Golf Cart Prices Guide 2023 Updated

How Much Is A Golf Cart

How Much Is A Golf Cart?

The cost of a golf cart can vary significantly depending on several factors. On the lower end, basic models with lead-acid batteries may start around $3,000 to $5,000.

Mid-range golf carts with additional features and lithium batteries can range from $6,000 to $10,000. For top-of-the-line luxury carts with premium features, the price can exceed $12,000. Factors influencing prices include battery type, seating capacity, brand reputation, customizations, and warranties.

It’s crucial to consider long-term value and specific needs when choosing a golf cart that fits both your budget and requirements.

If you want to buy a golf cart, within your budget, and save money and time, this guide will give you the most authoritative advice.

Golf carts have become a lot more than mere transportation shuttle vehicles used on a golf course.

In the past decade alone, the demand for golf carts around the world has skyrocketed in the wake of them being used in residential areas and retirement communities.

Like sightseeing cars and resort vehicles, as airport shuttles, as means for public transport, and whatnot.

Due to the fact they cost a lot less than commercially available cars and trucks, they are inexpensive to drive and maintain as well.

And those being highly customizable open the door to whole new possibilities.

They used to cost less a decade ago than what they cost now. Due to huge demand and endless applications, many renowned automobile brands have started manufacturing their versions of golf carts.

Keep on reading as we shall discuss aspects in detail.


Golf Carts Price Range

golf cart price range on google search

The price of golf carts depends on more than just one factor.

The price is based on the make, the model, from where you are purchasing, the raw material used, the number of optional features included, the size and the seating capacity, and a lot more.

Today a golf cart can cost anywhere from 3000 USD to 25000 USD.

With the going on customization and the boom in the custom golf carts industry, there is practically no upper limit to the golf cart prices. Keep on adding features and the cost keeps on mounting.

Electric Golf Cart Prices

Electric Golf Cart Prices

Electric golf carts are priced usually at the bracket of 5000-10000 USD.

The price can go up if you decide to choose more bells and whistles.

Similarly, a number of batteries and motors also play a vital role in determining the final asking price for electric golf carts.

Electric golf carts have gained enormous popularity, not only as golf course vehicles but as a viable transportation solution today being used in hotels, resorts, airports, residential communities, etc.

Electric Golf Cart Prices

The fact that electric golf carts completely eliminate the need IC engine, and you are left with a battery pack and a motor as the power source, appeals to the masses.

The simplicity of the vehicle comes in handy when you see annual fuel price hikes and an increase in the demand for electric vehicles.

They have become popular because they run noise-free, provide optimum range per charge, usually require a lot less maintenance, and are inexpensive to operate.

You can buy electric golf carts from every other country now. You have to do your homework about what are you looking for and who is asking for a fair price.

Gas Golf Cart Prices

Gas Golf Cart Prices

Gas golf carts can be bought today for as low as 4000 USD.

The price can go up to 15000 USD and more depending on various factors, like build year, make and model, size, engine capacity, etc.

If you decide to get extra features and custom options, it can go up to 17000 USD.

Gas golf carts are popular for the torque and power that they produce. They climb better, have a higher top-end speed, and can pull more weight with them.

Moreover, they travel more on a full fuel tank than their electric counterpart on a full battery.

The main disadvantage is the operating expenses as well as the recurring maintenance costs that can mount up to thousands of dollars annually.

They also generate exhaust gases and a lot of noise while running

New Golf Cart Cost

New Golf Cart Cost

If you are at a renowned dealership in your area, chances are you might end up paying more than 8000 USD for a new golf cart.

The prices can change significantly based on what you need and what you don’t. For the base model, without any fancy work, you only need to pay 5K-8K USD.

You should see yourself paying something between 15000 USD and 17000 USD if you decide to choose certain custom and fancy features.

New Golf Cart for Sale Cost


A nice thing about new golf carts is that they appear newer and shiny, have a manufacturer’s warranty, have no crash history, and you can readily find accessories and spare parts.


Like any other automobile, the value starts depreciating the moment you take it out of the showroom.

Used Golf Carts Price

Used Golf Carts Price

They usually cost from 4000 USD to 8000 USD. The price can vary based on the condition of the golf cart as well as its crash history.

There are a lot of used golf carts available in the market as different golf clubs renew their fleet annually, leading to a fresh batch of little-used golf carts in the market.


Going down this lane can actually make you save a lot of money. Due to the fact that brand new golf carts start losing their worth the moment they are taken out for a spin, the demand for used golf carts has increased.

Moreover, since most golf carts are electric, you don’t have to worry about taking the engine into consideration.

They require a little maintenance. The biggest advantage is that you can take a used golf cart to custom detailing workshops and they can jazz up your golf cart for a fraction of the new golf cart price.


You have to keep an eye out for different factors if you are not that much into golf carts.

The crash history, condition of the chassis, the battery, the tires, etc. have to be taken into consideration while evaluating the price.

Moreover, if you are looking at an older model, chances are you’d face a hard time looking for the spare parts for that particular model. They also don’t come with any warranty perks.

Golf Buggy Price

Golf Buggy Price

The golf buggies are usually bigger versions of standard electric or gas golf carts. They are bigger, more powerful, have extra torque and seating capacity, and hence are more expensive.

They start at 5000 USD on average and the price can fluctuate on either side depending on the golf buggy in question.

The prices can go up to 12000 USD depending on the battery power you need, or engine capacity if you are buying a gas golf buggy.

Due to extra torque and climbing power requirements, bigger batteries and engines are used in golf buggies that add to the overall cost.

Golf buggies are usually seen running in hotels, resorts, tourist spots, airports, etc. in addition to golf courses of course.

Mini Golf Cart Price

Mini Golf Cart for Sale Price

The brand new mini golf carts (or you can call them mini golf buggies)are usually available for under 7000 USD. They feature a 12V battery and the base models are not usually equipped with a roof. You can have a roof installed of course for a price.

Mini golf carts are the smallest and the simplest golf carts available today in the market. They usually weigh something over 900 pounds, are designed for one driver, or in certain cases, two people.

Some companies, Cricket Golf Carts, for example, assemble foldable designs for mini-golf carts that can be folded to fit into an SUV or trunk of a car.


They are fun to operate and cheap to maintain. They do not take up a lot of space and can be used on golf courses with convenience.


Since they are small golf carts, they usually have a lot lesser climbing ability than bigger golf carts, they provide lesser range per charge, and do not handle extra loading well.

2 Seater Golf Carts Price

2 Seater Golf Carts Price

For the base models of 2 seater golf carts, the price moves between 5000 USD to 9000 USD.

The scales can tip to either side if you decide to have or leave some features.

2 seater golf carts usually use a 24V battery and weigh 1200 pounds on average. They feature a metal chassis on which an industrial-grade fiberglass body is housed.

The base versions of 2 seater golf carts, available for 5000 USD, are enough to drive you around on a golf course. They usually do not have any frills.

The price can start from 4000 if you decide to buy a gas 2 seater golf cart to cater for the requirement of extra torque.

They are usually cheaper as people also need to consider the operation and the maintenance cost.

Similarly, if you require extra range, you need to pay 300-800 USD extra for a bigger and better battery for extra miles.

Moreover, the utility accessories cost a lot if you decide to use your 2 seater golf cart as a utility vehicle.

4 Seater Golf Carts Price

4 seater golf carts price

When you start to increase passenger capacity, you are simultaneously asking for the bigger golf cart which means more raw material, bigger battery, better motor, and better chassis, to handle the loading.

For electric 4 seater golf carts, they are priced somewhere around 8000 USD. They weigh around 1600 pounds on average and come equipped with a 36V battery to provide enough amps to keep the cart moving uphill without slowing down or losing torque.

In the US, the American-made 4 seater golf carts are priced higher because of the procurement and labor charges. The quality of raw material also impacts the final price of 4 seater golf carts.

They have found a wide application in the transportation industry. They are being employed as sightseeing vehicles, neighborhood vehicles, transportation solutions for residential communities, etc.

The prices can go up to 20000 USD if you decide to add luxury features and custom options.

6 Seater Golf Cart Price

6 Seater Golf Cart Price

New 6 seater golf carts may cost you around 9000 USD, while a used version is available for 5000 USD if the condition is up to the mark.

Starting from around 9K USD, 6 seater golf carts are priced higher as they are heavier, have a bigger battery; 48v in most cases, have superior loading ability and climbing power, enhanced braking system, and extra safety features.

6 seater golf carts are in high demand as more and more businesses, both large and small, are opting for golf carts with bigger seating capacity as they get to save huge sums as annual maintenance and operating cost.

Moreover, you will come to know that electric 6 seater golf carts are a bit more expensive than gas golf carts because they provide certain perks like noise-free drive and lesser operating costs.

6 seater electric golf carts are widely used in tourism and resort businesses.

8 Seater Golf Carts Price

8 Seater Golf Carts Price

8 seater golf cart prices vary significantly from brand to brand, make to make, and model to model. The main customers for 8 seater golf carts are tourism businesses, hospitals, airports, resorts, warehouses, museums, etc.

The price bracket usually starts from 10000 USD, given the bigger structure, better safety features, bigger battery, better suspension, etc.

Gas 8 seater golf carts are available for 8000 USD. They usually feature a 250 CC engine, big enough to push the combined weight of the vehicle and the persons riding.

If you could find a custom 8 seater golf cart manufacturer in your area with a great reputation, you may end up spending more than 12000 USD for an 8 seater electric golf cart, thanks to the craftsmanship and detailing hours that go into that vehicle.

Lifted Golf Carts Price

Lifted Golf Carts Price

A golf cart that usually costs around 6000 USD would cost an additional 1000 bucks if they are lifted using a certain kit. This addition in price also caters to the use of bigger and better tires.

Lifted golf carts differ from conventional golf carts in terms of both designs and price due to the addition of the term “lifted” to their name and design. Their cost heavily depends on the “type of lift” you are opting for from the following:

  • Body lifted in which the chassis is designed in such a way that you get an extra ground clearance
  • Suspension lifted in which bigger suspensions allow extra height for the cart
  • Using spindle lift kits
  • Using A-Arm lifts kits
  • Using drop axle lift kits
  • Using block lift kits

Lifted golf carts usually feature larger tires under the vehicle which can help to speed up the golf carts, which too, adds to the price.

As a point of advice, it is usually cheaper to get a golf cart and get it “lifted” from a renowned dealership than to purchase a new lifted golf cart. But you have to consider the fact that brand new lifted golf carts are tested for chassis strength, structural stability, and optimum center of gravity.

Custom Golf Carts Prices

4 seater golf carts price

Custom golf carts are priced between 7000 USD to anything around 25000 USD, The scope and extent of customizability are practically endless.

Custom Golf Carts Prices

Golf carts, if known for anything other than affordability, are known for superior liberty in terms of customizability. This feature sets golf carts apart from other electric and gas vehicles.

Taking advantage of this feature, people started making their interpretations of what a golf cart should look like. The fiberglass or plastic body can be molded with exceptional ease to make your golf cart look like anything you desire.

This practically limitless liberty comes with a hefty price tag. You can have your golf cart customized and the only limit is either your pocket or your imagination.

You can choose custom seating arrangement, custom features, custom appearances, custom designs, custom battery options, etc. strictly according to your requirement.

Luxury Golf Carts Price

Luxury Golf Carts Price

Equipped with leather seats, high-end steering systems, enhanced sound and lighting system, highly functional form factor, lasting tires, and fun accessories, luxury golf carts start at 13000 USD and can go up to literally more than 50,000 USD.

Luxury golf carts are for those who prioritize traveling in style and comfort, and not to mention, luxury. Luxury golf carts are a generation ahead of conventional golf carts in terms of features, parts, custom options, and cost as well.

Mostly used by professionals, VVIPs, government officials, rich businessmen, etc., luxury golf carts are not just golf carts but a style statement that is not for “weak-pocketed”.

Equipped with a luxurious outlook and first-class interior, luxury golf carts are undoubtedly worth the price asked.

Some brands like BMW Mercedes, etc. have also joined the bandwagon of luxury golf carts manufacturing, making, and shipping exclusive golf carts to those who want them.

Wholesale Golf Carts Price

A golf cart that costs you 8000 USD from a retailer would cost you 4000-5500 USD if you are buying from a wholesaler.

Due to the growing demand for golf carts for golf courses, residential areas, camping trips, beach rides, tourist transportation, etc. most businesses, both large and small, purchase golf cart fleets in one go.

Wholesale golf cart manufacturers operate in different major countries in the world. Equipped with enough machinery, equipment, and workforce, such wholesale suppliers can meet the demand of bulk orders.

Wholesale prices are lesser than retail prices since you are directly dealing with the manufacturer, without needing any middleman. Retail costs are higher for obvious reasons of marketing, display, transport, etc.

If you are ordering in bulk, it is always recommended to directly buy from the wholesaler to get better discounts and cost savings.

Cheap Golf Carts for Sale Price

Cheap Golf Carts for Sale Price

Cheap golf carts are usually the ones that are smaller, equipped with a smaller battery and a smaller motor. It’s up to you to figure out which features you want to let go of to focus on the features that you do need.

Cheap golf carts under $500 usually are for one person only. They do not feature a roof or the windshield straight out of the factory. They usually have a smaller structure, suitable for short trips between houses in a community.

Cheap golf carts for sale under $1000 are better in terms of seating but they still feature a plastic body and a smaller battery.

The golf carts manufacturer was able to offer it for $1000 because he was able to cut costs while choosing the body kits and the additional features.

Cheap golf carts for sale under $2000 are mostly the used golf carts that are in better condition. If you are limited by budget, you might find smaller golf carts with stronger and better body kits for the price of $2000.

Golf carts for sale under $3000 are superior-looking, stronger, and better golf carts.

If you were to buy a used golf cart for under $3000, there are plenty of options to choose from.

You could go for used EZ GO golf carts as well as used Club Cars. If you want a new golf cart for that price, you could buy a base variant of 2 seater golf carts with no frills.

For the people looking for golf carts under $3500, you have just broadened your scope to accommodate more and more golf carts. There are used Yamaha, EZ GO, Club Cars available for that price.

There are many options for golf carts for sale under $4000. You can buy yourself a new 2 seater golf cart or a used 4 seater for that price.

For 4000 USD, you can even buy the base variants of a few electric golf cart brands.

The cheap gas golf carts price starts from $3000. For that price, you can buy a base variant of the simple-looking gas golf cart.

Brands Golf Carts Price

Different brands offer different USPs for what they are famous for. Some are known for superior maneuverability and range, while others for extra safety features. Let’s discuss some brands and their prices:

  1. Club Car Golf Carts Price

Founded in 1958, Club Car is famous for manufacturing and selling the largest number of golf carts in the US, Renowned for top-notch quality and versatility, new Club Cars are available for the following prices:

  • 2022 Club Car Onward 2 passenger electric golf carts come at a cost of $9,223 MSRP
  • 2022 Club Car Onward 4 Passenger electric lifted golf carts are priced at $11,703 MSRP
  • 2022 Club Car V4L 4 Passenger comes with a hefty price tag of $9,846 MSRP

While depending on the make, model, and condition, used Club Cars are priced lower. Their prices are as follows:

  • 2004 Club Car DS 2 Passenger with the reasonable condition and good appearance is available for $2,995
  • 2007 Club Car Precedent 2 Passenger Electric with no serious crash history can cost you around $3,000
  • 2012 Club Car Precedent I2 Electric is priced around $7,900 for a vehicle that has no accident history
  1. Yamaha Golf Carts Price

Founded in the 1880’s Yamaha has built an unmatched reputation in the industry in terms of innovation and performance.

The prices of new Yamaha golf carts are as follows:

  • 2022 Yamaha QuieTech PTV is priced at $9,150 MSRP
  • 2022 Yamaha The Drive 2 Gas PTV is available for $9,883 MSRP
  • 2022 Yamaha Adventurer Sport 2+2 comes at $11,503 MSRP

While the used ones are as follows:

  • 2013 Yamaha 4-Seater EFI Gas Premium can cost around $7,660
  • 2014 Yamaha Street Legal 4-Seater is available for $7,650
  • 2018 Yamaha Drive Gas EFI can cost you around $5,699
  1. EZ-GO Golf Carts Price

EZ-GO, famous for its RXV and TXT electric and golf carts, has been providing a great experience to consumers for more than 30 years.

EZ-GO golf carts are used all over the world. The price trend ranges from $6000 to around $11000.

New EZ-GO golf carts are available for the following prices:

  • 2022 EZ-GO Valor 4 Passenger Gas can be purchased for $8,999 MSRP
  • 2022 EZ-GO S4 4 Passenger Electric costs around $9,940 MSRP
  • 2022 EZ-GO TXT Freedom 4 Passenger Electric is available for $10,599 MSRP

While used EZ-GO golf carts can be bought for the following prices:

  • 2005 EZ-GO 2 Passenger Electric is available for around $4,500
  • 2010 E-Z-GO Freedom RXV 4 Passenger Electric – $5,195
  • 2013 E-Z-GO RXV 4 Passenger Lifted can be bought in good condition for $7,697
  • 2016 E-Z-GO Express S4 4 Passenger Gas can cost you around $7,850
  1. Garia Golf Carts Price

Established in 2005, Garia, a Danish golf cart manufacturer, specializes in manufacturing some of the most expensive and high-end luxury golf carts and other electric utility vehicles. Every vehicle encompasses pure luxury and style.

Garia costs from $11000 for base variants and up to $73000 as that of its latest BMW edition.

The price of new Garia golf carts is as follows:

  • Garia 2022 Golf Cart 2 Seater costs around $15500 MSRP
  • Garia Courtesy 2022 6 Seater Electric is available for $16599 in retail
  • Garia Supersport Modern Love 2022 2 Passenger Electric is available for $25000 in retail

The used Garia golf carts are not cheap as well. A 4 seater Garia 2020 VIA model can cost you around $13000

  1. Star Golf Carts Price

Established in 2003, Star EV assembled more than 50 models across different categories. The golf carts are trendy to look at and luxurious to ride in.

The price falls between $6000 to $16000 for different makes and models.

For the new Star Golf Carts:

  • 2022 Star EV Capella CP-2 is available brand new for $9,995 in retail
  • 2022 Star EV Sirius 2 can cost you around $11500
  • 2022 Star EV Sirius 4+2 Lifted is available for $16999 in the US

For the used Star Golf Carts:

  • 2015 Star EV 48-2 is available for $9050
  • 2014 Star EV SS Limited 48V costs around $6995
  • 2013 Star EV 4SF 36 is usually priced at $5995
  • 2013 Star EV Classic 2+2 comes at a cost of $5695

The prices can vary significantly depending on the year, make, and model. Similarly, just like any other automobile, if the golf cart has a crash history and went through heavy maintenance, the price falls significantly.

  1. XunHu Golf Carts Price

XunHu Golf Carts Price

XunHu EV was founded in 2011. Henan Xunhu Electric Vehicle Company, being one of the largest electric vehicle manufacturers in China, has more than 300 electric vehicle patents to its name.

XunHu is known for providing quality at highly affordable price tags. Moreover, none is a match to XunHu in terms of the great consumer experience and affordable shipping it provides.

Among more than hundreds of design variants, a few are discussed here in terms of prices.

The new golf carts are priced as follows:

  • 2 seater electric golf cart costs around $3450
  • 4 seater electric golf cart is available for $3860
  • 6 seater electric golf cart can be purchased for $4860
  • 8 seater electric golf cart price starts at $5360
  • A lifted electric golf cart can be bought for $5300
  • Gas golf carts 4 seater cost around $6500, depending on seating, power capacity, and model.

Xunhu, being a wholesale golf carts manufacturer, also offers services in terms of bulk orders. Get in touch with their sales team to get the quotation for your desired vehicle.

Golf Cart Batteries Price

On average, golf cart batteries can be divided into different categories, based on their chemical composition, the required maintenance, size, and power output. The price ranges from $500 to $2500.

Golf Cart Batteries Price

  1. Lithium Golf Cart Batteries Price

Lithium-ion golf cart batteries are lighter than traditional batteries and provide uniform current output throughout the discharging cycle.

The batteries are better at preserving charge and provide a superior discharge cycle time. They cost around $1200 to $1800.

XunHu has lithium battery golf carts for sale at cheaper price, contact us now.

  1. Lead-acid Batteries for Golf Carts Price

Lead-acid batteries have a relatively low energy density, but they can supply a high surge current which means that they have higher power to weight ratio.

Such batteries are widely used in modern-day golf carts. They are cheaper than Li-ion batteries. They cost around 900-1500 depending on the size of the battery.

Most of the golf carts are for sale with lead-acid batteries on the market, if you want to buy 48v golf carts from China, XunHu company is a good choice for you.

  1. Brand Golf Batteries Recommendation

Golf cart batteries are compared on the following basis:

  • Capacity
  • Voltage
  • Charging and Discharging Cycles
  • Chemical composition
  • Battery type (flooded or maintenance-free)

Depending on certain requirements, one might prefer one feature over the other. Some require a higher starting torque, while others might prefer a better range (cycles).

Following are some of the famous golf cart battery brands:

  • Miady Golf Cart Battery
  • Chins Golf Cart Battery
  • Mighty Max Golf Cart Battery
  • Universal Power Golf Cart Battery
  • Amstron Golf Cart Battery
  • Trojan Golf cart Batteries

Golf Cart Prices in Different Countries

Golf Cart for Sale Prices in Different Countries

  1. Golf Carts Price in Pakistan

As compared to the US and the UK, Pakistan has a much little chunk of people playing professional golf.

In the 5 years, major golf courses were constructed for the business community in Pakistan, but till today, there is a lack of professional golf cart manufacturers in Pakistan.

Pakistan mainly relies on imported golf carts. Due to such a gap in supply and demand, golf carts are available for 9,00,000 PKR ($5000) to up to 16,00,000 PKR ($9500)

  1. Golf Carts Price in Egypt

In Egypt, you can find plenty of famous brands and their dealerships, such as Yamaha, EZ-GO, Club Car, E-Bike, etc.

The price in Egypt ranges from 110,000 EGP ($6000) to 400,000 EGP ($25000). They are base variants without many frills and accessories.

The high price accounts for import duty and other taxes.

  1. Golf Carts Price in UAE

The UAE is a hub for exotic automobiles and supercars. The same trend follows in terms of golf carts.

In the UAE, gas golf carts are cheaper and more common, thanks to the less fuel prices and sandy terrain of the UAE.

A 2 seater Yamaha gas golf cart costs AED 189,000 on average that roughly translates to $5500, a lot less as compared to the US.

  1. Golf Cart Price in India

India has seen a significant rise in the number of golf enthusiasts in the last 5 years. India has dealerships of famous brands like Yamaha, EZ-GO, etc.

Indian-made electric golf carts are prices between 200,000 INR (2600 USD) to 600,000 INR (7800 USD).

There are custom and import duties if India imports golf carts from the US and the UK.

  1. Golf Cart Price in Qatar

Qatar also enjoys reduced fuel prices as a country, and hence gas golf carts are more popular, easily available, and cheaper.

A 200 CC Yamaha gas golf cart is available for 10,000 QAR (3000 USD) while the same electric variants cost around 12000 QAR (3300 USD).

Yamaha, Volkswagen, EZ-GO, E-Car, etc. are the leading suppliers in Qatar.

  1. Golf Cart Price in KSA

KSA is a lead importer of both luxury and performance golf carts. The most commonly found golf carts in KSA are gas ones.

The lead suppliers to KSA are XunHu, Yamaha, Club Car, EZ-GO, Marshell, etc. As a whole, China is the leading exporter to KSA for electric golf carts. In KSA, electric golf carts cost from 13000 SAR (3500 USD) to 45000 SAR (12000 USD).

  1. Golf Cart Price in Kolkata

In Kolkata, golf carts are used on beaches, off-road traveling, and golf courses. The electric golf carts sell for 450,000 INR (6000 USD) on average.

The luxury golf carts can cost you around 10,00,000 INR (13400 USD).

The gas golf carts are priced at around 350,000 INR (4700 USD) in Kolkata.

Many online marketplaces deal in new and used electric as well as gas golf carts.

  1. Golf Carts Price Philippine

In the Philippines, electric golf cart prices range from 68000 Pesos (1320 USD) to 250,000 Pesos (5000 USD).

The Philippines has seen a significant rise in golf cart imports in the last decade.

The luxury golf carts in the Philippines cost around 500000 Pesos (9700 USD). The Philippines is a leading golf cart importer from China and the US.

  1. Golf Carts Prices South Africa

EZ-GO, Club Car, TXT, Garia, Star EV can be found easily in South Africa. More than 30,000 Chinese golf carts are annually shipped to South Africa.

US-based golf carts are priced higher in South Africa due to the recent taxes and imposed duties.

Used gas Club Car is priced at R39500 (2500 USD) while new costs around R69900 (4500).

Golf Cart Rental Prices

Golf Cart Rental Prices

You can choose between two basic business models; per hour or per day. Many rental dealers can rent out a golf cart for $15-$20/hr. Similarly, for a day, you can rent a golf cart for as low as $150/day.

Buying a golf cart can be a great investment, given the recent trends of the leading use of golf carts in different industries.

Due to the fact that golf carts are affordable and are inexpensive to maintain and operate, many businesses opt for electric golf carts to cut their annual transportation costs.

In addition, if you cannot or do not want to buy a golf cart, you can easily rent one. Just like automobiles are rented out, golf carts are too,

Such rental business is booming since people get to drive different golf carts without actually buying one.

But how much do you need to pay? Different rental businesses offer different rental models. You can choose among various options.

For example, you might need a golf cart for a specific event or you could rent a golf cart for house or office use.

As seen from the trend, it is always a great idea to rent a golf cart for a day, but of course, that depends on how long you are going to need to use your golf cart.

Summary for Golf Cart for Sale Prices

Golf carts are now being employed practically everywhere. Every business, large and small, is taking benefit of the latest tech that has made golf carts powerful and affordable.

Due to the annual increase in fuel prices, transportation businesses are opting for golf carts as they provide a sustainable alternative to gas automobiles that are costly to run and expensive to maintain.

Under the spread of COVID-19, golf cart prices have seen an increase due to a shortage of labor, increased shipping costs, and delayed procurement of raw materials and spare parts.

Moreover, due to the ban on import and export, and countries closing off their borders, nearly everything has become more costly.

On average, golf carts cost 20% more than what they did last year.

China being the industrial and technological hub, has been producing, assembling, and shipping golf carts to the world but at a little slower rate in the wake of the pandemic.

Golf carts prices fluctuate the moment you move to another country due to the levied taxes and customs duties.

In this article, we have collected data from various credible sources and compiled it in the form of an article to let you have an idea of how golf carts’ prices have been changing so far.

We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did create it.

So tell us, within your budget, you want to buy new golf carts or used golf carts near your place, or want to wholesale golf carts from China?

And as one professional golf cart supplier in China, if you need to buy golf cart accessories, we can help; if you learn how to care for your golf carts, of course, we can help.

Leave us your message or call us now.

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