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Airport Golf Carts

  • More Cargo Capacity, Sturdy Structure To Carry Massive Weight Without Structural Damage
  • Airport Golf Carts With Different Passenger Capacity, Configuration, And Colors
  • ISO And CE Certified Manufacturer, Trusted By 10,000 Clients All Over The World
  • Custom 2 Seater, 4 Seater, 6 Seater, 8 Seater Airport Golf Carts Available

Recommend Airport Golf Carts for Sale

XUNHU has different types of airport golf carts for sale. You have no restriction when you need to make a purchase. There are many versions of airport golf carts you can choose from.

Whether you want a compact version or a large one, you can always choose the right electric golf cart. There are two-seaters to 8 seater electric airport shuttle carts.

Besides, there are luxury airport golf carts for sale a XUNHU. Depending on what you like, you can get even customized options.

2 Seater Airport Golf Carts
XunHu 2 Seater Airport Golf Carts Are Versatile And Quick; You Can Have Them For Different Functions In Different Areas.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 24km/h
  • Climbing ability: 30%
  • Controller: DC 275A/48V
4 Seater Airport Golf Carts
XunHu 4 Seater Airport Golf Carts Come With Powerful Electric Motors; Hill Climbing Is Excellent, Variety Of Colors Available.

Main Data:
  • Battery:8V*6
  • Max.travelling Range:70-80km
  • Climbing Capactity:30%
6 Seater Airport Golf Carts
XunHu 6 Seater Airport Golf Carts For Sale, Are Affordable; Rigid Structure, High-Performance Tires Allows For More Weight Accommodation.

Main Data:
  • Battery:8V*6
  • Max.travelling Range:70-80km
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
8 Seater Airport Golf Carts
XunHu Make 8 Seater Airport Golf Carts With Exciting Features: You Can Also Request Custom And Optional Features.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 24km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:70-80km
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
Lifted Airport Golf Carts
XunHu Lifted Airport Golf Carts Offers More Ground Clearance; You Can Get Custom Lifting Kit To Offer More Terrain Conquering.

Main Data:
  • Battery:8V*6
  • Max.travelling Range:70-80km
  • Max Speed: 24km/h
Electric Vintage Airport Golf Carts
Vintage Airport Golf Carts Are Classic And Offer Luxurious Experience; They Are Customizable To Fit Your Customers’ Needs.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Motor:48V/5KW
  • Climbing Capactity:30%
8 Seater Airport Golf Cart Shuttle
XunHu 8 Seater Airport Golf Cart Shuttle Are Modern Looking; You Can Request For Color And Features To Provide Best Treat.

Main Data:
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Motor:48V/4KW
  • Climbing Capactity:20%
11 Seater Airport Golf Cart Shuttle
XunHu 11 Seater Airport Golf Cart Shuttle Allows For Ferrying More People; Comfortable Seats, More Legroom And Customizable Features Are Available.

Main Data:
  • Battery:6V*12
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km
14 Seater Airport Golf Cart Shuttle
XunHu, 14 Seater Airport Golf Cart Shuttle For Sale, Come In Open Or Closed Design, You Can Specify Your Design Or Customize.

Main Data:
  • Battery:12V*6
  • Max Speed: 28km/h
  • Max.travelling Range:60-80km

Top Airport Golf Carts Manufacturer in China

China has many airport golf carts manufacturers. However, XunHu is one of the leading and reliable manufacturers you can get.

The extensive manufacturing base ensures production in large numbers. Whether you need electric airport golf carts in bulk, you have assurance. In fact, XunHu can deliver 1000+ per year.

High precision manufacturing machines ensure there is flawless production. Every golf cart production is by professionals and undergoes rigorous testing.

Apart from the high-tech manufacturing facility, there is quick delivery. XunHu offers delivery within 15 days. Thus, you have the assurance of no delays when you order your airport golf carts.

  • Top Airport Golf Carts Manufacturer in China (1)
  • Top Airport Golf Carts Manufacturer in China (3)
  • Top Airport Golf Carts Manufacturer in China (1)
  • Xunhu Airport Golf Carts for Sale Cases (3)
  • Xunhu Airport Golf Carts for Sale Cases (2)
  • Xunhu Airport Golf Carts for Sale Cases (1)

Xunhu Airport Golf Carts for Sale Cases

XunHu has a vast network of airport golf carts distributed across the world. It doesn’t matter where you are located; you get your golf buggy equipment on time.

The airport golf carts from XunHu are in use in different countries. You can find them in South Korea, Philippines, New Zealand, Kenya, South Africa, and Russia.

Xunhu Airport Golf Carts Manufacturing Capacity

Airport Golf Carts Cutting
Powerful Electric Laser Cutting Machine Make High Precision Panel Cuttings Eliminating Errors And Deformities, Laser Are Computer Guided Maintaining Precision.
Airport Golf Carts Compression Moulding
XunHu Uses Compression Molding Machine To Make Airport Golf Carts Body Panels; They Are Lightweight, Durable, And Maintain High Efficiency.
Airport Golf Carts Frame
XunHu Airport Golf Carts Frame Features Best Materials; Galvanized Steel And Aluminum Ensures Rust And Twisting Resistance.
golf cart painting
XunHu Has Modern Panting Warehouses; They Are Water And Dust Resistant; Paint Is Eco-Friendly, And Spraying Is Highly Precise.
Airport Golf Carts Assembling
Production And Assembling Lines Are Up To International Standards; Assembling Lines Are Indoors To Keep Production To Global Standards.
golf cart test
XunHu Has Dedicated Airport Carts Testing Facility; A Combination Of Hill Climbs, Bumps, and Speed Track Ensures Comprehensive Testing.

XUNHU airport golf carts are affordable means for transport and a sustainable alternative to gas-powered vehicles. Employed by hundreds of airports across the world, XUNHU electric airport vehicles offer cost-efficient transport solutions.

The chassis is strong yet lightweight. Your airport electric shuttle can pick up and drop off hundreds of passengers on daily basis without showing signs of bending or cracking. Moreover, the fiberglass body is hard and coated with weather-resistant eco-friendly paint.

The maintenance of these carts is easy and inexpensive and you get to save all those recurring maintenance costs monthly. The designs are trendy and can be colored with the paint of your liking to best suit the airport you intend to use them in.

Golf Carts customized color

Airport Golf Carts for Sale – Great Price & Fast Delivery

XUNHU produces dozens of designs for airport golf cart buggy for sale variants. You can choose the size, seating capacity, battery power, color, seat arrangement, etc. from the options available or ask for a customized one. XUNHU design team is experienced and competent to handle your queries and design requirements.

Apart from that, XUNHU electric airport carts for sale come with a quick-charging better. This decreases the downtime and keeps your fleet running without interruption on a busy day at the airport. Moreover, the galvanized steel chassis can handle repeated cycles of passengers taking the ride without bending or deforming.

Easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain, XUNHU airport shuttles can help you save a hefty amount annually. The tires used in these vehicles are heavy-duty vacuum tires with a unique tread design to help you attain maximum traction and stability.


Your Best Airport Golf Carts Manufacturer and Supplier in China

The best airport golf carts manufacturer in China is XunHu. Manufacturing a variety of equipment for over 10 years, there is reliable experience. A team with different skills ensures reliable products.

When you buy airport golf buggy carts from XunHu, they come with free parts. Especially, the consumables, you get free parts to allow stress-free replacement.

The good thing is XunHu airport golf carts have CE, ISO, BV, GOST, and other certifications. Therefore, quality is one of the best things to be about these golf carts for sale.

XunHu has a strong support team that is ready day and night. Also, accessing information is easy through different communication platforms.

If you want to buy airport electric passenger shuttles, pls contact Xunhu now.

Airport Golf Carts for Sale


Airport Golf Carts: The Definitive FAQ Guide

Hotel Golf Carts for Sale from XunHu

Airport Golf Cart Introduction

Airports are employing electric airport golf carts as an affordable and reliable transportation solution inside and outside the premises. The price the management cuts on purchasing, operating, and maintaining the fleet can be invested back in the existing business.

Given the highly customizable bodies, airport golf carts have earned tremendous popularity in the past decade. More and more brands have come forward with their unique transportation solutions inside the airports.

With so many options, deciding which one best suits your needs becomes difficult. To ease your difficulty and educate you on an airport golf cart, we have compiled this FAQ guide for you.


What Are Airport Golf Carts?

Airport Golf Cart for Sale

Airport Golf Cart

Airport golf carts are ground vehicles used at the airport for the transportation of passengers, crew members, and security personnel, etc. Usually, airport golf carts are big and spacious to hold more passengers in one go.

Like other golf carts, they are usually electric. Extra cargo bed may or may not be attached with the cart to help move the luggage or the cargo.

They are used as electric shuttles as transport solutions between airports and certain public areas. Airport golf carts are widely used by business travelers, groups, families, etc. as a comfortable and less noisy alternative to gas shuttles and carts.

What Types Of Airport Golf Carts For Sale Are Available?

Airport Golf Cart Types

Airport Golf Cart Types

At Xunhu, we take immense pleasure to announce that there is practically no limit to customizing your airport golf carts according to different needs and individual requirements.

They can be categorized in many ways. Xunhu offers reliable designs for different requirements. You can choose from different design options like:

  • Open-air airport golf carts
  • Semi-open airport golf carts
  • Fully enclosed airport golf carts
  • Airport golf carts without canopy
  • Lifted airport golf carts

Moreover, we have custom seating options available to choose from, like:

  • 4 seater airport golf carts
  • 6 seater airport golf carts
  • 8 seater airport golf carts
  • 10 seater airport golf carts
  • 12 seater airport golf carts

Moreover, Xunhu deals in highly innovative and functional accessories as well. Call us today for more information.

What Is The Price Of Airport Golf Carts For Sale?

Airport Golf Cart Price

Airport Golf Cart Price

The price is highly variable in the case of the airport golf cart. Airport golf carts over a wide range of designs, seating options, customizations, etc.

The price usually depends on:

  • The size and strength of the frame
  • The size, power, and type of batteries used
  • Motor
  • Motor controller type used
  • Seating options
  • Design features and custom options selected, etc.

At Xunhu, we have an airport golf cart to suit a variety of budgets. The pricing usually starts from $3000. These are the basic models, usually used for quick transportation of 2-4 adults.

For 8-20 seater airport golf carts, the prices can go up to $5000-$7000 based on the features you choose.

A large variant can cost you around $10,000-$12000. Such versions are equipped with luxury options like DVD players, AC, leather seats, etc.

What Are The Safety Features Of Airport Golf Carts?

Airport Golf Cart Safety

Airport Golf Cart Safety

Being categorized as low-speed vehicles (LSVs), airport golf carts can accelerate to achieve speeds up to 25mph. Such speed limits, as compared to gas carts or other vehicles, make airport golf carts a safer option.

The presence of no IC engine makes them fire safe as well. At Xunhu, we equip airport golf carts with safety features like an enhanced braking system and seatbelts. Safety can be further enhanced by opting for extra safety features like front and rear bumper, stability assist, enhanced tires, intelligent motor controller, etc.

What Are The Quality Features Of Airport Golf Carts?

Airport Golf Cart Quality

Airport Golf Cart Quality

Xunhu is known for its strict and efficient quality control. High-tech machining equipment coupled with remarkable craftsmanship puts forward an elegant blend of quality and innovation.

Being certified from ISO, CE, BV, GOST, SCS, etc., Xunhu airport golf carts are reliable and sturdy, capable of doing as many rounds as you need on a busy day.

Moreover, Xunhu offers quality features to choose from for airport golf carts like high-quality front and rear lights, warning lights, high-quality leather seats, high-quality rust-proof body paint, high-quality batteries, AC/DC motors, headlights, etc.

Where Can You Buy Electric Airport Golf Carts?

Airport Golf Cart Buy

Airport Golf Cart Buy

You can find licensed manufacturers and suppliers of electric airport golf carts in more than 4 continents that deal in manufacturing, technical support, and spare parts in different capacities.

You can buy electric airport golf carts from online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Alibaba, etc. Many leading golf cart manufacturers also assemble and make airport golf carts as a part of their product lineup.

Xunhu offers assistance to its customers in every way possible. Our competent team is dedicated to making your purchase hassle-free. Visit the Xunhu website, scroll through the available models, and place an order right away.

How to Find a Professional Airport Golf Cart Manufacturer in China?

Airport Golf Cart Manufacturer

Airport Golf Cart Manufacturer

With so many airport golf cart manufacturers in China, it becomes difficult to choose the one who is experienced, reliable, and best suited for the job. Many of them are not experienced at all and are just trying to sell you something.

To get to the reliable professional manufacturer, consider the following:

  • Go for the one who has the most experience and has a good reputation in the industry. Go through their website and see what areas they specialize in.
  • While you are at it, go through the reviews left by the client to have an idea of what problems they faced. See what they admire about the manufacturer and if that aligns with your requirement.
  • Talk to multiple suppliers and manufacturers to see if the price being asked is fair
  • Choose the one who is certified by international firms like ISO, CE, BV, GOST, etc.
  • Make sure that the finest quality raw material is used and the highest standards of safety are followed
  • Go for the one that offers competitive prices and attractive aftersales services for airport golf carts


What Is The Seating Capacity Of Different Airport Golf Carts?

Airport Golf Cart Seating

Airport Golf Cart Seating

Airport golf carts come in various shapes and sizes. It depends on the customers that how much seating capacity suits their business. Xunhu assembles a wide range of airport golf carts to handle different requirements and the inflow of customers.

Visit our website to choose from our existing lineup of airport golf carts or if you have something different in mind, we can assist you with that as well.

Xunhu deals in the following seating capacities:

Bigger models cost more as they are equipped with more seats, extra safety features, bigger batteries, etc.

What Color Of Airport Golf Carts Are Available?

Airport Golf Cart Color

Airport Golf Cart Color

At Xunhu, there is practically no limit to the colors of electric airport golf carts. With our automated painting workshops and eco-friendly paint, an even coating is ensured to protect your vehicle from adverse effects of climate and rusting.

Every airport is unique and requires a paint job for their airport golf cart fleet that complements the environment. We can follow your suggested color scheme, logos, stickers, etc. Give us a call today to know more.

What Are The Custom Options For Airport Golf Carts?

Airport Golf Cart Custom

Airport Golf Cart Custom

Xunhu is proud of its rich culture when it comes to custom options, add-ons, accessories, etc. You can have the design customized, modify the seating arrangement, choose the color, select how the steering looks, how the design is, etc.

At Xunhu, we have finesse quality and highly functional accessories available that completely transform the way your airport golf cart looks and operates. You get to choose from accessories like:

For electric lifted golf carts, the following accessories are available for purchase:

  • Quick battery charger
  • Vehicle-mounted air conditioning
  • Weather enclosure
  • Loudspeakers
  • Side sunshades
  • Power-assisted steering system
  • Water cooler
  • Multimedia accessories
  • Cooling fan
  • Enhanced battery pack
  • Custom lighting
  • Leather seats
  • Seatbelts
  • High-quality front and rear lights
  • Jumpstarters
  • Spare tires, etc.


What Type Of Batteries Are Used In Airport Golf Carts?

Airport Golf Cart Price Airport Golf Cart Batteries

Airport Golf Cart Batteries

Since airport golf carts are primarily used for transportation so range and torque are preferred over speed. So, powerful and long-range batteries are used in airport golf carts to handle the influx on a busy day.

Different types of batteries are used in airport golf carts to accomplish different purposes. Xunhu offers various battery options for your cart to choose from.

Usually, the following types of batteries are commonly used in Xunhu airport golf carts:

  • Valve-regulated lead-acid batteries (VRLA) also called sealed batteries that are further classified into AGM and gel batteries. AGM batteries provide a better range and are cheaper than gel batteries.
  • Lithium-ion batteries. Such batteries are used for a smaller number of airport golf carts as they are expensive. They are capable of providing steady amps and they also charge up quickly. The downside is, if caution is not taken, they can be prone to overheating.


What Are the Main Parts Of Airport Golf Carts?

Airport Golf Cart Parts

Airport Golf Cart Parts

Airport golf carts are a fiberglass body installed on a metal chassis that is propelled by a battery system. Xunhu assembles an industrial-grade fiberglass body with reinforced metal chassis to build a vehicle that lasts.

The main components of electric airport golf carts include:

  • Fiberglass high-quality plastic body
  • Iron/steel chassis for strength
  • High-quality seats and seatbelts
  • Maintenance-free deep cycle batteries
  • The intelligent motor controller module
  • AC/DC traction motor
  • Solenoid switch
  • Smart steering and intelligent braking system, etc.


What Accessories Are Part Of The Deal While Purchasing Airport Golf Carts?

Airport Golf Cart Options

Airport Golf Cart Options

When purchased, airport golf carts essentially come with a charger, basic toolkit, spare tire, and a user manual. Everything else is treated as an accessory that can be a part of the deal if paid for.

Xunhu maintains is affordable price culture and offers a quality charger that is highly efficient and functional. Different accessories are available to choose from like:

  • Roof-mounted solar charger
  • Enhanced maintenance-free batteries
  • Alloy rims
  • Quality leather seats
  • Body kits
  • Cup-holders and extra cargo space
  • Front, rear, or top storage compartment
  • Warning or hazard lights
  • Quick charger, etc.

Visit our website for more information regarding the available accessories.

Do Airport Golf Cart Vehicles Come With A Warranty?

Airport Golf Cart Warranty

Airport Golf Cart Warranty

Xunhu offers a competitive warranty and 24/7 technical assistance, and OEM spare parts for your airport golf cart.

Under warranty, you can get repairing and maintenance in our fully equipped maintenance workshops. If you need a part, we can ship it right to you as you desire once you share damage proof and the invoice.

Xunhu proudly offers a 1-2 year warranty for the chassis of the airport golf cart. Under the warranty period, you get a free part replacement and are only required to pay the shipping.

Other parts like motors, batteries, etc. come with a separate warranty as specified by their manufacturers. Once the warranty period is over, you have the pay both full-price and the shipping cost of the part requested.

Which Golf Carts Qualify As An Airport Golf Cart?

Airport Golf Cart Qualify

Airport Golf Cart Qualify

Airport golf carts are usually tasked with carrying passengers or crew from one point to another, roughly hundreds of times a day. Any golf cart with enough space, power, and range to handle such a busy routine can be used as an airport golf cart.

Your golf cart can be employed as an airport golf cart if it:

  • Appears new and shiny
  • Has passenger capacity of more than 6
  • Is equipped with a 36v-48v battery
  • Has a powerful motor and comfortable seats
  • Is equipped with a street-legal kit
  • Has working lights, horn, etc.
  • Is spacious enough or equipped with a cargo bed, etc.


Top10 Best Airport Shuttle Carts

Airport Golf Cart Best

Airport Golf Cart Best

Airport shuttle carts are known for long-range, powerful battery, and enhanced safety features.  Electric airport golf carts are preferred for their affordable operation, inexpensive maintenance, and highly customizable nature.

Keeping that under consideration, the following brands are famous for assembling innovative and lasting airport shuttle carts:

  • AGT Electric Carts
  • Atomic Electric Vehicles
  • Bintelli
  • Breeze Carts
  • Club Car
  • Xunhu EV
  • Crown Carts
  • Cruise Car
  • Icon EV
  • Italcar



Xunhu, being a more than a decade-old brand, offers reliable and quality airport golf carts. With elegant craftsmanship and innovative tech, Xunhu leads the industry of electric transport solutions.

Not only do you have total control of how your airport golf cart is going to look, but Xunhu offers a wide range of accessories also. On top of that, you enjoy comfort, safety, and innovation at an affordable price point.

We hope that you have found the answers that you were looking for. If not, give us a call today. Our team is dedicated to your service 24/7.

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