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Custom Golf Carts for Sale

  • Maintenance-free Battery and Lithium Battery are Available;
  • Carbon Steel Frame and Aluminum Alloy Frame are Available;
  • Non-Lifted, Lifted, Color Options, Speed Options, Seating Options, Tires Options, Motor Options, Parts Options, and More.
  • Can be Modified into Utility Golf Carts.
  • Directly Electric Golf Cart Factory, Reasonable Price.

Recommend New Custom Golf Carts For Sale

XUNHU golf carts can be tailored or modified according to specific preferences, needs, or styles of individual customers.

These modifications can include changes in appearance, functionality, and features to create a unique and personalized golf cart experience.

If you need Food Golf Cart, Golf Cart Food Truck, Golf Cart Fire Truck, Ambulance Golf Cart, or more electric customized vehicles, please contact us.

Your Best Custom Golf Carts Manufacturer in China

Having your custom golf cart manufacturer from China is great for quality and durable products. XunHu is one of the best custom golf carts manufacturers. With the ability to produce in bulk, delivery is efficient.

Apart from the manufacturing, XunHu also delivers customized golf carts. With a strong R&D team, there is great research on the best design, style, and materials.

The efficient production facility uses vertically integrated technology to deliver the best custom golf carts. Besides, you can request customized features and designs to fit your needs.

Offering a 1-year warranty, every golf cart you receive from XunHu comes with a guarantee.

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  • Custom Golf Carts for Sale Cases
  • Custom Golf Carts for Sale Cases
  • Custom Golf Carts for Sale Cases
  • Custom Golf Carts for Sale Cases

XunHu Custom Golf Carts for Sale Cases

XunHu sells 2 seats, 4 seats, 6 seats, 8 seats electric golf carts, luxury golf carts, and custom golf carts in different countries around the world. The present current market goes beyond 160 countries.

Apart from the broad market, you also enjoy delivery to your location. There is an efficient supply system, whether you are located in Europe, Americas, Africa, or Asia. You can find that XunHu custom golf carts for sale in India, Indonesia, Dubai, Iran, Arabia, Russia, the United States, Canada, Britain, Africa, and other countries.

XUNHU Custom Golf Carts Manufacturing Capacity

golf cart parts
Luxury Golf Carts Optional Accessories Are Available For Sale; You Can Get Alloy Wheels, Audio Systems, Ac, And Lifting Kits, Among Others, At The Best Prices.

XUNHU custom golf carts often involve various enhancements such as:

  1. Aesthetic Upgrades: Custom paint jobs, decals, and graphics tailored to match personal style or branding.
  2. Seating and Upholstery: Upgraded seats, custom upholstery, and seating arrangements designed to enhance comfort and luxury.
  3. Lighting: Additional LED lights, underbody lighting, or custom headlights added for both style and improved visibility.
  4. Wheels and Tires: Custom rims, larger wheels, or specialized off-road tires installed for specific terrains.
  5. Lift Kits: Lifted suspension for off-road capabilities and a more commanding presence, unique to XUNHU golf carts.
  6. Audio Systems: High-quality sound systems or speakers integrated for entertainment during rides, enhancing the XUNHU experience.
  7. Storage Solutions: Custom cargo boxes, racks, or compartments added for increased storage space, designed to meet specific needs.
  8. Performance Enhancements: Upgraded motors, controllers, or batteries installed for enhanced speed and efficiency, exclusive to XUNHU models.
  9. Special Features: Unique additions such as coolers, canopies, or enclosures incorporated for specific purposes, distinguishing XUNHU golf carts.
  10. Branding and Logos: Custom logos, branding, or personalized license plates created to add a personalized touch, unique to XUNHU vehicles.

XUNHU custom golf carts are particularly popular in golf courses, resorts, and private estates where individuals or businesses aim to stand out with a one-of-a-kind and personalized XUNHU golf cart experience.

  • Custom Golf Carts Battery: Available for Trojan T 875, T106, US Battery 8V, and 6V; lithium battery for your golf carts;
  • Caddy Cooler;
  • Ball washer;
  • Side view mirror and rearview mirror;
  • Seat belts (Two points retractable or three points retractable)
  • Rain Cover;
  • Sunshine Curtain;
  • 10-inch aluminum-alloy rim with 205/50-10 size turf tire;
  • Speedo (Multifunction, can show time, speed, driving range, battery capacity, and rearview when reversing)
  • Rear Cargo box.

Your Best Custom Golf Carts Manufacturer in China

XunHu is irreplaceable best custom golf carts manufacturer in China. Having the remarkable capacity to manufacture and supply custom golf carts worldwide, there is no stress.

Apart from huge capacity, the factory is large with an area covering 587,970 sq.ft. This enables XunHu to produce golf cats for sale in bulk.

The modern production facility has multiple production lines. With semi n automation, there is standard production to maintain quality. With 10+ years of production, there are 50+ patented parts and equipment.

A large army of workers with skills delivers precise quality custom golf carts on time. All the golf carts have testing and certification marks from CE and ISO.

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