Electric Utility Golf Cart
Electric Utility Golf Cart for Sale
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Electric Utility Golf Cart

  • Multipurpose Design, Comfortable Seats, Large Cargo Box For Easy Luggage Carrying
  • Powerful Silent Motor With Great Hill Climbing Ability, Amazing Golf Cart Range
  • Durable Construction, Alloy Wheels, Ample Ground Clearance, All Terrain Models Available
  • Optional Parts Available, Ready Design Customization With 30 Designs To Choose

Recommend Electric Utility Golf Cart for Sale

Electric utility golf carts for sale in china are available in XUNHU. You can have a variety of utility golf carts depending on your tasks.

There are varieties, whether you need electric utility golf carts for use in homes, parks, or golf courses. Also, you can have utility golf carts with different carrying capacities.

XUNHU Utility Golf Cart with Cargo Box Carries Large Weight Without Struggles, Large Cargo Box, Comfortable Seats, Sturdy Roof.

4 Seater Electric Utility Golf Cart GM-4C with Cargo Box
XUNHU 4 Seater Utility Golf Cart GM-4C with Cargo Box Boast Power To Drive To Any situations; Excellent Hill Climbing, Best Tires, Rigid Structure.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 32km/h
  • Battery:8V*6
  • Climbing Capactity:30%
6 Seater Golf Buggy GM-6 with Cargo Box
XUNHU 6 Seater Utility Golf Cart GM-6 with Cargo Box provide a smooth ride, especially when carrying heavier loads.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 24km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:80-100km
  • Climbing Capactity:25%
4 Seater Electric Utility Golf Cart GM-4E with Cargo Box
4 Seater Electric Utility Golf Cart Creates Balance Between Carrying Cargo And Passengers, Robust Motor Delivers Enough Power.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 20km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:70-80km
  • Climbing Capactity:25%

Your Premier Electric Utility Golf Cart Manufacturer in China

XUNHU is one of the best electric utility golf cart manufacturers and suppliers in China. Having a robust research and development team, every electric golf cart has a superb manufacturing process.

The big team of workers with 10+ experience has excellent manufacturing skills. XUNHU has over 1200 workers who deliver high-quality electric utility golf carts.

Besides manufacturing, shipping is now simple within 15 days. XUNHU facilitates the shipping of your utility golf carts to your destination.

The broad warranty coverage is fantastic and increases customer confidence and profit. XUNHU will deliver electric utility golf carts for sale with extra parts, and spare parts are always available.

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  • Electric Utility Golf Carts for Sale
  • Electric Utility Golf Carts for Sale
  • Electric Utility Golf Carts for Sale
  • Electric Utility Golf Carts for Sale

Xunhu Electric Utility Golf Carts for Sale Cases

XUNHU is a reputable electric utility golf cart manufacturer in China. With equipment available all over the world, you can order wherever you are.

There are over10,000+ clients happy and enjoying XUNHU products. Ranging from individuals, parks, and institutions, they enjoy great products.

XUNHU Electric Utility Golf Cart Manufacturing Capacity

Electric Utility Golf Cart Design
XUNHU Manufactures Xunhu Electric Utility Golf Carts With Super Strong Structure; You Can Have Ready Design Or Request For A Customized Utility Golf Cart.
Electric Utility Golf Cart Production Line
XUNHU Electric Utility Golf Cart Production Lines Are Highly Automated; The Vertical Intergraded Process And Quality Control Ensure Premium Carts.
Electric Utility Golf Cart Mould
XUNHU Has Professional Frp Production Line, The Panels Are Super Heavy-Duty, And Light To Improve The Efficiency And Maintain Quality.
Electric Utility Golf Cart Structure
Professional Designed Xunhu Electric Utility Golf Carts Have Reliable Structure; Safe; Durable Design Means Extra Durable Golf Carts.
Electric Utility Golf Cart Painting
XUNHU Spraying Meets European Standards; The Pain Is Safe For Environment; Large Painting Workshops Are Element Free.
Electric Utility Golf Cart Charger
Branded Utility Golf Chargers Are Fast Charging, Protect Electric Utility Cart Charger From Overload And Surges, Fast Charging Reduces Overall Time Needed.

Using the finest quality raw material, XUNHU assembles efficient variants of custom utility golf carts for sale and ships to more than 100 countries annually.

Equipped with an onboard charger, XUNHU electric utility golf carts charge up quickly and provide extra range under loading.

Tested on 5km long testing tracks, XUNHU makes sure that the best quality is dispatched to you. Computer-aided machines and experienced engineers make sure that your electric utility golf carts are free from cracks, defective paint, malfunctioning joints, and bad welds.

Being one of the top utility electric golf cart manufacturers in China, XUNHU has unlimited custom features and accessories available for you. XUNHU uses state-of-the-art machining equipment in its in-house molding, cutting, and welding workshops to put forward excellent craftsmanship and sheer innovation in its utility electric cart designs.

If you decide to purchase in bulk from us, you can get extra discounts on shipments and secure worldwide shipping.

Reach us on our 24/7 working hotline and get your queries answered on the spot.

Electric Utility Golf Carts for Sale

XUNHU makes 2 seater and 4 seater electric utility golf carts. Also, you can get a lifted utility golf cart for sale to conquer rough terrain with ease.

Exquisite design that can be changed as per requirement, XUNHU electric utility carts feature an improved battery that provides longer range and slope traveling capability.

XUNHU also provides a set of accessories to meet your daily requirements.

A powerful motor turns the wheels under heavy loading while a reliable braking system ensures safe braking.

Benefit from spacious interior equipped with an intelligent steering system. All-terrain tires give you the liberty of easy maneuvering through muddy terrains.

Add a cargo bed, a front cargo carrier, side railings, etc. to your china utility golf carts and add extra functionality in no time.

If you require a zero-maintenance food truck, and inexpensive to operate loading cart, or an affordable golf cart with extra features, XUNHU utility golf carts for sale serve each requirement efficiently.

XUNHU offers worldwide quick shipping of highly functional variants of electric utility golf carts.

Give us a call today!

Your Best Electric Utility Golf Cart Manufacturer in China

XUNHU is your best electric golf carts manufacturer. Based in China, you get super high-quality golf carts. Quality control is superb and guarantees your carts will perform excellently.

Despite the high quality, XUNHU sells electric utility golf carts at a low price. Especially when you buy in bulk, you get great discounts.

10+ years of manufacturing experience allows XUNHU to deliver the best quality electric utility golf carts.

Apart from quality utility golf carts, you also get a variety of services. With exports to over 100 countries, there is confidence and reliability of XUNHU equipment. Prompt support when you need it ensures easy electric golf cart troubleshooting.

Electric Utility Golf Cart – The Definitive Guide

Increased affordability and functionality of electric utility golf carts have put them in buying power of many.

Business owners are looking for a fleet of electric vehicles to carry out daily chores with more efficiency but are confused about exactly what type of electric utility vehicle is best suited to their individual needs.

Xunhu has always lived up to its reputation whether it be quality, cost, warranty, or after-sales. If you are looking for affordable yet innovative electric utility golf carts, you are in the right place.

Take a look at this guide compiled to clear your doubts and confusion, help you make smart decisions, and buy just the right electric utility vehicle to make your daily life easier


What is Electric Utility Golf Cart?

Electric Utility Golf Cart for Sale

An electric utility golf cart is more than a golf cart in terms of its uses and features. An electric utility golf cart is designed to carry out a specific task with higher satisfaction and efficiency.

It appears like a golf cart with an extra set of features like more towing power, extra load-bearing strength, more storage capacity, improved motor, etc. They are powered by a battery pack delivering power to a motor that then turns the wheels.

Xunhu electric utility golf carts are designed to travel over rougher terrains, slopes, and across large distances. They are highly versatile and can be modified according to the tasks.

Our electric utility golf carts feature extra space to carry more passengers as well in addition to carrying loads.

Xunhu utility golf carts encompass a wide variety of cars. There are many different, makes, models, and designs available to choose from.

One of those varieties is a multi-passenger electric utility golf cart shuttle. This particular variety has the capability of carrying multiple riders for various types of occasions and requirements.

Built with highly reliable tech and innovative procedures, Xunhu electric utility golf carts act as freight and transport vehicles that can serve many purposes, facilitate your daily work with different usage areas, save energy and time, and do not pollute nature using electricity; thanks to Xunhu’s latest developments in the battery sector.

Aside from golf courses, we are pleased to announce that these miniature vehicles are found on the grounds of numerous businesses across the world.

Their uses are countless and Xunhu electric utility golf carts have a class of their own. Our vehicles are affordable and help workers transport goods from one location to another with ease and style.

What is the Best Electric Utility Golf Cart for Sale?

Electric Utility Golf Cart for Sale

We all have seen golf carts running in a golf course. For a long time, golf carts were limited to carrying golfers around a golf course.

But later on, the latest developments in technology and experimenting with designs paved way for a whole new era of electric utility golf carts.

Golf carts are affordable and there is great room for modification. In the last decade, many manufacturers have introduced utility golf carts with increased passenger capacity and load area.

What is the best electric utility golf cart on the market requires a more specific approach.

Which isn’t the best for others might work out for you quite well. There are different features to be considered within the category to find out what works best for you. Those features include:

  • Body strength of the vehicle
  • Brakes and suspension. They should be sturdy and robust enough to bear loads
  • Type and performance of the battery
  • Type and performance of motor
  • Range of the vehicle
  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Ability to handle rough terrains, etc.

Different brands are recognized for different genres in manufacturing. For example, Yamaha electric utility golf carts are famous for their durable finish and silent-running motors. Club car is recognized for long battery hours and elegant designs.

Xunhu electric utility golf carts come in various shapes and sizes. Our product lineup engages every need of the customer.

If we don’t have what you need, we can make one for you. All you need to do is to give us a call and our team will assist.

Utility Golf Carts – GAS OR ELECTRIC?

Gas or Electric Utility Golf Cart 

Gas or Electric Utility Golf Cart

Choosing between a gas or an electric utility golf cart has been debated since the dawn of electric vehicles. You should address what works best for you depending on your budget and requirements:

Let’s first discuss are pros and cons of both and then conclude why electric variants might be a good choice

Electric utility golf cart benefits are:

  • Lower cost: You can get yourself an electric vehicle at quite affordable prices instead of paying a hefty sum for gasoline ones. Due to lesser moving parts, you cut a lot of recurring maintenance costs annually. They use 6-8 electricity units to fully charge, meaning you travel at the rate of less than 1$ for 20kms
  • Less noisy: No IC engine means no noise, making electric utility golf carts ideal for community maintenance work, to be used in residential areas, transporting luggage, etc.
  • Environment friendly: One of the biggest modern-day concerns is air pollution. Electric utility golf carts have practically zero carbon footprint and can be used indoors with ease.

While the disadvantages are:

  • Repeated need for charging during travel. A full gasoline tank lasts longer than a full battery
  • Low power while moving uphill. Gasoline carts have more torque as burning gasoline yields more energy per particle
  • Less control while moving downhill
  • Costly battery replacements

Benefits of gas-powered golf carts include:

  • Higher power and control: Gas utility golf carts are better at handling rougher terrains, climbing slopes, and running through muddy farms.
  • No charging time required: Unlike electric utility golf carts, you can fill up the tank within minutes

Disadvantages of gas golf carts are:

  • High maintenance costs due to more moving components. You have to spend on changing belts, replacing spark plugs, replacing filters, etc. You have to look out for failing transmission, faulty gears, etc.
  • More noise. Burning gasoline causes a lot of noise that can be a concern in residential areas and populated communities
  • Smoke and gas emissions. You cannot use such vehicles indoors.
  • More operational cost as compared to electric variants. Due to always increasing fossil fuel costs, it is becoming difficult to afford.

Result: Electric utility golf carts have an advantage in terms of operation and maintenance costs.

They can be equipped with a more enhanced battery to make up for the less torque and speed.

Even electric utility golf carts have lesser top speed but they accelerate quite quicker and reach top speeds faster. They are more customizable than gas-burning variants.

What are the Features of a Best Electric Utility Golf Cart?

6 Seater Utility Golf Cart with Long Cargo Box

Electric Utility Golf Cart Features

Electric utility golf carts are low-maintenance and eco-friendly vehicles. Equipped with a large storage area in addition to saving up to 75 percent on operating costs, electric utility golf carts can be used to suit any requirement.

You simply need to plug it into a wall outlet to charge. Use it by day and allow it to charge overnight for the most efficient usage.

The best electric utility golf cart is the one that:

  • Offers extra space for passengers and has increased storage capacity
  • Has comfortable seats and a large cargo bed to able to support luggage and equipment
  • Has a powerful long-range battery that delivers across large distances without slowing down
  • Has ample ground clearance, suitable to be used on rough terrains, muddy farms, and slopes
  • Features a rugged and sturdy frame that can bear continuous loading and unloading without showing signs of skewing and wear
  • Offers a highly customizable design that can be modified according to the requirement. Accessories and custom body options can readily be attached to carry out tasks like transporting heavy equipment across a block or tow a trailer of haystack
  • Is equipped with a quick charging maintenance-free battery pack

Xunhu electric utility golf carts bring in extra functionality and style to your daily chores. Our quick charger can juice up the battery in few hours and you are on the go.

Moreover, Xunhu offers a wide range of golf cart accessories to choose from. You can have your cart modified according to your intended use.

Want to know more about the features we offer? Give us a call today.

What is the Price of Electric Utility Golf Cart for Sale?

4 Seater Utility Golf Cart GM-4F with Cargo Box

After being used in golf courses, the demand for electric utility golf carts is increasing rapidly in public spaces, private sectors, hospitals and schools, cemeteries and funerals, shipyards, airports, and many other places

Their compact size enables them to be used inside facilities with wide corridors and cargo elevators. With so much demand, many golf cart manufacturers are offering different prices.

The price of utility vehicles varies from model to model. The pricing depends on:

  • Size of the electric utility golf cart
  • Tire size and type
  • Added custom features
  • Battery size and power
  • Loading capacity
  • Motor size and power
  • Speed and range, etc.

Basic models that have a loading capacity of 250-300kg in addition to the passengers can cost around $6000. They would not have any additional options like AC or multimedia.

For $8000 to $12,000, you can buy a two-seater or four-seater electric utility golf cart equipped with a luggage bed and with options like windshields, headlights, horns, etc.

They feature a bigger body, greater towing capacity, and a battery powerful enough to tow a load of 1100 lbs.

Top-of-the-line electric utility vehicles with features like a DVD player, leather seats, etc. can cost you around $15,000 or even more. The more options and customizations you choose, the higher the price.

Xunhu is recognized for its competitive prices. You are not asked to pay more than you should, given the design you choose and the accessories you buy.

Our highly qualified sales team is available 24/7 to assist you with hassle-free purchases and multiple payment options. Leave us a message today!

The 10 Best Electric Utility Golf Cart on the Market in 2021

Electric Utility Golf Cart Brands

Electric utility golf carts have changed the dynamics of how people get their daily chores done. Demand has increased exponentially and people are buying electric utility golf carts not only for getting things done but to make their life easier.

Take a look at some renowned brands of electric utility golf carts that have tried to bridge the gap between supply and demand quite efficiently:

  • Xunhu EV, a Chinese electric cart giant, has more than 300 electric vehicle patents to its name and is trusted by more than 10,000 customers across the world.
  • American Landmaster, an American manufacturer been in business for more than 40 years, famous for robust designs and high torque
  • Beast golf carts, famous for designing 4×4 hunting utility golf carts
  • Breeze carts, recognized for their extra loading space and robust suspension
  • Cazador Motorsports, an authorized manufacturer of UTVs, Go-Karts, and Golf carts. They specialize in assembling high-end sports golf carts.
  • Club car, a world-renowned brand, famous for its elegant and trendy golf carts
  • E-Z-GO, famous for its RXV and TXT golf carts, has been providing a personalized experience to consumers for more than 3 decades
  • Goggo car, which manufactures innovative and trendy electric and gas golf carts. Established more than two decades ago, Goggo car golf carts are unique in design and outstanding in performance
  • Hunt VE, has been in business since 2006 manufacturing rigid and robust electric off-road vehicles, and is recognized for using dual direct motors instead of one in their vehicles to provide smooth and consistent power to the shaft.
  • Momentum Motorwerks, founded in 2019, has come a long way in manufacturing recreational electric utility golf vehicles.


5 Tips to Buy the Right Electric Utility Golf Cart

There are so many designs and make variations out there. You need to make sure what you are looking for in an electric utility vehicle, the task required from it, your budget, and your expectations from the vehicle.

Below mentioned points might come in handy while selecting the one best suited to your needs:

  • Intended use: Think carefully about what type of tasks you need to get done. Do you require towing power and climbing ability? Does range matter for that specific task? What features do you need as a must-have? How much can you pay for the cart? Think about these and make up your mind.
  • The reputation of the manufacturer: Choose the one who has spent a substantial number of years in the field, has a vast clientele and has good customer reviews. Ask about the raw material used, driving range, after-sale services, safety certifications, etc. Make sure the manufacturer follows the highest standards of safety and the finest quality of raw material
  • Battery and Motor: Choose the right motor and battery capacity. If you need to use your utility golf cart on a farm, long-range batteries can suffice the need.
  • Accessories: Inquire about the accessories you might need to get the task done. In case you are buying electric utility golf carts in bulk, hire a team to inspect the carts and the accessories before they are shipped.
  • Used or Refurbished? In case you are buying a used electric utility golf cart, ask the seller about the history, make, model, battery health, tire condition, body appearance, accessories available, etc. Ask about how long he has owned the cart. Has it been in an accident? In the case of refurbished carts, inquire about the supporting documentation and invoices along with the date and reputation of the dealership.



Don’t get carried away by the advertisement you saw online regarding electric utility golf carts. Chances are you are looking at brands new to a business trying to build a clientele.

Xunhu has served its customers with nothing but the best for the past decade. We have built a reputation and have a colossal amount of positive reviews to back up our claim.

We hope we were able to answer your concerns, in case you need further assistance, visit our website or come to our factory to learn more about our product range. Our professional team is available at all times to entertain your queries.

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