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Hunting Golf Carts

Optional Battery Types: Choose between lithium or maintenance-free lead-acid batteries based on your preferences and requirements.

Durable Frame: Built with a high-quality carbon steel frame for exceptional strength and durability; aluminum alloy frame option available.

Versatile Models: Available in various models to cater to different needs and preferences, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every situation.

Customization Options: Offers a range of accessories and customization choices, allowing you to personalize the golf cart according to your unique requirements.

Recommend Hunting Golf Carts for Sale

XunHu Electric Hunting Buggy for sale with custom design and affordable price. Top materials, brand accessories, and professional assembly guarantee every electric hunting buggy and hunting cart is of high quality.

2 Seater Hunting Golf Carts GMF-H2
Known for their durability and performance, XUNHU's GMF series offers a range of hunting-specific carts with advanced features. You can get the best price and service here.
4 Seater Hunting Golf Carts GMF-H2+2
XUNHU GMF-H2+2 is designed for outdoor tasks and is a great choice for hunters. It boasts a robust build and a powerful motor, suitable for rugged terrains.
4 Seater Hunting Golf Carts GMF-H4
If you prefer electric vehicles, 4 Seater Hunting Golf Cart GMF-H4 offers a quiet and smooth ride. It's eco-friendly, has excellent traction, and can handle tough hunting conditions.
6 Seater Hunting Golf Carts GMF-H4+2
XUNHU GMF series is versatile and robust. It provides ample cargo space and can be customized for hunting needs, making it a popular choice among hunters.
4 Seater Lifted Hunting Golf Cart GMD-H2+2
XUNHU 4 Seats Electric Hunting Buggy GMD-H2+2 offer electric hunting vehicles with a focus on silent operation, making it ideal for stealthy hunting. The GMD series provides a smooth ride and ample space for hunters and gear.
4 Seater Golf Cart GMD-H4
Built for off-road performance, XUNHU 4 Seats Electric Hunting Buggy GMD-H4 offers true four-wheel drive, making it excellent for rough terrains often encountered during hunting trips. It also features a durable cargo bed for hauling equipment.
Electric Hunting Buggy GM-6D
XUNHU 6 Seater Electric Hunting Buggy GM-6D is an electric golf cart designed for off-road use. It's energy-efficient, quiet, and equipped with features that make it suitable for hunting expeditions.
2 Seats Electric Hunting Buggy GMD-H2
XUNHU Electric Hunting Buggy offers purpose-built electric hunting vehicles like the GMD series. They are designed with hunters in mind, featuring all-wheel drive and high ground clearance for navigating challenging terrains.

XUNHU is the Your Best Hunting Golf Cart Manufacturer from China

XUNHU stands out as the premier hunting golf cart manufacturer in China, offering unmatched quality and innovation.

With a commitment to excellence, we produce reliable and durable carts tailored for challenging hunting terrains.

XUNHU’s dedication to superior craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology makes the hunting buggy the top choice for hunting enthusiasts, ensuring optimal performance and safety in the great outdoors.

  • Hunting Golf Cart Manufacturer
  • Hunting Golf Cart Manufacturer
  • Hunting Golf Cart Manufacturer
  • Hunting Golf Cart Manufacturer
  • XUNHU Electric Hunting Golf Carts Cases
  • XUNHU Electric Hunting Golf Carts Cases
  • XUNHU Electric Hunting Golf Carts Cases
  • XUNHU Electric Hunting Golf Carts Cases

XUNHU Electric Hunting Golf Carts Cases

XunHu company has 11 years of experience in golf cart buggy exporting.

Whether you want to do golf cart business or purchase golf carts, we can provide you with high-quality products and the best services.

XUNHU Accepts OEM, ODM, and dealership orders, providing tailored electric golf carts for golf courses, resorts, amusement parks, exhibitions, transportation hubs, hotels, malls, and more.

XunHu Electric Hunting Buggy

  • XunHu electric hunting buggy can be used as special-duty utility cars;
  • XunHu electric hunting buggy is equipped with Import main parts, such as Delta-Q chargers and Cutis controller;
  • You can be added a Cargo box to the XunHu electric hunting buggy;
  • CE for the whole hunting buggy;
  • Adjustable inductive accelerator continuously variable speed system;
  •  Leaf spring with Hydraulic shock absorbers;
  • Easy to retrofit, can modify the rear basket to be a rear seat or rear cargo;
  • 4 wheel hydraulic disk or Rear mechanical drum brake and Regeneration brake collocation for your choice.
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