Top 58 Golf Cart Manufacturers and Brands in the World

Top 58 Golf Cart Manufacturers in the World

Today, approximately, more than 61 million people have started formal participation in golf games.

The market has grown to more than 9 billion dollars. If it is a sunny day and you are at the golf course, chances are, you want to be driven around instead of walking so you can be at the best of your performance at every hole. Now you are in need of a golf cart and find one reliable golf cart manufacturer.

Golf carts have changed the dynamics of the game and you see a fleet of golf carts at almost every golf course. People are buying golf carts not only for the golf course but for personal use as well.

Others who don’t have a golf cart want to buy one. But the question is, what to buy? With so many golf cart manufacturers and brands available, it is normal to get carried away along the process.

Do your homework. Narrow down your research on exactly what you are looking for in a golf cart.

Take a look at some renowned golf cart manufacturers and brands to see what they have to offer.

Let’s get started.


    XunHu EV – Top Golf Cart Manufacturer in China

    • Xunhu Golf Cart manufacturer
    • XunHu EV is one of the largest golf cart manufacturers in China. Founded in 2011, Henan Xunhu Electric Vehicle Company has more than 30 electric vehicle patents to its name and is trusted by more than 10,000 customers across the world.XunHu factory is one of the largest factories in China where 100+ types of electric vehicles are manufactured each year including golf carts, trackless trains, sightseeing cars, mobile command vehicles, UTVs, sightseeing cars, and electric shuttle buses, etc.XunHu EV exports to more than 100 countries every year. Since XunHu can procure raw material from within China, it offers the most competitive prices to its customers without compromising on quality.For customers looking for the best quality, certified safety, quick delivery, and competitive price, do visit XunHu.

    Advanced EV – American Golf Cart Manufacturing Company

    AdvancedEV golf cart manufacturer

    Advanced EV is an American golf cart manufacturing company dealing in LSVs for more than 35 years. The company was founded to tackle the inconsistent quality of golf carts in the market by putting all the finest features in one brand.

    Being famous golf cart manufacturer for providing beyond competitive golf cart prices and warranty schemes, Advanced EV has come a long way from where it started. In addition to quality golf carts, it now manufactures electric buses and shuttle vehicles at competitive prices.

    If you are looking for a golf cart to drive around a neighborhood or a cart to be driven around a golf course for long hours, give Advanced EV a try.

    Aetric – A Most Innovative Electric Golf Cart Manufacturer

    Aetric golf cart manufacturer

    Aetric, established in 2014, is a registered trademark of Hahm EV Corporation, a manufacturer of the most innovative neighborhood electric vehicles and golf carts.

    Aetric golf carts are famous for their stylish designs, rugged looks, and enhanced ground clearances. They feature a set of rough terrain tires to help you maneuver safely on rough terrain and in a neighborhood.

    Moreover, Aetric flaunts innovative features like a Toyota controller, digital speed odometer, front independent suspension, flip-down windshield, an onboard delta q charger, and a foldable rear seat for more cargo space.

    For golf enthusiasts, looking for a blend of classic designs and power, Aetric is a good golf cart manufacturer for you.

    AGT Electric Cars – One of The Largest Electric Golf Cart Manufacturers

    AGT golf cart manufacturer

    AGT Electric Cars, established in 2009, is a privately held Canadian electric cart manufacturing company that specializes in manufacturing LSVs, NEVs, and UTVs.

    AGT is one of the largest electric golf cart manufacturers souring the finest parts from all over the world; American controllers, Canadian batteries, and precisely machined body kits from China.

    AGT features a grand lineup of golf carts. You can find quality golf carts ranging from 2 seaters to 6 seaters coupled with a cargo space as well.

    If you require lasting golf carts or durable utility vehicles to finish up your chores, or spare parts for your existing vehicle, you must consider visiting an AGT dealership.

    American LandMaster – UTV Golf Cart Manufacturer

    AGT golf cart manufacturer

    American Landmaster has been in business for over 40 years. As one golf cart manufacturer, it has established its name in the UTVs manufacturing industry.

    This proud American company deals in making supreme gas as well as electric utility vehicles. By sourcing more than 70% of parts from within America, American Landmaster has been pushing its limits and set its boundaries.

    The golf carts feature a higher ground clearance and a set of suspensions so unique that you hardly feel any rumble strips or potholes.

    If you are interested in buying a golf cart that has a great towing capacity, performs exceptionally well on rough terrains, and tackles heavy jobs, American Landmaster is the one.

    Arcimoto – Electric Utility Golf Cart Manufacturer

    AGT golf cart manufacturer

    Arcimoto is an American electric utility vehicle and golf cart manufacturer globally famous for its “futuristic” vehicles. The electric utility vehicles feature a unique design that appears straight out of the future.

    With front wheels located far apart from each other, and a handle instead of steering wheels, Arcimoto fun electric utility golf cart vehicles stand out from other vehicles of the same category.

    Arcimoto combines the adaptability of a motorbike and the comfort of a car in one.

    Unlike other electric utility vehicles and golf cart manufacturers that put 4 wheels to use, Arcimoto features a 3-wheel design, attracting customers from all over the world.

    The highly adaptable to busy roads shape and congested traffic favorable design, Arcimoto is loved by delivery companies and if you are looking for the same, visits their website.

    Atomic Electric Vehicles – Luxury Golf Cart Manufacturer

    Atomic Electric Vehicles golf cart manufacturer

    Atomic electric vehicles, established over 20 years ago have made their name in the business.  They deal in high-quality luxury electric utility vehicles and golf carts.

    At a glance, their electric utility vehicles appear to be miniature versions of high-end automobiles and SUVs. Atomic electric vehicles claim that their lineup features 4-wheel disc brakes, full-fledged doors, and an air conditioner, a heat fan, turn signals, wipers, all with a comfortable and compact factor.

    Unlike traditional golf cart manufacturers, Atomic has gone an extra mile in providing safety to the customers in form of laminated glass, seatbelts, closed vehicle protection, etc.

    For golf enthusiasts, looking for a luxury car in the form factor of a golf cart, atomic electric vehicles have no match.

    Beast – Hunting Golf Carts Manufacturer

    Beast golf cart manufacturer

    Beast golf carts have been manufacturing specially designed hunting golf carts for more than 10 years.

    These golf carts are not like the usual golf carts, instead, they feature a 4×4 wheel drive in some models to give the vehicle the power it requires to handle rough terrains, rocky hills, potholes, forest paths, etc.

    With industrial-grade, camouflaged body design, robust suspension mechanism, powerful motors, and mountain tread design, beast golf carts are capable of towing and handling your hunting trips.

    For customers looking for more power and torque or avid hunters looking for hunting vehicles to assist them in their adventures, the beast does justice to its name, is the best golf cart manufacturer and supplier for you.

    Bintelli – LSVs, UTVs, Golf Carts Manufacturer

    Bintelli golf cart manufacturer

    Bintelli is a leading electric vehicles manufacturer, dealing in golf carts, LSVs, UTVs, electric shuttles, electric trams, etc.

    This American electric golf cart manufacturer, offering more than 40 variations of electric vehicles, takes pride in providing the newest designs with unmatched comfort.

    Bintelli is famous for keeping up with the advancements in the industry and maintaining the highest standards of quality in the process.

    They deal in manufacturing as required by the customers. If you are looking for a manufacturer to build you a golf cart of your choice and design, Bintelli is the one for you.

    Breeze Carts – Golf Carts Manufacturer US

    Breeze Carts golf cart manufacturer

    Breeze carts have been manufacturing golf carts for a decade now. Breeze carts takes pride in displaying the “all American” title as their motto.

    At Breeze carts, all parts are manufactured and sourced from the US. This American giant manufactures classic golf carts with improved ground clearances and custom designs.

    Breeze carts flaunts its rich American tradition and deals in sales, service, and rentals. It assembles 2 seater to 6 seater golf carts. Since everything is sourced from the US, customers living in the US can avail themselves of competitive prices and quick shipping.

    Caddyshack – Famous Golf Cart Brand in US

    Caddyshack golf cart manufacturer

    Caddyshack, an American golf cart manufacturer, deals in the retail business as well. Being official golf cart manufacturers for famous brands like Shelby American, the Ford Motor Company, and General Motors, Caddyshack has established its name in the industry.

    Caddyshack is famous for uniting existing supercars like Mustang, Camaro, Ford, Shelby, Porsche, etc., and modern-day golf carts into a masterpiece.

    They also deal in the retail of new and used golf carts of established brands like EZ-GO. Cushman, Tomberlin, etc. If you are a sports car enthusiast, you can find a matching golf cart under one roof at Caddyshack.

    Cazador Motorsports – High-end Sports Golf Cart Manufacturer

    Cazador Motorsports golf cart manufacturer

    Cazador Motorsports is an authorized manufacturer of golf carts, UTVs, and Go-Karts. They specialize in assembling high-end sports golf carts.

    Every component of a golf cart is made by paying extra attention to detail. They also deal in powerful gas golf carts with rugged tires and higher ground clearance to achieve high torque and power.

    Based in Texas, USA, Cazador Motorsports also deals in high-end body kits and accessories of golf carts like metal bumpers, chrome rims, snowplow kits, etc.

    Do take a look at their website if you are looking for advanced and premium golf cart designs.

    Chappy Carts – Best Golf Cart Manufacturer for Assembling Golf Carts Tailor-Made

    Chappy Carts golf cart manufacturer

    Chappy carts, established a decade ago, has been manufacturing high-end electric golf carts for consumers.

    They are famous for assembling golf carts tailor-made to the request of their consumers. Moreover, they use long-lasting Trojan batteries, robust chassis frame, and more advanced features like FM radio, MP3 player, turn signals, seatbelts, lifted suspension, etc. all pre-installed.

    They boast of their tradition of providing innovative accessories at competitive prices. If you prefer innovative designs in 6 seater or 4 seater electric golf carts, Chappy carts may have the best golf cart manufacturer you are looking for.

    Club Car – One of the Most Famous Golf Cart Manufacturers and Brands

    Club Car golf cart manufacturer

    Club car is probably one of the most famous golf cart manufacturers and brands, recognized all over the world. Established in 1958, Club Car is the second longest-running company in the whole world.

    Famous for manufacturing and selling the largest number of golf carts in the US, Club Car takes pride in displaying the largest number of dealerships as well.

    In the 37,161 square meters factory situated in Florida, Club Car manufactures golf carts as well as other utility vehicles.

    Club car has been around for more than 80 years now, one of the biggest classic golf cart manufacturers.

    Cricket – Mini Golf Carts Manufacturer

    Cricket Mini Golf Carts manufacturer

    Cricket mini golf carts specializes in providing lightweight, portable, compact, and collapsible golf carts and golf buggies fit for daily golf field trips and driving around the neighborhood.

    Cricket as one best mini golf cart manufacturer offer competitive perks and benefits when it comes to buying spare parts or a warranty for your vehicle.

    The golf carts manufactured are often so compact that you can fit them inside your SUV or 5th wheel compartment. They are best for handicapped people, military veterans, and single drivers.

    For the ones looking for inexpensive golf carts with competitive warranty options, smaller form factor, etc. they must look into cricket mini golf carts.

    Crown Carts –  An American Golf Cart Manufacturer and Retailer

    Crown Carts Golf Carts manufacturer

    Crown Carts, an American golf cart manufacturer and retailer, assembles golf carts famous for providing exceptional mileages on a single charge.

    Established in 2017, Crown carts has been manufacturing gated as well as open golf carts with lithium batteries for improved mileage. If you want to buy lithium golf carts, you can get price list now.

    Situated in the state of Florida, Crown Carts started as wholesalers before starting a retail business. You can find various makes and designs for electric golf carts under one roof at competitive prices.

    Crown is one of the best golf cart manufacturers, all of their carts are famous for offering luxury features of a golf cart, for example, air conditioning and heating systems.

    Cruise Car – Electric Golf Vehicles Manufacturer

    Cruise Car Golf Carts manufacturer

    With a factory spanning over more than 174,240 square feet, Cruise Car manufactures more than 200 vehicles and golf carts monthly.

    Hailing from Florida, this American golf car manufacturer brand has been in business for more than 15 years. Cruise cars are not mere golf carts or electric utility carts, instead, they offer more functionality in a more compact form factor.

    Their vehicles and golf carts are widely utilized in transport, carrying cargo, medical assistance, airports, etc. due to their increased functioning, innovative side accessories, and extra cargo space.

    For people looking for enhanced functionality offered at competitive prices, Cruise Car might be the one for you.

    Eagle Products – Golf Carts and Parts Supplier

    Eagle Parts and Products Golf Carts manufacturer

    Eagle is one well known golf cart manufacturer, established in 1996, Eagle Parts and Products started off to be a manufacturer of OEM parts and electric convenience vehicles.

    Today Eagle parts and products has built a 100,000 square feet factory in Georgia that builds and manufactures fine quality parts and products for top known brands like EZ-GO, Textron, Yamaha, John Deere, Sea World, Costco, and many others.

    With more than 40,000 product options available at more than 3000 dealerships across the US, including but not limited to windshields, seats, seat kits, rooftops, golf car accessories, and golf course facilities and grounds accessories.

    For quality OEM parts and quality manufacturing processes like plastic vacuum forming, plastic extrusion, laser machining, C&C routing, metal fabrication, welding & pressing, etc. Eagle Parts and Products is a one-stop shop. You can choose Eagle to be your golf cart supplier.

    Evolution Electric Vehicles – Golf Cart Manufacturer and Supplier

    Evolution Electric Vehicles Golf Carts manufacturer

    It has been more than 10 years since Evolution Electric Vehicle started operating independently from its parent company HDK Electric Vehicles, it is a good golf cart manufacturer and supplier for you to choose from.

    Based in the California, US, Evolution Electric Vehicles takes pride in assembling unique golf carts. It stands out from its competitors as it provides a personalized experience to the consumers where they get to choose custom options in a detailed manner.

    With upgrading options available across all dealerships, Evolution Electric Vehicles has been combining advanced technology with highly customizable body parts for years.

    Even for high-end accessories like leather covers, seating kits, etc. Evolution Electric Vehicles is one stands out golf cart supplier.

    EV Titan – Luxury Golf Cart Manufacturer

    Evolution Electric Vehicles Golf Carts manufacturer

    EV titan is a luxury golf cart manufacturer operating in the US that has been in business for more than 7 years and has been manufacturing robust electric golf carts since then.

    They manufacture the newest designs of golf carts loaded with advanced features and are street legal straight out of the factory.

    Their powerful golf carts come pre-equipped with innovative parts and features like LCD on the dashboard, higher ground clearance with larger wheels, underbody lighting, adjustable suspension, etc.

    EV titan as one leading golf cart manufacturer works best for the customers that prefer something extra in terms of power and luxury in their golf carts.

    E-Z-GO Textron – Famous Golf Cart Brand

    E-Z-GO Golf Carts manufacturer

    E-Z-GO is owned by Textron Inc. in addition to other famous brands like Bell, Cessna, Beechcraft, Arctic Cart, and many more.

    Textron is an English golf cart manufacturer company founded in 1923. It has now grown into a multi-industrial giant with a staggering net worth of more than 11 billion USD with a presence in more than 25 countries.

    E-Z-GO, famous for its RXV and TXT golf carts, has been providing a personalized experience to consumers for more than 3 decades with classic cart designs powered with lithium-ion batteries for optimized mileage.

    In addition, E-Z-GO takes immense pride in the competitive warranty terms it has to offer.

    Garia – Golf Cart Manufacturer in America & UK

    Garia Golf Carts manufacturer

    Founded in 2005, Garia is a Danish golf cart manufacturer that specializes in building high-end luxury golf carts and electric utility vehicles.

    Garia has established its presence in the US, the UK, as well as the Asia Pacific. Recognized for its Scandinavian build architecture, enhanced functionality, and personalized feel, Garia manufactures hundreds of golf carts every month.

    In 2015, Garia expanded its reach under the name of Garia Utility; a functioning branch of Garia that deals in building compact electric vehicles with increased usability.

    Garia uses high-end accessories and custom options with its vehicle like touch screen dash meter, leather seats, built-in refrigerator, ball cleaner, etc.

    If you want to find one golf cart manufacturer in America or UK, Garia is the one.

    GEM/Polaris – Leading Electric Vehicle and Golf Cart Manufacturer

    GEM Polaris Golf Carts manufacturer

    Polaris started in 1954 and has established itself as a leading electric vehicle and golf cart manufacturer. The GEM is a multipurpose electric vehicle lineup started in 1998 under the banner of Polaris.

    Based in California, GEM golf carts are street legal in more than 47 states. GEM has sold more than 45000 vehicles since it was established.

    The GEM carts appear to be more than golf carts. An integrated roof design, seamlessly built from front to back, gives a futuristic look to the vehicle.

    The usual customers of GEM are professional golfers, people looking for a luxury ride to drive around in a neighborhood, and similar more.

    Goggo Car – Top Electric and Gas Golf Carts Manufacturer

    GEM Polaris Golf Carts manufacturer

    As we all know Goggo car is a top golf cart manufacturer.

    Goggo car manufactures innovative and trendy electric and gas golf carts. Established more than two decades ago, Goggo car golf carts are unique in design and outstanding in performance.

    They specialize in creating street-legal luxury golf carts with higher ground clearance and bigger tires to assist maneuvering on the golf course and the neighborhood alike.

    Goggo car gas golf cart variants feature a 177cc gasoline engine and a block tread design to help you travel with comfort on rocky surfaces.

    If you are looking for a blend golf cart manufacturer of luxury, safety, and technology, Goggo Car might be the answer.

    Green Machine Carts – A Leading LSVs and Golf Cart Manufacturer

    GEM Polaris Golf Carts manufacturer

    Designed and assembled in the US, Green Machine Carts has certified street legal carts in the United States.

    Being a leading LSVs and golf cart manufacturer, Green Machine Carts was voted the number one manufacturer for quality and customer service.

    Headquarters based in the state of Missouri, Green Machine Carts has established its manufacturing factories in more than 7 states to cope with the demand of customers.

    With more than 15 designs of electric and gas variants of golf carts to choose from, Green Machine Carts deals in high-end accessories also.

    Hunt VE – 4×4 Off-road Golf Cart Manufacturer

    HuntVE Golf Cart manufacturer

    HuntVE has been in business since 2006 manufacturing rigid and robust electric off-road vehicles as well as fully electric ones.

    HuntVE is recognized golf cart manufacturer for using dual direct motors instead of one in their vehicles to provide smooth and consistent power to the shaft.

    A sturdy and tough American-made frame is built on top of 4×4 wheel drive. HuntVE boasts of using tough and sturdy dual suspension in both their electric and hybrid vehicles to overcome rocky terrains, potholes, and muddy roads.

    Perfect for camping, hunting, and visit to a beach, HuntVE has thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.

    Icon EV – Professional Golf Cart Manufacturer

    IconEV Golf Cart manufacturer

    Based in Florida, Icon EV is recognized for providing vast options of electric golf carts at very competitive prices. You get to choose almost everything while purchasing from Icon EV.

    Icon EV as one professional golf cart manufacturer offers 2 years warranty on its golf carts and ships accessories the same day. Combining the newest designs with powerful motors, Icon EV golf carts can push 5 people without dragging.

    Dealing in 2, 4, and 6 seater golf carts, Icon EV lets you get higher ground clearance, Toyota controllers and Toyota motors, larger tires with rock tread design, etc.

    Moreover, Icon EV carts are street legal in almost all states of the US.

    Italcar – Golf Carts, LSVs, UTVs, and Street Legal Electric Vehicles Manufacturer

    Italcar Golf Cart manufacturer

    In 1980, Melex used to manufacture electric vehicles for Green Company that came into being to act as its EU distributer. Ten years later, an American company; TOR international bought the Green Company when it started manufacturing electric vehicles.

    In 2 years, Green Company was leading in the manufacturing of EVs. Later in 2003, it signed a contract with T.Car, an Italian company, to use its existing makes and models to develop electric vehicles.

    Eventually, the Green Company ended up buying 100% shares of and named it Italcar in 2005.

    Based in Italy, Italcar has been a recognized brand of manufacturing 100% electric vehicles including golf carts, LSVs, UTVs, and street legal electric vehicles and their accessories.

    Maverick – Electric Golf Cart Manufacturer

    Maverick Golf Cart manufacturer

    Maverick is a US-based company that deals in premium electric golf cart manufacturing. For years, pro golfers have used Maverick golf carts due to their elegant design and unmatched efficiency on the golf course.

    Built on aluminum and steel frame, Maverick uses Curtis Controller in their power drive and AC motors coupled with Trojan batteries in all their products to deliver 20% more range than a usual golf cart.

    Moreover Maverick has been a distributor of high-end accessories for golf professionals like ball collectors, ball cleaners, cup holder racks, etc.

    For golf enthusiasts, looking for high-end premium electric golf carts, Maverick is the one golf cart manufacturer to consider.

    Mobi G – Golf Cart Manufacturing Factory Is Located in South Africa

    Mobi G Golf Cart manufacturer

    Mobi-G was established in 2018 mainly aiming to manufacture electric golf carts like no other.

    The golf cart manufacturing factory is located in South Africa, from where Mobi-G produces its more than 7 variants of electric golf carts and electric UTVs.

    The larger rims and leather seats provided in Mobi-G golf carts are perfect for frequent trips in the neighborhood or a picnic.

    One more reason to buy from Mobi-G is that their models are highly customizable; you get to choose the features, color, tires, and rims.

    High-end accessories like an on-roof solar charger, that lets you drive for hours in daylight without worrying much about recharging. Moreover, the built-in water cooler, robust suspension, etc. set Mobi-G apart from other golf cart manufacturers and brands.

    Moke America – Electric Vehicles and Retro Golf Carts Manufacturer

    Moke America Golf Cart manufacturer

    Moke America has been a game-changer when it comes to golf carts by completely reinventing its looks and design.

    With increased body length, width, height, and ground clearance, Moke America provides a vehicle that appears to be a mini jeep with extra space for passengers and equipment.

    Moke America relives the Caribbean tradition of the wooden steering wheel with fun accessories like Bamini tops and backup cameras.

    With more than 40 dealerships across the world, Moke America has established itself in Europe, Canada, and Mexico.

    All their electric vehicles and retro golf carts are fully electric and street legal across the world.

    Momentum Motorwerks – Luxury Golf Cart Manufacturer

    Momentum Motorwerks Golf Cart manufacturer

    Momentum Motorwerks golf cart manufacturer combines the luxury of an automobile and the size of a golf cart in all their vehicles.

    Founded in 2019, Momentum Motorwerks has come a long way in manufacturing recreational electric vehicles. They deal in closed vehicles with 4 seats, fun features of a car like air conditioning, heater, seatbelts, etc. in a form factor of a golf cart.

    If you are looking for comfort and luxury; Momentum Motorwerks might have the answer. With a range of more than 70 miles per charge, the closed design makes these vehicles perfect for trips to the neighborhood, shopping, picnic, beach trips, and even the game of golf.

    My Electric Vehicle – Luxury Street-legal Vehicle and Golf Cart Manufacturer

    My Electric Vehicle Golf Cart manufacturer

    My Electric Vehicle (MEV) has been in the business of providing luxury electric shuttle carts to celebrities, VIPs, luxury resorts, hotels, and community service departments since 2005.

    The splendid design of the resort vehicle and golf cart produced by MEV sets them poles apart from other luxury vehicles. Their vehicles feature a miniature hummer, an exotic jeep, powered by a 3.5kW motor.

    MEV has been doing business in more than 15 countries worldwide with a wide network of dealerships. Providing a range of 100miles per charge, MEV electric carts as one golf cart manufacturer are worth considering if you are looking for a street-legal vehicle and golf cart with extensive features like spot-on luxury and style.

    Quickie Cart – A Brand Golf Cart Manufacturer

    Quickie Cart Golf Cart manufacturer

    Quickie Cart is a brand golf cart manufacturer owned by Quickie Products LLC that deals mainly to address the need for a mini golf cart or a mobility cart for people, to drive them around in a neighborhood, camping sites, festivals, etc. with comfort and style.

    Quickie Cart offers fun to ride golf carts that meet the requirement of usability and comfort. With innovative looks and large tires, Quickie carts are perfect for the ones looking for mini golf carts they can take with them on trips.

    With a 2000W motor, powerful 4 wheel suspension, and a collapsible steering wheel, Quickie Cart has been delivering all across the US.

    Pilotcar EV

    Pilotcar EV Golf Cart manufacturer

    Established in 2011, Pilotcar EV deals in developing modern-day solutions for golf carts and other electric utility vehicles.

    Pilotcar EV has its production facilities in Turkey and the US where it manufactures its classic golf carts. It has established its offices in Germany and Bulgaria.

    You can trust Pilotcar to be your wholesale golf cart supplier.

    With robust designs featuring modern rounded shapes and rigid chassis, Pilotcar EV can deliver non-stop drive for straight 50 miles.

    With a skilled force of technicians, Pilotcar EV has delivered to thousands of customers to appease their needs.

    For people looking for elegant design coupled with modern technology, Pilotcar EV does it all.

    SC Carts/NXT – Famous Golf Cart Manufacturer

    SC Carts Golf Cart manufacturer

    As one famous golf cart manufacturer, SC Carts/NXT group deals in manufacturing electric luxury golf carts with premium features and elegant finish.

    NXT golf carts are manufactured by SC carts, a Canadian company, that aims to redefine the golf cart industry in the world.

    They have usually a clientele of luxury resort owners, VIPs, celebrities, etc. These carts are not cheap to buy because of all the luxury factors that go into these carts like hand stitched upholstery, Bluetooth music system, in-built climate control, leather seats, and automatic parking brake.

    NXT golf carts, as they claim, are next-level electric sports vehicles designed to give their users luxury, comfort, and freedom.

    Spree – Electric Golf Cart Manufacturer

    Spree Golf Cart manufacturer

    If you are looking for golf cart manufacturers that you don’t want to keep charging frequently, Spree is the one for you. Spree golf carts have revolutionized the way how and when to charge your electric golf carts.

    With luxury features like an onboard Bluetooth stereo system, well-stitched leather seats, Spree has introduced an E-Cell, an innovative technology that continues to power your golf cart vehicle in the sun using a solar panel mounted on the roof as you work on your game.

    Even if the sun isn’t shining, Spree takes pride in announcing that you can charge your vehicle fully in less than an hour on a standard 110V outlet that is 5 times less than standard golf carts.

    With more than 10 colors to choose from, Spree has gained immense popularity amongst golf enthusiasts.

    Star EV – Big Brand Golf Cart Manufacturer

    Star EV Golf Cart manufacturer

    If you are looking for one big brand golf cart manufacturer, Star EV is one.

    Headquartered in the US and established in 2003, Star EV manufactures more than 50 models across different categories of electric vehicles including golf carts, street-legal vehicles, utility vehicles, off-road vehicles, and other commercial vehicles.

    In golf carts, Star EV makes two models of different design specifications. The models address luxury and safety in parallel with performance. Both variants are powered by 36V brushless DC motors and stopped by rigid disc brakes.

    Moreover, for people looking for greater mileage, Star EV incorporates Trojan batteries and Curtis controllers. According to their claim, their vehicles can travel up to 60 miles before needing to be charged again.

    Streetrod Golf Cars – Custom Golf Cart Manufacturer

    Streetrod Golf Cart manufacturer

    In the year 2000, Streetrod started as a small company with the essence of experience and interest in developing custom golf carts.

    Later in 2015, Streetrod was acquired by a local business. Since then, Streetrod has earned a well-deserved reputation to its name when it comes to assembling quality custom golf carts.

    Streetrod Golf Cars is a golf cart manufacturer with a team of highly skilled technicians with an unmatched display of craftsmanship, Streetrod Golf Cars has managed to produce masterpieces. Vintage designs combined with modern technology attract thousands of enthusiasts every year.

    If you are a custom golf cart lover, Streetrod lets you choose the design, the make, the color, the features, and everything you can think of.

    Tomberlin – Electric Utility Vehicles & Golf Cart Manufacturer

    Tomberlin Golf Cart manufacturer

    Based in Florida, Tomberlin manufactures “All American” electric golf carts and electric utility vehicles. For customers looking for the utmost safety,  safe golf cart manufacturer, Tomberlin comes equipped with all safety featured pre-installed in all their models.

    They believe that “safety comes first”. With 3 point seatbelts, 4 wheel disc brakes, and DOT-approved tire designs let you travel in style and comfort.

    Tomberlin has been a golf cart brand always innovating its designs. The latest models at Tomberlin are equipped with Bluetooth stereo systems and LCD panels.

    Moreover, Tomberlin electric vehicles are equipped with a power steering system. For someone who is looking for safety, luxury, and functionality combined, Tomberlin might be the one.

    United Smart EV – Low speed Vehicles Golf Carts Manufacturer

    United Smart EV Golf Cart manufacturer

    USEV deals in golf carts, neighborhood electric shuttle vehicles, and electric low-speed vehicles. With dedicated craftsmanship and innovative technology, USEV has been uniquely improving its designs and functionality.

    By developing an innovative “Anti bump sensor” USEV has achieved substantial stability on bumpy and rocky terrains.

    With the “Auto-stop” feature, your cart stays in place at a slope when stopped and picks up torque easily when started. USEV boasts a 60+ mileage on a single charge.

    USEV has an extensive dealership network in all states. It has developed its clientele by delivering performance, stability, safety, and luxury.

    Vantage-Tag Pacer – Leader Golf Carts Manufacturer

    Vantage Tag Pacer Golf Cart manufacturer

    Vantage Tag has been a leader golf carts manufacturer in manufacturing, designing, and marketing innovative fleet management systems and solutions in the golf cart industry. Their innovative management systems have found them a great clientele in government and military backgrounds.

    They have developed futuristic technology that lets you control and manage your fleet, reduce theft and vandalism, get notified periodically all at once.

    Vantage Tag has developed the Pacer, a premium golf cart equipped with its core technology and tag systems. The company boasts a 60miles trip on a single charge.

    Pacer offers a single-seat golf cart, perfect for use by a single driver to carry out trips to the neighborhood while maintaining style and comfort.

    Vitacci – Electric Golf Cart Equipment Manufacturer

    Vitacci Golf Cart manufacturer

    Hailing from Texas, USA, Vitacci deals in manufacturing a wide range of sports automobiles like dirt bikes, Go-karts, ATVs, electric mobility scooters, trikes, golf carts, etc.

    Vitacci produces 2 variants of electric golf carts engineered the same way as its other products. With higher ground clearance, larger rims, and a durable plastic interior, Vitacci stands out in terms of quality.

    You get an extra luxury touch with the leather seats and padded panels.

    For a sports lover and racing enthusiast, Vitacci is a one-stop-shop. All their electric golf cart equipment products are built with significant strength and rigidity to handle extreme vibrations and power.

    Yamaha Golf Car – Top Golf Cart Brand

    Yamaha Golf Car

    Yamaha was founded in the 1880s with products to its name in almost every other category. Yamaha established its motor division in 1950 intending to revolutionize it.

    They started manufacturing engines, tires, parts, and accessories. 20 years later, Yamaha stepped up the game when it entered the golf cart market.

    Yamaha has built an unmatched reputation in the industry and nearly every brand wants to collaborate with them. Most golf events at PGA and international tours are sponsored by Yamaha.

    With its QuieTech technology, Yamaha made gas engines as silent as the electric ones solving a long luring problem in the industry.

    No matter what your expectations are, you can always trust Yamaha as your golf cart manufacturer resource that it will deliver the best in terms of quality and safety.

    Ziggy – Global Golf Cart Manufacturer & Distributor

    Ziggy Golf Car

    Ziggy wheels, headquartered in the US, is a global golf cart manufacturer, distributor, and importer of automobiles, LSVs, NEVs, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, EV scooters, electric bikes, and accessories.

    They are global distributors across the Middle East, Africa, India, and North America. Ziggy has partnered with Yadea, a bestselling brand of smart electric vehicles across different countries, delivering smart solutions to more than 6 million customers in 77 countries.

    Their golf carts feature a higher base with larger wheels to handle rough terrain. Ziggy has developed more than 10 variants of electric golf carts to cater to the needs of customers looking for safety, style, and comfort.

    ACG – American Custom Golf Carts Supplier

  • ACG golf cart manufacturer
  • ACG, also known as American Custom golf carts supplier, has been designing & constructing electric golf carts automotive accessories since 1976.ACG is known for making highly customizable golf carts and offering custom features in their models like adding more power, and LED signaling system, etc. ACG has been designing iconic custom carts for different movies.ACG is a famous golf cart manufacturer for making rugged-looking vintage golf carts made up of fine quality aluminum and steel.If you are looking for a golf cart manufacturer or a reliable golf cart brand to assemble high-quality and customizable golf carts as per your liking, ACG is the brand for you.
  • Bradshaw Electric Vehicles – Golf Cart Manufacturer in the UK

    Bradshaw Electric Vehicles

    Founded in 1976, Bradshaw Electric vehicles introduced industrial grade electric vehicles to cater to the demand for such robust utility vehicles.

    Headquartered in the UK, Bradshaw Electric Vehicles is a family-owned brand that supplies a range of industrial electric lifters, pullers, tractors, utility vehicles, etc. to the UK as well as across the borders.

    From its factory located in Stibbington, Peterborough, Bradshaw ships more than 2000 industrial electric fleets as well as electric golf carts annually. Moreover, Bradshaw has partnered with Club Car to manufacture its leading models in the UK.

    Taking pride in its ISO9001 accreditation, Bradshaw is one of the leading suppliers of the electric fleet to some of the largest airports in the UK.

    Cool Carts of Texas – Top Golf Cart Manufacturers And Supplies In The US

    Cool Carts of Texas golf cart manufacturer

    Cool Carts of Texas is one of the top golf cart manufacturers and supplies in the US, located in Austin, Texas, Cool Carts of Texas has been dealing in the automobile detailing and collision repair business for more than two decades.

    Taking inspiration from their experience in building and unmatched craftsmanship, Cool Carts of Texas is now manufacturing custom electric golf carts.

    You can choose the golf cart to appear like your favorite sports or vintage car, and you can have it assembled.

    Cool Carts of Texas are recognized for their versatile designing range and attention to detail.

    For people having a love for custom cars can provide all the specifications they need in their cart, Cool Carts of Texas can take care of the rest.

    Luxurycarts – Custom Golf Cart Manufacturer

    Luxury carts golf cart manufacturer

    Luxurycarts manufactures custom golf carts with unparalleled detailing and care. Being one of the leading custom golf cart manufacturers, Luxurycart can build a golf cart looking like the car you desire on top of a Club Car chassis.

    You can even choose from the designs they have in stock or put forward your unique requirement.

    Since you are buying a luxury golf cart combining the looks of your favorite car with the strength and safety of Club Car, you might have to pay extra for all the features and craftsmanship.

    Luxurycarts has managed to attract top resorts, guest houses, country clubs, and many gated communities with their highly unique custom designs.

    Melex – Golf Carts Producer in Poland

    Melex golf cart manufacturer

    Based in Poland, Melex was founded in 1971. Since then it has been one of the biggest producers of electric vehicles, golf carts, and utility carts.

    Having accreditation from ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Melex ships 3000 vehicles annually to different parts of the world.

    Melex celebrates the rich culture of 100% green energy used in production.

    With more than 100 different models and designs available, Melex could be the best choice for you if you need them for a resort, a stadium, zoo, parks, golf course, airports, etc. for their compact design and great torque.

    Orange County Golf Carts – Distributor of Brand Golf Cart Manufacturers

    Orange County Golf Carts manufacturer

    Orange County Golf Carts started off in 2003 as a distributor of new and used golf carts to the community for dedicated functionalities.

    Later it went on to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom electric golf carts as well as a distributor of leading brands like Tomberlin, Club Car, Streetrod, Garia, etc.

    This family-owned business located on the outskirts of Newyork has been a symbol of customer satisfaction, impeccable workmanship, and innovative designs.

    Moreover, Orange County Golf Carts deals in other electric vehicles, their high-end accessories, and customization options as well.

    Pennwick Custom Golf Carts – Custom Golf Cart Manufacturer

    Pennwick Custom Golf Carts manufacturer

    Since 2011, Pennwick Custom Golf Carts have set a standard for luxury and customization.

    At Pennwick, you get to choose from a luxury range of designs including Ferrari, Bentley, Mustang, Roadster, etc., or have your design built on top of Club Car chassis with a sturdy fiberglass body and detailed paint job.

    Pennwick custom golf carts are luxury golf carts and they are not cheap from the price point. If you own a luxury resort or want to buy a luxury vehicle that runs on battery, consider Pennwick Custom Golf carts.

    Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies

    Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies golf cart manufacturer

    Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies, founded in 2008, deals in manufacturing and providing practical photovoltaic solutions to residential and commercial areas.

    Based in Canada, USSE has been a leading developer of innovative charge systems to provide clean, quick, and hassle-free charging solutions to EV charging stations, solar-powered electric vehicles like UTVs, golf carts, ATVs, etc., and solar irrigation products.

    Add Sun Solar to your golf cart manufacturers list.

    Today leading electric utility vehicles manufacturers like Icon and Green machine are using systems developed USSE to provide ultimate recharging solutions to their existing vehicles.

    Mission Golf Cars

    Mission Golf Carts manufacturer

    Based in San Antonio, Texas, Mission Golf carts are proud retailers and dealers of recognized brands like E-Z-GO, Cushman, Garia, Yeti, Costa, Club Car, and many more.

    The company initially started as a dealership of new and used golf carts. Later on, it established itself as a brand providing quality services to the community.

    Mission Golf Carts deals in retailing, rentals, and leasing of pre-owned models of golf carts. You get a financing plan best suited to your individual business needs.

    Moreover, Mission Golf Carts is a trusted and recognized brand when it comes to accessories and ads on.

    If you have a request related to maintenance or repair, Mission Golf Carts has a dedicated department to address that as well.

    EVT – Leading Manufacturers of Electric Golf Utility Vehicles in Thailand

    Electric Vehicles Thailand golf cart manufacturer

    EVT was established in 1995 to address the dire need for electric vehicles on roads to overcome pollution in Thailand.

    Later, it went on to become a successful brand of electric golf cart vehicles, recognized internationally for its vision and innovation.

    Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, EVT is one of the leading manufacturers of electric utility vehicles in Thailand. They deal in making electric buses, golf carts, buggies, etc.

    Their product lineup used the highest quality aluminum and steel frame to support the entire vehicle. The compact design and higher base are there to get you easily through the Thai traffic and muddy golf courses in the rain.

    Diversified Golf Cars – Brand Golf Cart Manufacturer in Florida

    Diversified Golf Carts Manufacturer

    Established in 1978 as a family business in Florida, Diversified Golf Carts started as a manufacturer of a unique lineup of utility vehicles, specialty vehicles, and golf carts to address the needs of emergency response, medical needs, disabled accessibility, utility solutions, and passenger transportation.

    For years, Diversified Golf Carts has become a key player and has Disneyland and Six Flags within its reach. Their clients include major brands like Bristol Motor Speedway, Lucas Oil Stadium, Hyundai, Walmart, etc.

    In 2010, Diversified Golf Carts signed a deal with Yamaha as their authorized dealer. Till today, at Diversified, you can find a variety of utility vehicles with unlimited customization options and accessories.

    Karrior Electric Vehicles – Golf Cart Manufacturer

    Karrior Electric Vehicles golf cart manufacturer

    Established in 1974, Karrior Electric Vehicles manufactured powerful electric golf carts and vehicles, is a worthy golf cart manufacturer.

    Later in 1989, it was purchased by a Navy veteran, George Kettle, who set its course to create highly customizable electric vehicles proudly made in America.

    Today, Karrior Electric Vehicles is a recognized name when it comes to electric utility vehicles, transport solutions, electric lifter vehicles, personal carriers, electric people mover, trams, tow tractors, multi-passenger electric vehicles, etc.

    Moreover, Karrior has over 30 years of experience in providing maintenance and repair services for a large variety of industrial, commercial, and personal electric vehicles.

    Karrior Electric Vehicles is a trusted name in providing long-lasting, tough, and rigid electric vehicles with increased payload capacity, reliable features, and innovative designs in more than 70 countries.

    Columbia Parcar – Electric Vehicles and Golf Carts manufacturer

    Columbia Parcar golf cart manufacturer

    For over 70 years, Columbia Company has been manufacturing high functionality operation electric vehicles and golf carts to cater to the needs of carrying passengers, transporting payload, towing payload, and other custom operations.

    Later, it changed its name from Columbia Parcar to Columbia Vehicles Inc. which broadly classifies itself in building electric utility vehicles and personal electric carts.

    In 2015, Columbia Vehicles acquired Tomberlin, a leading golf cart manufacturer brand in the electric personal transportation industry, and started manufacturing golf carts, UTVs, NEVs, etc.

    Today, Columbia Vehicles serves the need of its customers in more than 30 countries. For customers looking for custom electric vehicles with dedicated operation capabilities, Columbia Vehicles can make them for you.

    best golf cart manufacturers and brands

    Different golf cart manufacturers and brands offer different unique selling points. Some may prefer one aspect over the other.

    Some golf cart manufacturers want to be recognized as the “most powerful golf cart” while some may offer safety like no other. Some might prefer that their golf cart should provide the best mileage while some may be all about custom designs and luxury.

    At the end of the day, it becomes all about you; what you want, what you prefer. Take a step back and relax. Analyze the market and USPs of different brands before you make a decision. Because what you need matters the most.

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