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Electric Sightseeing Car

  • Rustproof Durable Body, Modern Control Systems, Advanced Electric Steering System
  • Efficient Independent Hydraulic Brake System, Latest Parking System, Electric Drive-Train
  • Over 1000+ Units Delivery Yearly, Reliable Quality With Dedicated Team Of R&D
  • Smooth, Silent, Powerful Electric Motor; Different Passenger Capacities, Electronic Controls

Recommend Electric Sightseeing Car for Sale

XUNHU has many recommended electric sightseeing cars for sale. You have the freedom to buy a large or small car depending on your usage and funds.

You can go for a small electric sightseeing car for 4 seaters. Also, there are other options like 6 seaters, 8 seaters, 11 seaters, 14 seaters, and 23 seaters. The more seats it has, the more passengers it can carry at a go.

Apart from the ready designs, you can customize your electric sightseeing vehicles and electric sightseeing bus designs. This lets you decide on optional parts or design modifications.

11 Seater Electric Sightseeing Car SN-11
XunHu 11 Seater Electric Sightseeing Car with High strength aluminum chassis and Good corrsion-resistant design.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 80km
14 Seater Electric Sightseeing Car SN-14
XunHu 14 Seater Electric Sightseeing Car is one reliable and worth buy product with ISO quality control process.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 100km
23 Seater Electric Sightseeing Car SN-14
XunHu 23 Seater Electric Sightseeing Car is our basic sightseeing models. Lead acid battery or lithium battery pack are optional.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 100km
Electric Sightseeing Car Nimo Design
Xunhu Makes Nimo Design Electric Sightseeing Cars For Sale; The Sleek Design Is Attractive To Adults And Kids, Colors Are Customizable.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 80km
Electric Sightseeing Car Dolphin Design
Electric Sightseeing Car Dolphin Design Is Attractive To All Ages; Available In Different Capacities; The Rustproof Body Is Durable.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 100km
Electric Sightseeing Car SN-14T-3
Xunhu Electric Sightseeing Car for Sale with Retro Design, efficient and attractive appearance, and CE approved.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Climbing ability: 15%
  • Range: 120km
Electric Sightseeing Vintage Car
Xunhu Electric Sightseeing Vintage Cars Evoke Great Memories; Ranges Of Colors Available, Sturdy Chassis For Holding Huge Weight.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 80km
Enclosed Electric Sightseeing Car
Xunhu Enclosed Electric Sightseeing Cars Are Ideal For All Weather Conditions; Large Glass Windows, Large Doors Allow Easy Entry And Exit.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 80km
4 Seats Electric Sightseeing Car
Xunhu 4 Seats Electric Sightseeing Cars Are Compact; Suited For Compact Areas, Less Turning Radius, Latest Electronic Controls.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 100km
6 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car
XunHu 6 Seater Classic Electric Sightseeing Car for Sale with high performance designs, Skillfull worker and R&D team support Xunhu factory provide OEM & ODM service.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 80km
6 Seater Open-Topped Sightseeing Car
XunHu 6 Seater Open-Topped Sightseeing Car for Sale with Glass fiber reinforced plastic roof and Steel alloy framework.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 100km
12 Passenger Electric Sightseeing Car
Xunhu 12 Passenger Electric Sightseeing Car Carries More Passengers; Robust Chassis, Optional Features Like AC, Curtains, Audio Player Are Available Optional.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 80km
Electric Tourist Car for Sale
XunHu Electric Tourist Car with Steel frame,Fiber glass body,electric sightseeing car is the best choice in Air port,Hotel and Scenic spot.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 100km
Electric Sightseeing Bus for Sale
XunHu has a wide rang of Electric sightseeing Bus for Sale, such Ding Ding Car, Retro sightseeing car, Multi Passenger Electric Vehicles.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Climbing ability: 15%
  • Range: 120km
Electric Shuttle Bus for Sale
XunHu supply you with kinds of Electric Shuttle Bus and shuttle carts, you can use them in airport, carnivals, amusement parks and attractions.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 80km
Golf Cart for Sightseeing
XunHu Golf Cart Shuttle Bus for sale with Standard design and lifted design, Can be changed into a utility vehicle.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 24km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 100km
Electric Sightseeing Vehicles
XunHu Electric Passenger Shuttles equipped with Fourwheelshydraulic brakingsystem and Macpheronstrut suspension.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing ability: 20%
  • Range: 100km
Electric Tourist Train Rides for Sale
You can buy kinds of Electric Tourist Train Rides from Xunhu company, direct trackless train manufacturer in China.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 7km/h
  • Climbing ability: 6%
  • Range: 80-100km

Your Premier Electric Sightseeing Car Manufacturer in China

XUNHU is no doubt the premier manufacturer of electric sightseeing cars in China. Enjoying a decade-long experience, there is tested and proofed technology.

The patented electric vehicles and designs ensure you can always trust the products. XUNHU experience in manufacturing and selling electric sightseeing cars renders it a premier manufacturer.

Besides making reliable electric sightseeing vehicles, XUNHU makes a variety of low-speed electric vehicles. With a team of leading engineers, an R&D team, and other staff, quality isn’t an issue.

Manufacturing is one of the best industries in China. With high automation, there is quick and reliable manufacturing. Quick response and professional after-sale services ensure you are always satisfied.

  • Electric Sightseeing Car Manufacturer
  • Electric Sightseeing Car Manufacturer
  • Electric Sightseeing Car Manufacturer in China
  • Electric Sightseeing Car Manufacturer in China (1)
  • Electric Sightseeing Car Manufacturer in China (1)
  • Xunhu electric sightseeing car for sale cases (2)
  • Xunhu electric sightseeing car for sale cases (1)
  • Electric Sightseeing Car for Sale Cases
  • Electric Sightseeing Car for Sale Cases
  • Electric Sightseeing Car for Sale Cases
  • Electric Sightseeing Car for Sale Cases

Xunhu Electric Sightseeing Car for Sale Cases

XUNHU has a reputation for manufacturing and selling electric sightseeing cars and electric shuttle vehicles. With sales happening across the world, you can also join the team of elated customers.

The delivery is widespread globally in different countries like Vietnam, Russia, Australia, Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, Bolivia, and others. You can order an electric sightseeing car from anywhere in the world.

XUNHU Electric Sightseeing Car Manufacturing Capacity

Xunhu Electric Sightseeing Car Design
Xunhu Has 50+ Ready Designs For Electric Sightseeing Cars, Strong Carrying Capacity, And Sleek Theme Colors That Maintain The Beauty.
Xunhu Electric Sightseeing Car Production Line
Manufacturing Electric Sightseeing Car Happens In A Dust-Free Workshop, Eco-Friendly Paint, Standardized Production Lines, And Painting Deliver Sleek Cars.
Xunhu Electric Sightseeing Car Mould
Xunhu Boasts A Professional Frp Mold Production Line And Workers; The Panels Are Super Durable And Lightweight To Keep Your Car Stable.
Xunhu Electric Sightseeing Car Structure
Xunhu Makes Structurally Sound Electric Sightseeing Cars; Front And Rear Lights, Horn, Mirrors; Body Structure Is Rust And Corrosion-Proof.
Xunhu Electric Sightseeing Car Painting
Painting Is Done In An Inert Environment; Workshops Are Dust-Free, The Painting Process Meets EU Standards To Ensure No Fading Or Chipping.
Xunhu Electric Sightseeing Car Painting
Xunhu Electric Sightseeing Cars Come In Different Colors; You Can Request A Custom Color To Keep Your Cars Unique.

Xunhu is one of the most trusted electric sightseeing car manufacturers. Dispatched to more than 10,000 customers annually, Xunhu luxury electric sightseeing vehicle offers comfort and performance beyond expectation.

Using the most advanced machining equipment, Xunhu’s competent technicians assemble exquisite electric tour sightseeing vehicle designs. Certified by ISO and CE, the Xunhu battery-operated sightseeing vehicle is safe to use and lasts for ages.

Unlike other new electric sightseeing car factories, not only does Xunhu maintain strict quality control during the production of its vehicles, but thoroughly tests the assembled product before it is shipped to you.

Being a leading electric sightseeing car exporter, Xunhu offers reliable and quick shipping across borders. Enjoy superior designs, exceptional build quality, and innovative features at amazing discounts on OEM electric sightseeing car variants

Electric Sightseeing Car & Shuttle Bus Features

A: Dashboard
Voltmeter, Ampere Meter,Coulomb Meter

B: Louder Speaker
Police Louder Speaker Make Sound Quality More Clear.

C: Alarm Light

D: Fiber Glass Body
The Car Body Has High Strength, Corrosion Resistance, And Long Service Life.




  • Electric Sightseeing Car Suspension SystemSuspension System 

Front Wheel Independent Suspension, Integral Rear Axle Seamless Steel Pipe Welded Axle Housing, Cold Extruded Planetary Gear, Low Noise, Durable And Reliable. Leaf Spring Rear Suspension, Barrel Hydraulic Shock Absorber Absorber Can Bear More Weight.






Electric Sightseeing Car Steering System

  • Steering System

Using The Automobile Steering Machine, Automatically Adjusting The Gap And Matching The Perfect Trapezoidal Mechanism, There Is No Dead Angle In Rotation And The Direction Is Lighter.







Electric Sightseeing Car Wheel Hub

  • Wheel Hub

Large Aluminum Alloy Wheels Make The Driving Process More Robust.








Electric Sightseeing Car DC Motor

  • DC Motor

The Series Excited Traction Motor Makes The Output Of The Motor Stronger, Gives Full Play To The Efficiency Of The Motor, And Has A Long Service Life.







Electric Sightseeing Car Electronic System

  • Electronic System


High Efficiency Curtis Controller.

Classic Electric Sightseeing Car Configurations (1) Classic Electric Sightseeing Car Configurations (2)

XunHu Company focuses on producing high-quality electric sightseeing cars, shuttle buses, utility vehicles, and electric patrol cars. There are 4, 6, 8, 11, 14, and 23-seater sightseeing cars for your choice.

XunHu is one direct sightseeing car manufacturer. We have a strong R&D team to provide OEM & ODM service.

Electric Sightseeing Car and Shuttle Bus Applications

The classic electric sightseeing car can also be called a vintage sightseeing cart, which is very popular in scenic spots, amusement parks, real estate, resorts, villas, golf courses, airports, factories, parks, etc.

XunHu company provides you with a variety of styles and specifications of sightseeing cars, you can also get customized services.

Classic Electric Sightseeing Car Applications

Electric Sightseeing Cars for Sale Features

Designed for extra loading and climbing ability, Xunhu electric sightseeing car for sale uses long-lasting batteries and a powerful motor. Equipped with a robust fiberglass body and strong chassis, Xunhu China electric sightseeing car for sale is ideal for hotels, tourist spots, resorts, factories, and family trips.

Available in a variety of designs and color schemes, Xunhu OEM sightseeing vehicle designs incorporate reliable suspension and intelligent steering systems to provide a luxurious riding experience to your riders.

Buy the best electric sightseeing car designs and even electric tourist buses, and sightseeing cars with door 14-seater at amazing prices.

Benefiting from a state-of-the-art production line, you can be assured of the quality and safety Xunhu offers in its fully enclosed sightseeing car. We take extreme caution in testing the product before it is finally dispatched to you.

Your Top Electric Sightseeing Car Manufacturer in China

XUNHU is one of the top electric sightseeing car manufacturers. The high-quality production ability ensures all cars are premium.

The advanced technology in the manufacturing process allows sightseeing cars to perform excellently. With an extremely active R&D team, there are frequent technological upgrades.

Boasting over 50 patents, XUNHU also makes electric sightseeing cars recognized globally. Having CE, ISO, and BV certifications, they can operate anywhere in the world.

With different sightseeing cars for sale, it is easy to choose the right one for your services. Whether you want one for parks, municipal parks, and hotels, there are different seats for every need.


Electric Sightseeing Car: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Electric Sightseeing Car Introduction

Are you willing to buy electric sightseeing cars to drive guests around your facility? Are you a businessman thinking of buying an electric sightseeing car to help you travel around your factory?

Do you need to buy a fleet of electric sightseeing cars for your tourist attraction business?

If you are thinking of buying and do not know where to get started and how to make sure that this is the right choice for your business and personal requirements, we have compiled this guide for you.

We have taken into account all the key questions to help you understand the insights of electric sightseeing cars and why they might be the best choice for you.

Read the Guide now…


What is Electric Sightseeing Car?

What is Electric Sightseeing Car

Electric sightseeing cars, also known as electric tourist cars, shuttle cars, etc. are small, lightweight, battery-propelled, and usually, open-air vehicles used to transport people from one place to another.

Equipped with a start and stop pedal, electric sightseeing cars are simple and almost noiseless vehicles that are used in places where people prefer sightseeing while being driven around. Electric sightseeing cars have gained tremendous popularity in places like tourist attractions, resorts, carnivals, parks, etc.

In the last decade, electric sightseeing cars have successfully replaced their gasoline variants due to being less costly, less noisy, and highly customizable.

Electric sightseeing cars feature a lightweight body, mounted on top of a metal frame/chassis that bears the load of the passengers. Frames are made up of steel plates, rods, and tubing. The bodies are made of aluminum sheets, fiberglass, or plastic. Other parts and components, usually plastic or metal, are purchased from outside suppliers and are assembled for the vehicle.

Unlike gasoline cars, electric sightseeing cars emit no smoke, are inexpensive to operate and maintain and run without making noise. Electric sightseeing cars provide an affordable and comfortable option to drive around guests while they enjoy the scenery.

Equipped with a direction switch for forward and reverse motion, electric sightseeing cars feature elegant windshields, comfortable seats, headlights, horns, fine quality steering assembly, and hundreds of optional features to choose from.

Electric sightseeing cars come equipped with a charger. They are low-speed vehicles and can accelerate up to 15-20 km/h. Many modern-day electric sightseeing cars incorporate lead-acid and lithium batteries, enabling them to attain 25-30 miles in a single charge.

As opposed to other high-speed commercial vehicles, electric sightseeing cars are not factory-equipped with safety features like emergency exits, airbags, seatbelts, rollover protection, etc.

What is the Passenger Capacity of Electric Sightseeing Car?

Electric sightseeing cars come in various passenger capacity options. Due to their lightweight and highly customizable designs, electric sightseeing cars come in all sizes and designs.

You can choose from the following seating capacities:

You can ask the manufacturer to design the seating as you want. The seating arrangement is also customizable to accommodate as many passengers as you require without compromising on their comfort.

The smaller variants feature a smaller battery pack. A 4 seater electric sightseeing car can push a payload of 400kg using a 24V battery. The bigger variants have bigger batteries, usually up to 72V, and more powerful motors to turn the wheels.

The seats consist of a foam cushion covered with vinyl or leather. In addition to the conventional seating arrangement, the seats can also arrange in a “face to face” or “back to back” manner as required by the customer.

Customers usually choose their seating option depending on their business requirements. Resorts usually use 4 seater and 6 seater electric sightseeing cars to provide their guests with a personalized experience.

While busy hotels and crowded tourist spots opt for bigger electric sightseeing cars to accommodate more passengers in one go.

What are the Applications of Electric Sightseeing Car?

Applications of Electric Sightseeing Car

In the last decade alone, electric sightseeing cars have found their use in almost every walk of business that involves transportation solutions.

Not only guests are impressed by electric sightseeing cars, but you get to cut maintenance and operation costs also. They also bring value in the form of cost-saving and environmental considerations.

Indoor places can use electric sightseeing cars because they are silent, emit no smoke, and are highly customizable.

Any place that welcomes families and covers a reasonable ground area is a great option for an electric sightseeing car. Busy tourist points, safari areas, large museums, etc. are great places to put electric sightseeing cars in service.

More applications include:

  • Power generation plants where guests are usually driven around the site
  • Shopping centers to accommodate kids and families to provide a lasting experience
  • Amusement centers and parks to carry around people from one spot to another
  • Large factories can use electric sightseeing cars to help the investors and customers travel
  • Golf courses where golfers can use electric sightseeing cars to travel in luxury and comfort
  • Museums where a local guide accompanies the guests as they travel from one place to another
  • Housekeeping in hotels or helping guests travel from the main gate to their hotel or suite
  • Tourist attractions can use electric sightseeing cars to accommodate guests and generate a handsome income in the process
  • Zoos where families with kids prefer to enjoy the attractions while being driven around
  • Large resorts can find a great usage of electric sightseeing cars to let the guests travel with style and leave a lasting impression along the way.
  • Carnivals can rent electric sightseeing cars to generate an additional income stream
  • Shopping centers are a great place to introduce electric sightseeing cars to provide quick transport to customers indoors.


How to Choose Electric Sightseeing Car?

Electric Sightseeing Car Choose

Cars are a statement about their buyers. Even if you are looking for a transportation solution as a business, buying the one that is tailor-made for your requirements is crucial.

Electric sightseeing cars are fast, fun to drive, emits no gases, and are versatile. Even when you have decided to buy one, there are many to choose from.

That is why it is important to understand exactly what you are looking for. Numerous variables need to be addressed as you choose your electric sightseeing car.

Consider the following:

  • Be honest about what you are looking for. Is it for the resort? For a shopping mall? Carefully assess that how many people are going to ride your electric sightseeing car in one go and choose the seating capacity accordingly.
  • Carefully choose the design that is best complements your business. If your facility welcomes kids, choose the designs that are popular with kids, like cartoons, superheroes, etc. For a resort that receives VIPs, a vintage-looking design holds a greater value and attraction.
  • Look at the range you require per charge. If you intend to use electric sightseeing cars at a tourist attraction, opt for more efficient electric sightseeing cars in terms of battery range output.  If your space is equipped with power outlets and it is easy for you to handle recharging multiple times a day, like shopping malls, batteries with lesser range can work.
  • Consider if you require more speed and torque. Electric sightseeing cars can be upgraded with enhanced motors and motor controllers to attain more speed and torque. Such options come in handy if you intend to use the car in hilly areas, on slopes, etc.
  • Look at your budget. Electric sightseeing cars are available for a range of prices. You can choose variants from relatively cheaper to expensive to highly expensive. The cost of features like multimedia, AC, leather seats, enhanced lighting, etc. keeps adding to the cost.


How to Find a Reliable Sightseeing Car Manufacturer & Supplier?

Electric Sightseeing Car Manufacturer

After you have decided the design and model of the electric sightseeing car you are going to buy, there comes a question, from where should you buy your car?

Electric cart manufacturing has spread across the world. Different manufacturers design, assemble and manufacture electric sightseeing cars in different capacities. You need to do your homework and make notes of what you are looking for in your electric sightseeing car and choose the manufacturer accordingly.

Different brands are recognized for different features. Some are famous for the designs they assemble, while some take safety more seriously. Some manufacturers focus on more trendy and innovative designs. You need to decide exactly what you are looking for.

Generally, the best manufacturer is the one who has been longest in business, has built a reputation for itself, follows internationally established standards, and is keen on providing its customers according to the best of its abilities.

You should research on the internet, check which manufacturer has the largest factories, check for certifications, check the reviews left by clients, look at star ratings provided by customers, etc.

A reliable manufacturer has the following qualities:

  • The manufacturer follows the internationally established standards of safety while manufacturing the electric sightseeing cars
  • The manufacturer provides high-quality vehicles and ensures strict quality control throughout the process
  • The manufacturers hold safety certifications from recognized authorities
  • The manufacturer offers competitive prices and attractive aftersales services.
  • The manufacturer carries out internationally established vehicle testing procedures to ensure the reliability of electric sightseeing cars
  • The manufacturer communicates clearly with you or your agent, about the important details like shipping cost, lead time, loading details, etc.
  • The manufacturer offers multiple vehicle inspection options before vehicles are shipped.
  • The manufacturer offers additional services like 24/7 technical support, multiple design variations, container loading, multiple modes of payment, etc.


How Many Types of Electric Sightseeing Cars for Sale?

Electric Sightseeing Car Types

Electric sightseeing cars are highly customizable and versatile when it comes to design and types. Electric sightseeing cars usually feature a set of seating arrangements installed over a chassis that is covered by a roof.

The chassis, body, roof, and seating arrangement can be designed in numerous ways. Electric sightseeing cars can be categorized based on different factors:

  • By seating capacity. You can have your electric sightseeing car configured to accommodate as many passengers as you require.

You get to choose from 2 seater, 4 seater, 6 seater, 8 seater, 11 seater, 14 seater, and so on. Choosing your vehicle based on seating capacity depends on how many passengers you expect to ride with you per trip.

  • By body design. Electric sightseeing cars feature a fiberglass body that can be molded and painted according to the requirement. Different applications demand particular body designs to complement their business.

You can find hundreds of designs to choose from. If you are running a kid-friendly business, you can choose from designs that feature cartoon characters, animals, birds, etc. Similarly, hundreds of vintage designs are available. You can have your electric sightseeing car customized to look like an exotic sports car, luxury car, etc.

  • By battery output capacity. Electric sightseeing cars come with 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V batteries, and so on. You need to look at your business requirements and where do you intend to use your electric sightseeing car.

If you have to put more people in your car or have to travel uphill, you should prefer a bigger and a powerful battery.

  • Outer body configuration. Electric sightseeing cars usually take advantage of fully-enclosed, semi-enclosed, and open-air body configurations.

Open-air body configuration allows easy-in and easy-out for passengers. Fully enclosed electric sightseeing cars should be preferred if the weather outside is not suitable.

What is the Configuration of Electric Sightseeing Car?

Electric Sightseeing Car Configuration

Electric sightseeing cars are lightweight structures propelled by a battery-powered motor, usually designed to carry 4-18 people in one go. Unlike gasoline cars, electric sightseeing cars have no IC engine, hence require much less maintenance, and are much less noisy.

An electric sightseeing car is usually a bigger version of a golf cart in terms of driving principles. One driver is responsible for driving the car while passengers are comfortably seated in their seats. The seats are foam cushioning covered by vinyl or leather. The forward and reverse motion is controlled by a direction switch mounted on the dashboard.

The dashboard is equipped with instrumentation, visual representation of feedback, and control. The steering assembly operates just like a normal car to turn the vehicle. The dashboard features a speedometer, battery indicator, turn signal switch, direction switch, multimedia I/O ports, headlight switches, parking brake switch, power key switch, etc.

For controlling the speed and acceleration of the sightseeing car, the driver uses START and STOP pedals, just like in a conventional car. The parking brake is either installed as a lever or a PUSH pedal with other foot pedals to keep your car secured in place when parked.

The steering wheel is equipped with a horn and turn signals. The dashboard can be configured with a variety of buttons and switches depending upon the installed accessories in the sightseeing vehicles.

The bodies of electric sightseeing cars are usually more than 15 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 4-5 feet high. These dimensions vary from make to make and model to model. The ground clearance and the wheelbase length also vary across models.

A charging inlet is located usually by the driver’s seat that is plugged in with the charger to charge the vehicle when not in use. You get to choose from tons of accessories and optional features for your sightseeing car, like climate control, roof-mounted solar charger, weather enclosure, AC, multimedia accessories, fans, water cooler, etc.

What Are The Advantages of an Electric Sightseeing Car?

Electric Sightseeing Car Advantages

Electric sightseeing cars have proved far beneficial than their gasoline counterparts. There are thousands of incredible tourist spots and resorts around the world that have put electric sightseeing cars into use replacing the gasoline ones.

Electric sightseeing cars offer less torque and more charging cycles as compared to gasoline cars but their benefits outweigh their potential drawbacks.

The main advantages include the following:

  • Due to the absence of a gasoline engine, electric sightseeing cars are almost silent while running. The start-up in a whisper and run without making a jarring sound that a gasoline engine would make. It gives your passengers the respect and comfort they deserve. It also gives them a chance to be surrounded by the natural sounds of the scenery.
  • Due to lesser moving parts, there are no recurring maintenance costs. They are cheaper to operate as compared to gas variants as well. Gas and diesel prices go up year by year and operation cost keeps increasing. With electric sightseeing cars, you can charge them up quickly and they cost a lot less to operate
  • Electric sightseeing cars might have lower top speed but they accelerate much quicker and can attain top speed faster than gasoline versions. They provide a reasonable range per charge by spending much less than the gas variants.
  • Electric sightseeing cars run on a battery-powered motor. It makes electric sightseeing cars highly customizable. You can design and customize your electric sightseeing car as you please to complement your tourism business or the surroundings of your resort. Having a car that blends well in the surroundings cast a lasting impression on the guests.
  • Electric sightseeing cars come in handy when the environment is in consideration. They emit no smoke and you rely on green energy to power your sightseeing cars. This feature makes electric sightseeing cars perfect for indoor use inside malls, museums, etc.


How to Use and Daily Maintain Electric Sightseeing Car?

Maintain Electric Sightseeing Car

Electric sightseeing cars are simple vehicles when it comes to operation and maintenance. Due to fewer moving parts, one can learn to use and maintain in significantly lesser time.

Taking care of your electric sightseeing car is not that complex and you should always watch out for undesired noises and vibrations.

Consider the following points while using your electric sightseeing car to gain the most out of it:

  • Read the user’s manual of your vehicle carefully and try to comply with all safety instructions listed
  • Power OFF the electric sightseeing cars when they are not in use, being transported, or being cleaned
  • Do not place the electric sightseeing cars in the rain, moisture, or in places of high humidity
  • Do not place the vehicle in extremely hot or cold environments
  • Do not store the electric sightseeing cars in places where inflammable gases may be present or items that may catch fire easily
  • Make sure that the motor is dry and free of mud, water, and other debris
  • Be careful while operating electric sightseeing cars on slopes
  • Never operate the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication.
  • Do not drive at speeds exceeding 15mph on slippery or wet surfaces.
  • Follow the weight limits as mentioned in the manual. Never overload the vehicle
  • Avoid sharp turns especially on rough terrains
  • Always wear the seatbelt while driving
  • Do not allow children to operate
  • Be aware of small children and objects behind you before reversing direction.

Consider the following maintenance tips to keep your electric sightseeing car in top running condition:

  • Wash the body of the electric sightseeing cars with warm soapy water daily and polish it with silicone-based polish to improve the appearance.
  • Charge the batteries when vehicles are not in use
  • Check the water level in batteries regularly
  • Keep the battery terminal corrosion free
  • Keep the tires at optimum pressure
  • Inspect the braking system every month for leakage
  • Inspect your electric sightseeing car for oil leaks and vibrations
  • Charge the electric sightseeing car in a dry and well-ventilated area
  • Replace the batteries after their lifespan is over
  • Maintain a full charge on the batteries. Avoid discharging the batteries more than 80% of their total capacity.


What Is Buying Guide for Electric Sightseeing Car?

Buying an electric sightseeing car is as exciting as it can get. But how to decide which one are you going to buy? There are tons of variables to be analyzed before you reach the final decision. A few things to remember first and foremost when shopping for an electric sightseeing car are: take your time, assess your options, and ask a lot of questions.

It will help you determine what best suits your individual needs. Let’s discuss step by step.

Decide whether you need to buy a new or used electric sightseeing car, as both have their own merits and demerits:

Benefits of new electric sightseeing car include:

  • New sightseeing cars always come with a warranty. Whether it be the manufacturer’s warranty or the dealership’s warranty.
  • Easy customization. New electric sightseeing cars provide you with the option of getting all the special features, accessories, and optional features you desire. You can be assured that all accessories are new and are installed by professionals.
  • No accident history. Electric sightseeing cars, if purchased new, can last a lifetime as you know it has no crash history to its frame.

Benefits of getting used to electric sightseeing cars:

  • Lower price. Used electric sightseeing cars are always cheaper than new ones. You can get yourself an electric sightseeing car for prices as low as 2000 USD. You need to find the one that has been best-taken care of
  • Cheaper accessories. You can get yourself high-end used accessories for a relatively lesser price.

Other than budget, take a look at how many seats you require and where exactly you intend to use your electric sightseeing car. For slopes and hilly areas, choose electric sightseeing cars that provide higher torque.

Take a look at the designs offered. Choose the one that best suits your business needs.


Today, markets are full of different options when it comes to buying an electric sightseeing car. With so many different designs and variants available, it becomes hard to pick the one best suited to your needs.

Even if you finalize the make and model of the vehicle you need to buy, it becomes quite a task to choose a reliable manufacturer. Information is bombarded to our face in form of ads and it becomes hard to conclude.

The FAQ guide gives an insight into how to choose the design, what to expect from the vehicle in long term.

We hope that this FAQ guide has cleared your doubts and has helped you take that decision. Drive safe.

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