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Your Best Electric Patrol Cars Manufacturer in China

  • Heavy-Duty Construction To Allow High Performance, Durable, And Reliable Electric Motors
  • Excellent Hill Climbing Ability At Full Load, 25% Claiming Ability, Small Turning Area
  • Bright Headlight, Warning Light, Loud Backup Beeper, Smart Battery Chargers
  • Efficient Electronic Controllers, Amazing Top Speed Suitable For Multiple Usages

Recommend Electric Patrol Car for Sale

Are you in the process of investing in patrol cars? Electric patrol cars from XUNHU are the perfect choices. And you also can buy types of mobile command vehicles from XUNHU.

The electric patrol cars for sale have the best standards for use in different places. You can have patrol cars with different capacities. Whether you want 4 seater or 6 seater electric patrol cars, you can get them from XUNHU. You can also ask for customized patrol cars to suit your requirements.

6 Seater Semi-enclosed Electric Patrol Car (2)
XUNHU 6 Seater FRP Electric Patrol Cars Have Enough Passenger Capacity For Security Personnel; You Can Choose Passenger Capacity ;Closes Or Semi-Closed Models.

Main Data:
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:100-120km
six seat enclosed patrol car
XUNHU Six Seater Enclosed Patrol Cars Are Comfortable In All Weathers; Lightweight Boy Panels, Large Windows Allows Adequate Outside Visibility.

Main Data:
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
6 Passengers Semi-Enclosed Electric Patrol Car
XUNHU 6 Passengers Semi-Enclosed Electric Patrol Cars Are Best For Quick Response; Large Doors Allows Quick Entry And Alighting.

Main Data:
  • Climbing Capactity:30%
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
6 Seater Retro Electric Patrol Car for sale (1)
XunHu 6 Seater Electric Patrol Car for Sale with Retro Designs, and Best Quality. You can use it in amusement parks or resorts.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Motor:Max.travelling Range:80-100km
  • Motor:AC48V/5KW
4 seats enclosed patrol car
4 Seats Enclosed Electric Patrol Cars From Xunhu Have Tremendous Power; Powerful Motor And Chassis Guarantee High Robustness.

Main Data:
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:100-120km
4 seats fiberglass patrol car
XUNHU 4 Seats Semi-Enclosed Electric Patrol Car Offers High Versatility; Compact Size Means Easy Maneuvering In Narrow Streets, Highly Stable.

Main Data:
  • Climbing Capactity:30%
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
Double-headed patrol car
XUNHU Double-Headed Electric Patrol Car Are Unique: Double Heads Allows For Easy Switching Of Driving Direction.

Main Data:
  • Climbing Capactity:15%
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
4 Seater FRP Electric Patrol Car for Sale (1)
XunHu 4 Seater FRP Electric Patrol Car for Sale with beautiful and durable FRP appearance, and you can get the best after-sales guarantee.

Main Data:
  • Climbing Capactity:30%
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
4 Seater Retro Electric Patrol Car for Sale (1)
XunHu 4 Seater Retro Electric Patrol Car with Nice appearance equipped with brand accessories to ensure safety.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Motor:AC48V/5KW
  • Climbing Capactity:30%

Your Premier Electric Patrol Car Manufacturer in China

XUNHU is your top electric patrol car manufacturer in China. With a team of robust workers, they manufacture your electric patrol cars quickly.

The team of 1200 workers is efficient and qualified. In this number, 200 are engineers while remaining are mixed experience staff. With a reliable team of R&D, you can be sure your patrol car is advanced and modern.

The manufacturing process and material are certified to let your electric patrol car remain high-performing. A combination of materials like steel, RPF, and others ensures robust patrol cars.

Apart from quality manufacturing, XUNHU is ideal for providing shipment assistance. Taking 7-15 days, you get your electric patrol car within the time frame.

  • Electric Patrol Car Manufacturer in China (1)
  • Electric Patrol Car Manufacturer in China (2)
  • Electric Patrol Car Manufacturer in China (3)
  • Xunhu Electric Patrol Car for Sale Cases
  • Xunhu Electric Patrol Car for Sale Cases (3)
  • Xunhu Electric Patrol Car for Sale Cases (2)
  • Xunhu Electric Patrol Car for Sale Cases (1)

Xunhu Electric Patrol Car for Sale Cases

XUNHU has an extensive record of sales. Delivering electric patrol cars in different countries, they are highly reliable. The patrol cars in use in South America, Asia, Africa, Central America, and Europe.

The quiet and pollution-free nature make them acceptable even in European countries. You can order these cars wherever you are in the world.

Xunhu Electric Patrol Car Manufacturing Capacity

Electric Patrol Car R&D (2)
XUNHU Has Ready R&D Team Making Metering And Other Electronic Parts; With Over 1000 Electronic Parts, You Can Be Sure Of Safety And Consistent Vehicle Performance.
Electric Patrol Car Specialist Team
A Highly Trained Team Of Specialist Make Electric Patrol Cars; They Have Rigorous Training To Make Best Patrol Cars With Military Standards.
Electric Patrol Car Stamping
High Precision One Time Electric Patrol Cars Body Stamping Delivers Robust Parts; Molded Parts Are Precise And Lightweight To Maintain Car Stability And Safety.
Electric Patrol Car Welding
XUNHU Has Welding Experts; Adopting Centralized Gas Supply, There Is Uniform Welding Quality, Mixed Gas Shielding Maximizes The Welding Quality.
Electric Patrol Car Electrophoresis
XUNHU Uses Advanced Electrophoresis Process For Vital Parts; E-Coating Guarantees Corrosion And Rust Free Vehicles, Minimized Use Of Paint.
Electric Patrol Car Production Lines
XUNHU Electric Patrol Car Production Lines Are Automated; The Process Ensures Every Part Get Same Manufacturing Quality For High Robustness.

XUNHU ships its innovative designs of electric patrol vehicles with multiple seating options to fire brigades, hazard management departments, airport security forces, VIP residences, government, and private security agencies, etc. all over the world.

Backed by the trust of more than 10,000 satisfied clients from all over the world and more than a decade of manufacturing experience, XUNHU is miles ahead of the competition. Dealing with thousands of accessories and custom options, XUNHU offers an array of colors to choose from as well.

Packed with the latest telecommunication technologies, the lightweight yet powerful design enables the user to easily navigate through crowds, handle slopes, and provide a longer range.

Benefit from huge discounts if you decide to buy a fleet of security patrol vehicles from XUNHU. We offer attractive warranty perks and quick shipping all over the world.

Buy electric patrol car variants from XUNHU today!

XunHu Electric Patrol Cars

The Whole Electric Patrol Car Vehicle Inspection
The Whole Electric Patrol Car Vehicle Inspection

Electric Patrol Car for Sale

XUNHU electric patrol cars for sale are great options for all law enforcement needs. Whether it’s government or private companies, these cars are amazing, and you can inquire now. Equipped with all the latest tech and communication devices, XUNHU electric patrol car is perfect to ensure security, do residential patroling, enforce the law in the neighborhood, etc.

Featuring a radio communication device, warning lights, and a siren, XUNHU electric patrol vehicles are easy to operate, provide longer range, and are inexpensive to maintain.  XUNHU electric patrol vehicles for sale are affordable yet packed with great features. You can have your china electric patrol car customized, choose a different design, get a custom paint job, etc.

Whether you need open-air patrol vehicles or fully enclosed ones, XUNHU can provide multiple designs for both. Get your logo or insignia embossed on every electric patrol car for sale you purchase from XUNHU.

Your Top Electric Patrol Car Manufacturer in China

When you think about the top electric car manufacturer, XUNHU is. The homegrown technology and long-term experience eliminate any doubt.

A strong team of research and development is always ahead. Developing different parts, the team ensures electric patrol cars are of global quality.

Besides investing in innovations, XUNHU has large and conducive working environments. Boasting a total size of 587,970 sq. feet, all production happens within the factory.

All the electric patrol cars for sale have certification from CE. This assures you of safety and reliability. Also, XUNHU has other certifications from international agencies like ISO, GOST, and BV.


Electric Patrol Car: The Complete FAQ Guide

Are you an owner of a private security firm and looking forward to adding electric patrol cars to your existing fleet? Are you assigned by a government agency to purchase well-made electric patrol cars on its behalf?

Are you in the business of running a dealership and searching for a reliable electric patrol car manufacturer for your next order?

Whatever is the case, we are here to help. After thoroughly researching the market, we have compiled this FAQ guide for you.

In this guide, we have tried to answer all the queries you might have related to the electric patrol car business.

Read the outline now…


What Are Electric Patrol Cars?

electric patrol car vehicle

Electric patrol cars are battery-powered patrolling vehicles usually used by the police, law enforcement agencies, security forces, etc. to provide easy and quick transportation for officers, patrolling the area under surveillance, etc. providing a visible deterrence to crime.

Electric patrol cars are powered by a battery pack and are equipped with radio, telecommunication, warning lights, siren, etc.

They are equipped with emergency lights and sirens mounted on top to control crime and trespassing in an area by government or private corporations.

What Types Of Electric Patrol Cars for Sale Are Available At Xunhu?

Types Of Electric Patrol Cars for Sale

Xunhu is a leading electric vehicle manufacturer in China. With more than 300 patents to its name, Xunhu ships more than 10,000 variants of electric vehicles all over the world.

You can find a variety of designs and seating options when it comes to electric patrol cars at Xunhu. The design variations include:

  • 6 seater electric patrol cars
  • 6 seater enclosed electric patrol cars
  • 6 seater semi-enclosed electric patrol cars
  • 4 seater enclosed electric patrol cars
  • 4 seater semi-enclosed electric patrol cars
  • Double-headed electric patrol cars, etc.

If you have a custom requirement, Xunhu can serve you with that as well.

Where Can You Use Electric Patrol Cars?

Electric patrol cars are usually used by the police, private security companies, government security personnel, law enforcement agencies, crime control squads, etc. on different levels and jurisdictions.

Usually, electric patrol cars are used to provide security in:

  • Neighborhood
  • Fire Brigade
  • Hazard management department
  • Parks
  • Zoos
  • Museums
  • Airports
  • Banks
  • Shopping centers
  • High-end hotels and casinos
  • VIP residences, etc.

Wherever a visible deterrence to crime is required, electric patrol cars have found a great demand.

What Color Of Electric Patrol Cars Are Available?

At Xunhu, electric patrol cars are painted with a variety of colors and shades. You are free to choose from hundreds of paint options.

Usually, electric patrol cars are painted white complemented with blue to provide a finish of a security vehicle. You can have your electric patrol car painted as you like.

There are hundreds of paint options to choose from at Xunhu. You can ask the manufacturer about the paint option you prefer.

You can have your logo or insignia embossed on your electric patrol car fleet.

What Is The Passenger Capacity Of Electric Police Car?

Electric Patrol Car Seating

Different brands and manufacturers assemble a variety of seating options in an electric patrol car. It all depends on your preference and requirement.

You can choose from a range of seating options available, like:

  • 2 seater electric patrol car
  • 4 seater electric patrol car
  • 6 seater electric patrol car
  • 8 seater electric patrol car
  • 12 seater electric patrol car

There are open, enclosed, and semi-enclosed designs are available as well. You can choose whether you want doors or not, depending on your requirements.

What Type Of Batteries Is Used In Electric Patrol Cars?

Electric Patrol Car Batteries

Usually, both flooded lead type and dry batteries are used in electric patrol cars to provide optimum range and steady speed.

Lead-acid type is common in electric patrol cars. Xunhu incorporates the usage of no-clean lead-acid batteries in its cars.

In recent years, modern variants have come equipped with maintenance-free, Lithium-ion batteries.

Such batteries have benefits over conventional ones like no need to check the electrolyte level. Such batteries are quicker to get charged and can deliver steady current output to the motor. These batteries can run for 2-3 years if well maintained.

Lithium batteries are usually more expensive.

What Are the Main Parts Of Electric Patrol Cars?

Electric Patrol Car Parts

Electric patrol cars are battery-operated. The battery powers the traction motor that turns the wheels and drives the electric patrol car.

The main parts are as follows:

  • Fiberglass/High-quality steel body
  • Iron/steel chassis
  • High-quality seats and seatbelts
  • Maintenance-free batteries
  • The USA made Curtis motor controller
  • Traction motor
  • Warning/hazard lights
  • Siren/emergency lights
  • Back up beepers


What Are Accessories of Electric Patrol Cars?

Electric Patrol Car Accessories

At Xunhu, a wide range of optional accessories are available for electric patrol cars.

If you like extra features, you can let the design team know. Following accessories can be a part of the deal if you require:

  • Quick battery charger
  • Vehicle-mounted air conditioning
  • Weather enclosure
  • Loudspeakers
  • Side sunshades
  • Power inverters
  • Power-assisted steering system
  • Water cooler
  • Multimedia accessories
  • Cooling fan
  • Jumpstarters
  • Multimedia Accessories
  • Roof-mounted solar charger
  • Spare tires, etc.


What is the Material of Electric Patrol Car Body and Roof?

Electric Patrol Car Roof

Xunhu believes in using the finest quality material in its electric patrol cars to provide reliability and durability.

The body is made of high-quality fiberglass or steel to make the vehicle lightweight yet strong. The body is mounted on an aluminum/steel frame to provide safety and a lasting life span.

The roof is made of a steel frame that is covered by fiberglass. The steel frame provides safety and reliability against crashes while the fiberglass cover gives your electric patrol car a modern look along with providing resistance against weather.

What Are The Custom Options For Electric Patrol Cars Available At Xunhu?

There are many custom options available to choose from when it comes to electric patrol cars. It depends on your requirement and business needs.

The base models are equipped with features enough to safely drive around people efficiently. There are other custom options available for a price if you require.

You can avail of enhanced leather seats, power steering assembly, enhanced siren, multimedia options, quick charger, additional storage, first-aid medical supplies, enhanced air-conditioning, bright headlights, loudspeaker equipment, radio, telecommunication devices, etc.

Do Electric Patrol Cars Come With A Warranty?

Electric Patrol Car Warranty

Yes, electric patrol cars have 1-2 years of warranty for the frame. The warranty period begins once we have shipped your electric patrol cars from the factory to you.

Motors and batteries have warranty periods provided by their manufacturers, usually of 2-5 years depending on the brand you are choosing.

Under the warranty period, you get a free part replacement by providing proof of the damage and the warranty invoice, but you have to pay for the shipping cost whether delivered by ocean or air.

You cannot avail of free part replacement when the warranty period is over. You have to pay the full price of the part for it to be shipped from the factory.

How Are Electric Patrol Cars Packed For Delivery?

Electric Patrol Car Packing

Electric patrol cars are usually packed in iron, aluminum, or wooden frames with a plastic sheet wound around for the safety of the vehicles. Bubble wraps are used to cover exposed parts like the steering wheel, lights, etc.

If you are purchasing a fleet of electric patrol cars, they are individually packed in iron frames or placed in the container or trailer in bulk.

The manufacturer or freight forwarder is responsible to carry out the whole process.

The vehicles are hooked with chains and their handbrakes engaged so they do not move out of place. If you have certain packing instructions, the manufacturer can follow them.

You should inspect the cars for damages when you receive them to make sure they are not damaged.

How Do You Find A Reliable Electric Patrol Car Cars Manufacturer In China?

Electric Patrol Car Manufacturer

Electric patrol cars should follow the highest standards of quality, safety, and reliability. It is very important to find an experienced electric patrol car manufacturer to get the finest product.

In China, you can find a lot of suppliers and manufacturers for electric patrol cars. The best is the one who has been the longest in the business and has required certifications.

To narrow down to the best and most reliable electric patrol car manufacturer, look for the following:

  • The manufacturer follows the internationally established standards of safety while manufacturing electric patrol cars for you
  • The manufacturer provides high-quality products and can ship from any port of China to you.
  • The manufacturer offers competitive prices and attractive aftersales services.
  • The manufacturer provides a variety of inspection services before shipping the order
  • The manufacturer communicates clearly with you or your agent, about the important details like shipping cost, lead time, loading details, etc.
  • The manufacturer offers additional services like 24/7 technical support, multiple design variations, container loading, multiple modes of payment, etc.


What are the Features and Advantages of Xunhu Electric Patrol Cars?

Electric Patrol Car Features

Xunhu has been manufacturing electric patrol cars for more than a decade. With strict quality control and using the latest manufacturing techniques, Xunhu has managed to maintain its quality.

Following are the features and advantages of electric patrol cars manufactured by Xunhu:

  • Xunhu incorporates heavy-duty construction to ensure the reliability of electric patrol cars
  • Their electric patrol cars can climb 25% slope inclination with ease, even at full load
  • The electric patrol cars feature bright headlights, a loud backup beeper, warning lights, etc.
  • Efficient electronic motor controllers maintain optimum current to achieve maximum range
  • The electric patrol cars are equipped with a smart steering system, rustproof body, durable chassis, and modern design
  • You get to avail yourself competitive prices for the finest quality vehicles


How Is The Quality Tested At Xunhu For Electric Patrol Cars?

Electric Patrol Car Testing

Electric patrol cars are subjected to rigorous testing at the manufacturing facility to make sure that the vehicle operates fine and is safe for commercial operation.

A dedicated team of technicians, supervised by engineers, is responsible for carrying out a series of quality and conformity tests

The tests include:

  • Water spray test
  • Roll test
  • Bump test
  • Vehicle environment test
  • Quality test
  • Test drive
  • Battery load test
  • Braking distance test

Strict quality control is implemented to ensure that a reliable and safe electric patrol car reaches the customer.

Moreover, different state agencies and government bodies provide manufacturers with certifications after ensuring that they are following correct test standards.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver A Fleet Of Electric Patrol Cars?

Electric Patrol Car Fleet

Shipping time depends on where you are located.

If you are located overseas, ocean freight is the most suitable option to deliver electric patrol cars due to many reasons.

One reason is that ocean freight offers more capacity and value – one container can hold 8-10 average-sized electric patrol cars in 30-45 days. The heavy payload is delivered in one trip so you don’t have to wait for shipping in intervals.

If you are located within borders, once the process of manufacturing is complete, your vehicle is delivered to you in 15-30 days depending on your location.

Do Electric Patrol Cars Provide Safety Against Explosives?

Electric Patrol Car Safety

Electric patrol cars are lightweight vehicles and usually, they do not provide safety against explosives.

Even though their body is made of high-quality steel and fiberglass, yet electric patrol cars are not safe against explosives.

Low-tier and low-impact explosives can highly damage the outer body of electric patrol vehicles. Due to their lightweight, they are highly vulnerable to shockwaves generated by the explosion.

There is a separate class of vehicles that are explosion-proof and it is highly costly to make vehicles explosion-proof. So, it is not advised to use electric patrol cars in an area where you need protection against explosives and ammunition.

What Optional Features Are Available For Electric Patrol Cars?

Electric Patrol Car Optional

Electric patrol cars are highly customizable vehicles. Due to their steel body and fiberglass covering, electric patrol cars can be customized and various optional features are also available.

Xunhu provides a wide range of accessories and optional features to choose from.

You can buy many accessories like:

  • Power inverters
  • Quick battery chargers
  • Spare tires
  • Repairing kit for tires
  • Solar chargers
  • Jumpstarters
  • Leather seats and seatbelts
  • Safety features like traction control
  • Enhanced battery and motor
  • Water cooler
  • Multiple paint options
  • Emergency radio backup, etc.

You can send an inquiry to the Xunhu team for the accessories available for the particular design you selected.


What Shipping Plan Works Best For Shipping Electric Patrol Cars In Bulk?

Electric Patrol Car Shipping

Usually, it costs less when you are shipping electric patrol cars in bulk. Once the total weight of any shipment becomes more than 500kg, ocean freight is the cheapest option for transporting electric patrol cars.

If your manufacturer has to ship your electric patrol cars from across the continent, you should choose shipping via ocean for many reasons.

One reason is that ocean freight offers more capacity and value – one container can hold 8-10 average-sized vehicles. The heavy payload is delivered in one trip so you don’t have to pay separately for separate shipments.

If no ocean route is available between your manufacturer and your country, you should consider shipping via railway or by road.

What Is The Price Of Electric Patrol Car For Sale?

Basic models that would serve the purpose of carrying 2 officers around a neighborhood can cost around $4000. They would not have any frills like bigger headlights, radio, etc.

For $5000 to $10,000, you can buy a two-seater or four-seater electric patrol car with options like windshields, headlights, horns, etc.

Top-of-the-line electric patrol cars with features like multimedia, cooler, leather seats, etc. can cost you about $10,000. The more options and customizations you choose, the higher is the price.

Bigger models of electric patrol carts often cost around $10,000 and $13,000 depending on the extra security features and add-ons you chose.

How Do You Choose The Seating Option For Electric Patrol Car?

Seating Option For Electric Patrol Car

Choosing between seating options in an electric patrol car directly depends on your budget and business needs.

If you are looking forward to incorporating electric patrol cars where only 2 officers are required to efficiently patrol the area, 2 or 4 seaters would serve the purpose.

If you are looking at an area where you need to accommodate more passengers, 6 seater options should be preferred.

Bigger versions of electric patrol cars are equipped with powerful batteries and bigger motors to support the payload. Even if you are looking for an increased range per charge, 6 seater options are suitable.

How to Charge Your Passenger Electric Patrol Car?

Electric patrol cars should be fully charged at the start of the day. You need to follow these precautions when charging your electric patrol car:

  • Position the electric patrol car on a level surface. Make sure the charging area is well ventilated and dry.
  • Make sure the key is off and the body is stable.
  • Always use the recommended extension cord type as mentioned in the user’s manual.
  • Inspect the extension cord for cracks, loose connections, damaged insulation, and frayed wiring.
  • Never use a damaged extension cord while charging your electric patrol car.
  • Always connect the charging cord to the vehicle’s charge receptacle first, and then plug the cord into a wall receptacle to minimize the risk of sparking
  • Do not cover the cart to prevent the accumulation of hydrogen or CO. Don’t leave your car plugged in overnight as it can damage the battery
  • Recharge the battery after every use. Don’t let the battery drain fully


How to Maintain Your Electric Patrol Car?

Electric Patrol Car Maintenance

Routine maintenance is compulsory to get the most out of your electric patrol car fleet. Keep the following maintenance tips in mind:

  • Charge the batteries when electric patrol cars are not in use. Never let the batteries fully drain
  • Check the water level in batteries regularly to increase their life span
  • Keep the battery terminal corrosion-free for optimum power
  • Keep the tires at optimum pressure to reduce jerking
  • Inspect the braking system every month for leakage
  • Inspect the car for oil leaks and undesired noise and vibrations
  • Charge the car in a dry and well-ventilated area
  • Clean the body with warm soapy water
  • Replace the batteries after their lifespan is over


Can Golf Cart Be Converted Into Patrol Car?

Golf Cart Be Converted Into Patrol Car

Yes, golf carts can be converted into electric patrol cars. Since main equipment is already there, that includes running motor, battery pack, steel chassis, iron frame, etc.

For a golf cart to be converted into a patrol car, your golf cart must have:

  • Authorization from the state
  • Working lights (headlight, tail lights, turn signals)
  • DOT-approved tires, windshield wiper, and working seatbelts
  • Minimum top speed between 20-25 mph
  • A vehicle identification number
  • Interior and exterior-mounted mirrors
  • Speedometer
  • Working horn
  • Reflex reflectors on all corners of the cart
  • A license plate bracket
  • Siren and warning lights
  • Certificate of vehicle’s registration
  • Driver’s license and tag
  • Slow-moving vehicle sign


What Is the Buying Guide for Electric Patrol Cars?

You should be clear about what you need in your electric patrol cars. What others require and are willing to pay for might not be your requirement at all.

You need to look at the following features and make sure they meet the price asked:

  • Make sure you asked the manufacturer all the questions about the price, features, and performance of the car
  • Look at the size, condition, and amp rating of the battery
  • Look at the safety certifications that the patrol car has received
  • Check model, make, and strength of the frame
  • Make sure that the paint job is of the highest quality
  • Look for competitive warranty perks
  • Confirm which accessories are part of the deal
  • Test-drive the electric patrol car to see the performance, check the leaks and see how it handles slope and rough terrain.


Electric Patrol Car Buying Guide Summary:

Providing security in a neighborhood, in public places, shopping malls, airports, etc. has become a major concern these days.

People are shifting their focus to buying electric patrol cars to provide surveillance and security indoors instead of using noisy gasoline patrol cars.

With so many designs and variations for electric patrol cars available in the market, it becomes a task to select the one that is best suited to your business needs.

Even after you have selected the design you want to buy, searching for a reliable manufacturer comes next.

We hope that we could guide you regarding electric patrol cars and helped you make a decision.

Welcome to Xunhu to buy electric patrol cars and other electric vehicles.

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