Ambulance Golf Cart

Passenger: 6 person
Stretcher size (unfold): 1900*560*900mm
Battery: 6V*8 48V
Motor: DC4KW/48VorAC4/5KW
Max Speed: 25km/h
Total Weight: 930kg
Charging time: 8-10h
Controller : DC 500A/48V Full electricspeed controller or AC Curtis/Toyota
Range: 70km

Ambulance Golf Cart Pros

  • Brands components and accessories
  • Strong hill-climbing ability
  • High quality and reliability
  • Consistent and efficient electric drive-train
  • For golf courses, resorts, factories, airports, or streets
Passenger capacity : 6 Stretcher carring capacity 155kg
Battery : 6V 216AH/220AH/225AH*8pcs Stretcher size (unfold) 1900*560*900mm
Motor : DC4KW/48VorAC4/5KW Stretcher size (fold) 1900*560*240mm
Controller : DC 500A/48V Full electricspeed controller or AC Curtis/Toyota Steering : recirculating-ball  steering
Charger : 48V/25AFullautomatic high frequency charger Brakes : Front wheels hydraulic braking system and independent parking brake
Max.Speed: 25km/h Tire: 145/70R1269S
Max. travelling range: 70km Ground clearence: 150mm (fullload)
Climbing capacity: 20% Overall dimension: 3860*1450*2040mm
Brake Range: ≤6 Qty per container: 2pcs/20GP 3pcs/40HQ
Minmum Turning radius: 6.0m Standard parts: Front and rear lights, Rear view mirrors,Speedmeter, Wiper,
Alarm lights, Stretcher, Ambulance box, Fire extinguisher
Gross weight: 930kg Optiona Loud speaker, Mediaplayer,Weatherenclosure, Sidesunshade curtain, 3points  seat  belt for driver seat,Trojan Battery, Bus seat
l parts :

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  • Ambulance Golf Cart Quality Control (3)
  • Ambulance Golf Cart Quality Control (4)
  • Ambulance Golf Cart Quality Control (1)
  • Ambulance Golf Cart Quality Control (2)

Why Buy Ambulance Golf Cart from XunHu?

  • Brand Parts & Accessories

Trojan Battery, AC Curtis/Toyota Controller, Independent Parking Brake, Front Wheels Hydraulic Braking System.

  • Manufacturing

XunHu has a modern production workshop and production equipment to ensure the quality of your golf carts.

  • QC Team

Every accessory of your ambulance golf cart will go through a strict quality inspection, 100% tested before shipment.

Full Support on Your Ambulance Golf Carts Wholesale Business

XunHu has a professional technical team to guarantee the reliable quality of ambulance golf carts.

XunHu made safe, high-quality ambulance golf carts for sale to customers worldwide for 11+ years.

XunHu supplies CE-certified ambulance golf carts to help you grow your business.

Ambulance Golf Carts 1 Year Warranty
You will satisfied with XunHu ambulance golf carts performance, and enjoy 1 Year Warranty for the main parts.
Ambulance Golf Carts Wholesale Prices
As a leading ambulance golf carts manufacturer in China, you can get the best wholesale price for you order.
Ambulance Golf Carts Delivery
Your ambulance golf carts order will be completed on time and your shipping will be safe and on time.
Ambulance Golf Carts Online Support
20+ ambulance golf carts experts provide you with professional support.

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What is Ambulance Golf Cart?

The ambulance golf cart is an electric utility vehicle, for resorts, neighborhoods, parks, amusement parks, factories, communities, etc. The Ambulance Golf Cart produced by XunHu is converted from a utility golf cart, safe and durable.

Why Buy Ambulance Golf Cart?


1. This ambulance golf cart is easy to operate, small in size, and suitable for a variety of scenarios;

2. XunHu ambulance golf carts are equipped with brand golf parts and accessories, you will be satisfied with XunHu ambulance golf cart performance;

3. Low-cost long service life;

4. Wide range of applications.

How Much about the Ambulance Golf Cart?

Here is the truth:

Different golf cart manufacturers will give you different prices.

This is determined by various factors such as golf cart configuration, craftsmanship, and the manufacturer’s production capacity.

The ambulance golf carts generally cost $4,000-$10,000.

XunHu is one of the largest golf cart manufacturers in China, you can contact the XunHu team to get the best price for your order.