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Electric Sightseeing Bus

  • Maintenance-free Battery and Lithium Battery are Available.
  • CE Certified Parts, Powerful Motor With Excellent Hill Climbing Ability.
  • Attractive Standard Colors and customizable Themes Depending On Your Preferred Look.
  • International Shipping; Quick And Efficient Delivery Within 7-15 Days With Warranty.
  • Robust Structure To Accommodate Huge Weight; Easy To Convert To Utility Vehicle.

Recommend Electric Sightseeing Bus for Sale

XUNHU electric sightseeing buses for sale are highly recommended. They are ideal for use in different places due to their low maintenance cost.

There are different models of electric sightseeing buses you can have. Such us the most popular model SN-11, SN-14, SN-17, and SN-23. Whether you want them for tourists, colleges, universities, hospitals, theme parks, resorts, airports, and others, they are available in different passenger capacities.

XUNHU electric sightseeing buses for sale with powerful AC/DC motors, maintenance-free batteries, branded controllers, Macpherson strut suspension, Rack&Pinion steering, four wheels hydraulic braking system, and you can add many options such as Trojan battery, AC electric system 72V, rear seat, full enclosure weather curtains, sunshade curtain, seatbelts, loudspeaker, CD player, solar panel on top, aluminum rim wheels, front disc brakes, rear wheel drum brakes, fans, and even air conditioning when necessary!

XUNHU electric sightseeing bus can travel 80-100 km per charge! 20%-30% climbing ability (loaded), and 2000kg loading weight.

We have 4 seater, 6 seater, 8 seater, 11 seater, 14 seater, 17 seater, 23 seater, and enclosed electric sightseeing buses for you to choose from. Get the price now.

8 Seater Electric Sightseeing Bus for Sale
8 Seater Electric Sightseeing Bus Have Rigid Chassis To Support More Weight; You Can Convert To Utility Vehicle Easily.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Motor:48V/4KW
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
11 Seater Electric Sightseeing Bus
Buy an Affordable Electric Sightseeing Bus for Sale Equipped With Fun Features and Sturdy Frame From Xunhu. Enjoy Quick and Reliable Shipping for Electric Sightseeing Cars.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max.travelling Range:80-100km
14 Seater Electric Sightseeing Bus SN-14
XUNHU 14 Seater Electric Sightseeing Bus Give Have Ample Capacity To Carry More Passengers; Additional Accessories Are Available For Easy Customization.

Main Data:
  • Battery:12pcs*6V
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
23 Seats Electric Sightseeing Bus SN-23
Looking for an Affordable Transportation Solution? Benefit from Xunhu's Latest 23 Passenger Electric Shuttle Bus For Sale. Equipped with a Powerful Motor and Available in Spacious Form Factor and Innovative Designs.

Main Data:
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:80-100km
14 Seater Electric Sightseeing Bus SN-14G
Xunhu 14 Seater Electric Bus Provides an Affordable and Reliable Alternative to Gas Vehicles. Buy from Xunhu and take Advantage of Futuristic Designs at Lowest Prices.

Main Data:
  • Battery:12pcs*6V
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:80km
17 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SN-17
XUNHU 17 Seater Electric Shuttle and Sightseeing Bus for Sale. Available in Wide Array of Colors, Powerful Electric Motor and Optional Fun Features, Xunhu Electric Buses Are Built to Last.

Main Data:
  • Battery:12pcs*6V
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:80km
14 Seater Enclosed Electric Sightseeing Bus SN-14C
Buy the Best Quality 14 Seater Enclosed Electric Sightseeing Bus from Xunhu. Choose from Hundreds of Custom Features and Accessories Available.equipped With a Long Range Battery.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
17 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SN-17C
Featuring a steady Travel Uphill and Easy Maneuvering on Rough Terrains, Xunhu 17 Passenger Electric Shuttle Bus for Sale is Available for Purchase in Different Colors, Designs, and Battery Options.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max.travelling Range:80-100km
23 Passenger Electric Shuttle Bus SN-23C
Xunhu 23 Seater Electric Enclosed Sightseeing Bus is a Complete Solution to Busy Roads of resorts & amusement parks. Equipped with Long Range Batteries, these Vehicles Save Space, Require almost Zero Maintenance, and are Fun to Ride in.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max.travelling Range:100km
Electric Sightseeing Bus Nimo Design
Nimo Design Electric Sightseeing Bus Offers Perfect Solution For Kids And Adults; Variety Of Colors Are Available You Can Customize. Get the price now.

Main Data:
  • Battery:12pcs*6V
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
Electric Sightseeing Bus SN-14T-2
XUNHU Dolphin Design Electric Sightseeing Bus Are Perfect For Entertainment Parks, You Can Use Them In All Places Due To Attractive Design. Get the support now.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
Electric Sightseeing Bus SN-14T-3
XUNHU's 14 Seater Retro Electric Sightseeing Bus is Equipped With a Robust Steel Chassis and an Innovative Retro Style Finish. Perfect For Sightseeing Tours and Resorts.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
11 Passenger Electric Shuttle SN-11(8+3)
XUNHU 11 Seater Electric Sightseeing Buses Are Spacious, Large Cabin Comfortable Seats, Open And Closed Designs Are Available.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Motor:72V/5KW
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
4 Seater Electric Sightseeing Bus SN-4
Xunhu 4 Seater Electric Sightseeing Bus for Sale is Compact yet Powerful Enough to Handle Extreme Loading and Steep Slopes. Available in a Variety of Colors and Designs.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 32km/h
  • Turning Radius:4.5m
  • Climbing Capactity:30%
8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SN-8A
Xunhu 8 Seater Electric Sightseeing Bus SN-8A Provide an Affordable Transportation Solution to Hotels, Resorts, Airports, etc. Choose From Designs You Like or Have one Designed Exclusively for You.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Motor:AC48V/5KW
  • Climbing Capactity:25%
23 Seater Shuttle Carts SW-23D
Xunhu 23 Seater Electric Sightseeing Bus SW-23D to Provide a Fun Way of Traveling to Your Guests. Featuring Customizable Designs and noise-free operation, These Vehicles Make your Trips Comfy and Memorable.

Main Data:
  • Battery:12pcs*6V
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:80km
14 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SW-14C (2)
Buy the Best 6 Passenger Electric Car for Sale with Innovative and Highly Functional Seating Arrangement from Xunhu, Extra Ground Clearance and Silent motor Ensure Style with Luxury.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Motor:Max.travelling Range:80-100km
  • Motor:AC48V/5KW
Electric Vintage Sightseeing Carts
Electric Vintage Carts and Sightseeing Bus Retro Design Are Beautiful And Attracts More Visitors, Powerful Silent Electric Motor And Large Capacity Batteries Enables Long- Travel Range Operations.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Motor:AC48V/5KW
  • Climbing Capactity:25%

Your Premier Electric Sightseeing Bus Manufacturer in China

When you are looking for premier electric sightseeing bus manufacturers, XUNHU is undisputed.

The manufacturer is over 10 years old in production. Therefore, the products and technology in use is reliable and tested.

With the ability to produce 1000+ sets of electric sightseeing buses every year, you can order in bulk. Also, there are over 100 designs that are available for grabs.

Every part of electric sightseeing vehicles passes extreme testing. The quality unit ensures every bus passes international set standards. This gives you confidence that sightseeing buses are premium and reliable.

XUNHU has 50+ patents and certifications from CE, BV, ISO, and other leading agencies.

  • Electric Sightseeing Bus Manufacturer in China (2)
  • Electric Sightseeing Bus Manufacturer in China (2)
  • Electric Sightseeing Bus Manufacturer in China (1)
  • Electric Sightseeing Bus Manufacturer in China (1)
  • Electric Sightseeing Bus Manufacturer in China (3)
  • Xunhu Electric Sightseeing Bus for Sale Cases
  • Xunhu Electric Sightseeing Bus for Sale Cases
  • Xunhu Electric Sightseeing Bus for Sale Cases (2)
  • Xunhu Electric Sightseeing Bus for Sale Cases (1)

Xunhu Electric Sightseeing Bus for Sale Cases

XUNHU manufactures and supplies electric vehicles and amusement park equipment to different amusement parks, playgrounds, airports, colleges, and others. The supply of sightseeing buses is across the globe.

With over 1296 amusement parks, theme parks, shopping malls, and Scenics using XUNHU equipment, there are no more doubts. You can also enjoy premium products when you contact XUNHU.

XUNHU Electric Sightseeing Bus Manufacturing Capacity

Electric Sightseeing Bus Design
XUNHU Electric Sightseeing Bus Have Robust Design To Carry Heavy Weight; Electric Motors Operated Silently Without Noise, Sleek Design Looks Amazing And Attractive.
Electric Sightseeing Bus Production Line
XUNHU Has Dedicated And Automated Electric Sightseeing Bus Production Lines; The Dust Free Workshops, One Time Stamping, And Professional Painting Leaves Your Bus Looking Sleek.
Electric Sightseeing Bus Mould
XUNHU Do The Molding Of Electric Sightseeing Bus Panels In Their Factories, Frp Panels Are Durable And Lightweight Increasing Vehicle Efficiency.
Electric Sightseeing Bus Structure
XUNHU Make Electric Sightseeing Buses With Amazing Standard Features; High Quality Led Lights, Mirrors And Electric Horn Allows For Safe Travel.
Electric Sightseeing Bus Painting
A Large Spraying Workshop In Xunhu Guarantees Quality Painting Job; The Paint Has Corrosion Protection, Meets European Standards And Eco-Friendly.
Electric Sightseeing Bus Optional Accessories
There Are Tons Of Optional Accessories You Can Get For Your Xunhu Electric Sightseeing Bus; They Are Great To Enable Easy Customization.

Being a professional electric sightseeing bus manufacturer, XUNHU has a long history of providing the best quality transportation solutions to its clients. Machined with precision and tested with a critical eye, Xunhu electric sightseeing buses offer quality, luxury, functionality, and affordability.

Xunhu’s highly competent design team takes advantage of the recent breakthroughs in technology to put forward the best-looking designs. Xunhu ensures the reliability of the vehicles by maintaining strict quality control over the production line.

if you decide to buy from us in bulk, we offer the best prices, on-site product inspection, 24/7 technical assistance, and secure shipping all over the world.

Being the leader of the sightseeing bus suppliers in China, Xunhu has patented more than 100 electric tourist bus features and designs.

Not sure which design to buy? Give us a call today, our sales team is at hour service as per your requirement, providing uncompromised quality at best electric sightseeing bus price

Electric Sightseeing Bus Details Show

XunHu Electric Sightseeing Bus Details Show

Various XunHu Electric Sightseeing Bus Optional Accessories for Sale, and you can get the free Accessories for your bulk orders.

XunHu Electric Sightseeing Bus Optional Accessories

XunHu Electric Sightseeing Bus can be used in amusement parks, resorts, attractions, airports, and anywhere you want.

XunHu Electric Sightseeing Bus Applications

Electric Sightseeing Bus Features

The choice of models, capacity, and the color is dependent on what you prefer. Also, there is a custom electric sightseeing car available for purchase.

Due to their inexpensive operational cost and highly customizable nature, XUNHU electric sightseeing bus for sale is ideal for resorts, tourist locations, hotels, etc. Have your electric sightseeing vehicle modified from XUNHU in the way that best compliments your resort or your business.

Equipped with an efficient motor controller and enhanced battery, XUNHU electric shuttle bus for sale is tested and certified to provide maximum range while maintaining optimum acceleration.

XUNHU offers hundreds of highly functional accessories and custom options for sightseeing vehicles to make your purchase worth it. Benefit from a highly durable outer body built on top of a sturdy metal chassis that is tested to last for ages, and all of that at affordable rates.


Your Top Electric Sightseeing Bus Manufacturer in China.

XUNHU electric shuttle vehicles company is the manufacturer who has everything to make quality equipment.

The extensive manufacturing area is one of the reasons it is among the leading electric sightseeing bus manufacturers.

Apart from the large facility, XUNHU has a combination of experienced workers. Whether it’s cutting panels, welding, designing, and painting, the dedicated staff is highly capable.

With 10+ years of production, you can be on precision and expertise to produce the best electric sightseeing buses for sale.

Superb sales team, after-sale services, warranty, and support, keep XUNHU at a unique level.

Electric Sightseeing Bus: The Definitive Buying Guide for You

Electric Sightseeing Bus Introduction

Today more and more people are going green because electric vehicles are easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain. The tourism and transportation industries are taking a huge benefit of the trend and you can too.

Do you need to buy a fleet of electric sightseeing buses for your tourist business? Are you willing to buy electric sightseeing buses to drive guests around your facility?

If you are thinking of buying mini electric sightseeing buses and do not know where to get started and how to make sure that this is the right choice for your business and personal requirements, we have compiled this guide for you.

We have taken into account all the key questions to help you understand the insights of electric cars and why they might be the best choice for you.

Read the Guide now.


What Are Electric Sightseeing Buses?

Electric Sightseeing Bus from Xunhu

Electric sightseeing buses, also called electric tourist buses, electric passenger vehicles, etc. are lightweight vehicles with variable seating capacities to suit different needs and requirements.

They are powered by a battery pack and have a seating capacity ranging from 8 seats to more than 24 seats.

Larger electric buses can have a seating capacity of more than 28 seats. They are open-air vehicles as well as closed ones, not as powerful and speedy as gasoline cars, controlled and operated by the driver to carry people around a facility or for transportation.

Different companies make and assemble different design variations, battery, and storage capacity, different add-ons like music systems, enhanced safety features, etc.

What Types of  XunHu Electric Sightseeing Buses for Sale?

XunHu Electric Sightseeing Buses for Sale

Xunhu is a leading electric vehicles manufacturer based in China. With more than 300 patents to its name, Xunhu annually ships more than 10,000 units.

Xunhu manufactures electric sightseeing buses of different designs and seating capacities, like:

  • 8 seater electric sightseeing bus
  • 11 seater electric sightseeing bus
  • 14 seater passenger electric shuttle
  • Mini electric sightseeing bus
  • Nemo-design electric sightseeing bus
  • Dolphin-design electric sightseeing bus
  • Retro style electric sightseeing bus
  • Customizable electric sightseeing bus
  • Closed and open-air electric sightseeing bus


Are There Mini/Small Electric Sightseeing Buses for Sale? Where to Buy?

MiniSmall Electric Sightseeing Buses for Sale

Mini/small electric sightseeing buses usually feature a smaller form factor and 6-8 passenger capacity. They usually run on a 36V battery pack and are cheaper than their bigger counterparts.

You can buy mini electric sightseeing buses from a manufacturer that deals in manufacturing electric vehicles and electric carts. Usually, they are available in several colors and different designs.

You need to do your research while selecting a manufacturer for your mini electric sightseeing buses to make sure they suit your budget and quality expectations.

What is the Price of An Electric Sightseeing Bus for Sale?

The price of electric sightseeing vehicles varies significantly between brands, makes, and models. Basic models that would serve the purpose of carrying 8-12 passengers cost around $3000-$4000. They would not have any add-on.

For $5000 to $10,000, you can buy 8-20 seater electric shuttles with options like windshields, headlights, horns, etc.

Top-of-the-line electric sightseeing bus features like perks like a DVD player, cooler, leather seats, etc. can cost you about $8000. The more options and customizations you choose, the higher is the price.

The average-sized 6-10 seater electric sightseeing bus costs $7,000 – $8,000. A large variant can cost you around $10,000-$12000.

You can contact Xunhu to get the best price for the electric sightseeing car and bus.

Where Can You Use Electric Sightseeing Shuttle Bus?

Electric Sightseeing Shuttle Bus Applications

Electric sightseeing buses are mainly used in facilities where you expect a lot of visitors and they prefer to be driven around rather than walking.

As in different parts of the world where tourism is a major attraction, tourist electric sightseeing buses have found a great demand.

They are used because the fare is less, they are quiet and open.

Usually, they are used in:

  • Power generation plants where guests are usually driven around the site
  • Warehouses
  • Hospital and medical facilities
  • Shopping centers
  • Schools
  • Amusement centers and parks
  • Large Factories
  • Golf courses
  • Gaming arenas
  • Tourist points and zoos
  • Theme parks, etc.


How to Find a Reliable Electric Sightseeing Bus Manufacturer in China?

Electric Sightseeing Bus Manufacturer

In China, you can find a lot of suppliers and manufacturers for electric sightseeing buses. The best is the one who has been the longest in the business.

To narrow down to the best and most reliable electric sightseeing manufacturer, look for the following:

  • The manufacturer follows the internationally established standards of safety while manufacturing the buses
  • The manufacturer provides high-quality products and can ship from any port of China to you.
  • The manufacturer offers competitive prices and attractive aftersales services.
  • The manufacturer provides a variety of inspection services before shipping the order
  • The manufacturer communicates clearly with you or your agent, about the important details like shipping cost, lead time, loading details, etc.
  • The manufacturer offers additional services like 24/7 technical support, multiple design variations, container loading, multiple modes of payment, etc.


What Are the Top 10 Electric Sightseeing Bus Manufacturers in World?

Many different brands manufacture various designs and variations of electric sightseeing buses. Some are famous for their travel range, some for their innovative safety.

You need to choose the one that best aligns with your business. Following are some famous electric sightseeing bus manufacturers:

  • Nuro
  • Udelv
  • Navya
  • EasyMile
  • Baidu
  • Xunhu
  • Yutong
  • Coast Autonomous
  • Toyota
  • Transdev


What Certifications Should You Look For While Choosing A Manufacturer For Your Electric Sightseeing Buses?

Electric Sightseeing Bus Certifications

Different private and public firms issue certifications to electric sightseeing bus manufacturers.

These certifications are different for each category, for example, for structure compliance, mechanical safety, electrical safety, safe operation, maximum load test, joint strengths, etc.

You should look for the following certifications:

  • SAE
  • NFPA
  • IEC
  • ICC
  • IEEE
  • ISO
  • BV
  • GOST
  • NECA
  • SGS
  • NEMA
  • UL
  • EVSE
  • CE
  • DEKRA,etc.


How to Wholesale Electric Sightseeing Shuttle Bus from China?

Wholesale Electric Sightseeing Shuttle Bus

There are many recognized wholesale electric sightseeing shuttle bus manufacturers established in China to handle bulk sales and offer competitive prices.

To place an order, you need to follow these steps:

  • Research for a reliable wholesale electric sightseeing shuttle bus manufacturer. Talk to as many manufacturers as you need to, to come up with the one that best suits your business needs.
  • Negotiate the prices by giving out all the information required.
  • Once you are in business with the manufacturer, let him know about the MOQ (minimum order quantity) and discuss the lead time.
  • Your order is then processed. You are required to pay a 30% payment in advance.
  • Once the order is complete, you can hire an inspection team to carry out a bulk inspection for you.


What Material Is An Electric Sightseeing Bus?

Electric Sightseeing Bus Material

Usually, electric sightseeing buses are made from light yet strong metal structures and are made up of the following:

  • Steel and iron for the frame/chassis
  • Plastics (acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG, ABS, styrene, HDPE) for the lights, electric components
  • Rubber for cushioning and fiberglass for the strength of the body
  • Epsilon Epoxy plastic for the body
  • Leather and metal tubes


What Type of Batteries Is Used In Electric Sightseeing Buses?

Electric Sightseeing Bus Battery

Usually, both flooded lead type and dry batteries are used in electric sightseeing buses by manufacturers.

Lead-acid type is common in electric sightseeing buses. Xunhu incorporates the usage of no-clean lead-acid batteries in its buses.

In recent years, modern electric shuttle buses vehicles have come equipped with maintenance-free, Lithium-ion batteries

Such batteries have benefits over conventional ones like no need to check the electrolyte level. Such batteries are quicker to get charged and can deliver steady current output to the motor. These batteries have a life span of 2-3 years if well maintained.

Lithium batteries are usually more expensive.

What Are The Safety Features Of Electric Sightseeing Buses?

Electric Sightseeing Bus Safety

Electric sightseeing shuttle buses do not have running gasoline engines. This makes them fire safe.

For the lesser cost, electric sightseeing buses are not equipped with safety features like emergency exits, airbags, seatbelts, rollover protection, etc. as they are low-speed vehicles.

You can have extra safety features equipped like seatbelts and traction control for an additional cost. Electric shuttle buses are slow-moving vehicles so they are usually safer than fast-moving vehicles.

You can ask the manufacturer for enhanced safety features like an enhanced braking system, parking control, etc. for an additional cost.

What Are The Quality Features Of Electric Sightseeing Buses?

Electric Sightseeing Bus Quality

There are many quality features included in electric sightseeing buses. You should narrow it down to reliable manufacturers to avail the best quality of electric sightseeing buses.

Many competitive manufacturers offer quality features like high-quality front and rear lights, side view mirrors, rearview mirrors, electric horns, fine quality seats, high-quality rust-proof body, high-quality batteries, AC/DC motors, headlights, etc.

At Xunhu, electric sightseeing buses are put under strict quality control to ensure that you get the best.

Many manufacturers deal in high-quality body paint as well. For additional features, you have to pay the additional cost.

What Color Of Electric Sightseeing Buses Are Available?

Color Of Electric Sightseeing Buses

Electric sightseeing buses are highly customizable when it comes to colors. They are available in every color you desire. Due to plastic or steel outer body, it can be spray painted at a local dealership to get you the color you want.

Usually, bodies of electric sightseeing buses are first washed with hot water, and primer spray is used to cover the cart after which acrylic fusion spray paints are used to coat the body.

At Xunhu, You can ask the manufacturer for the color customizations as you require, or choose from the wide ranges of colors available.

What Is The Weight Capacity of Different Electric Sightseeing Buses?

Electric Sightseeing Bus Capacity

The weight capacity of electric sightseeing buses directly deals with its battery.

The weight capacity of different electric sightseeing buses depends on the size of their body, the battery, and the motor.

Smaller electric sightseeing buses that have 12-24V batteries can carry a combined weight of 200-300kgs.

Bigger electric sightseeing buses have 48V deep cycle batteries that provide a high and steady current to carry a weight of 500-800kgs.

There are even bigger models available in markets that feature a 72V battery having a towing capacity of more than 900kgs.

What Is The Seating Options Of Different Electric Sightseeing Buses?

Electric Sightseeing Bus Seating

Different sized electric sightseeing buses are available around the world.

The seating capacity ranges from accommodation 4-6 people to almost 24 people on an electric sightseeing bus.

Following seating options are usually available for sale:

  • 4 seater
  • 6 seater
  • 8 seater
  • 11 seater
  • 14 seater
  • 23 seater

Bigger electric sightseeing buses use a 48V battery with a current output rating of 100Ah that is enough to push a payload of 1000 kg before the battery is fully drained and needs to be charged.

9 Passenger, 14 Passenger, 23 Passenger Electric Sightseeing Buses, How To Choose?

Electric sightseeing buses come in various shapes, designs, and sizes. Selecting the passenger capacity mainly depends on your business requirement and your budget.

9 seater electric sightseeing buses are smaller basic versions usually suitable for places that expect lesser customers. They come with a smaller battery pack and lesser power.

14 seater electric buses have more seating capacity for passengers. They are suitable for zoos, airports, theme parks, tourist points, etc. The batteries range from 24V to 36V

23 seater electric sightseeing buses have a battery power of more than 48V. They are ideal for transporting more passengers. They are ideal for public transport, school drop-offs, etc.

How to Charge Your Passenger Electric Sightseeing Bus?

Electric Sightseeing Bus Charging

Bigger batteries carry a bigger risk in case of sparking or fire. Always follow these precautions when charging:

  • Position the passenger electric sightseeing bus on a level surface. Make sure the charging area is well ventilated and dry.
  • Make sure the key is off and the body is stable.
  • Always use the recommended extension cord type as mentioned in the user’s manual provided by the manufacturer.
  • Inspect the extension cord for cracks, loose connections, damaged insulation, and frayed wiring.
  • Never use a damaged extension cord while charging your sightseeing vehicle.
  • Always connect the charging cord to the vehicle’s charge receptacle first, and then plug the cord into a wall receptacle to minimize the risk of sparking
  • Avoid leaving the vehicle on charge overnight as it can decrease the life span of the battery


How Much Distance Can An Electric Sightseeing Bus Cover In A Single Charge?

Electric sightseeing bus traveling range depends on various factors like:

  • Condition of the bus
  • Battery condition
  • Acceleration
  • Passengers riding
  • Track condition, etc.

Normally small-sized electric sightseeing buses, with an installed battery of 24V, can cover up to 15-20 miles on a single charge.

More efficient batteries like lithium-ion batteries can handle better peak current, consistent power, and can add an extra mile to your trip.

36V or 48V batteries are installed in bigger versions of sightseeing vehicles and can provide 30-50 miles on a single charge.

Do Electric Sightseeing Buses Come With A Warranty?

Electric Sightseeing Bus Warranty

Yes, electric sightseeing buses have 1 year of warranty for the frame. The warranty period begins once we have shipped your electric sightseeing buses to you.

Motors and batteries have warranty periods based on their manufacturers, usually of 2-5 years.

Under warranty, you get to enjoy free part replacement by providing proof of the damage and the warranty invoice, but you have to pay for the shipping cost whether delivered by ocean or air.

After the warranty period is over, you are no longer eligible to avail of free part replacement. You have to pay the full price of the part for it to be shipped.

How Do You Control The Quality And Test The Finished Electric Sightseeing Bus Vehicles Before Shipping?

Electric sightseeing buses are relatively bigger structures, carrying a lot of persons on the ride. They should be rigorously put to testing before they are shipped.

Our factory is equipped with advanced machines and equipment to make durable frames and chassis. Other parts like seats, tires, motors, batteries, etc. are procured from domestic renowned brands to maintain the quality.

After the vehicle is assembled a team of trained technicians carries out the following tests before the vehicle is shipped:

  • Water spray test
  • Roll test
  • Bump test
  • Vehicle environment test
  • Quality test
  • Test drive

All the tests are performed under the strict supervision of engineers.

What Are The Custom Options For Electric Sightseeing Buses?

Electric Sightseeing Bus Customized

There are many additional options and accessories available to choose from when it comes to the design of electric sightseeing buses.

If you like extra features, you can let the design team know. Following accessories can be a part of the deal if you require:

  • Quick battery charger
  • Vehicle-mounted air conditioning
  • Weather enclosure
  • Loudspeakers
  • Side sunshades
  • Power inverters
  • Power-assisted steering system
  • Water cooler
  • Multimedia accessories
  • Cooling fan
  • Jumpstarters
  • Spare tires, etc.


Can The Manufacturer Design Electric Sightseeing Buses According To The Samples Provided By You?

Yes, many competitive manufacturers can design electric sightseeing buses according to the sample provided by you. You can also choose from the designs provided by the manufacturer.

They can add additional features as requested. You get in touch with the design time at the time when you are placing the order and submit your request. For extra features and custom enhancements, you are charged accordingly.

Due to safety limitations, not all design-changing requests are entertained. It is always subjected to approval from the design and testing team.

What Are The Main Parts Of Electric Sightseeing Buses?

Electric Sightseeing Bus Parts

Electric sightseeing buses are battery-operated. The battery powers the traction motor that turns the wheels.

The main parts are as follows:

  • Fiberglass/High-quality plastic body
  • Iron/steel chassis
  • High-quality seats and seatbelts
  • Maintenance-free batteries
  • The USA made Curtis motor controller
  • Traction motor


What Are The Optional Configurations And Accessories For Electric Sightseeing Bus Vehicles?

You get to choose from various designs and color options. The outer body can be customized into shapes as per your requirements.

Optional configurations can be a part of the deal for an extra cost. You can avail:

  • Fast Charger
  • Vehicles cover
  • Air conditioning and ventilation options
  • Enhanced seating options
  • Multimedia Accessories
  • Roof-mounted solar charger
  • Fan and water cooler
  • Extra storage trunk, etc.


What Are The Transportation Options For Electric Sightseeing Bus Orders?

Smaller electric sightseeing buses can be transported using trailers.

For small to large electric shuttle buses, they can be transported through roads via heavy-duty large trailers.

For bigger and heavier versions of electric sightseeing buses, powerful trailers are used to transport your buses from the factory to your facility.

You can hire private trailer companies to have multiple shuttle buses transported from the manufacturing factory to your facility. The shuttle buses are secured in place with chains and their brakes engaged.

How Are Electric Sightseeing Buses Packed For Delivery?

Electric Sightseeing Bus Packing

Electric sightseeing buses are usually packed in iron frames with a plastic sheet wound around for safety. If you are purchasing passenger electric sightseeing buses in bulk, they are individually packed in iron frames or placed in the container in bulk.

This is usually done by the manufacturer, supplier, or freight forwarder. The vehicles are chained in place with their handbrakes engaged. You should inspect the vehicles for damages when you receive them.

What Shipping Plan Works Best For Shipping Electric Sightseeing Buses In Bulk?

Once the total weight of any shipment becomes more than 500kg, ocean freight is the cheapest option for transporting electric sightseeing buses.

If your manufacturer has to ship your electric sightseeing buses from across the continent, you should choose shipping via ocean for many reasons.

One reason is that ocean freight offers more capacity and value – one container can hold 8-10 average-sized vehicles. The heavy payload is delivered in one trip so you don’t have to wait for shipping in intervals.

If no ocean route is available between your manufacturer and your country, you should consider shipping via railway.

How About the Delivery Time of Your Electric Sightseeing Bus Vehicles?

Electric Sightseeing Bus Delivery

If you are ordering the electric sightseeing buses from across the borders, they are mainly shipped via ocean.

The shipping time depends on the size of the order placed and your location. For shipping from China to the USA, it takes 30-40 days on average as ships move a lot slower.

Additional arrangements are required for ocean freight and ships to move slower depending on ocean wind conditions and save fuel.

For shipping within borders, it usually takes 5-7 days after the manufacturing process is complete.

How to Maintain Your Electric Sightseeing Bus?

Electric Sightseeing Bus Maintenance

Due to fewer moving parts and the absence of an IC engine, electric sightseeing buses are easy and inexpensive to maintain.

Take the following into consideration:

  • Charge the batteries when electric sightseeing buses are not in use
  • Watch out for undesired cranking and squeaking noises
  • Check the water level in batteries regularly
  • Keep the battery terminal corrosion free
  • Keep the tires at optimum pressure
  • Inspect the braking system every month for leakage
  • Inspect the bus for leaks and vibrations
  • Charge the bus in a dry and well-ventilated area
  • Replace the batteries after their lifespan is over



Electric Sightseeing Bus Summary

Today, markets are full of different options when it comes to buying an electric sightseeing bus.

With so many different designs and seating options available, picking the one best suited to your business needs becomes hard.

Even if you finalize the make and model of the electric sightseeing bus you need to buy, it becomes quite a task to choose a reliable manufacturer as hundreds are claiming to be one.

Information is bombarded to our face in form of ads and it becomes hard to conclude.

The FAQ guide gives insight into how to choose the design, and what to expect from the vehicle in long term.

We hope that this FAQ guide has cleared your doubts and has helped you take that decision.

Thank you!

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