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Hotel Golf Carts

  • Comfortable Interior With Customizable Features, Great Speed, And Battery Range
  • Smooth Steering System Heavy Duty Batteries, Branded Universal Chargers Available
  • Lifted Hotel Golf Carts Available, Various Lift Kits To Choose, All Terrain Tires
  • Modern Control Panels, Large Open Or Closed Windows, Large Glass Windshield

Recommend Hotel Golf Carts for Sale

XUNHU makes different types of hotel golf carts and hotel buggies for sale. You can get one that will perform your duties flawlessly. You can choose between available electric hotel golf carts for sale. Whether you need a compact or large hotel golf cart, there are different models from XUNHU.

You can have an electric golf cart for two passengers, all the way to 23 passengers. Also, you can customize your golf cart hence a great way to give your visitors a unique experience. XUNHU always makes some of the best hotel golf carts; get in touch now to get a free quote.

2 Seater Hotel Golf Carts
XunHu 2 Seater Hotel Golf Carts Have High Versatility; Large Cargo Area, Comfortable Seats Rearview Mirror.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 24km/h
  • Climbing ability: 30%
  • Controller: DC 275A/48V
4 Seater Hotel Golf Carts
XunHu 4 Seater Hotel Golf Carts Have More Passenger Capacity, Robust Structure, High Illuminating Led Headlight, And PVC Windshield.

Main Data:
  • Battery:8V*6
  • Max.travelling Range:70-80km
  • Climbing Capactity:30%
6 Seater Hotel Golf Carts
XunHu 6 Seater Hotel Golf Carts Carry More Passengers, Galvanized Steel Chassis, Enclosed/Open Design, And Powerful Silent Motors.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 24km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:70-80km
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
8 Seater Hotel Golf Carts
XunHu 8 Seater Hotel Golf Carts Are Robust; Vacuum Tires, Various Colors, Powerful Suspension Systems, And Customizable Features Are Available.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 24km/h
  • Controller: DC 275A/48V
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
11 Seater Electric Golf Cart Shuttles
XunHu 11 Seater Hotel Golf Cart Shuttles Have Great Carrying Capacity; Enclosed Body, Open Body Designs, And 50+ Designs Are Available For Sale.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Motor:72V/5KW
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
14 Seater Hotel Golf Cart Shuttles
XunHu 14 Seater Hotel Golf Cart Shuttles For Sale Are Affordable, Free Consumable Parts, 1 Year Warranty, Noise-Free Running.

Main Data:
  • Battery:12pcs*6V
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
23 Passenger Hotel Golf Cart Shuttles
XunHu 23 Passenger Hotel Golf Cart Shuttles Are Very Comfortable; Durable Seat Covers, Large Open/ Closed Windows, And Super Sleek Headlights As Standard.

Main Data:
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:80-100km
Retro Hotel Golf Carts
XunHu Makes Retro Hotel Carts For Sale; Different Capacities, Styles, Colors; Over 50 Designs And Color are Available, Vintage Hotel Golf Carts Customization Is Possible.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Motor:Max.travelling Range:80-100km
  • Motor:AC48V/5KW
Customzied Electric Hotel Golf Cart Shuttles
XunHu Allows You To Customize Your Electric Hotel Golf Cart; You Can Customize Color, Features, And General Cart Appearance Affordably.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Motor:AC48V/5KW
  • Climbing Capactity:25%

Your #1 Hotel Golf Carts Manufacturer in China

China is home to great manufacturers of hotel golf carts. XunHu is one of the leading makers of globally certified hotels carts.

Getting your cart from XunHu gives you a great advantage. You get premium products and services. The quotation is free, as well as 24 hours support.

Apart from the manufacturing prowess, XunHu also has a global presence. You can get your electric hotel golf carts anywhere in the world. Delivering this equipment is quick, taking less than 15 days.

XunHu uses the latest technology when making all equipment. The level of standardization in production guarantees the best hotel carts for sale.

  • Hotel Golf Carts Manufacturer in China
  • Hotel Golf Carts Manufacturer in China
  • Hotel Golf Carts Manufacturer in China
  • Golf Cart Shuttle Bus for Hotel
  • Golf Carts for Hotel Cases (1)
  • Golf Carts for Hotel Cases (2)
  • Golf Carts for Hotel Cases (3)
  • Golf Carts for Hotel Cases (3)

Xunhu Hotel Golf Carts for Sale Cases

XunHu makes numerous sales of hotel golf cats every year.

It delivers these carts to different clients all over the world. Regardless of your location, you can get them on time.

Delivery is safe since golf carts come in containers. There are 1000+ clients enjoying premium XunHu hotel golf carts.

Xunhu Hotel Golf Carts Manufacturing Capacity

Hotel Golf Carts Cutting
Hotel Golf Carts Cutting Is From High Precision Laser Torches; Controlled By Computer Software, There Is Consistency And Precision.
Hotel Golf Carts Compression Moulding
Body Panels Are Molded By A Compression Machine; Frp Panels Are Strong, Lightweight To Improve Your Hotel Golf Cart Durability.
Hotel Golf Carts Frame
XunHu Makes Hotel Golf Carts Frame From Galvanized Steel; Painted With Water-Resistant Paint; There Is No Frame Corrosion.
Hotel Golf Carts Painting
Standardized Hotel Golf Carts Painting Warehouses Ensures Professional Spraying; All Paints Used Are Safe To The Environment, Human, & Meets Eu Standards.
Hotel Golf Carts Assembling
State-Of-The-Art Assembling Line Ensures Precision And Standardized Production. Professional Assemble And Assess Hotel Golf Carts In XunHu .
Airport Golf Carts Testing
XunHu Engineers Test All Airport Golf Carts Before Delivery; An Efficient Testing Facility Allows Examination Of Different Aspects To Guarantee Safety And Quality.

XUNHU hotel golf carts are being used in thousands of hotels and guest houses in more than 100 countries. With more than a decade of experience, XUNHU manufactures more than 50 variants of hotel golf carts. You can either choose from them or ask for a customized one.

Being an ISO-certified golf cart manufacturer, all XUNHU products are tested for utmost reliability and performance. If you decide to buy from XUNHU in bulk, you can benefit from huge discounts and bulk inspections.

The products are carefully packaged in wooden boxes and wrapped with plastic sheets to keep them in place as they are being shipped. You can also ask for custom packaging.

If you need a spare part, XUNHU can ship it within no time.

Golf Carts customized color

Hotel Golf Carts for Sale – Unbeatable Price & Selection

XUNHU golf carts for hotels are assembled with the key idea of facilitating the passengers while giving you the freedom to choose from affordable and trendy designs. The unique appearance of the fiberglass body offers a welcoming vibe to the customers and saves you a lot of money at the same time.

Equipped with large cargo space, comfy seats, rearview mirror, and hazard lights, XUNHU hotel golf carts offer sustainable and affordable transport solutions for hotels. Hotels and resorts get to cut hefty recurring maintenance costs when they decide to employ XUNHU golf carts for hotels.

The robust and sturdy metal chassis is durable enough to withstand repeated loadings of both the passengers as well as their luggage, The LED lights illuminate the way at night with superior visibility, The motor controller offers maximum range while providing uncompromised torque and acceleration.

XUNHU hotel golf carts incorporate the use of quick-charging batteries to ensure that you get reduced downtime and that your hotel golf vehicles are always on the go.

Hotel Golf Carts for Sale


Your Best Hotel Golf Carts Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Hotel golf carts from XunHu are among the best in the world. The manufacturer makes supply electric hotel carts to different users.

The multipurpose golf carts are great for different applications. Also, the versatile structure by XunHu engineers allows you to customize your cart with ease.

XunHu has a dedicated team with over 1,200 employees. Of this number, 200 are senior engineers and the R&D team. Thus, your electric golf carts get the best production.

The fantastic support you get from XunHu customer care is world-class. Even when you get the hotel golf carts for sale, support is always ready 24/7.


Hotel Golf Carts: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Hotel Golf Carts Introduction

Hotel Golf Carts Introduction

Golf carts are now being employed as transportation solutions at hotels, resorts, camping sites, and holiday attractions. Due to the increase in demand, many suppliers and manufacturers have come forward.

But which hotel golf cart to buy? What type would serve best at your hotel?

If you are looking at this guide, you might be trying to find answers to those questions.

We are here to help. Take a look at this guide that we have compiled to try to answer your queries.


What Are Hotel Golf Carts?

Hotel golf carts are golf carts being used as transportation solutions used to carry guests, transport their luggage to the suites they have booked, carry them around to visit local attractions, for sightseeing, etc.

Being affordable, a lot less noisy, and highly customizable, they provide a touch of hospitality and respect to the people visiting your hotel. To give your guests a memorable experience, you can have your hotel golf carts customized the way you prefer.

How Much It Costs To Buy A Hotel Golf Carts?

Hotel Golf Carts Cost

Hotel Golf Carts Cost

In the case of hotel golf carts, you usually pay for the features. New hotel golf carts can cost anywhere from $4500 to $12000 depending on:

  • The model
  • Design
  • Add-ons and custom options
  • Seating capacity
  • Power, type, and of the motor and battery, etc.

For 4500 USD, you can buy 2-4 seater hotel golf carts with custom seats, a roof, and a quick battery charger. If you decide to purchase additional features, the cost goes up accordingly.

Xunhu offers competitive rates and attractive perks when it comes to hotel golf carts. We have a wide lineup for you to choose from. Send us an inquiry today.

What Are Different Types Of Hotel Golf Cart For Sale?

Hotel Golf Carts Types

Hotel Golf Carts Types

Being highly customizable, hotel golf carts come in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes, etc. They can be categorized according to:

Power type:

  • Gas-powered hotel golf carts
  • Electric hotel golf carts
  • Hybrid hotel golf carts

Design option:

  • Open-air hotel golf carts
  • Fully enclosed hotel golf carts
  • Semi-enclosed hotel golf carts
  • Lifted hotel golf carts

Seating Capacity:

  • 2 seater hotel golf carts
  • 4 seater hotel golf carts
  • 6 seater hotel golf cart
  • 8 seater hotel golf carts
  • 10 seater hotel golf carts, etc.
  • 14-23 seats golf carts shuttles for hotel

Visit our factory to look at all the options available. Xunhu takes pride in offering a variety of quality designs and custom options to choose from.

What Should You Consider While Buying A Hotel Golf Carts?

Hotel golf carts can be an asset to your business, given their affordable cost, inexpensive operation, and highly customizable design.

You need to consider the following while deciding:

  • Choose new hotel golf carts over used ones. The newer look and shiny appearance offered by new hotel golf carts make everyone want to take a ride in your cart. Moreover, they need lesser annual maintenance.
  • Choose the seating option that is well suited to your business. Ask for the option of custom seats for enhanced comfort
  • Make sure that the frame is sturdy and tested for quality and is equipped with enhanced safety features
  • Choose custom colors that complement your hotel or resort
  • Choose a quick battery charger to make sure that the vehicle is available at all times.


Where Can You Buy Hotel Golf Cart From?

Buy Hotel Golf Carts

Buy Hotel Golf Carts

Golf cart manufacturers around the world can assemble hotel golf carts for you. With the increase in demand for golf carts, you can find suppliers and dealers in nearly every community.

Do your online research to find the supplier located in your area. You can also buy golf carts from online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

Xunhu offers custom designs for hotel golf carts. If you are looking for unique features and innovative designs, reach out to us today.

How to Choose Reliable Manufacturers for Hotel Golf Cart?

Hotel Golf Carts Manufacturer

Hotel Golf Carts Manufacturer

Choosing the right manufacturer is crucial as there are many claiming to be one. Consider the following:

  • Look at their reputation. Visit their website and go through the reviews left by customers. See if the manufacturer follows high standards of safety while manufacturing the electric vehicle
  • Go for more experienced manufactures.
  • Make sure the manufacturer abides by international standards of quality and manufacturing.
  • The manufacturer incorporates strict quality control and carries out onsite testing before shipping
  • Make sure you get affordable prices without compromising on quality
  • The manufacturer offers hassle-free purchasing and can ship from multiple ports.


What Are The Quality And Safety Features Of Hotel Golf Carts Offered By Xunhu?

XunHu Hotel Golf Carts Features

XunHu Hotel Golf Carts Features

Xunhu implements strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process of hotel golf carts to deliver the best quality. After the ride is assembled, it is put through a series of rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety.

Xunhu offers a robust metal frame and a highly resistant fiberglass body. The paint job is done by ensuring proper covering to make the body rustproof.

Moreover, you get your hotel golf cart equipped with high-quality front and rear lights, side view mirrors, rearview mirrors, electric horns, fine quality seats, high-quality batteries, AC/DC motors, headlights, etc.

For extra safety features, custom options like seatbelts and traction control are available for an additional cost. The cart can be equipped with safety features like an enhanced braking system, parking control, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Electric Golf Carts At Your Hotel?

Hotel Golf Carts Benefits

Hotel Golf Carts Benefits

Using an electric hotel golf cart at your hotel or resort can add an extra income stream to your business.

You can choose gas golf carts as well as they provide better torque and power but there are many reasons why electric golf carts are better:

  • Electric golf carts make no noise. They are silent as they run and also start without a noise providing comfort and respect to the guests
  • They are cheaper to operate. The cost you cut on operation can be invested back in your business.
  • Being highly customizable, you can have them designed the way you like
  • With a lot fewer moving components, there are lesser recurring maintenance costs
  • They are eco-friendly and provide a cleaner option for transportation


What Is The Weight Capacity Of Different Hotel Golf Carts?

Hotel Golf Carts Capacity

Hotel Golf Carts Capacity

The weight capacity varies between different models of hotel golf carts. It depends on:

  • Battery type and power
  • Motor type and power
  • Motor controller used
  • Weight of the frame, etc.

Xunhu hotel golf carts are lightweight yet powerful. A basic 4 seater Xunhu hotel golf cart with a 36v battery can carry a load of more than 600 kg without slowing down. 48v battery packs and are ideal for towing a load of more than 800kg.

Such weight capacity offered by Xunhu is unmatched. You can have your hotel golf cart modified to produce more power if you require.

How Frequently Do You Need To Charge Your Hotel Golf Cart?

Hotel Golf Carts Charging

Hotel Golf Carts Charging

The best practice is to charge your hotel golf cart battery after every use to keep them in top running condition. They should never be left to drain fully.

A 36v average lead-acid battery can run for 6-8 hours before it needs charging. If your hotel golf carts are operated under busy conditions, you might find yourself charging the vehicles every 4-5 hours.

Thanks to Xunhu maintenance-free batteries with quick charging features, you can reduce the frequency of charging. Moreover, we have quick chargers for you to juice up the battery in 1-2 hours.

How Much Distance Can A Hotel Golf Cart Cover In A Single Charge?

The distance traveled by hotel golf cart varies with different factors like:

  • Condition of the cart
  • Battery condition
  • Acceleration of the cart
  • Passengers riding
  • Track condition, etc.

Normally, the average range for hotel golf carts is 25-30 miles in one full charge that may decrease if the battery is overloaded.

With the latest innovations at Xunhu, our hotel golf carts are equipped with long-range batteries, capable of providing more than 40 miles on a single charge.

Can You Carry Cargo For Guests On A Hotel Golf Cart?

Hotel Golf Carts Cargo

Hotel Golf Carts Cargo

Xunhu golf carts come with an extra storage compartment to suit different needs. You can get your hotel golf cart with a cargo bed attached with a hook to tow luggage.

Even side rails or roof mounts can be installed at your hotel golf carts to accommodate luggage for your passengers.

Xunhu hotel golf carts are equipped with powerful motors, capable enough to push a load of more than 600kg. We can modify your hotel golf carts to offer more towing and loading capacity.

How Much Time Does It Take To Deliver Hotel Golf Carts To You?

Hotel Golf Carts Delivery

Hotel Golf Carts Delivery

It depends on your location. If the dealership is located in your state, all you need is a trailer to pick up your hotel golf cart from the dealership and deliver it to your doorstep in a matter of hours.

If you are located outside China, Xunhu offers multiple modes of your golf carts shipping, depending on your requirement.

Xunhu has well-established professional relationships with leading freight forwarders and shipping companies.

We ensure that your delivery arrives within 14-25 days after the manufacturing process is complete.

Can The Manufacturer Design The Hotel Golf Carts According To The Samples Provide By You?

Hotel Golf Carts Design

Hotel Golf Carts Design

Hotel golf carts are an asset to the hotels and Xunhu ensures enough customizability to cater to your needs and requirements.

Xunhu offers flexibility in designs and offers a wide range to choose from. If you require design amendments and need a different perspective, our design team can definitely help.

All you need to do is to reach out to our design team with your ideas. We compile a feasibility report and list out the extent to which the requests can be entertained without compromising the design stability.

Moreover, for a paint job, options are limitless. You can have your hotel golf carts painted the way you like. You can choose from multiple designs for seating, lights, frame, etc.

How Do You Choose the Best Seating Option For Hotel Golf Cart?

Hotel Golf Carts Seating

Hotel Golf Carts Seating

Choosing the best seating capacity narrows down to your intended use. Reach out to us and we can assist you with the process of deciding which seating option to choose.

It depends on how many guests you receive on daily basis. Choose more seating options if your hotel or resort welcomes more guests.

If you intend to use your hotel golf carts for sightseeing purposes, go for even bigger seating options to accommodate as many guests as needed in one trip.

For example, a 6-seater hotel golf cart is a suitable option if you are expecting more passengers and you need to drive them to the camping site, sightseeing, etc.

Which Is Better 36v Or 48V Hotel Golf Cart?

36v Or 48V Hotel Golf Cart

36v Or 48V Hotel Golf Cart

It depends on your intended use, the environment of your hotel, and its location. Both variants offer comfortable handling and the same top speeds. There are slight differences that are discussed as follows:

  • 48v hotel golf carts offer more starting torque and accelerate quicker than 36v carts
  • Under similar loading and driving conditions, 48v hotel golf carts provide a better range
  • 46v electric lifted golf carts handle rough terrains and steep slopes better. So if your hotel is located at a hill station, 48v hotel golf carts can be a suitable option.
  • 48V batteries are expensive than 36v batteries.


Top10 Best Golf Carts for Resorts and Hotels

Hotel Golf Carts Brands

Hotel Golf Carts Brands

Deciding which golf cart design is best depends on your personal preference. Under different conditions, hotel golf carts are required to perform certain different tasks.

Considering the functionality, safety, and customizability offered, the following golf cart brands and manufacturers qualify to be the best:

  • ACG golf carts
  • AGT electric carts
  • Arcimoto
  • Atomic Electric Vehicles
  • Breeze Carts
  • Xunhu EV
  • Caddyshack
  • Crown Carts
  • Cruise Car
  • Garia


Top10 Best Utility & Transport Vehicles for Holiday Parks, Resorts & Hotels

 Utility Hotel Golf Carts

Utility Hotel Golf Carts

Holiday parks and recreational resorts have found great use and benefit in using golf carts as utility and transportation vehicles.

Given their price, power, and customizability, golf carts are the ideal choice for any resort. Different brands manufacture various designs and variations of golf carts. Some are famous for looks, while others are for performance.

Following are the top brands that manufacture utility and transport vehicles in 2021:

  • Advanced EV
  • American Landmaster
  • Beast
  • MotoEV
  • Xunhu EV
  • E-Z-GO
  • Hunt VE
  • Moke America
  • Ziggy
  • Melex



Xunhu is known for its quality, innovation, safety, and competitive prices. We believe that each business is unique and deserves a unique transportation solution. Keeping that in mind, Xunhu manufacturers a wide range of quality golf cart buggy for its customers.

Deciding which golf cart to buy can be tricky at times and we hope that we were able to help. In case you still have some queries and require further assistance, reach out to us today!

Welcome to XunHu Golf Cart factory and Thank you for your inquiry.

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