How to Start a Golf Carts Wholesale Business?(Everything To Know)

Golf Carts Wholesale Business

Golf Carts Wholesale Business

The wholesale golf cart business is one of the most profitable if you do your things right. With many people opting to buy golf carts for various uses, they prove to be a viable business idea.

According to projections, the golf carts business will grow from $1.62 billion to $2.55 billion in 2028. This indicates that investing in this business will be ideal and paying.

Before venturing into the golf carts industry, it is essential to understand the dynamics. Whether you want to start a golf cart company or a wholesale business, it is worth knowing dos and don’ts.

In this write-up, we will tell you how to start a golf cart wholesale business. Everything you need to know is put down in a simple language for everyone to understand.

Step by step on how to start your golf carts wholesale business:

1. Decide On What Types of Golf Carts You Want to Sell

Whenever you want to start a golf carts business, the first step is to identify what you want to deal with. In this case, you want to deal with electric golf carts. Therefore, concentrate all your energy on the subject.

When it comes to golf carts, it’s a broad market. You can decide to deal solely with a single brand or a mix of brands.

Before you even think about the wholesale golf carts business, you need to research it thoroughly.

Whether you decide to manufacture and sell or deal with an established manufacturer, it’s crucial to figure this out. Manufacturing will call for extra investment and compliance than wholesale.

Therefore, it’s good to assess and make a final decision depending on your findings.

2. Research More About the Golf Cart Industry

Research is essential before venturing into golf cart manufacturing or wholesale business. Golf carts are becoming popular, but it doesn’t mean it’s a straight road.

Always look to whether the business is viable and if you can achieve your dream.

During your research, there are a lot of issues you need to look at before making a decision. Usually, some of the critical issues you should look at during the market research include.

  • Target your area of operation; having a specific location is excellent since it allows you to strategize appropriately.
  • What is the trend in the golf carts industry like gas vs. electric golf carts?
  • Research on the available competitors. Having a list of competitors is good in planning your marketing strategies
  • Get the views from the target consumers and their opinions concerning your products.
  • Demand for the golf carts: check on the market viability for your target regions.
  • Look for weaknesses and unaddressed areas and identify the best strategies to counter this.

3. Analyze Emerging Trends In The Golf Carts Industry

Golf Carts Market Analyze

Golf Carts Market Analyze

Much information is available on how the golf cart business is evolving. Currently, the industry is diverse, unlike a few years back.

One of the evolutions of the golf carts for sale is climate change. The transportation industry, in general, is moving away from fossil fuels. Therefore, investing in gas golf carts can be somehow not recommended.

The current trend of electrification of golf carts is something to watch. By 2020, the share of electric golf carts was 80%, while gas was 15% and solar 5%.

Although the trend for electric golf carts is improving each year, t will take some time too.

Besides, check for the regions where golf carts use is rising, for instance, residentials, institutions, and other areas. It is possible to produce or sell relevant types of golf carts.

Having large capacity golf carts like 8 seaters will be a viable option if you target institutions. For residential, a 4-seater and 2 seaters are great considerations.

4. Decide Your Target Niche of Golf Carts

Although golf carts are a broad niche, you can narrow it down to your specific one. The choice of niche is a result of different factors. They will determine your choice.

Usually, you can choose to invest in.

  • Standard golf carts

Standard golf carts are regular ones in use in most golf carts. They only provide basic features needed by golfers. Typically, they can be gas or electric golf carts with standard features.

  • Custom golf carts

Customized golf carts are gaining momentum since they have proved more capable. Some customized golf carts are hunting, off-roading, and lifted golf carts.

With the utilization of golf carts increasing every day, it’s excellent to check the new opportunities. The use of golf carts, even for the disabled, means you can check it and venture, which gives you an upper hand over other mobility equipment.

  • Smart golf carts

This is an under-ventured golf carts niche. Smart golf carts, especially for courses, are viable options.

They are the type of golf carts that are remote-controlled. This means you can drive your visitors quickly without being in the golf carts. Another is developing autonomous golf carts, which don’t need human control.

5. Identify The Potential Golf Carts Market

After what you want to sell and the niche, it is time to check where to concentrate your efforts. Some people will target the global golf cart market, while others will go for the regional market.

The available data shows that North America, Europe, Australia are the leading golf cart sales. Therefore, you can opt for less competitive markets like Asia, Latin America, and Africa, where there is an emerging market.

It can be tricky to identify the right market due to the many challenges. However, it is now easy to do thorough research with tons of information available compared to a few years back.

After identifying the potential market, strategizing for a successful venture is next.

6. Check for Golf Carts Competition and Competitors

Competition is the nature of every business. It is one of the aspects that every business, whether large or small, must research thoroughly to measure viability.

Whether you want wholesale or manufacturing, you need to watch the potential competitors for bulk golf carts for sale.

Knowing competitors is essential. It allows you to know their strength and weakness. Targeting the weaker spot for your competitors will give you an upper hand.

Whether marketing or manufacturing, it is essential to look for emerging trends. For instance, technology, marketing strategies, and others, it’s good to check these aspects.

Besides, it is essential to check for the latest competitors’ trends. You will be entering into a competitive world with some established companies.

  • XunHu EV
  • Yamaha
  • Club cars
  • E-Z-Go
  • Star EV
  • Polaris GEM
  • Garia
  • Tomberlin
  • XD Golf Carts
  • SE Golf Carts

These are international brands, and if you want to beat them, you have to be innovative. Therefore, identifying a weakness is the starting point for your success. Always consider doing competition analysis and research seriously.

7. Conduct Golf Carts Business Economic Analysis

Venturing into any business without doing economic analysis is like committing financial suicide. Considering the golf carts usage is expected to rise doesn’t mean all is roses. You need to research and conduct the cost and benefits involved.

According to the experts, it is always a great move to target emerging markets like developing nations. They have rapid urbanization and an increasing number of the middle class.

A well-researched economics analysis will give you enough data on whether the investment is viable. In this case, golf carts wholesale and manufacturing.

If you decide to establish a golf manufacturing facility and wholesale chain, you will have a clear economic picture.

Besides coming up with your economic model, learning from people already in the business won’t do harm. That is why studying the competition will help you plug the gaps.

8. Decide On the Golf Carts Market Entry Strategy

It doesn’t matter your experience in the golf carts industry or any other business; you have to start somewhere. There are different options in the case of golf cart wholesaling or golf cart manufacturing.

You can opt to start from scratch (startup) and build your brand. This calls for intensive resources and might require time to establish. It also gives you time to grow while learning from different aspects.

There are high chances of startups failure than other methods

The other way is to start through a franchise. You might have great ideas and motivation but, beginning as a startup end up frustrating your efforts.

Opting to start as a franchise is better to enable fast establishment and profits realization. Franchise means working under an established brand that allows you to enjoy excellent market access. However, you must learn the advantages and disadvantages of franchising before committing.

Another way you can start is by buying an existing golf cart manufacturing company. Especially if the business is doing well, the chances of failure are minimal. This will save the time needed to incubate your business to the break-even point.

9. Determine The Possible Challenges and Countermeasures

Every business has its challenge, and you should be alert before venturing. However, you can minimize risks by identifying them in advance hence being easy to deal with.

The golf carts industry, like others, has many challenges like wholesale golf carts price. Determining the ideal price that can compete with other brands can be challenging.

The ideal way is to research in advance; hence you will have an easy time navigating these challenges. Some of the main challenges you should anticipate include.

  • Gaps in skilled labor
  • Evolving manufacturing technologies
  • Trade wars effects
  • Emerging issues like outbreaks
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Financing problems
  • Global supply chain disturbances
  • Building consumers’ confidence
  • Extreme competition

10. Find Golf Carts Business Name Logo and Correct Legal Entity

After doing a lot of research, it’s time to craft your golf cart manufacturing company name. as always, look for a simple name and catchy logo that are attractive.

Your company’s name should be attractive and enticing; the same applies to the logo. A simple logo is excellent since people can recognize it easily.

On choosing the legal entity, a limited liability company is the best option for golf wholesaling. It offers protection of personal property from that of the company. In case of a claim against your company, your property will be protected from claims and lawsuits.

11. Draft A Golf Carts Business Plan

Golf Carts Business Plan

You are nearing the start of your operation. Now that market research is over and you have a name, it’s time to draft a business plan. A business plan is a document that shows the entity will conduct its business operations.

Typically, when you are starting a business, it’s essential since it will guide you through the process.

By drafting your golf carts company business plan, you will achieve a lot. Whether it’s growth or routine operations, it guides you on remaining on the objective.

It is on the business plan where you will know the cost of your business. As a result, you can get funding from lending institutions.

12. Raise The Starting Capital for Your Golf Carts Business

After planning for the manufacturing golf carts for sale, you need to raise the necessary capital. There are many ways you can raise money depending on your comfortable means.

The most common ways to fund your golf cart manufacturing and wholesale business are.

  • Loans from institutions and friends
  • Personal saving
  • Funding from investors
  • Crowdfunding
  • Startup funding
  • Bank overdrafts

Having a business plan is excellent since it can be helpful toward the funding of your business.

13. Get The Relevant Certification of Golf Carts Wholesale Business

Now you are almost actualizing your golf carts wholesale business. Before you venture, it is essential to ensure you have relevant licensing and certifications.

Depending on the country or state, you will need to obtain the license from relevant bodies.

Since the business involves buying golf carts in bulk, a permit is needed to show you are indeed wholesaling.

14. Consider Logistics of Wholesaling Golf Carts from China

As a wholesaler, you will be involved in golf carts wholesale prices. Also, delivering golf carts in bulks in areas of your jurisdiction is the key. In the manufacturing world, logistics are always challenging. Therefore, you need to play your cards well.

Some of the aspects you need to consider on logistics are

  • Choosing the golf carts manufacturer (you can also be the manufacturer).
  • Consider getting a warehouse
  • Choose the shipping agent
  • Hire a legal officer to handle all your paperwork

15. Hire Employees for Golf Carts Wholesale Business

As you near operations, it is time to consider hiring employees. They are an integral part of the company since they bring different expertise.

The employees include technical, management, and customer care agents. As with other wholesalers, you will need to provide distribution and other customer services.

In this, you can use a hiring agent to get the right people with the right experience.

16. Create Awareness and Customer Relationship for Your Golf Carts Wholesale Business

Creating customer awareness is a form of advertisement. Therefore, you need to brainstorm with your customers, which will build trust in your brand.

Creating a good relationship with customers is also dependent on different aspects.

  • Hiring experienced staff
  • Creating banners and posters
  • Power of social media
  • Internet marketing
  • Carrying out products promotion
  • Offering promotional wholesale golf carts prices
  • Robust advertisement campaigns

For a great customer relationship, you need to focus on efficient customer care. By having efficient customer care, and different interaction platforms, you can be sure of excellent customer satisfaction.

Besides, efficiency in the delivery of golf carts is essential. Therefore, having a great logistic system is paramount.


Starting a golf cart wholesale business requires thorough research and sacrifice. As it involves buying golf carts wholesale, it requires serious investment.

With the right approach, it is possible to enjoy a successful business. Despite the competition, the right strategy and planning will lead to a successful wholesale golf cart business.

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