Golf Cart Food Truck
Golf Cart Food TruckElectric Food Cart, Lunch Car, Beverage Golf Cart
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Golf Cart Food Truck

Premium Quality and Reliability;

Brand Batteries & Curtis Controller;

Large Space & Strong Carrying Capacity;

Affordable Golf Cart Food Truck Price.

Recommend Food Golf Carts & Trucks for Sale

XunHu has types of Food Golf Carts & Trucks for sale with top-class quality and reliability.

Golf Cart Food Truck
Can be customized according to your needs, energy saving and environmental protection.
Electric Utility Carts
Customized design, brand accessories, small turning radius, strong carrying capacity.
Food Golf Carts
Widely used in food delivery services in large factories, airports, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.
Lunch Car for Sale
Reliable quality, good sealing, corrosion resistance, easy maintenance
Aluminum Electric Food Truck for Sale
Beautiful appearance, comfortable ride, multi-function, easy to drive, etc.
Beverage Golf Carts for Sale
Large space, long life, reliable performance and easy operation.

Your Best Golf Cart Food Truck Manufacturer in China

As a premier golf cart food truck manufacturer, XunHu can customize golf carts to meet your special requirements.

Whether you need the standard type or electric utility golf carts, XunHu is always supporting you from sourcing to shipping and maintenance.

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  • Golf Cart Food Truck Manufacturer in China (4)
  • Golf Cart Food Truck Manufacturer in China (2)
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  • Golf Cart Food Carts & Trucks for Sale (4)
  • Golf Cart Food Carts & Trucks for Sale (3)
  • Golf Cart Food Carts & Trucks for Sale (2)
  • Golf Cart Food Carts & Trucks for Sale (1)

XunHu Golf Cart Food Carts & Trucks for Sale Cases

XunHu EV has helped 10,000+ golf cart food truck customers in many countries earn profit.

You’re welcome to be golf carts and sightseeing car distributors in your country.

XunHu can also offer OEM on golf carts & utility vehicles if you want to use your brand.

XunHu can produce at least 10,000 golf carts and electric shuttle buses with CE rated assembly line.

XunHu Golf Cart Food Carts & Trucks Manufacturing Capacity

Golf Cart Food Truck Workshops
Large and modern workshops with Complete Assembly Line
Golf Cart Food Truck Skilled Workers
600+ Skilled Workers and the most advanced golf cart food truck manufacturing equipment
Golf Cart Food Truck Frame
Strong & stable structure designed by 20+ experts team
Golf Cart Food Truck Painting
With the most advanced rust removal and painting technology
Golf Cart Food Truck Main Parts and Accessories
One-stop spare Golf Cart Food Truck parts supply, saving you time and money
Golf Cart Food Truck Quality Control
The most stringent quality inspection process and advanced testing equipment

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What is Golf Cart Food Truck?

Golf Cart Food Truck is an electric utility vehicle converted from a standard electric vehicle.

Golf Cart Food Truck can be used in large golf courses, factories, blocks, scenic spots, resorts, hospitals, and other catering services.

How to choose the Golf Cart Food Truck?

You can find different types of golf cart food trucks in the market.

Different golf cart manufacturers have different classification methods for golf cart food trucks.

There are mainly the following:

1. 2/4/6 Seater Golf Cart Food Truck;

2, 2/4/6 Seater Golf Cart Food Cart;

3, Enclosed Aluminum Electric Food Truck;

4, Beverage Golf Carts;

5, Lunch Car/Electric Dining Car

How Much is the Golf Cart Food Truck?

The truth is:

Different golf cart manufacturers will offer you different prices.

The prices of golf food carts and golf cart food trucks mainly depend on the manufacturer, raw materials, golf cart accessories, etc.

Of course, the price you buy one piece is definitely not as cheap as the wholesale price.

If you want to know more about golf cart food truck price information, please contact XunHu golf food cart factory.

As a leading electric vehicle manufacturer in China, you can enjoy the best price and service.

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