Golf Cart Parts and Accessories: Everything to Know

Golf Cart Parts and Accessories

Golf has taken the world by storm. Hundreds of thousands of people have started playing golf in the last decade alone. With the growing popularity of golf, people started using golf carts to easily finish an 18 hole game.

The simplicity, affordability, and elegance of an electric golf cart have introduced it to practically every walk of life. Many brands and companies started making golf cart parts and accessories to bridge the gap between supply and demand.

In today’s world, hundreds of golf cart accessories are available for sale. Some are used to enhance performance, some for appearance, and some to add functionality to the cart.

Do you own a golf cart? Do you want to add optional features to your cart but do not know which one to buy? We have done the research so you don’t have to. We have compiled this guide for you so that you can be in a better position to make a decision.

Let’s Get to Start it.


Golf Cart Batteries

Golf Cart Batteries

Golf Cart Batteries

Electric golf carts are equipped with AC/DC motors that turn the wheels of your golf carts at a required rate. The motor continuously draws amps from the batteries to provide a range of 20-25 km. Usually, 24-72V golf cart batteries are used in modern-day golf carts. The current requirement from the battery shoots up if the cart is accelerating, overloaded, or traveling uphill.

There are different types of batteries available in the market to cater to the needs of different situations. You might different batteries for certain range requirements, the weight of the battery, maintenance requirements, charging time, replacement costs, etc.

Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Li-ion golf cart batteries take benefit from deep-cycle lithium iron phosphate (LiFeO4) to keep lithium ions flowing through the circuit. These batteries are expensive and not widely used in automobiles or golf carts but they have certain significant advantages over other golf cart batteries. Lithium golf cart batteries weigh a lot less; even up to 1/3 of standard batteries, and deliver more. They have an extended life span of almost 2000-5000 charging cycles, increased efficiency in terms of torque and stable current output, require no maintenance, and charge at much faster rates.

Lead-acid Golf Cart Batteries

Lead-acid batteries are available in two types in the market, the flooded type (wet lead-acid) and gel type (AGM, absorbed glass mat). They are widely used in golf carts all over the world. They cost less and can deliver efficient output if taken care of. The wet type features an electrolyte solution while the AGM batteries, the electrolyte exists as a gel that is not subject to spilling.

Golf Cart Batteries Prices

Golf cart batteries prices vary significantly between:

  • Different brands
  • Different compositions
  • Different sizes
  • Age and weight
  • Quality of the casing, etc.

Usually, lead-acid batteries cost around 900 USD to 1200 USD. If you are buying in bulk, that one usually does in the case of golf carts, you might get a discount.

Lithium golf cart batteries cost around 1600-2500 USD. They are available at high-end dealerships and manufacturing factories, as well as online marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Top 10 Best Golf Cart Batteries for Sale

Best Golf Cart Batteries for Sale

The best golf cart batteries are those that deliver steady current output, require minimal maintenance, can cater to instantaneous demands of high currents, can handle extreme temperatures, and are cost-effective.

Addressing all the above-mentioned key aspects, the following golf cart batteries are the top 10:

  • Trojan T-125 12V 240Ah Flooded Lead Acid Gc2 Deep Cycle Battery
  • Aerial Lift Golf Cart Battery Us2200 Xc2 12-Volt
  • Mighty Max Ml35-12 Gel – 12 Volt 35Ah
  • Expertpower 12v 33Ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery
  • Interstate Batteries 12v 35Ah Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM Deep Cycle Battery
  • Ampere Time LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Deep Cycle Battery
  • Universal Power Group 12V Deep Cycle Battery
  • Chinz Lithium Ion Battery 12V 100AH
  • Windynation 100Ah 12V AGM Deep Cycle SLA Battery
  • Trojan T-1275 12V 150Ah Flooded Lead Acid GC12 Deep Cycle Battery


Golf Cart Steering Wheels

Golf Cart Steering Wheels

Golf Cart Steering Wheels

The steering wheel is a part of the steering system assembly that is used by the driver to control the direction of the moving vehicle. The steering assembly responds to the driver’s inputs by changing the direction of the front wheels to move the vehicle in the intended direction. An ideal golf cart steering wheel allows you to drive without putting in much effort, is responsive to commands, and performs well on different types of roads and surfaces.

Golf Cart Steering Wheel Types & Sizes

Different golf cart steering wheels are manufactured to cater to different needs and requirements. Some are crafted from materials that offer extra grip, while others offer a smoothing turning experience. Which one is right for you depends on your requirement.

Steering wheels can be categorized based on:

  • Their Appearances: You can buy shiny chrome steering wheels, black steering wheels, leather-coated steering wheels, plastic steering wheels in different colors. Moreover, you can buy different designs as well. For example, some famous designs for golf cart steering wheels are Aviator, Formula GT, Pilot, and more
  • The type of assembly: How the steering wheels are connected with the rest of the mechanisms and how you can change certain things to make steering wheels more functional, gives rise to a lot of different assembly types. They are called Adjustable Steering Wheels. They come in different types:
    • Tilt wheel
    • Adjustable steering column
    • Telescope wheel
    • Swing-away steering wheel
    • Tilt-away steering wheel
    • Quick-release hub steering wheel
    • Stowable steering wheel
  • The Size of Steering Wheels: Golf cart steering wheels come in a variety of sizes. The diameter of the steering wheels can range between 11.5 inches to 14.5 inches. They are categorized as:
    • Small Steering Wheels: These steering wheels feature a diameter of 11.5 inches. They offer a comfortable grip and convenience.
    • Medium-Sized Steering Wheels: These golf cart steering wheels offer a diameter between 13 – 13.5 inches.
    • Large Steering Wheels: Such steering wheels are easy to control and turn. They come in the diameter range of 13.5 to 14.5 inches.

Top 10 Best Golf Cart Steering Wheels

When you are selecting golf cart steering wheels, base your selection on the following:

  • Steering Wheel Size & Style
  • Materials & Steering Wheel Durability
  • Cart Compatibility
  • Ergonomics
  • Horns

The followings are our top picks for the top 10 steering wheels to buy for golf carts based on the reviews by previous owners, quality and durability, and their cost:

  • LEAPGO Universal Steering Wheels for Golf Carts
  • World 9.99 Mall Steering Wheels for Golf Carts
  • MOSNAI Steering Wheels
  • 10L0L Universal Golf Cart Steering Wheel, 12.5”
  • PF12054 PKG Steering Wheel 13″ Inch
  • Gussi Italia Model 13 Steering Wheels
  • RHOX Aviator 5 Steering Wheels for Golf Carts
  • MONSAI Steering Wheel for Golf Carts
  • New World Motoring Steering Wheel for Golf Carts, 12.5”
  • 3G Gussi Steering Wheels for Golf Carts

How to Buy Golf Cart Steering Wheel from China?

Wholesale golf cart manufacturers provide services when it comes to individual parts like headlights, seats, steering panels, motors, batteries, brake shoes, cables, and steering wheels in bulk. The steering wheels are not very hard to find, but you should look for quality and reliability.

You should buy certified products from licensed dealerships of golf carts to maintain safety. Using low-quality or aftermarket steering wheels can void the warranty and can lead to problems with the operation of the golf carts in the future.

Once you have finalized the design requirements, you need to find a reliable supplier. Go through their websites and look at the reviews. Compare the prices and the quality offered. Once you have finalized the manufacturer as well, submit a query at the manufacturing factory about the MOQ of the steering wheels that you need to get additional information about the lead time.

Golf Cart Covers & Enclosures

Golf Cart Covers

Golf Cart Covers

Golf cart covers come in a variety of fabric options and colors. They are used to protect your golf cart mainly from dust when they are stored. There are weather enclosures available as well that can protect your golf carts from heavy downpours if you have outside storage for your golf carts.

Golf Cart Covers

They come in all sizes and fabrics to keep your golf carts safe from extreme weather conditions like wind, dust, snow, rain, etc. Their fabric can be polyester, PVC clear sheets, breathable cotton enclosures, nylon, etc. They may or may not come with zippers.

Golf Cart Seat Covers

These covers are used to customize the seats of your golf cart. They are available in hundreds of textures and color options. They protect the underlying layer of seats against dirt and debris. Leather seat covers are the premium golf cart seat covers.

Golf Cart Rain Covers

These covers are also called weather enclosures and are used to protect the golf carts against rain and snow. Usually, they are equipped with zippers for custom fits.

Golf Cart Covers for Sale Price

Golf cart covers are available for prices as low as 100 USD and as high as 1500 USD, The significant difference in the prices accounts for different brands, a difference of quality, a difference in design, stitching quality, type, and quality of the fabric, etc.

How To Choose the Right Covers and enclosures for 4 Seater, 6 Seater, and Lifted Golf Carts?

To choose the right covers and enclosures, you need to have an exact idea of what you are looking for. You need to invest in the fabric. Waterproof fabric will prevent water and moisture from seeping in and damaging the paint and inner components and fine quality fabric will last longer.

Secondly, look for a custom fit. Each golf cart design is unique and so should be its cover. You don’t want a cover that does not offer the perfect fit.

Thirdly, look for easy installation. This is an important factor. You don’t want to find yourself spending more than 5 minutes putting the cover on.

Golf Cart Windshields

Golf Cart Windshields

Golf Cart Windshields

Golf cart windshields, as the name suggests, are completely transparent panels that are there to protect you against the incoming wind as you drive your golf cart. An ideal golf cart windshield is perfectly transparent, is not prone to shattering in case of an impact, can handle extreme sunlight and downpours well.

Golf Cart Windshields Types and Styles

Golf cart windshields are categorized as follows when it comes to their style and appearance:

  • Roll-up Windshield
  • Fold-Down Windshield
  • One-Piece Windshield
  • Winged Windshield

Golf Cart Windshields for Sale Size

Based on their composition, golf cart windshields vary in strength and their ability to withstand impact. In general, they are categorized as:

  • Standard Acrylic Golf Cart Windshields with the thickness of 0.168” / 3/16″ / 4mm
  • Impact Modified Golf Cart Windshield, a 0.177” / 3/16″ / 1/4″ thick poly-carbonate blend for high resistance to shatter
  • 25 inches Thick Golf Cart Windshield is designed to work with most models
  • Street Legal AS4/AS5 Golf Cart Windshields a durable, shatter-resistant windshield to keep you safe from flying debris from passing vehicles
  • One-Piece Golf Cart Windshields are just as reliable and available in AS4 DOT versions as well as some manufacturers offer full glass one-piece windshields

Golf Cart Windshields for Sale Prices

Depending on the size and type, golf cart windshields are usually priced between 50 USD to 1000 USD.

How to Choose the Best Windshields for Your Golf Carts?

To buy the best windshield for your golf cart, you need to know the exact year, make, and model of your golf cart. The thickness of golf cart windshields varies between 3/16″ or 1/4″. The choice of the most suitable windshield depends on your driving conditions, personal preferences, and your budget.

Golf Cart Mirrors

Golf Cart Mirrors

Golf Cart Mirrors

Just like in other automobiles, golf carts also incorporate mirrors to increase your field of view and to let you drive safely.

Golf Carts Side View Mirror

Usually convex mirrors are used as golf cart side mirrors. The mirrors are housed in plastic casing and clamped to the body of the golf carts. Some golf cart manufacturers use screws to clamp the side view mirrors on both sides.

Golf Carts Rearview Mirror

Rearview mirrors are required by law if you want to drive on city roads. Golf cart rearview mirrors give the driver a panoramic view of everything behind the golf cart. The rearview mirrors by different manufacturers offer certain different features, like the anti-glare effect, better image, and durable plastic housing.

Top10 Best Golf Cart Mirror Brands

Depending upon image clarity, sturdy housing, wider field of view, and cost-effectiveness, we have listed the top 10 golf cart mirror brands:

  • 10L0L
  • Betooll HW9008
  • Kemimoto
  • Erkoon
  • Huskey
  • Big Buddy Team
  • RecPro
  • Moveland
  • Fat Cat
  • RedHawk

Golf Cart Seats

Golf Cart Seats

Golf Cart Seats

Golf cart seats can be bought depending upon the level of customization that you require. The golf carts come assembled with the front and rear seats from the factory. Usually, the “bench-type” configuration is used in golf carts. But many different styles and design options are available in the market.

The choice of golf cart seats, both front, and rear, depends on the year, make, and model of your golf cart.

These can be bought from golf cart manufacturing factories, registered dealerships, and certified wholesalers. You can have them cushioned to the degree you prefer, get the customized fabric, and side grills as well.

Golf cart front and rear seats usually come in two pieces; the seat itself and the back support.

Golf Cart Lift Kits

Golf Cart Lift Kits

Golf Cart Lift Kits

What is a Golf Cart Lift Kit?

Lifted golf carts are conventional golf carts that feature extra ground clearance and bigger tires to use that extra space underneath. Golf carts are lifted by using lift kits. The extent of lift and the structural stability must be addressed while using lift kits.

Golf Cart Lift Kit Options

Two types of lifts are generally used to lift golf carts:

  • Body lifted kits are the ones in which the chassis is structured and designed in a way that provides an extra ground clearance
  • Suspension lifted kits give your extra ground clearance by using bigger suspensions that allow extra height for the golf cart

Following types of kits are used in lifted golf carts:

  • Spindle lift kits
  • A-Arm lifts kits
  • Drop axle lift kits
  • Block lift kits
  • Long Travel Lift Kits

Buying the correct type of lift kit is important. Selecting which one to buy depends on how high do you want to lift and your daily driving requirements. If you want to cruise in the neighborhood, a low-height lift kit might suffice your needs.

The Best Brands for Golf Cart Lift Kits

There are many brands out there that excel in making standard lift kits. You need to be technically sound to install the lift kits yourself. Otherwise, hire a skilled technician to handle the work for you.

Depending on the height limits, durability, and cost-effectiveness, the following are the top 10 golf cart lift kit brands:

  • Club Car DS, 6″ Spindle Lift Kit For Golf Carts
  • Madjax 6″ 2004-14 A-Arm Lift Kit
  • RHOX Club Car 6″ A-Arm Lift Kit
  • RHOX 6″ BMF A-Arm Lift
  • EZGO RXV BMF Lift Kit
  • EZ-GO Electric Golf Cart 5″ inch Lift Kit
  • Yamaha G22 6″ ”Rhox” Spindle Lift Kit
  • Jake’s 6″ Spindle Lift
  • 3G A-Arm Deluxe 6″ Lift Kit
  • Madjax 6″ 2007-Up A-Arm Lift Kit

Golf Cart Suspension

Golf Cart Suspension

Golf Cart Suspension

The golf cart suspension system is an integral part of the golf cart, responsible for providing a smoother and safer riding experience. Both coil springs and leaf springs are used in the golf cart suspension system. Available for as low as 60 USD and as high as 1000 USD in the market, golf cart suspension springs come in a variety of sizes, settings, and load-bearing capacities.

For the correct component for your golf cart, you need to look at the year, make, and model of your golf cart. The front and the rear suspension shock absorbers vary in size and shape, even for the same golf cart

Golf Cart Tires and Wheels

Golf Cart Wheels

Golf Cart Tires and Wheels Size

Golf cart tires are the components that ultimately bear the loading and are responsible for traction and braking as well. Many golf cart tire manufacturers produce a variety of tires with certain compositions, specs, and tread designs to achieve certain goals.

Golf cart tires come as:

Low-profile tires: These tires are generally thinner and are used in golf carts that are not lifted. They come in different sizes; 8, 10, 12, and 14 inches.

High-profile Tires: These are also called all-terrain tires. They are bigger tires and can be used in all types of golf carts. They also come in different sizes; 8, 10, 12, and 14 inches.

Top Brand Golf Cart Tires and Wheels for Sale

Depending on the durability, tread designs, and affordability, the following are our best picks:

  • Sunf Power.II Tires
  • Banshee Gunmetal Aluminum Golf Cart Wheels
  • Storm Trooper Wheels
  • Arisun 205/50-10 Low Profile Tires
  • Wanda 18X8.50-8 STX Golf Cart Tires
  • Vampire Gunmetal Wheels And 205/50-10 Tires
  • Fusion Wheels For Golf Cart
  • Arisun All Terrain Golf Cart Tires
  • MOTOOS 205/50-10 P826 Golf Cart Tires
  • MASSFX Wheels and Golf Cart Tire

Golf Cart Lights

Golf Cart Lights

Golf Cart Lights

Golf carts use headlights to illuminate the road ahead and backlights to safely drive the golf cart on roads. With the advancement in technology, golf cart lights now come in hundreds of designs and specs. The technology has become so sophisticated that modern-day golf cart lights are brighter than ever and use a little power.

Golf Cart Headlight & Tail Light Kits

Golf cart light kits come in hundreds of designs and power ratings. Golf cart light kits are different for different makes and models. Nowadays, golf carts incorporate 2 types of headlights; Halogen light bulbs and LED lights.

Such kits are available in the market from 200-800 USD for a pair.

What is the Best Golf Cart Light Kit?

The best golf cart light kit is the one that comes in perfect fitting, is easy to install, uses less power, and provides superior illumination.

RecPro Club Car Precedent Electric Golf Cart is a universal light kit that fits in almost all golf carts. They consume lesser power and offer brighter output.

How To Install Golf Cart LED Lights?

Installing golf cart LED lights gets as technical as it possibly can. You need a variety of tools and some experience working with the battery. The vehicle must be turned off with battery terminals disconnected. The lights are placed where you need them to be and wired with the battery using switches, voltage regulators, etc.

You should hire an experienced technician to carry out the installation for you.


Golf Cart Chargers

Golf Cart Chargers

Golf Cart Chargers

After running for a complete game of golf, your battery has now drained and needs to get charged. That’s where golf cart chargers come in. Charging with the correct type of battery charger is crucial otherwise it can damage the battery and can be a fire hazard.

On-Board Golf Carts Battery Chargers

On-Board Golf Carts Battery Chargers are the ones that are built-in in your golf cart. They condition the incoming AC power and convert it to DC before sending it to the BMS. Such chargers give you the liberty of plugging in your cart anywhere if it’s running low.

48 Volt Golf Carts Battery Chargers

48 Volt Golf Carts Battery Chargers are used to charge 48V batteries of golf carts. They send constant current to the batteries until they are full.

36 Volt Golf Carts Battery Chargers

36 Volt Golf Carts Battery Chargers are used to charge smaller, 36V golf cart batteries. Modern-day battery chargers take 5-7 hours to fully charge a drained battery.

24 Volt Golf Carts Battery Chargers are used to charge 24V golf cart batteries.

Golf Carts Battery Chargers Prices

They are priced between 300-700 USD depending upon their brand, optional safety features, charging time, and power output.

Golf Cart Speakers

Golf Cart Speakers

Golf Cart Speakers

Modern-day golf carts come equipped with a built-in stereo system and speakers. The basic versions of those speakers are there to let you enjoy some music as you drive your golf cart around. You can go for even better and louder speakers that offer a much crisper sound experience.

Golf Cart Speakers Types

Golf cart speakers come in various shapes, designs, sizes, and sound options. There are Bluetooth speakers, bass speakers, stereo speakers, waterproof speakers, etc. They vary significantly when it comes to the cost. Usually, they come to a pair and are installed either around the dash or in the rear for an immersive sound. They are available for 100-1000 USD depending on their brand, durability, their features, type of mounting, and their size.

Top 10 Best Golf Cart Speakers for 2022

Depending on the sound quality, durability, ease of installation, power consumption, and affordability, below are our top picks:

  • JBL FLIP 6
  • Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2
  • Bose SoundLink Micro
  • Sonos Roam
  • Anker Soundcore Flare 2
  • Bose SoundLink Color II
  • Ampcaddy Version 3 Pro

Golf Cart Solar Panels

Golf Cart Solar Panels

Golf Cart Solar Panels

All golf carts can be charged with solar panels as long as they run on batteries. Solar panels use sunlight to generate current that is then used to charge the batteries. On a bright sunny day, you can keep your golf cart running for hours during a game. As soon as you turn off the key, the solar panel starts the charging process.

Golf cart solar panels are mounted on the roof to increase the effective surface area. Solar panels are available as solar kits that include:

  • Solar cells
  • Module
  • Wiring
  • Connectors

To know which solar panels you need, consider if the available solar panels are of 18V capacity, you need 2 to charge a 36V golf cart and 3 for a 48V golf cart.

Solar panels for golf carts are available for 200-800 USD per panel, depending on their brand and power output.

Golf Cart Fender Flares

Golf Cart Fender Flares

Golf Cart Fender Flares

Fender flares are golf cart accessories that appear like a regular fender but are extended in shape to give extra coverage. They are bigger than regular fenders. They come in a pack of 2 or 4 fender flares. The shape and design are different for front and rear wheels.

Different types and makes are available in the market. They are crafted from steel, carbon fiber, fiberglass, PVC plastic, or similar materials. They are screwed into the body kits to give your golf cart a bold look.

They are available in 1”, 2”, 3”, and even 4” sizes that are riveted into the body. To get a perfect size, you need to know the make and model of your golf cart.

There are also universal fender flares available that can be attached to a variety of golf carts.

Golf Cart Voltage Reducers

Golf Cart Voltage Reducers

Golf Cart Voltage Reducers

Golf cart voltage reducers do exactly what they sound like. Since, most golf cart accessories run on 12V and 5V via USB ports or directly connecting them to batteries, the voltage from 36V or 48V batteries must be reduced to this level to keep your favorite accessories running.

For example, to hook your 12V LED headlights to a 48V golf cart battery, you need a 48 to 12V voltage reducer. A similar rule goes for 5V speakers and mobile chargers.

There is a wide range of golf cart voltage reducers available in the market. You can buy the power output option that suits your needs.

Voltage reducers are priced at 100 USD to 400 USD depending on the brand and the voltage output.

Golf Cart Battery Meters

Golf Cart Battery Meter

Golf Cart Battery Meter

Golf cart battery meters are used in golf carts to numerically or digitally display the amount of remaining charge in the batteries. Many 3rd party parts manufacturers assemble and design various forms of battery meters.

They can be dotted LED lights in which 10 lights mean full battery and 5 mean half. There are also models available that show the exact percentage of charge left in the batteries as a number, 25%, 40%, etc.

The meters are housed in PVC plastic or ABS material to make them durable, weather-resistant, and lasting.

There is also an analog model available for battery meters that incorporates a needle that shows the battery status at a bar from “empty” to “full”.

Golf Cart Body and Trim

Golf Cart Trims

Golf Cart Trims

Golf cart trim parts are decorative parts that add to the aesthetics and beauty of your golf cart without adding much functionality to it. Such parts include side panels, floor mats, carpets for the flooring, pedal covers, steering covers, front and rear bumpers, seat covers, etc.

Due to the increase in popularity of golf and golf carts, body and trim parts have seen a great demand as well. Many manufacturers design different types of trim parts. There is practically no limit to enhancing the beauty of your golf cart.

You can find plenty of golf cart accessories and trim parts at golf cart dealerships, online marketplaces, and high-end golf cart shops.

Golf Cart Seat Belt Kits

Golf Cart Seat Belts

Golf Cart Seat Belts

Many golf carts may come equipped with seatbelts straight out of the factory while some may not. You can get seatbelts installed in your golf cart at affordable prices. They are available in different fabric options, different hook options, and in various colors.

Seatbelts are compulsory when it comes to getting your golf carts street-legal. You can buy 2-point seatbelts as well as 3-point seatbelts with strong hooks and get them installed at low prices. Seatbelts come in universal models and can be installed on all models with similar configurations.

You can buy them at prices starting from 50-150 USD.

Golf Cart Floor Mats

Golf Cart Floor Mats

Golf Cart Floor Mats

Available in different colors, sizes, cuts, textures, and designs, golf cart floor mats add to the beauty and appearance of your golf cart. Most high-end golf carts come equipped with leather or rubber floor mats from the factory.

If your golf cart needs one, you can visit the local dealership, find a vendor on Amazon or Walmart, or look for manufacturing factories. Each golf cart model is unique and requires a floor mat designed in a certain way. You need to know the exact make and model of your golf cart to purchase a floor mat online.

Most luxury golf cart manufacturers produce stunning designs for floor mats and you can choose the one that best suits your personality and preferences.

Depending on the fabric, the detailing, the texturing, the stitching, and the cutting, golf cart floor mats cost anywhere from 50 USD to 500 USD.

Golf Cart Body Kits

Golf Cart Body Kits

Golf Cart Body Kits

Golf cart body kits are crafted from a fiberglass material that is strong, lasting, and highly customizable. Taking benefit of the customizability, there are hundreds of body kits available on the market.

You can buy those and change the appearance of your golf cart. Many experienced technicians can create stunning replicas of your favorite sports car and make your golf carts look exactly the same.

The more detail that goes into the body kits, the more costly they are. Leading golf cart manufacturers offer multiple options for body kits. You can ask for custom colors, get them embossed with logos, and much more.

Body kits are available for 200-1500 USD depending on the brand, size, detailing, and durability.

Golf Cart Dash Kits

Golf Cart Dash Kits

Golf Cart Dash Kits

Golf cart dash kits are plastic, wooden, or ABS panels that are custom made for your golf cart dashboards to enhance their appearance and give a fun vibe to the interior.

These dash kits completely replace your old dashboard to add superior functionality, provide custom options like cup holders, mobile holders, etc., and provide a stunning new interior to your golf cart.

A lot of detailed work goes into these dash kits. You can ask for custom dash kits if you want certain functions and features. Most dash kits available in the market come equipped with USB ports, mounted speakers, fans, and much more.

Depending on the quality, durability, functionality, installed features, and appearance of the dash kits, they are priced anywhere between 200-1000 USD.

Visit a nearby dealership or browse the internet for different designs and models available for dash kits.

Golf Cart Caddy Cooler

Golf Cart Caddy Coolers

Golf Cart Caddy Coolers

During a golf game on a hot sunny day, nothing beats a chilled beer. Modern-day golf cart accessories now feature a golf cart caddy cooler; a portable cooler that gets mounted on your golf cart and keeps your drink cool as you enjoy your ride.

The insulated inner compartment of caddy coolers keeps the drinks chilled. You can buy a variety of caddy coolers from the market. Some sophisticated caddy coolers come with extra storage for fruits and snacks.

These are inexpensive to buy and normally fit in the price range of 50-150 USD. While being lightweight enough to be carried as you walk, they can also be mounted on a golf cart for easier transportation.

Golf Cart Ball Washer

Golf Cart Ball Washer

Golf Cart Ball Washer

A golf cart ball washer comes in handy when you are an avid golfer. During a game of golf, the ball as well as the club tends to pick up dirt. This can hinder the performance by affecting the spin on the ball, the correct impact of the club, and more.

Golf cart ball washers are mounted directly on the golf cart using a base. Some ball washers have only one slot for the ball. Many golf cart manufacturers also manufacture golf ball cleaners that can clean the clubs as well.

They have two separate slots for the ball and the club so you can clean both for a better flight of the ball. Depending on the brand, quality, size, features, and material, these golf cart parts for sale cost around 40-100 USD.

Golf Cart Sunshine Curtain

Golf Cart Sunshine Curtains

Golf Cart Sunshine Curtains

Sunshine curtains also known as sun shades are fabric curtains used to keep heat from the sunshine at bay. Different sizes for different models, sun shades work like weather enclosures.

They are mainly categorized by fabric and type. There are golf cart sunshine curtains available in the market that offer sun protection and allow air to pass, keeping you cool at all times. They come in black and tan colors mainly and are wrapped around the golf cart as you drive to keep the temperature of the golf cart normal.

The straps hang down on both sides to provide effective protection against the sun.

They are different for different models and makes and you need to know exactly what you are looking for.

You can buy these golf cart parts for sale from local dealerships as well as from online marketplaces for 50-200 USD.

Golf Cart Speedometer

Golf Cart Speedometer

Golf Cart Speedometer

Golf carts usually come equipped with basic speedometers. They display the speed you are traveling at. There are tons of different designs available for speedometers that are portable and can be mounted where you want them to.

There are digital speedometers available in markets that display the amount of battery left, outside temperature, clock, range, and different other values.

These accessories for golf carts are not model specific and you can purchase any speedometer from the market, local dealerships, or from Amazon with ease.

They are affordable to purchase and extremely fun to use. They come with a magnetic tooth center that is attached near the wheel hub to measure the speed that is displayed on the meter. They are priced at 20-60 USD. More sophisticated golf cart speedometers can cost up to 200 USD.

Golf Cart Rear Cargo Box

Golf Cart Cargo Box

Golf Cart Cargo Box

Golf carts can carry a significant amount of load. 36V 2-seater golf carts can carry a load of more than 250 kg. Since golf carts are largely employed as airport vehicles, passenger shuttles, tourist vehicles, resort, and hotel vehicles, cargo boxes can come in handy.

Golf cart rear cargo boxes come with a mounting assembly and are securely mounted on the rear of your golf cart. You can store your golf equipment, cargo, and much more. These golf cart parts for sale come in all shapes and sizes. They may or may not come with a lid.

A wide range of materials is used to craft cargo boxes, such as plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, wood, etc. These can be bought from Amazon as well as from local dealerships and golf cart manufacturers.

Depending on their size, material, and durability, cargo boxes can cost you around 240-380 USD.

Golf Carts Coolers

Golf Cart Coolers

Golf Cart Coolers

Golf cart coolers are insulated compartments that can maintain a chilling temperature for your drinks on a hot sunny day. They come with mounting kits. You can either fix them permanently or just place them in the rear.

You put your drinks submerged in ice in the cooler, close the lid, and take it with you for a long game of golf. They are made out of plastic and steel with an insulating layer of foam that keeps heat from getting in.

They are available in different shapes and sizes with different storage capacities. You can buy these for 40-150 USD from local dealerships or golf cart manufacturing factories.

Sand & Seed Bottles for Golf Carts

Golf Cart Sand & Seed

Golf Cart Sand & Seed

During a game of golf, golfers dig square turfs while attempting a swing all over the course. This can cause divots all over the golf course and can affect the golfer’s ability to pot the ball.

To overcome this, sand and seed bottles are available for golf carts that are used to carry sand and grass seed with you as you move on with your game. The golfers fill the divots with sand and grass seeds to keep the golf course in good shape.

Sand and seed bottles come in various designs, sizes, and shapes. They come with metal or plastic holders that are attached to the golf carts. They are usually crafted from PVC plastic or ABS material for extra strength and durability.

These are universal accessories and can be mounted on any golf cart model. Available online and also at local dealerships, these golf cart parts and accessories are inexpensive to buy, normally ranging from 20-50 USD. Golf cart sand and seed bottles usually come in a pair.

Where to Buy Golf Cart Accessories?

With the increase in popularity of golf and golf carts, golf cart accessories have seen a huge increase in demand. People are buying golf carts for many different reasons and to cater to those different reasons, there are tons of different golf cart parts and accessories available in the market.

They are available in every continent of the world. If you are sure about the exact shape and size of the golf cart accessory, you can head to local dealerships, golf retail stores, custom golf cart shops, wholesale golf cart distributors, local golf cart manufacturers, etc. You can also contact leading golf cart manufacturers and suppliers to get your hands on your favorite accessory. You can fill in the details of the required accessory, get your shipping and payment details right, and the manufacturer can ship the part right away.

Moreover, online marketplaces, like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Alibaba, Aliexpress, etc. are filled with versatile and innovative golf cart parts for sale at affordable prices.

Chinese manufacturers are reliable if you want to order in bulk, given their shorter lead times, fast production rate, competitive prices, and great aftersales services.

How to Wholesale Golf Cart Accessories and Parts from China?Wholesale Golf Cart Accessories and Parts

China is the hub to industrial and technical advancements when it comes to golf carts, their parts, and accessories. China is a tech giant that caters to the needs of millions of customers annually.

Technology, plastic, textile, consumer goods, etc. all their exports from China are massive. If you are looking for golf cart accessories and parts from China, chances are bright that you could find the best deal.

There are tens of thousands of local manufacturers in China who deal exclusively in manufacturing golf cart parts and accessories. Similarly, there are leading golf cart manufacturers that ship thousands of golf carts to the world annually. They also deal in making golf cart accessories and parts.

If you want to buy golf cart accessories in bulk, get in touch with a reliable golf cart manufacturer. Go through websites of different manufacturers and request free catalogs of their products. Compare the quality, the specs, the price, warranty coverage, payment options, shipping time, aftersales services, reviews, etc. to boil down to the most reliable golf cart manufacturer.

Contact the manufacturer and share the details of the accessories and parts that you are looking for. See if they can process your order in the time frame that suits you. Put forward the MOQ and try to negotiate the price by making offers like fast payment, more orders, etc. Once you have decided the price that works for you, place the order.

Usually, you have to pay 30% payment in advance to start the manufacturing process and the remaining 70% once the production is complete.

You put forward the shipping details and Chinese golf cart manufacturer companies can handle the container loading, inspection, port formalities, etc. for you.

If you want to golf carts wholesale business, check this golf cart price guide and get XunHu expert tips now.

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