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Expert Golf Buggy Buying Guide: Choose Your Ideal Business Cart

Are you looking for a golf buggy to enhance transportation at your resort, airport, hotel, or golf course? Look no further! Our ultimate buying guide provides a detailed overview of golf buggies tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals.

Explore the golf buggies available, from gas-powered to electric models, and learn about the various seating capacities that cater to different passenger loads. Before purchasing, we investigate the crucial factors, including the manufacturer’s price, accessories, and warranty offerings.

Our guide also addresses the customization options available, allowing you to tailor your golf buggy to your specific requirements. Plus, find out what’s to legalize your golf buggy street, ensuring safe and compliant operation.

Whether you’re looking for a 2-seater golf buggy for personal use or an 8-seater model for larger groups, our guide has you covered. Provided information on the top golf buggy manufacturers, including XunHu, to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

Make an informed decision with our expert advice and transform your transportation experience today. Read this guide now and find the perfect fit for your needs.


Golf buggies are versatile and handy mobility carts for different purposes. These carts are sites, whether golf courses, hotels, farms, or other places.

XunHu has a variety of golf buggies for Sale. You can get cheap electric golf buggies for Sale at the best price. If you plan to buy an electric golf buggy, find the FAQ to help you make the best decision.

Xunhu Golf Buggy Buying Guide

Let’s gLet’sarted:


What Is A Golf Buggy?

A golf buggy is a golf cart. What differs is the name. The term golf buggy is the name that is used in Europe and Australia.

The golf cart, on the other hand, is a term in the United States and Canada. The golf buggies come in different designs, seating capacities, and accessories.

What Are The Types Of Golf Buggies For Sale?

Types Of Golf Buggies For Sale

Types Of Golf Buggies For Sale

There are different types of golf buggies. Classification can be categorized depending on the propulsion mechanism. You can choose gas, diesel, and electric golf, but in this category,

Gas/Diesel golf buggy

Gas/Diesel golf buggies, just like the name, have combustion engines. These combustion golf buggies require refueling for them to work.

Besides, gas-powered golf buggies have more power but are more polluting through noise and emissions.

Electric golf buggy

Electric golf buggies have electric motors and rechargeable batteries. They run silently and cleanly without noise and emission.

Apart from the type of fuel, golf cart buggies’ classification can be based on the number of passengers. There are,


Where Are Golf Buggies Used?

Golf Buggies Applications

Golf Buggies Applications

Despite their names, golf cart buggies have a variety of uses. It’s essential to find them in different places and for other purposes. Some of the uses of golf buggies include;

  • Landscaping companies
  • Transportation in airports
  • Off-road vacation
  • Transportation in farms
  • Use by people with disability
  • Transportation of lightweight loads
  • Moving farm equipment
  • Moving people to golf courses, resorts, and hotels


What to Consider Before Buying a Golf Buggy Cart?

Buying a Golf Buggy Cart

Buying a Golf Buggy Cart

When buying a golf buggy, sometimes it can be tricky to find which one to buy for your use. Researching the best qualities for golf buggy is a critical step.

Before buying a golf buggy, here are some things to check.

Golf buggy manufacturer

The manufacturer aspect is essential when you are making a purchase. There are hundreds of manufacturers making golf buggies. This gives rise to quality differences. It is always advisable to buy your buggy from reputable manufacturers like XunHu.

 Gas vs. electric golf buggy

Gas golf buggies have combustion engines. You have to add gas for these golf carts to operate. Like other gas machines, buggies have a loud engine and emit polluting fumes.

Electric golf buggies, on the other hand, have rechargeable batteries. They have electric motors that power the buggies. Therefore, they run smoothly without noise and polluting exhaust fumes.

Golf buggy Price

Price is another issue that everyone looks at when in a shopping mode. The same applies to golf buggies. They are differently priced based on the manufacturer. Some sellers will have higher rates, while others will offer lower prices for the same type of equipment.

Golf buggy Accessories

Accessories are vital when you are buying your golf cart buggy. Most manufacturers offer buggies with different accessories. A company with easy-to-get golf buggy accessories is always preferable.

Golf buggy Warranty

Warranty is essential for every golf buggy. It signifies the manufacturer’s seriousness and a golf buggy’s reliability. Most available manufacturers,  like X  and nHu, offer a 1-year limited warranty and free consumable parts.

What Are The Available Colors For Golf Buggy Carts? Can It Be Customized?

Golf Buggy Carts Customized Colors

There are different colors available for your electric golf buggies. You can get this equipment in these colors.

  • White golf buggies
  • Pearl golf buggies
  • Black golf buggies
  • Red golf buggies
  • Orange golf buggies
  • Yellow golf buggies
  • Blue golf buggies
  • Green golf buggies
  • Gray golf buggies
  • Pink golf buggies and many others.

The good thing is you can order custom golf cart colors. Different manufacturers offer you the ability to request your preferred color.

Why Choose XunHu As Your Golf Buggy Supplier In China?

XunHu As Your Golf Buggy Supplier In China

Buying your electric golf buggy from China might seem tricky. But you have many benefits, especially when dealing with XunHu.

Some of the reasons you should choose XunHu as your manufacturer include:

  • Quick delivery to every corner of the world within 15 days
  • High technology manufacturing: use of the latest tech to build golf buggies
  • Full-time support; 24/7 support for all your worries
  • Safe delivery with accurate cargo tracking
  • Easy customization, variety of optional parts, and different colors.
  • Access to golf buggies’ spare parts, free spare parts, and extended warranty


How to Buy or Wholesale Golf Buggies from XunHu?

Wholesale Golf Buggies from XunHu

Buying golf buggies from XunHu isn’t a complicated process. There is a comprehensive guide, especially when you contact customer support.

One thing you will love about XunHu is they offer free quotations and catalogs. Therefore, you will have enough information before you decide on your target equipment.

There are readymade electric golf buggies, or you can customize your order. Amazingly, all the golf buggies are at wholesale price.

What Is The Price of Golf Buggies?

Golf buggies from China are among the cheapest on the market. Despite their inexpensive nature, they are super-efficient and durable. Also, they have great features which enable them to compete with their European counterparts.

The standard price for your Chinese electric golf buggy is around $2000-$6000. This, however, depends on the available features and level of customization.

Some customized electric golf buggies can sell for a high price of $9000.

You can get the best price for your golf buggies.

What Are The Materials Of Golf Buggy?

Materials Of Golf Buggy

Golf buggy construction entails different materials. The combination of raw materials results in reliable and robust golf cart buggies.

Some of the materials you will find in golf buggies include;

Steel: general cart structure like frame, transmission, axles, and others

Aluminum: frame parts, alloy wheels

Copper: golf buggy wiring system

Glass: Windshield

Rubber: tires and linings

Fabrics, seats, and weather canopies

Glass fiber: Golf buggy side and floor panels

What Is The Lithium Golf Buggy?

Lithium golf buggies carts that use Li-Ion or Li-Po batteries. Rather than the conventional Lead-Acid batteries, these are lightweight and have more power capacity.

The lithium golf buggies have less weight and offer a more travel range. However, they tend to be more expensive bought than lead-acid golf carts.

Is Lithium Golf Buggy Better Than Lead Acid?

This is a common question that most people tend to ask themselves. The truth is that a lithium golf buggy is better than Lead-A.id.

The primary reason is the charge storage, weight, and durability. There is an advantage of weight when you have a lithium golf buggy since it weighs less than wet batteries.

In simple terms, below is a comparison between lithium and lead-acid buggies.

Lithium golf buggy Lead-acid golf buggy
No battery maintenance is needed Requires regular battery maintenance
Faster charging  It takes more time to charge
Last longer Last shorter than lithium
More range Reduced range
Suitable for fast charge drain Suffer from Peukert effect due to fast discharging
Longer lifespan Shorter lifespan


What Is The Best Electric Golf Buggy?

Best Electric Golf Buggy

If you want the best electric golf buggy, you can go to XunHu. The different models ensure you can always order your preferred golf bag. You can also get a customized golf bag besides the available models.

In XunHu, you can choose the available models for 2, 4, 6, and 8 passengers. They are economical and high quality to deliver the best performance.

Are Electric Golf Carts Better Than Gas?

The question always lingers in people’s minds when they are purchasing golf buggies.

However, you can be sure electric golf buggies offer many benefits. Generally, when you have an electric golf cart, you have a chance to enjoy

  • Silent operation
  • Emission-free operation
  • Low operation cost
  • Quick acceleration
  • More convenience
  • Eco-friendly


What Is A Lifted Golf Buggy? Can Be Used For Hunting?

lifted hunting golf buggy

Lifted golf buggies are specialized cats with custom lifting kits. The specialized kits enable your golf buggy to enjoy more ground clearance.

Apart from the higher ground clearance, lifted golf buggies can move on rough surfaces. The good thing is you can buy a lifted golf buggy or customize your buggy.

Since the lifted golf buggies can travel on different terrains, they are perfect for hunting.

You can use lifted golf buggies as hunting golf buggies. With increased ground clearance, lifted golf buggies are versatile and ideal for different uses.

2 Seater Golf Buggy Features

2 Seater Golf Buggy Features

The two-seater golf buggy comes with features like

  • Two passenger seats
  • Versatile chassis
  • Smart steering system
  • Split windshield
  • Efficient brake system
  • Candy cooler
  • Customizable features
  • Alloy wheels
  • Tubeless pneumatic tires


4-Seater Golf Buggy Features

4 Seater Golf Buggy Features

The most common features you will find in 4-seater golf buggies include

  • Four passenger seats
  • Large windshield
  • Cargo box
  • LED headlights
  • Electric motor
  • Strong roof
  • 48V battery pack
  • Variety of colors


6-Seater Golf Buggy Features

6 Seater Golf Buggy Features

Most common 6-seater golf buggy features you are likely to find;

  • 4000W electric motor
  • 500kg weight capacity
  • Sturdy steel rims
  • Rear and side mirrors
  • Curtis controllers
  • FRP body panels
  • Large and digital dash

Optional parts include

  • Full enclosure curtains
  • Alloy rims
  • Entertainment system
  • Cargo box
  • Split windshield
  • Candy cooler
  • Golf accessories bag


8-Seater Golf Buggy Features

8 Seater Golf Buggy Features

XunHu 8 Seater Golf Buggy Features are standardized in the production process. Some of the features to expect include;

  • Imported Curtis controllers
  • 20% hill-climbing ability
  • Delta chargers
  • 8 passenger seats with waterproof covers
  • Power-efficient LED lights
  • Reliable parking brake
  • Good downhill brake system
  • Smooth, intelligent steering system
  • Galvanized steel structure


Residential Golf Cart GMD-H2+2

Residential golf carts


4 Seate Lifted Golf Cart GMM-H2+2

gmm series golf carts

Golf Course Car GM-6C+2

golf course car

Golf Buggy GME-H2

gm e series golf carts


How to Choose the Golf Buggy Car?

choose the best golf buggies

Everyone desires to choose the best golf buggy car. However, it’s not possible until you know the key features to look for.

New vs. used golf buggy

As you plan to add one or several golf buggies into your fleet, you have to decide. Most people get stuck on whether to get a new or golf buggy for Sale.

The market provides both new and used golf buggies. Whether you want new from the manufacturer or used ones, you can get them without struggle.

Buying new golf buggies allows you to enjoy full benefits. You get the buggies that have

These qualities are absent when you decide to go for used golf buggies.

Electric vs. gas buggy carts

These days, you can buy electric or gas buggy carts. Most people prefer going electric since they are amazingly reliable and easy to maintain.

The clean nature of electric golf buggies means they are ideal for the environment. Also, they run smoothly and silently without causing emissions.

Although gas golf buggies have been around for a while, they have different issues. The major ones are noise and air pollution due to their combustion engines.

However, gas options are superb if you need a golf buggy for different situations without inconvenience. They can work far away from the grid if you have fuel.

Availability of spare parts

Golf buggies, just like other machines, are prone to breakdowns after a while in the service. Significantly, there are some fast-wearing parts that you will need to replace regularly.

While buying, it is essential to ensure your preferred brand has spare parts ready. Different manufacturers offer a variety of spare parts.

If getting parts is a hassle, you should rethink your target brand.

Availability of Optional parts

You might want to customize your golf buggy. The market offers different types of optional accessories for your cart.

Although there are third-party accessories, some manufacturers, like Xu, offer OEM accessories. Therefore, it’s easy to customize your cart.

What Are The Advantages of Golf Buggy?

Advantages of Golf Buggy

Electric golf buggies for Salee are popular nowadays due to their many advantages. They are a better investment compared to the gas type because;

  • Silent electric motors
  • Minimal maintenance, no oil change, and no air filters. You only need to maintain batteries.
  • Eco-friendly; they do not pollute the environment
  • Quick acceleration
  • High performance
  • Improved convenience


Is A Golf Buggy Road/ Street Legal? What Is Required For A Golf Buggy Cart To Be Street Legal?

The traditional golf buggies aren’t aren’t driven on the road. They are only fin privatizes ain and places.

Although golf buggies are not street-legal, you can make modifications to fit the purpose. Different countries and states have varying requirements for golf buggies to be street-legal.

For your golf buggy to be street legal, you need to ensure it has;

Working headlights, taillights, and turn signals

  • Brakes and Parking brakes
  • Approved tires for use on streets
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Side mirrors, rearview mirrors
  • Audible horn
  • Reflectors
  • Working speedometer
  • Lit license plate bracket
  • Have a low-speed vehicle sticker


What Is The Popular Golf Buggy for Sale?

Different golf buggies are popular among various users. Significantly, the buggies from China are super reliable, which makes them popular all over the world.

XunHu makes a variety of models which are suited for different uses. The models have various seating capacities and sizes.

The most famous golf buggies from XunHu include

  • Two-seater golf buggy
  • Four-seater golf buggy
  • Six-seater golf buggy
  • Eight-seater golf buggy
  • Customized golf buggy for Sale


What Are the Optional Parts for XunHu Golf Buggies?

Golf buggies for Sale are available in a range of standard features. However, others are optional. You can add optional parts to make your golf buggy comfortable and unique. Chinese golf buggy manufacturers mainly offer optional parts for your carts. They are primarily for making your golf buggy look amazing.

The most common optional accessories include;

  • Split windshield
  • Ally rims
  • Fabrics full cart enclosure
  • Side and rear mirrors
  • Caddy cooler
  • Cargo box
  • Air conditioner
  • Roof solar panel
  • Sand bottle
  • PA system
  • 3-point seat belts
  • Lift kit
  • Rear seat kit


How to Buy Golf Buggy Accessories?

Buying golf buggy accessories can be tricky, especially when the manufacturer has no well-defined process.

However, some manufacturers like XunHu have efficient ways of delivering accessories. You can get any part regardless of where you are located.

XunHu has parts labeled with code numbers. Therefore, it’s your request for your accessories without any struggle. By sending the part number, you can get your parts quickly.

How to Buy Golf Buggy Batteries?

Buy Golf Buggy Batteries

Buying your golf buggy batteries should not be a stress. Your golf buggy vehicle manufacturer should be able to offer replacement batteries when needed.

The subsequent battery purchase should be precisely the same as the one in the cart regarding voltage. This helps to maintain golf buggy performance and protects components from power damage.

The batteries are availabl6-voltsvo8-voltsvo12-voltsvolts,24-voltsvolts batteries. Always ensure you order the correct batteries, which depend on the size of your golf cart’s accessories.

Can I Use A Golf Buggy As A Mobility Scooter?

A Golf Buggy As A Mobility Scooter

Yes, it’s a posing buggy as a mobility scooter. The sign is possibly true; the 2-seater golf buggy is compact and ideal for use in tight places.

Besides, minor nature means you can enjoy high maneuverability and efficiency. Since the small golf buggies have less weight, they have more range and power utilization efficiency. Buggies can make ideal mobility scooters when you have more people to feed.

With more seats and power, they have the remarkable ability to conquer different terrains with ease. Drivability is also simple, and no training is needed.

Can Golf Buggies Be Converted Into Utility Carts? And How?

Golf Buggies Be Converted Into Utility Carts

Golf buggies are versatile and sit in flexible chassis. If you buy a golf buggy from XunHu, you can convert it to a utility cart anytime.

The frame has a sturdy steel construction, which is superb for holding massive weight.

Converting your golf buggy into a utility cart isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It’s just a few steps, and you have your utility cart ready. The process is similar whether it’s a 6- or 8-seater.

The main process involves

  • Adding a high-performance suspension system
  • Adding a cargo box
  • Changing tires to all-terrain tires
  • Reinforcing the general structure
  • Adding sturdy and damage-resistant windshield


How to Maintain Your Golf Buggy?

Maintain Your Golf Buggy

Maintaining your golf buggy is not a complicated process. It means you can perform most of the maintenance without visiting a mechanic. However, some are daily, monthly, semi-annually, and annually.

Besides, the maintenance depends on whether you are running an electric or gas golf buggy.

Gas golf buggy maintenance

  • Check oil levels daily
  • Air cleaner check and cleaning
  • Regular lubrication
  • Check and replace spark plugs when necessary
  • Lubricate and inspect direction selector regularly
  • Check tire pressure daily
  • Drain old oil when necessary
  • Change oil filters when needed
  • Ensure there are no oil leaks

Electric golf buggy maintenance

  • Ensure batteries have frequent charging
  • Check battery electrolyte daily
  • Check broken insulation to prevent short-circuiting
  • Keep the battery terminal clean
  • Inspect brakes at least once annually


Does Xunhu Offer a Warranty On Your Golf Buggies?

Golf buggy warranty

When you buy a golf buggy from XunHu, you get quality assurance through a warranty.

Usually, you will receive a warranty of 1 year for your golf buggies. Besides, there are also free consumable parts. You can be sure the golf buggy will remain operating for long.

How to Buy Golf Buggies from China during COVID-19 Pandemic?

Buy Golf Buggies from China

COVID-19 has disrupted world trade significantly. Therefore, if you plan to travel to China, you might experience hardships due to lockdowns and other restrictions.

However, XunHu lets you buy your preferred golf cart wherever you are. It’s not possible to purchase from the comfort of your seat.

You can order, pay, and track your cargo online until it is delivered to your destination.

Top 10 Golf Buggy Manufacturers and Brands for Your Reference

China is home to most of the golf manufacturers in the world. There are over 50 manufacturers, which can be confusing as to which one you will select.

However, these are some of the top 10 golf buggy manufacturers you can bet on.

  1. XunHu Golf Buggies Company

XunHu is one of the largest manufacturers of golf buggies and associated products. It is located in Zhengzhou City, China.

With a manufacturing history from 2011, the manufacturer has over 10 years of experience. The remarkable ability to make different low-speed vehicles ensures its reputation worldwide.

The company manufactures golf buggies and has divisions making various electric vehicles.

Boasting a space of 587,970 sq. ft, the manufacturing capacity is impressive. Also, it has different certificates from ISO, CE, GOST, and other laboratories. It makes high-performance electric golf available for Salee at an affordable price.

  1. Horma

Horma is another manufacturer of electric vehicles and low-speed electric vehicles. It’s on it’s the leading and favored maker of electric golf carts and golf buggies. The factory has been producing since two and has 300,000 square meters of space.

With specialization in making electric golf carts, golf buggies, and other accessories, its products are competitive.

Having a rich manufacturing history, Horma can deliver dozens of electric golf buggies per day. This is due to 15 production lines, 1600 workers, and 200+ engineers.

All the golf buggies meet CE, EEC, and ISO9001 standards. Also, Horma experts test all equipment before delivery.

  1. XH Golf Carts

XH Golf Carts is a company that is located in Henan province. It has a great history of manufacturing golf buggies, golf carts, and utility carts since 2003.

Besides, the manufacturer also makes golf carts and buggie accessories. The 15 years of experience guarantee unique products and high-technology manufacturing.

Boasting 25000 square meters of manufacturing area, there is enough space for your golf buggies.

The entire production lines for golf buggy assembling and spare parts production ensure the best quality golf buggies.

  1. EG Golf Carts

EG Golf Carts is a leading low-speed electric vehicle manufacturer in China. It has excellent experience spanning 15+ years since it was founded. By manufacturing different electric vehicles, you can get leisure time, people moving, particular purpose, and utility cars.

With the ability to deliver 10,000+ units per year, there are 50+ models you can choose from. All the golf buggies and other equipment undergo testing to guarantee the topmost performance and security.

EG Golf Carts holds SO9001-2008 and a Certificate of WMI Code (L4F). Additionally, 400 workers, 70 engineers in R&D, and 10 senior engineers work to deliver the best quality products.

  1. LY Industrial Co., Ltd.

Guangdong LY Industrial Co., Ltd is a company that makes a range of electric vehicles and carts. Boasting some of the latest innovative technology, the company supplies electric golf carts and buggies worldwide.

The manufacturer was incorporated in 2001; hence, you can be sure about the products and technology.

Not only does the manufacturer make electric golf buggies, but it also makes electric scooters, motorcycles, and utility carts, among others. The certification, production lines, and quality assurance ensure the best equipment.

  1. EHW CAR

EHW CAR is a company in China that specializes in producing golf carts, golf buggies, and other low-speed vehicles.

It’s one of the most reliable golf buggy manufacturers, opening its doors in 2006. This gives the manufacturer great experience and the capacity to make some of the best golf carts. It is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong, Southern China, and has certification from CE and other labs. It also has ISO 900,1, and all low-speed vehicles have an EEC certification.

Quick delivery and various patents make EHW CAR one of the best manufacturers in China.

  1. Fast Electric Car

Fast Electric Car prides itself on being one of the most innovative companies. It specializes in the research, servicing, production, and sales of electric vehicles.

Founded in 2000, the manufacturer has over 20 years of experience. Innovative technology, as 10+ patents and a unique design that gets tons of equipment by susupplyingolf carts, mini golf carts, golf bubuggiestoand and trtractorsApproved by ISO9001, IOS14001, OHSAS18001, and CE; Fast can export equipment worldwide.

The company is constantly researching and improving technology, adding more soul and efficiency to their equipment.

  1. Az Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd

AZ is a successful Chinese compact that makes a different type of vehicle. Founded in 1988, it’s one of the oldest electric golf carts and buggies manufacturers.

They also make electric tricycles and other vehicles. Delivering thousands of pieces of equipment annually, the manufacturer has 1800 employees in different departments.

Also, the company has an excellent record and certification. The products are super competitive, holding ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 14ive.

Their products are already in use in 30+ countries without quality complaints.

  1. XUN Sightseeing Car Co. Ltd.

Dongguan XUNHU Sightseeing Car Co. Ltd has a range of products in their production lines. They make golf carts, buggies, sightseeing buses, and other electric vehicles.

The company has a robust team that ensures research and innovation are at the top. Making worldwide reliable electric low-speed vehicles, it has a large customer base.

Besides production, its location is superb, enabling efficient golf carts to ship m worldwide.

A reliable support team and quality products guarantee the best user experience. The company has 127 employees and is ISO 9001 certified.

  1. XMen EV Co, Ltd

XMen EV Co, Ltd was founded in 2006 in Xin Yang Industrial Park. It’s an IT company with 60,000 square meters; it has enough space for production, storage, and exhibitions.

Producing a range of products like golf carts, golf buggies, hunting buggies, and lifted golf cars, they are long-lasting.

Besides, XMen EV Co, Ltd makes accessories, batteries, and other parts. It has ISO 9001 and CE approval.


Electric golf for Salee for Salee is versatile equipment with different applications. They are handy for use in other places and are very convenient.

You can quickly get your best go for Salee for Salee at Chase from different manufacturers. The range of choice means better services and quality, hence products you can trust.

Whether you want a two-seater golf buggy or 8 seaters, go for Sale; manufacturers like XunHu have all you want.

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