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Electric Golf Carts

  • Directly Electric Golf Cart Factory, Reasonable Price;
  • Maintenance-free Lead-acid Battery and Lithium Batteries are Available;
  • Strong Carrying Capacity, Longer Travelling Range;
  • Superb Ground Clearance, Highly Reliable Suspension System;
  • Customizable Design, Features, Configurations, And Colors;
  • Long-Time Stable Performance, Low-Cost Maintenance Fees.

Recommend Electric Golf Carts for Sale

You have a great choice when buying electric golf carts from XUNHU. You can choose between 2-seater, 4-seater, 6-seater, and 8-seater electric golf carts.

The different types of electric golf carts are perfect for your resorts, airports, hotels, parks, farms, and golf courses. They also come in various sizes, which allows for high flexibility.

You can also buy lifted electric golf carts from the regular golf carts. They offer high flexibility and easy maneuvering on rough surfaces. The reinforced structure allows for extreme applications.

2 Seater Electric Golf Cart for Sale
XUNHU 2 Seater Electric Golf Carts Are affordable, and Compact; Great Hill Climbing Ability, Curtis Electronic Controllers, Great Speed, And Range.
4 Seater Electric Golf Cart for Sale
4 Seater Electric Golf Carts Are Versatile And Easy To Maneuver In Tight Places; Easily Convertible To Utility Vehicles.
6 Seater Electric Golf Cart for Sale
XUNHU 6 Seater Electric Golf Carts have More Power To Carry Heavier Weights, Self made Structure, And McPherson independent Suspensions Are Top Quality.
8 Seater Electric Golf Cart for Sale
XUNHU 8 Seater Electric Golf Carts Carry More Passengers, Regenerative Braking, And Custom Tailored Features Available For Purchase, Super Robust Chassis.
11 Seater Electric Golf Carts for Sale in New Zealand
Lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries to power the electric motor. The distance the golf cart can travel on a single charge. Onboard charger and charging cable for convenient recharging.
Electric Golf Carts GM G Series
XUNHU GM G Series electric golf carts offer a perfect blend of style and functionality. These carts boast advanced electric propulsion, spacious seating, and cutting-edge technology, making every ride enjoyable and efficient.
Electric Golf Carts GM F Series
XUNHU GM F Series electric golf carts combine sleek design with eco-friendly performance. With a powerful electric motor, comfortable seating, and advanced features, they redefine the golf cart experience.
Electric Golf Carts GM D Series
XUNHU GM D Series electric golf carts stand out with their robust design and performance. With a durable build, powerful electric drivetrain, and innovative features, they deliver reliability and excitement on the green.
Electric Golf Carts GM R Series
XUNHU GM R Series electric golf carts redefine luxury on the golf course. With a focus on refinement and performance, these carts offer a premium electric driving experience, combining elegance with cutting-edge technology.
Electric Golf Carts GM Series
XUNHU GM Series electric golf carts encompass a diverse range of models, catering to various preferences. From eco-conscious designs to high-performance options, GM's electric carts offer versatility, comfort, and reliability for golf enthusiasts.
Lifted Electric Golf Carts for Sale
Lifted Electric Golf Carts Boast More Power, Ground Clearance, Robust Suspension System, Reinforced Structure, They Are Available In Different Sizes And Capacity.
Electric Hunting Golf Carts
XUNHU Electric Lifted Golf Carts are a Treat to Look at and Extremely Fun to Drive. With Extra Ground Clearance, Strong appearance, Large power and Sturdy Suspension System, You can Enjoy Off-road Traveling.
Electric Utility Golf Cart for Sale
Taking Advantage of the Customizability, XUNHU Manufactures Electric Utility Golf Carts. Equipped with a Cargo bed and Better Terrain Handling Ability, Golf Carts Make your Daily Chores Easy and Fun.
Custom Electric Golf Carts for Sale
XUNHU Offers Custom Golf Carts for the Customers Looking for More Individuality and Specific Features. We Have a Wide Array of Features, Accessories, and Design Schemes to Choose From. If You have a Sample, We can Follow.
Vintage Electric Golf Carts for Sale
XUNHU Manufactures Highly Functional and Prime Luxury Golf Carts. Enjoy Premium Features Like Leather Seats, Bright LED lights, Custom Options, Built-in Fan, and Quick Charging. Choose from a Wide Range of Colors and Design Schemes.

Your Premier Electric Golf Cart Manufacturer in China

XUNHU remains your premier electric golf cart manufacturer in China. The high expertise and modern manufacturing factory produce high-quality carts.

The large manufacturing area includes an assembly, frame, painting, and fiberglass body workshops. Xunhu can control the quality well of your golf cart.

With 600+ skillful staff, XUNHU makes competitive electric golf carts for sale. All the golf carts come with excellent standard features, which means more Stable. Also, you can have some premium accessories depending on the way you want your golf cart.

Besides highly qualified staff, XUNHU has Large warehouses and highly professional testing equipment. Ensure your golf carts are 100% tested before delivery.

  • 2 Seater Golf Cart GMDS-2E Quality Control
  • golf cart factory
  • Safe & On Time Delivery
  • Electric Golf Carts for Sale Cases
  • golf cart for sale cases
  • Resort Golf Carts for Sale Cases
  • Resort Golf Carts for Sale Cases

Xunhu Electric Golf Carts for Sale Cases

XUNHU has delivered electric golf carts to over 100 countries. Also, delivery includes golf cart shuttles and sightseeing cars to over 1296 amusement parks, resorts, airports, and hotels around the globe.

There are 10,000 clients happy with XUNHU golf equipment. You can find Xunhu golf carts for sale in Dubai, the Philippines, Mexico, South Africa, and the UK.

With the customer curve growing daily, you can also be the next satisfied customer.

Xunhu is a leading electric golf cart manufacturer in China. Being one of the finest in business, Xunhu is trusted by more than 10,000 customers across the world for quality, safety, competitive prices, and quick delivery.

At XunHu, we procure the finest raw material from within China and offer the most competitive prices for electric golf carts without compromising on quality.

Xunhu is a hub for hundreds of optional features, design variations, and color schemes. Certified by leading agencies like ISO and CE, our electric golf carts offer superior functionality, robust chassis, and trendy appearance, all of that at highly competitive electric golf cart prices.

Looking for a fleet? Buy from us in bulk and save more. Apart from quality features and outstanding designs, Xunhu offers attractive after-sales services as well, including but not limited to competitive warranty, original spare parts, bulk inspection, safe and quick shipping, etc.

For customers looking for nothing but the best, Xunhu electric golf car company is here for you.

Electric Golf Carts for Sale at Best Price – XunHu

With our prime machining equipment, you can be assured of your electric golf carts’ quality and life span. Xunhu golf carts offer higher functionality in a compact form factor. The chassis is machined to precision and thoroughly tested before the product is dispatched to you.

Buy electric golf carts from us according to the design you prefer. Our competent design time is available at your service 24/7 for any required modifications.

Choose from a variety of custom options and accessories available at Xunhu. Add optional attachments to your electric golf carts for sale and use them as utility vehicles.

The imported motor controller ensures that optimum current is delivered to the motor to ensure maximum torque while maintaining maximum range.

Visit our factory or give us a call today!

Your Top Electric Golf Carts Manufacturer and Supplier in China

When you need top-rated electric golf carts for sale, XUNHU will take care of you. It’s a leading manufacturer and supplier of all types of golf carts worldwide.

The production of electric golf carts features the highest technology. Also, the accessories are from the world’s leading makers. In particular, motors, batteries, and controllers are safe and reliable.

With a high level of automation and manufacturing experience, XUNHU uses mature technology. There have been no trials and errors, hence ISO, CE, or SGS BV certification.

XUNHU lifted electric golf carts are super reliable. You also get 24-hour support, the best warranty, and terms.

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about electric golf carts along with brief answers:

1. Q: What type of battery do electric golf carts use?

A: Electric golf carts commonly use lead-acid, lithium-ion, or solar-powered.

2. Q: How long does charging an electric golf cart take?

A: Charging times vary, but a full charge typically takes 6-8 hours.

3. Q: What is the range of an electric golf cart on a single charge?

A: The range depends on the battery and terrain but is usually between 80 to 100km.

4. Q: Can electric golf carts be used in hilly terrain?

A: Electric golf carts can handle hilly terrain, especially if they have sufficient power and good traction.

5. Q: Are electric golf carts eco-friendly?

A: Electric golf carts produce zero emissions and are considered environmentally friendly.

6. Q: How often do electric golf cart batteries need replacement?

A: Battery lifespan varies, but on average, lead-acid batteries last 4-6 years, while lithium-ion batteries last longer, up to 10 years.

7. Q: Can electric golf carts be used on public roads?

A: Some electric golf carts are street-legal and can be used on public roads, depending on local regulations.

8. Q: Do electric golf carts require regular maintenance?

A: Yes, regular maintenance includes checking batteries, tire pressure, and general mechanical components.

9. Q: Can I upgrade the speed of my electric golf cart?

A: Speed upgrades may be possible, but it’s essential to check with the manufacturer to ensure compliance with safety standards.

10. Q: Are there tax incentives for purchasing electric golf carts?

A: Tax incentives vary by location, so you should check with local authorities or consult a tax professional.

11. Q: Can I customize the appearance of my electric golf cart?

A: Yes, XUNHU offers customization options for colors, seats, and accessories.

12. Q: What is the warranty on electric golf carts?

A: Warranties vary, but standard coverage is often one year for major components like batteries, motors, and controllers.

13. Q: Can I tow a trailer with an electric golf cart?

A: Towing capacity varies; not all golf carts are designed for towing. Check our golf cart specifications.

14. Q: How do I extend the lifespan of my electric golf cart batteries?

A: Proper charging practices, regular maintenance, and avoiding deep discharges can help extend battery lifespan.

15. Q: Can I install additional accessories on my electric golf cart?

A: Yes, XUNHU electric golf carts support additional accessories like lights, horns, and custom seating.

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