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Electric Utility Carts for Sale

  • Strong Structure, Galvanized Steel, Lightweight Stable Body Increase Safety
  • 2 / 4 Passenger Utility Carts For Sale Available, Customized Designs And Colors
  • Lifted Electric Utility Carts Ideal For All-Terrain Applications, Heavy-Duty Tires
  • Increased Hill Climbing Ability, Small Turning Area, Tested To ISO/CE Standards

Recommend Electric Utility Carts for Sale

Electric utility carts for sale are essential and versatile. XUNHU makes a variety of motorized utility carts for sale for use in different areas. Whether you want them for use in amusement parks, farms or industries, they are handy.

There are different versions of electric utility carts you can choose from. Whether you want ones with more capacity, they come in different weight limitations.

You can go for electric utility golf carts for sale with 2 seats or 4 seats. It depends on your purpose. Also, there are electric vehicles for sale with large cargo boxes.

Electric Utility Carts for Sale
XunHu Powerful Electric Carts For Sale Have Robust Features, Strong Tires, A Sturdy Suspension System, Reinforced Structure, Easy Customization.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 32km/h
  • Turning Radius:3.2m
  • Climbing Capactity:30%
4 Seater Utility Golf Carts with Cargo box
Xunhu 4 Seater, Utility Golf Carts With Cargo Box, Have High Versatility; Powerful Batteries, Reinforced Chassis, Sturdy Golf Canopy.

Main Data:
  • Battery:8V*6
  • Max.travelling Range:70-80km
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
Battery Powered Utility Carts for Sale
XunHu Battery Powered Utility Cart Runs Quietly And Smoothly; Improved Range, Branded Batteries Are Available, Fast Charging.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 32km/h
  • Turning Radius:3.2m
  • Climbing Capactity:30%
2 Seater Electric Utility Golf Carts with Cargo box
XunHu 2 Seater, Electric Utility Golf Carts With Cargo Box, Carries Passengers And Load; Cargo Box Covers Are Available.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 20km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:70-80km
  • Climbing Capactity:25%
Electric Utility Carts
XunHu Electric Utility Golf Carts Have Versatile Structures: Sturdy Chassis, Sturdy Enclosure, 2 Seater And 4 Seaters Available, Lifted Utility Golf Carts.

Main Data:
  • Battery:8V*6
  • Max.travelling Range:70-80km
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
Small Electric Utility Carts for Sale
Xunhu Small Electric Utility Carts Are Versatile And Ideal For Compact Places; Premium Vacuum Tires, Custom Alloy Wheels, Branded High-Efficiency Chargers Are Available.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 32km/h
  • Turning Radius:4.5m
  • Climbing Capactity:30%
Electric Utility Vehicles for Sale
Xunhu Electric Utility Vehicle Carries More Loading Weight; Large Cargo Box, High-Performance Tires, Large Windshield With Wiper, And Digital Dashboard.

Main Data:
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
4 Seats Electric Cargo Transfer Vehicles for Sale
XunHu 4 Seats Electric Cargo Transfer Vehicle Have Great Load Capacity; Strong Structure, Reliable Vacuum Tires, Sturdy Cargo Box.

Main Data:
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
Modified 4 Seats Electric Utility Carts for Sale
XunHu Offers Variety Of Modified 4 Seats Electric Utility Carts, Open And Closed Designs, And Specialized Body Design, Customizable.

Main Data:
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km

Your Premier Electric Utility Carts Manufacturer in China

One of the premier manufacturers of electric utility carts in China is XunHu. The great experience means you can always enjoy globally accepted products.

By manufacturing a variety of equipment, there is an assurance of high expertise. There are over 10,000 clients worldwide who are happy with XunHu electric utility vehicles and carts for sale.

Besides the reliability, the electric utility carts are super versatile. They have wide usability from parks to farms. The emission-free nature makes these carts usable even indoors.

XunHu has a strong manufacturing base with a focus on making electric utility carts for sale internationally. A decade of experience also makes the utility carts reliable for different functions.

  • Your Premier Electric Utility Carts Manufacturer in China
  • Your Premier Electric Utility Carts Manufacturer in China (1)
  • Your Premier Electric Utility Carts Manufacturer in China (2)
  • Your Premier Electric Utility Carts Manufacturer in China (3)
  • Xunhu Electric Utility Carts for Sale Cases (2)
  • Xunhu Electric Utility Carts for Sale Cases (1)
  • Xunhu Electric Utility Carts for Sale Cases (1)

Xunhu Electric Utility Carts for Sale Cases

The Sale Of Electric Utility Carts From Xunhu Is Global. With The Ability To Ship These Carts Internationally, You Can Bet On The Efficiency.

Xunhu Delivers 1000+ Pieces Of Electric Golf Utility Carts Per Year. The Sale Cases Are Successful In Over 100 Countries Around The World.

XUNHU Electric Utility Carts Manufacturing Capacity

Xunhu Electric Utility Carts Design
All Electric Utility Carts Designs Feature High Precision Computer Designs; The Design Ensures High-Quality Production And Balanced Utility Carts.
Xunhu Electric Utility Carts Production LineXunhu Electric Utility Carts Production Line
Each Electric Utility Cart Production Line Has A Standardized Design; All The Units Pass Similar Production To Maintain Consistency And Quality.
Xunhu Electric Utility Carts Mould
Xunhu Electric Utility Cart Molding Factory Make High-Quality Body Panels; Precise Production By Chinese Professionals Guarantees Durability.
Xunhu Electric Utility Carts Structure
Xunhu Utilizes Professionals To Make Utility Carts Structure; Balanced And Tested Prototypes Ensure Final Products Are Up To The Quality.
Xunhu Electric Utility Carts Painting
Xunhu Electric Utility Carts Painting Follows International Guidelines; Paint Is Durable, Weather-Resistant, And Non-Toxic; Meets EU Standards.
Xunhu Electric Utility Carts Charger
Electric Utility Carts Chargers Are Universal; They Can Work In All Countries Without Needing Adapters, Branded Chargers Are Available.

XUNHU electric utility vehicles are known for superior customizability, power, and affordability. They are equipped with efficient batteries, a powerful motor, vacuum tires, a strong chassis, and enhanced electric parts.

They have exceptional towing capacity with respect to their weight. The chassis is tested under extreme loading to rule out the possibility of bending and cracking. Moreover, these electric utility golf carts for sale are coated with eco-friendly paint to protect them from harsh sunlight and from rusting due to heavy downpours.

Being the leading China indoor utility cart manufacturer, XUNHU is ISO and CE certified, has more than 300 patents, and offers highly competitive prices for battery-powered utility carts for sale.

You can have your utility carts delivered within 2-3 weeks. Plus, XUNHU offers online tracking of the package so you never miss out on any detail.

electric utility carts color

Electric Utility Carts for Sale – Low Cost and No Driving Noise

XUNHU electric utility carts are highly functional and purposeful. They can be modified to suit many different tasks. At XUNHU, you can find a variety of accessories and optional features to suit daily tasks.

XUNHU incorporates a powerful motor to turn the wheels under heavy loading while a reliable braking system smaller braking distance. You get to enjoy a spacious interior equipped with an intelligent steering system. With the use of all-terrain tires, you get the liberty of easy maneuvering through muddy terrains and slopes.

You can add a cargo bed, side railings, etc. to your electric golf carts for sale cheap and add extra functionality in no time. XUNHU electric utility golf carts can be used as food trucks, for the maintenance crew, for loading, and much more.

XUNHU offers reliable and quick worldwide shipping of highly functional and efficient variants of electric utility carts.

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Your Best Electric Utility Carts Manufacturer in China

If you are wondering where to get the best electric utility cart manufacturers, you can relax. XunHu is one of the top choices for great manufacturing.

The reliability and experience date back 10+ years ago. Also, a team of 1,200 workers ensures there is great production speed.

Whether you want your utility carts for sale in bulk, there is quick manufacturing and delivery. Also, the amount of customer care support you get is unmatchable.

Owning one of the latest testing facilities, all-electric utility carts come fully tested. Also, warranty and free consumable parts are great for ensuring the best experience.

Electric Utility Carts: The Definitive Guide

Electric utility carts are versatile vehicles that perform different functions. Mostly, they are essential when it comes to the transportation of golfers and their accessories.

Besides being great for golfing activities, the utility carts are also ideal for other functions. You can get different designs and capacities to suit your tasks.

If you want to get the best electric utility carts, this guide offers all answers to your burning questions.


What Is An Electric Utility Cart?

You might be wondering what an electric utility cart is. It can be confusing, especially if you are familiar with regular utility carts. However, a utility golf cart or you can call it utility golf cart is an electric vehicle with an electric motor instead of a combustion engine.

The electric utility carts ts have great applications. Whether it’s for use in a golf course, industries, farms, and other places, they are highly versatile.

Apart from the contemporary design, electric golf utility carts are customizable. You can have lifted or golf cart with a cargo box.

Although electric utility carts have remarkable similarities with standard ones, they have some modifications. Therefore, it’s easy to drive in varying areas with ease.

Electric Utility Carts for Sale

How Much Is An Electric Utility Cart?

The price of electric utility carts differs from one brand to another. When you buy base models, it means you can get them at a standard price. However, for customized ones, you will have to pay an extra cost.

Typically, a standard golf utility cart sells at an average of $4,000 for 2 seaters. For larger ones, they can sell at $8,000. Price will depend on the capacity as well as the level of customization.

Electric Utility Cart for Sale Price

Electric Utility Cart for Sale Price

How to Choose the Best Electric Utility Cart on the Market?

Buying the best electric utility carts is a dream for everyone. However, to achieve this, one needs to check a couple of things. These are some of the critical aspects to consider.

  1. New vs. used utility golf cart

When it comes to buying utility carts, most people will have options for new or used ones. However, you need to play your cards well to ensure you get the best option.

The choice of whether new or used depends on a variety of aspects. But, the main factor that makes people decide is the budget.

New electric utility carts have more benefits when you purchase. You can have a guarantee of quality and firsthand experience. Also, there is a warranty that ensures a great after-sale experience.

On the other hand, used electric utility carts have lower prices compared to new ones. You stand a chance to get low mileage utility carts. Some of the second-hand utility carts come fully refurbished, meaning as good as new.

Best Electric Utility Carts for Sale

Best Electric Utility Carts for Sale

Whether you want new or used electric utility cart, weigh the benefits of each before engaging.

  1. Customization options

A lot of buyers have different tastes for the utility carts’ look and performance. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your golf utility cart provides room for customization.

Besides, some manufacturers enable you to customize your electric utility cart right in the factory. However, others are easy to install aftermarket customizations.

  1. Weight capacity

Weight capacity is another essential aspect of every electric utility cart. Since they are multipurpose, you need a powerful cart that ensures maximum weight.

The carts are available in different sizes and weight carrying capacities. Depending on the usage, ensure your outlet golf electric utility cart can perform the tasks with ease.

  1. Check batteries

Electric utility carts use batteries as their power sources. Therefore, checking the battery types, capacity, and ease of maintenance is vital.

Mostly, the common types of batteries you will find in utility carts are lead-acid and lithium-ion.

Lithium-io batteries are better in terms of performance and range. They have zero maintenance and are lightweight hence improving utility cart efficiency. However, they are a bit expensive.

Lead-acid, on the other hand, has been in service for a while. Their technology and performance are proven hence high safety. These batteries have more maintenance requirements, heavy and low range.

  1. Warranty and after-sale services

Warranty is one of the essential aspects when you are buying an electric golf utility cart. It’s necessary to have a utility cart with an extended warranty. It means you get repair and parts for free when there is a breakdown.

The warranty period differs from one utility cart manufacturer to the other. However, regardless of the brand, it ensures you get at least one year period of warranty.

Some manufacturers also provide extended and customized warranties for their electric utility carts. Free spare parts like in the case of XunHu also are added advantages.

What Are The Advantages And Features Of XunHu Electric Utility Cart for Sale?

There are many advantages of electric utility carts. Due to this, these mobility equipment are becoming more popular among many users.

Electric Utility Cart for Sale Advantages

Electric Utility Cart for Sale Advantages

Some of the top advantages of XunHu electric utility carts include:

Noise and emission-free/ environmentally friendly

Noise and exhaust fumes are causing the most concern. Unlike gas utility carts, these don’t cause environmental pollution.

They have super silent electric motors that ensure smooth and quiet operation. Therefore, you can be sure your cart will run quietly without creating a loud noise.

Besides, emission-free running helps to cut down harmful gasses production.

Low maintenance requirements

When it comes to maintenance, XunHu electric utility carts for sale have minimal requirements. As opposed to gas type, they don’t need frequent oil change air cleaner and oil filter change.

The only vital maintenance is keeping the batteries charged. Also, for lead-acid batteries, electrolyte level maintenance is critical. In general, electric utility carts are super easy to maintain.

Cheaper to buy electric utility carts

The cost of electric motors and batteries continues to fall. This translates to less cost of acquiring electric utility carts.

It is now easy to acquire the best electric utility carts with less price tag and low maintenance costs.

High versatility

Electric utility carts have high versatility. Since they don’t have emissions, they are great for use indoors and outdoors.

Apart from noise-free operations, electric utility carts work quietly. Therefore, in warehouses, you can use them without causing a nuisance.

Apart from getting a lot of advantages, the electric utility carts have a lot of exciting features. You can choose between standard and custom features.

Some of the standard features include

  • Maintenance-free batteries
  • Onboard chargers
  • Toughened windshield
  • Smart steering system
  • Regenerative brakes
  • Superior suspension system
  • Versatile chassis
  • Rubber vacuum tires
  • Waterproof PU leather coated seats

Optional features include

  • Custom body-color
  • Weather curtains
  • Customized cargo box size and design
  • Aluminum alloy rims
  • Candy cooler
  • Golf accessories holder
  • Weather curtains
  • Full weather enclosure
  • Lithium batteries


What Are The Applications of Electric Utility Carts?

Electric utility carts have multiple applications. They are versatile, which makes them the perfect solution for different applications.

Electric Utility Carts Applications

Electric Utility Carts Applications

If you wonder how to use your utility carts with a utility bed, these are the top ways to use them.

  1. Estate maintenance team mobility

Estates have narrow pavements that require small mobility equipment. Since golf utility carts with utility functions are compact, they are some of the best options.

Apart from the compact nature, the cargo bed enables easy transportation of small items.

  1. Transportation of golfers and other players

The main purpose of any golf cart is to carry golfers. With electric utility carts, they have more capacity. They have extra space for player accessories and other stuff.

Besides carrying golfers, these electric utility carts are suitable for other sports. They are great for transporting players for various functions.

  1. Recreation parks

Electric utility carts for sale are essential and usable in different recreation facilities. Specifically, they are common in these parts, children playgrounds, and other places.

Their compact design ensures they are perfect for use even in indoor recreational places.

  1. Golf cart themed parties

Utility electric golf carts for sale are common at different types of parties. Especially weddings, graduations, and other parties, you can use them with these carts.

  1. Hotels, resorts, and other hospitality areas

Using electric utility carts in the hospitality industry isn’t a new thing. They are in use by different business premises around the world.

The use of these utility carts is favored due to their ease and cheap operation. Furthermore, stress-free operations without noise make great people movers.

Why Should You Buy New Electric Utility Carts?

Buying new electric utility carts is recommendable. They are better than going for used ones.

If you are looking for a new electric utility golf cart, these are reasons you should not look back.

  • Warranty

It is the primary benefit you get when you get new equipment. It gives you peace of mind since you can enjoy a variety of free services.

  • Customization options

When you buy an electric utility cart from a manufacturer, you can order for customizations. The variety of custom styling available gives you great independence and peace of mind.

  • Immaculate condition

Going for new electric vehicle equipment gives you the ideal experience. Since it’s new, you can expect it to provide you with longer services and the best performance.

What Is The Optional Configuration Of XunHu Electric Utility Carts?

XunHu makes different designs and styles of electric utility carts. You can buy a standard or customized one depending on your preference.

Some of the available configurations are;



Electric utility carts are versatile and handy mobility equipment. They are ideal for use in different situations and cheap to run. With advanced features and improvements, they are also inexpensive to buy and maintain.

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