8 Seater Golf Cart GW-6+2

Passenger: 8 passenger golf cart
Battery: Maintenance-free golf cart battery, 8V150AH*6
Motor: KDS AC motor (5KW)
Controller: 48V(FJ controller / Enpower  controller)
Charger: On-board 48V/25A
Max. Speed: 25km/h
Braking: Hydraulic brake/mechanical park
Max. traveling Range: 80km
Overall Dimension : 4430*1200*1850

8 Seater Golf Cart GW-6+2 Features

  • XUNHU 8 seater golf cart GW-6+2 features a remarkable load-carrying capacity of 640 kg. The chassis is strong enough to resist bending, even under extreme loading conditions
  • The floor of this 8 seater golf cart for sale is lined with an anti-slip leather sheet to offer a comfortable riding experience to the passengers
  • The body of this 8 person golf cart for sale features a reverse buzzer, manually adjustable foldable side view and rear view mirrors, and a 2-point seatbelt
  • With efficient motor control, XUNHU 8 passenger golf cart for sale offers a range of 80km while ensuring maximum torque and slope climbing ability
  • This 8 seater electric golf cart is equipped with a maintenance-free 48V battery that gets charged quickly for a reduced downtime
General Specification:
Passenger capacity 8 passenger golf cart
Battery Chilwee Battery,8V150AH*6
Controller 48V(FJ controller / Enpower  controller)
Motor KDS AC motor (5KW)
Charger On-board 48V/25A
Suspension Front Independent suspension
Suspension Rear Integral rear bridge, single leaf spring + cylinder hydraulic damping
Brake system Hydraulic brake/mechanical park
Steering system Self Compensating” Rack & Pinion” Steering
Over Dimension(L*W*H) 4430*1200*1850
Max. speed 25km/h
Load Range 80km
Brake range 6m
Minimum Turning radius 5.2m
Max climbing ability 15%
Tires 205/50-10(Tire diameter 460mm)
Container Loading Qty 8pcs/20FT 18pcs/40FT
Standard configuration:
Dashboard Injection Molding Instrument, Liquid Crystal Combination Instrument, Lock Switch, Single Arm Combination Switch, Gear Switch, Cup Seat, 12V Power Supply
Lighting and signals LED headlamp : ( near light, far light, steering light, clearance lamps )
LED tail lamp : ( brake light, position light, steering light ) ,snail horn, reversing buzzer
Body Injection Molding of PP for Automobile
Rearview mirror Manually adjustable, foldable rearview mirrors left and right
Windshield Acrylic plexiglass
Seat Seats of ergonomics,leather material
Floor Formed anti-skid floor leather
Minimum Ground clearance 120mm
Wheel Tread Front 880mm
Seat belt Two-point winding seat belt
Roof PP plastic
Gross weight with battery 640kg
Carrying capacity 540kg
Wheel base 3170mm
Wheel Tread Rear 990mm

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Why Buy 8 Seater Golf Cart GW-6+2 from XunHu?

  • Golf Cart Parts & Accessories

Looking for highly functional and well-designed optional golf cart parts and accessories? Look no further. XUNHU offers a large variety of optional features and OEM spare parts to choose from.

  • Golf Cart Manufacturing Capacity

XUNHU ensures minimum lead time while maintaining maximum quality, thanks to the large production unit, efficient production lines, and skilled staff of 200+ workers

  • Golf Cart Warranty

In case of a damaged part or loose chassis joint of your new XUNHU 8 seater golf buggy, get free repairs. XUNHU offers a 1-year warranty for the chassis and electrical parts of your golf cart.

Full Support on Your 8 Seater Golf Cart GW-6+2 Business

XUNHU, being one of the top golf cart manufacturers in the world, offers full support for your 8 seater golf cart GW-6+2 business. You are free to reach out to XUNHU in case of bulk orders, inquiries about shipments and spare parts, etc. Be sure that you are dealing with an ISO and CE-certified manufacturer with more than a decade of experience.

Not only does XUNHU offer the best 8 seater golf cart price, but also offers bigger discounts on bulk orders. No matter the extent of customizations, you can have your order processed and delivered in time. You are entitled to 24/7 online support, quick and secure worldwide shipping, multiple modes for payment, on-demand customizations, and more.

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8 Seater Golf Cart GW-6+2 Warranty
Get a 1-year warranty for the chassis and electrical parts of your favorite eight seater golf cart. Get free repairs and pay only for the shipping of the spare parts
8 Seater Golf Cart GW-6+2 Prices
Being a top golf cart manufacturer and supplier, XUNHU has been offering the best golf cart prices and uncompromised quality for more than a decade
8 Seater Golf Cart GW-6+2 Delivery
No matter where you are in the world, XUNHU, through its extensive network of supply chains across the world, ensures swift and secure delivery
8 Seater Golf Cart GW-6+2 Online Support
Get in touch with XUNHU from anywhere in the world. Reach out to XUNHU's expert online support team to track your orders, and get your concerns addressed 24/7

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8 Seater Golf Cart GW-6+2

For the customers looking for sheer performance, sporty looks, quality build, and reliable operation, XUNHU 8 seater golf cart GW-6+2 is the answer.

XUNHU’s team has gone the extra mile to craft an engineering marvel that possesses tremendous power under the hood while maintaining an elegant outlook.

The whole golf cart production process is supervised by fully automatic machines and equipment to ensure laser precision.

The golf cart welds, the joints, the cutting, the molding, all the way to the final assembly, every step is taken abiding by the highest standards of product safety and reliability.

The golf cart shuttles body, being highly customizable, can be fitted with a number of different accessories to further enhance the functionality of your golf cart.