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Electric and Gas; Kids and Adults;

One Seater and Two Seater; Indoor and Outdoor.

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A Wide Variety of Electric and Gas Go Karts for Sale at Cheap Price, Xunhu Has 10 Years Of Go Karts Production And Export Experience, 100+ Types Of Kids And Adult Go Karts For You To Choose from. No Matter Where You Are, You Will Get Full Support For Your Business.

XUNHU has both electric go kart designs and gas go karts for sale available. You have the liberty to choose from hundreds of innovative and robust designs available exclusively at XUNHU.

2 Seater Go Kart for Sale
Xunhu provides various types of 2 Seater Go Karts for Sale from family to kids karts.

Main Data:
  • Capacity:2P
  • Braking Mode:Rear disc brake
  • Brake Distance:1.5m
Adult Go Karts for Sale
Xunhu is the reliable manufacturer of Adult Go Karts for Sale with full testing certifications.

Main Data:
  • Size:1.98×1.45×0.97m
  • Tire:10×4.50-5
  • Brake Distance:1.5m
Kids Go Karts for Sale
Xunhu manufacture Kids Go Karts for Sale with European standard to ensure your rides' safety.

Main Data:
  • Capacity:1P
  • Braking Mode:Rear disc brake
  • Brake Distance:1.5m
Gas Go Karts for Sale
Xunhu supply Gas Go Karts for Sale from 100cc to 250cc, you can use the different size engine to meet your needs.

Main Data:
  • Size:1.98×1.45×0.97m
  • Tire:10×4.50-5
  • Brake Distance:1.5m
Electric Go Karts for Sale
Xunhu supply cheap Electric Go Kart for Sale is endorsed by CE, BV and other certifications with stable performance.

Main Data:
  • Brake Distance:1.5m
  • Range:40KM
  • Speed:≦20km/h
Indoor Go Karts for Sale
Xunhu Indoor Go Karts for Sale at cheap Price, 100cc 125cc 200cc 250cc in stock and ready for shipping from China.

Main Data:
  • Size:1.98×1.45×0.97m
  • Range:40KM
  • Speed:≦20km/h

Your Best Go Karts Manufacturer and Supplier in China

  • Xunhu Go Karts for Sale are Certified By CE/BV/ISO/Gost/SGS.
  • Xunhu Go Karts Meet European and International Standard with Strict Quality Control.
  • Xunhu Provides Various Go Karts for You to Choose, and Instock Ready for Shipping.
  • Xunhu Provides Training And Warranty Service For Your Go Karts.
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Xunhu Go Karts for Sale Cases

Go Kart is a very popular entertainment project. Its structure is extremely simple. A frame, a two-stroke engine and four independent wheels constitute the entire go-kart. Because it is easy to drive, safe and exciting, it is liked by children and adults.

Xunhu Go Karts has been sold to more than 60 countries around the world, mainly used in amusement parks, theme parks, indoor and outdoor playgrounds and other places.

If you want to invest in Go Karts, please contact us now, full size and designs electric go karts and gas go karts for you to choose from.

Xunhu Go Karts Manufacturing Capacity

Go Karts Design
Xunhu Company has 20+ Designs of Go Karts for Sale, Your Go Karts Will Be Arractive and Powerful in Appearance.
Gas Go Karts Main Frame
Xunhu Go Karts Main Frame Use the Special Alloy Steel and CNC Spare Parts, Strong and Sturdy, Your Go Karts Will Be Safe and Reliable.
Go Karts Engine and Battery
Xunhu Go Karts Use the Brand Engine and Battery to Keep Your Go Karts Last Long Time, and You Can Choose the Different Size Engine to Meet Your Needs.
Go Karts Brakes and Steering Wheels
Xunhu Go Karts Use the Adjustable Accelerator and Brake Pedal, and Your Steering Wheels With the Leather Cover.
Xunhu Gas Go Karts Painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust Painting to Keep Your Go Karts Good Status.
Xunhu Gas Go Karts Seats
Xunhu Go Karts Has the Leather Seats, and Three Point Belt to Keep Your Riders Safety.

XUNHU has been one of the most reliable china mall go karts manufacturers, shipping quality products to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Being an ISO-certified go kart supplier, XUNHU offers rigid, sturdy, lightweight, and affordable designs that are tested for safety and reliability on test tracks.

XUNHU gives you the liberty of choosing from different engine capacities and various battery options for your go karts. Equipped with fiberglass today and heavy-duty tires, XUNHU go karts are safe for adults and kids alike.

Choose from hundreds of available colors or get your go kart painted as you think best suits your business.

Thinking about buying a fleet for the race track you own? Buy wholesale go karts from XUNHU and enjoy big discounts on your purchases. Need a part? Get it shipped right to your doorstep at an affordable go kart cost.

Visit our factory or send us an inquiry today!

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XunHu Go Karts for Sale

Machined with extreme precision and welded with the state-of-the-art process, XUNHU new go karts for sale chassis is strong enough to withstand high torques and extreme acceleration. You can choose from different engine capacities for gas go karts and multiple battery options for electric go karts for sale.

Get custom accessories at the lowest go kart price. Equipped with lightweight yet strong pedals, a highly sturdy braking mechanism, and sporty looks, XUNHU 2 seater go kart adds thrill and superior handling ability to your ride.

XUNHU provides ISO, CE, GV certifications assuring you of the quality and reliability of the go karts. Available in a variety of designs and custom features, XUNHU takes pride in offering affordable go kart costs.

Buy go kart from XUNHU and benefit from cheap go kart prices and superior build quality.

Go Karts: Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you want to do go karts business and have tons of questions on how and where to start? You are not alone; there are others also wondering with questions regarding these formula one look alike.

In this FAQ guide, you will learn important information before buying go karts.


What Is a Go Kart?

Go kart is a small Quadracycle vehicle with a rear-mounted engine or electric motor. Typically, the karts are mostly for racing sports, making them common in enclosed racing circuits.

Primarily, karts are used for recreational and racing. Also, their use isn’t limited since they are great for indoor and outdoor.

Besides motorized versions, there are also non-motorized which are for recreational purposes. Others like super karts and high-powered karts are great for racing competitions.

Go Kart


What Are the Types of Go Karts for Sale?

Usually, there are different types of Go Kart you can buy. It all depends on the purpose

Types of Go Karts for Sale

The general classification of go karts can be as follows

Gas Go karts for Sale

Gas go karts are most popular. They have combustion engines fitted which is the source of the power. Typically, the engines are 2 or 4 cycles, producing a decent amount of horsepower.

The engines range from simple lawnmower engines to high-performance ones that deliver high speed.

Also, the gas go karts for sale ranges from 50cc to 200cc engines. The more the engine capacity, the more the power and speed.

Electric Go karts for Sale

Traditionally, people are used to gas Go karts. However, there are electric Go karts that utilize batteries as a source of power than traditional engines. There are recreational as well as high-performance electric go karts for racing.

Non-motorized go karts for Sale

Unlike electric or gas go karts, motorless aren’t powered. Thus, they are generally for use in inclined surfaces where they utilize gravity. In most cases, these are homemade.

Go karts can also be divided into:

  • Adult Go Karts
  • Kids Go Karts
  • Indoor Go Karts
  • Outdoor Go Karts
  • Mini Go Karts
  • 2 Seater Go Kart
  • Custom Go Karts


How Are Go Karts Manufactured?

The manufacturing of go karts involves several steps. The procedure ensures that go karts are reliable and durable. These are some of the vital processes for the manufacturing of karts.

  • Materials selection
  • Designing and analysis
  • Construction of chassis
  • Fitting engine and transmission system
  • Assembling of the steering system
  • Fitting braking system
  • Electrical wiring
  • Fitting panels and final details


How Much Does Go Karts Cost?

The price tag for go karts differs. It depends on whether you want recreational or racing karts. High-performance go karts for sale have a higher cost.

On average, karts cost around $1500-$3000. However, some go karts can go up to $10,000, while kids go karts can cost as low as $150.

XunHu go karts for sale with cheap price and best service. Get price list today.


What Are the Application of Go Karts?

Basically, go karts have two primary purposes: racing and recreation. Most standard go karts are for recreations where adults and kids can have fun.

However, high-performance karts are good options for off-road, dirt racing, and track racing.

Recreational go karts come with oversized tires for smooth rides. Contrary, racing karts have smaller wheels for high efficiency.

Electric And Gas Go Karts, Which One Is Better?

This is a common question among people looking to buy go karts. However, each has pros and downsides. This table summarizes the comparison between the two.

Gas go kart Electric go kart
Slower acceleration Fast accelerations
Less handling than electric Better handling
The engine isn’t covered, risking burns in case of an accident High safety due to covered components
Quick to refuel Requires time to recharge
Noisy and polluting Quiet and eco-friendly
Less stable Highly stable


What Is the Go Karts Carrying Capacity?

Usually, the weight capacity depends on whether the go kart is for kids or adults. For adults go karts, they can hold up to 450 pounds/ 204.12 kg. Thus, they are great for people of all ages.

Amazingly, the weight capacity can be increased depending on the rider’s specifications.

Are Go Karts Customizable?

Yes, it is possible to customize your go kart. Actually, you can contact the manufacturer and detail your customization preference. However, unlike other recreational vehicles, these have limited customization.

Custom Go Karts for sale

One of the advantages of go karts is easy customization at home. You can add some personalized features to match your requirements.

How Do You Buy Go Karts from China?

Buying go karts from China can be confusing, especially if you have never done it before. However, once you are committed to purchasing, it becomes easy to purchase.
If you are planning to import go karts, here are the steps to follow.

  • Attend Chinese trade fairs and exhibitions to get insight bout manufacturing
  • Search for the companies that manufacture go karts
  • Identify your importation rights; depending on the country of your origin
  • Ensure the go karts you are importing are legal in your country
  • Get in touch with your preferred go kart manufacturer
  • Negotiate the quantity and price of your go karts
  • Arrange for the shipment of your cargo
  • Track your shipment
  • Look for custom agent and freight forwarder
  • Be ready to collect your cargo


What to Look When Buying or Wholesale Go Karts from China?

When buying a go kart, it is critical to ensure you buy the best option. To ensure you choose the right one, here are some aspects to look for.

Go Karts for Sale Price

The price is one of the critical factors to check when buying a go kart for sale from China. When buying from go karts manufacturer, you enjoy lower prices since you get the kart at wholesale price. Sourcing from China also allows you to choose the best go karts at the best prices.

Type of Go Karts for Sale

The type of kart determines where and who can use it. Normally, recreational and racing have different configurations. You need to choose between open, caged, strain chassis, or offset chassis kart.

Gas vs. Electric Go Karts

The choice of go karts is vital. With market offering traditional gas go karts, you can also get the latest electric karts for sale. Each of the karts offers different benefits and downsides. Therefore, it’s essential to choose between electric and gas go karts.


Regardless of where you are willing to buy your go kart, it is vital to check the warranty. Most of the manufacturers provide a varying duration of the warranty. But, most will offer one year.

Adult Go Karts for Sale Features and Advantages

The main part for adult go karts are;

  • Engine/ motor
  • Steering wheel
  • Pedals sturdy chassis
  • Bumpers
  • Wheels and tires

Besides, you get many advantages when you get adult go karts for sale.

  • Massive weight capacity
  • Sturdy steel chassis for high weight support
  • High-efficiency engine or electric motors
  • Large tires for increased stability
  • Sensitive pedals to reduce the effort needed to accelerate


Kids Go Karts for Sale Features and Advantages

Kids go karts, unlike adults, come with more protection to ensure excellent safety. Some of the features and advantages include.

  • Smaller size to fit kids and easy storage
  • Lightweight chassis which improves the efficiency
  • Large bumper to absorb a lot of impacts
  • Sturdy safety belts to keep kids well restrained and safe
  • Lower profile design for increased stability


Mini Go Karts for Sale Features and Advantages

For mini go karts, they are an excellent alternative for full-sized karts. Despite their mini size, they have many benefits.

  • Digital control panels for the neat dash
  • Smaller than full-sized karts, which make them lighter
  • Electric motor with silent and emission-free operation
  • Super light design to enable the best performance
  • Upgraded dash and controls for easy operation


2 Seater Go Karts for Sale Features and Advantages

Apart from the usual one-seater go kart, there is also 2 seater go karts for sale available. They have unique features which make them great options. Some of the features and advantages of these karts include.

  • Dual seats and steering wheels for excellent control and fun
  • Adjustable two seats which enable the kart to achieve great stability
  • Adjustable steering wheels to fit drivers comfort
  • Easy to adjust safety bars for the ultimate drivers’ safety
  • Remote control ability to improve riders’ safety, especially for kids


Are Go Karts Safe? Do They Have Safety Features?

Safety is paramount when you think about go karts. They are meant to be fun while ensuring drivers remain safe. Some of the safety features include.

  • Large bumpers
  • Roll cages
  • Rolls bars
  • DOT approved multi-position safety belts
  • Covered rear axles
  • Blinkers
  • Loud horn


How Fast Can Go Karts Go?

Normally, go karts can achieve a speed of 80km/h. However, high-performance go karts can reach over 100km/h.

Do the Go Karts Come with Warranty?

Yes, if you buy a go kart from XunHu, it comes with 1-year warranty.

Can Go Karts Be Driven On Road Legally?

Go karts aren’t road legal. They are only designated for use in private properly and racing tracks.

How Long Does It Take to Ship Go Karts from China to South Africa, India, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Pakistan, and UAE?

Shipping go carts from China to other countries takes a bit of time. However, these days, the process takes lesser time than earlier. Hers is the time takes to deliver go karts from China.

Country Duration
South Africa 25 day
India 14-25 days
Canada 22-35 days
Australia 35 days
Indonesia 20 days
Pakistan 15 days
UAE 10 days


Top 10 Go karts Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Go karts Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

  1. XunHu Electric Vehicles

XunHu is a known go karts manufacturer based in China Zhengzhou City with 10+ years of experience. Offering Go karts manufacturing and supply, it’s recognized internationally for quality assured products. Also, the go karts from the XunHu offer the best and longest service.

  1. WSL Products Co., Ltd

WSL is an experienced go kart manufacturer making a variety of equipment. Making kid bikes, electric go karts, and others, the company has necessary experience. Driven by professionalism, all the go karts and spare parts meet international quality. Delivery is worldwide.


YONGKANG is one of the leading Chinese electric racing go kart manufacturers. With a variety of equipment, it offers a one-stop solution. Located at Yongkang, Jinhua, the company has a network to ensure effective distribution of go karts worldwide.

  1. Qingdao HTD Industry Co., Ltd.

Qingdao HTD is a leading electric go karts factory situated in Qingdao, China. Manufacturing a variety of equipment, the company has some of the best go karts in China. Whether looking for ATVs, go karts, electric scooters, you can contact Qingdao HTD for prompt delivery.

  1. YY Industry Trade Co., Ltd.

YY is a go kart manufacture and supplier from China. Established in 2020, it uses the latest technology in making different products. Specializing in karts, you can be sure quality is superb and is certified by ISO and CE. The go karts factory is located in Gushan Town, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China.

  1. ZJ Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd

ZJ amusement equipment company deals with a variety of equipment. The company boasts some of the latest manufacturing techniques to make go karts and other equipment. Located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China, it manufactures and supplies different go karts amusement equipment.

  1. JS Technology Co., Ltd.

JS has a variety of equipment you can choose. Making go karts, ATVs, and other vehicles has a reputation for great products. Formed in 2002, this company is located in Zhejiang Province, China, and boasts 140,000 square meters of production area.

  1. YS electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a top go kart and spare parts manufacturer, YS is the right company. Established in Zhejiang Province, the manufacturer has a huge reputation for making leading equipment. Serving the whole world, you can buy more than go karts.

  1. WM Industry Company Limited

WM is a company established in 2004. It specializes in making ATVs, Go karts, scooters, and others. Being a holder of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 14000, the company supplies equipment worldwide. All equipment from the WM comes with an extended warranty.

  1. YR Industry Trade Co., Ltd

YR industry tops as best go karts manufacturer from China. It’s a diverse company located in Zhejiang, YR, with high reliability. Moreover, the company has different mobility vehicles including go karts. With over 1 million pieces delivered, quality is always assured.

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