains for the site.

Whether it’s locomotives or coaches, the packaging is in containers which ease the transportation.

Kids Train Rides Shipping
Kids Train Rides Shipping

Depending the container size, it can fit several number of train rides. The quantity of kids train rides you will order determines the type of containers.

There are 20-foot and 40-foot containers that allow easy kids train rides for sale transportation.

Does COVID-19 Complicate Buying Kids Train Rides from China?

COVID-19 for sure changed how buyers used to import kids’ train rides from China. Especially with lockdowns everywhere, travel is complicated.

The buying process nowadays is more online compared to earlier where people traveled to China.

Although traveling to China during the pandemic is complicated, buying isn’t. With kids rides manufacturers like XunHu, they all easy online purchases.

There are also different payment methods online which allow you to do transactions easily.

Overall, COVID-19 has brought a lot of changes to how people buy kids train rides from china.

How Kids Train Are Rides Manufactured?

Manufacturing kids train ride is a complex process that involves various steps. From initial design to complete train ride, it takes a lot of effort and time.

The process involves;

  1. Designing kid train ride

Before any step, the process starts with designing a train ride. The process involves coming up with a plan, shape, and general look of the kid train ride.

  1. Selection of materials

After the design of the kid ride train, the following step is selecting the needed materials.

The common material are

  • Steel/Aluminum alloy; Chassis construction
  • FRP/polycarbonates/ fiberglass: construction of body
  • Glass: windshield and windows
  • Rubber tires
  • Foam and fabrics; Seats and padding making
  1. Chassis fabrication

Chassis fabrication is one of the first steps in the initial kids train rides construction. The chassis defines a train and provides structural support.

The process involves cutting, bending, and welding. Arc welding is the most proffered process since it provides excellent joints.

After the fabrication of the chassis, it’s painted and treated to prevent corrosion and rusting.

  1. Body and floor construction

From the chassis, there is the construction of the body and floor. These are vital since it’s where the passengers occupy.

The body is made from reinforced plastic fiber which is lightweight and robust. Sometimes, aluminum or light steel sheets are used.

In the case of reinforced fiber plastic, the molding process ensures the body assumes the desired shape. However, in aluminum or steel, the panel is cut and welded to the desired shape.

After the body and floor construction, they are painted to protect against damage by weather elements.

  1. Joining chassis and body

When the chassis and body are complete, the joining process happens at this stage.

The process involves welding and bolding at strategic places. The welding ensures there is reliable joining.

  1. Installation of other parts

When the chassis and body are in place, the other auxiliaries follow.

The installation includes,

  • Transmission system
  • Braking system
  • Steering system
  • Rear and front axles
  • Electrical system
  • Batteries
  • Suspension system
  • Windshield
  • Mirrors
  • Lights
  • Dashboard


 Do Kids Train Rides Come With Warranty?

Yes, when you buy kids train rides from leading manufacturers like XunHu, you get a great warranty.

The manufacturers always have warranties on the train rides. In most cases, the warranty is around over one year. The warranty cover most vital parts like motors, batteries, transmission system, and others.

In some instances, manufacturers offer free parts during delivery. Especially the fast-wearing parts, you might get additional ones for easy replacement.

Is Assembling Kids Train Rides Complicated Process?

Connecting kids’ train rides isn’t a complicated process. Locomotives and coaches come fully assembled. This means they need minimal putting up effort.

The only assembling needed is for tracks kids train rides. They need the laying of tracks which requires qualified personnel.

Additionally, the attachment of coaches to the locomotive is necessary when train rides get into your park.

The process of assembling kids’ train rides isn’t complicated.

How Are Kids Train Rides Packed for Safe Shipping?

The packaging of kids train rides follows a careful process. This minimizes any chance of damage hence getting them to your park safe.

Some manufacturers use wooden boxes, while others use racks to arrange the trains.

There are different ways manufacturers pack kids train rides for sale. Whichever method, it’s safe and guarantees safe delivery.

What are the Available Payment Options for Ordering Kids Train Rides?

Importing from china used to take a lot of paperwork complicated payment methods. However, these days, the process is smooth and easy.

There are different methods of payment for your kids train rides. Some are digital, while others are electronic.

The most common payment modes for importers in China are

  • Telegraphic transfer
  • Letter of credit
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Alibaba trade assurance
  • Debit/Credit cards
  • Consignment purchase
  • Open account
  • Cash-in advance


How About the Delivery Time of Kids Train Rides?

The delivery time differs from one geo-location to another. The far you are from China, the more time it takes to deliver your kids train rides.

For some manufacturers like XunHu, it takes an average of 7-15 days. This is quicker compared to others manufacturers, which take more days.

KIds Train Rides Delivery
KIds Train Rides Delivery

The time of shipment can depend on the manufacturer’s capacity and quantity of kids train rides. Buying in bulk means the manufacturer will also need time to complete your order. Therefore, the delivery might be a bit longer.

How to Charge Your Kids Train Rides?

Charging kids’ train rides isn’t complicated. All-electric kids train rides come with chargers. As long as you have charging infrastructure, you just plug in the charger.

Every kid train ride comes with a charger. Therefore, no stress looking for chargers for your trains.

Apart from chargers, the train rides have recommended charging time. Besides, kids train rides have manuals explaining the charging process.

How Much Distance Can An Electric Kids Train Rides Cover in A Single Charge?

The range every kids train ride can cover is different. It always depends on the battery capacity and the weight. When a train ride is carrying more weight, the lesser the range, it can cover.

The battery capacity is also vital in determining the overall range. Lithium-Ion batteries have greater capacity than Lead-acid batteries. Therefore, they have more range.

On average, kids train rides offer an average range of 60km on a single charge. Therefore, park owners enjoy more uptime in their parks.

The range isn’t fixed, and different train rides can have varying operation ranges.

What Safety Rules Should You Follow While Operating Kids Train Rides?

There are many safety rules that riders and operators need to take seriously. It allows everyone to enjoy rides without incidences.

Most of the kids train rides safety rules are general and apply to all amusement park rides. However, some more specific to train rides.

Some of the safety rules to keep in mind includes;

  • Always ensure your kids are under the supervision
  • Never undermines operators instructions
  • Ensure kids alight when a train stops  completely
  • Keep kids buckled when necessary
  • Ensure kid is comfortable with the ride
  • Be alert and ensure you check the notices and warnings
Kids Train Rides Safety
Kids Train Rides Safety

How to Do Maintenance of the Battery of the Kids Train Rides?

Battery requires maintenance to deliver the required performance. Depending on the type of battery, they require a variety of maintenance practices.

Most of the Chinese kids’ train rides come with lead-acid batteries. However, you can customize to get Lithium-Ion batteries.

In case you are using flooded lead-acid batteries, these are the practices to perform;

  • Add distilled water after every 2 to 4 weeks
  • Check the water level frequently
  • Tighten battery connection when needed
  • Clean the connection terminals
  • Keep the battery top clean
  • Never short circuit a battery
  • Check the charge holding capacity regularly

For lithium and sealed lead-acid batteries, they require very minimal maintenance. Only keeping the batteries clean and other vital practices are needed.

Kids Train Rides Battery
Kids Train Rides Battery

What Is Average Kids Train Rides Lifespan?

Every amusement park equipment has an amazing lifespan. Since the kid train rides operate in limited areas, they are not prone to high wearing.

They, therefore, have greater durability as long as you provide excellent care.

With recommended maintenance, kids train rides can last between 6-10 years. This lets you enjoy a great income without needing to replace train rides every year.

By offering regular inspections and repairs, you can enjoy more than the average lifespan.

How To Maintain Kids Train Rides?

Running kids train rides without maintenance will lead to fast degradation. With simple maintenance practices, it’s possible to keep your kids train rides in perfect conditions.

Some of the ways to maintain your kids train rides are

  • Keep the trains stored well when they are not in use
  • Perform necessary inspections frequently
  • Always employ qualified staff; drivers, and repair personnel
  • Keep your train rides batteries charged
  • Check the tires for puncture and other abnormalities
  • Repaint kids train rides when paint chips or fade
  • Keep records of all repairs and inspections


How Do I Minimize Monthly And Yearly Kids Train Rides Maintenance Cost?

Keeping your kids train rides maintained allows you to save a lot. Frequent maintenance ensures your kids train rides last for long.

Although maintenance is vital, it needs some capital gains from your rides. It’s therefore essential to balance the cost.

Some of the ways you can reduce maintenance cost are;

Training your staff some basic maintenance practices

  • Avoiding overloading train rides
  • Keep the kids train rides clean
  • Ensures greasing of vital and moving parts
  • Always ensure you employ qualified staff
  • Keep the kids train rides under a constant monitoring
  • Invest in contract repair


How Are Kids Trains Rides Installed?

Kids train rides don’t need complicated installation. Especially when you think about trackless kids’ trains, they don’t need any installation.

The only kids train rides that need some installation. The locomotives and coaches come fully assembled. Only the attachment of coaches to locomotives is needed.

Additionally, the tracks require installation by qualified personnel. The rail track length depends on your specifications to the manufacturer.

 Installed Kids Train Rides
Installed Kids Train Rides

How Long Does It Take To Install Kids Trains Rides?

The installation of kids train rides is quick and straightforward. There are no technicalities, especially when dealing with trackless kids train rides.

Installing tracks for tracked train rides takes minimal time. One day is enough for the installation of tracks.

Since they need testing, there needs to be enough time for the exercise. Therefore, 2 days are enough to install and test kids’ train rides.

 Should I Buy Kids Train Rides or other Electric Vehicles from A Chinese Manufacturer?

Whether you want to buy electric vehicles or kids train rides, they are worthwhile. But, when you need to give kids amazing fun, train rides are absolute.

The good thing is that electric vehicles and kids’ train rides from China are of premium quality.

Kids train rides are preferable since they carry more kids than other vehicles. Also, they have great fun, which makes them more attractive.

When you want to start a kids playground, train rides offer a great starting point. They ensure you get to the break-even point quickly.

Can Xunhu Company Provide Kids Train Rides Worldwide Supply?

XunHu manufactures and supply kids train rides all over the world. To date, the manufacturer has exported these rides to over 100 countries.

Regardless of your location, you can get XunHu equipment. The high-quality and certified equipment are acceptable in all countries.

The delivery is super-efficient which means no waiting for months. XunHu delivers kids train rides within 7-15 days. Besides, you can order in bulk without the equipment suffering delays.

How Long Doesn’t It Take For Kids Train Rides To Be Delivered?

If you buy kids train rides from most manufacturers in China, it will take an ever are of 1 month to get delivered. One month isn’t always the case. Some places are far than others which it can take a bit longer.

The only kids train rides manufacturer that enables prompt delivery is XunHu. Taking a maximum of 15 days, it’s among the fastest in China.

Some of the kid rides manufacturers will need you to pay extra to enjoy a shorter delivery period.

Do Manufacturers Bear Responsibility for Damaged Kids Train Rides?

Damages can occur, especially during the transportation process. It is always ideal to be ready for some minor damages. But, the shipping company is supposed to ensure minimum damages to your kids train rides.

When the manufacturer has the responsibility of transporting your equipment, there is less to worry about. The manufacturer will always replace damaged parts. This eliminates spending extra money buying damaged spare parts.

If possible, it’s preferable to let the manufacturer handle even shipping to minimize the risks.

Are Kids Train Rides Repairable?

Like any other amusement park ride, kids train rides are repairable. Most manufacturers allow the availability of spare parts. Actually, some manufacturers like XunHu avails kids train rides with extra spare parts.

Whether it’s motors, batteries, and other parts, they are repairable. Therefore, when choosing a manufacturer, it’s advisable to go for one that provides spare parts.

Most of the manufacturers that provide spare parts ensure you them on time. Therefore, you experience reduce the amount of time your kid train is offline.

Do the Manufacturers Provide After-Sales Support for Kids Train Rides?

Chinese kids train rides are known to provide excellent after-sale services. Whether its spare parts, general support, among others, you can be on them

There are many channels to contact them. You can call direct, use social media or emails to request help.

Most of the manufacturers have a dedicated team of support staff to cater to any issue.

 Can a Kids Train Rides Manufacturer Provide Staff Training?

When you buy kids train rides, some manufacturers will offer additional services. However, others after delivery and installation, there are no other extra benefits.

Most Chinese manufacturers offer extra services like training your staff. They ensure that people who will operate the rides have enough understanding.

Although not all manufacturers will provide staff training, it’s best to look for staff training services.

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