8 Seater Golf Cart Buying Guide

8 Seater Golf Cart Buying Guide

8 Seater Golf Cart Description

8 seater golf carts are larger motorized vehicles for carrying golfers and their accessories. Unlike the smaller versions, these can carry eight passengers hence more versatile.

Availability of these carts in different configurations ensures they are more than golf carts. Therefore, these carts are readily usable for other purposes than carrying golfers.

Whether you require passenger transportation, utility, or hunting cart, these are easily applicable. With a few or no modifications, the golf carts are ideal for multiple uses.

8 Passenger Golf Cart for Sale Advantages

Buying eight-seater golf carts come with a lot of benefits. The ability to carry more weight means more revenue, mainly for amusement park owners.

If you are wondering what are the advantage of 8 seater electric golf carts, here they are;

  • Massive capacity that increases the number of passengers to carry
  • Great manufacturer warranty which guarantees high-quality carts
  • Certified manufacturing process, components, and spare parts
  • Efficient and easily accessible customer care services and after-sale services
  • Amazing wholesale price with huge discounts when you buy in bulk.
  • Minimal operating cost hence assured high returns
  • Quick and safe delivery to anywhere in the world via your preferred mode of transport.
  • Sturdy and reliable structure with multiple testing and lightweight design


8 Seater Golf Cart Price

Despite the large size, 8 seater carts aren’t expensive and are highly affordable. Especially, buying from China at wholesale, there is a guarantee of affordable price. A standard 8 seater electric golf cart will cost around $2,000 to $10,000 depending on the level of the customization.

8 Seater Golf Cart Dimensions

Dimensions are dependent on the brand. If you order your 8 seater from XunHu, the standard size is 3820×1200×1900 millimeters. This, however, is an exception when you need a customized eight-seater golf cart.

8 Seater Golf Cart Cover

Getting accessories for your golf carts is vital. Most important is a golf cover, which is ideal for keeping the vehicle away from the weather elements.

There are a variety of 8 seater golf cart covers available for sale.

Most covers come with clear windows, which means it’s easy to drive your cart when the cover is on.

Apart from rain covers, you can opt for heavy-duty ones, which are handy when storing your cart for a longer time.

Lifted 8 Seater Golf Cart

Lifted eight-seater golf carts are modified to suit off-road conditions. They have more ground clearance and custom suspension. You can buy a customized lifted golf cart or order your preferred lifted customizations. Also, varying lifting kits are available for sale.

Custom 8 Seater Golf Cart

Besides standard golf carts, there are customized ones for sale. Usually, a custom 8 seater golf cart for sale comes with personalized features.

Some of the custom features available for 8 seaters include;

  • LED lighting system
  • 2 or 3 point seat belts
  • Candy cooler
  • Sand bottle
  • Cargo box
  • Weather enclosure
  • PA system
  • Music player


8 Person Golf Cart Manufacturer

There are numerous golf carts manufacturers available in China. However, among the top 5 manufacturers, you can source from include.

  1. XunHu Electric Golf Vehicles Company
  2. GY Golf Carts Company
  3. GM Electric Vehicle Factory
  4. DE Golf & Sightseeing Car Company
  5. YD Golf Buggy Company Limited

Your Best 8 Seater Golf Cart Manufacturer and Supplier in China

XUNHU leads when it comes to 8 seater golf carts manufacturing and supply. The manufacturing process is as per international standards. You can have these carts and enjoy great reliability.

8 seater lifted golf carts are superb and offer better performance. The convertible structure helps in the easy change of use.

Unlike other manufacturers, XUNHU has great customer care and full-time support. Whether it’s about installation or mechanical problems, there is quick assistance.

The quality and manufacturing process beats other competitors. Every electric golf carts meet CE, BV, ISO certifications. Quality, shipment, and services are top priorities in XUNHU.

8 Seater Golf Cart: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

You must always think about getting the best when it comes to selecting your golf equipment. The 8 seater golf cart is only one among the many elements you’ll need as a golfer or a golf-course operator.

It will save you the tiresome tussles associated with dragging your loved ones and the gear you’ll need while in the course.

However, you must have a person to hold your hand through the buying journey.

Here’s everything you must know about 8 seater golf carts:


1. What Types of 8-Seater Golf Carts for Sale in XunHu?

8 Seater Golf Cart GM-6F+2

XunHu has been distinguished as a global destination for a wide range of golf carts supplies.

In essence, Xunhu offers you a wide range of 8 seater golf buggies that are customized to meet your operational needs, geographical considerations, and budgetary plans.

Here’re the types of 8 seater golf carts for sale in XunHu:

  • Gas 8-seater golf carts will come with engines that are highly similar to those of cars and don’t run on battery alone.
  • Even though the 8-seater golf carts produced by Xunhu are a little bit noisier than the electric ones, they’re equipped with eco-friendly technologies that will allow you to minimize your fuel expenses
  • Electric 8 seater golf carts- The electric 8-seater golf carts produced in Xunhu have emerged as the most recent standard ride-on options.
  • In essence, the electric 8-seater golf carts produced in Xunhu have been distinguished as systems that require minimal maintenance budgets even though they rely on a battery to run an electric motor.
  • The electric 8 seater golf carts produced in Xunhu have attracted a whole new sporting audience as they’ve brought both the young and old to the course.
  • Diesel 8 seater golf carts-The diesel 8-seater golf carts produced in Xunhu have a similar structural composition as the gas golf carts.
  • However, they’re a little bit noisy.
  • They’re preferred by some individuals for their ability to present exemplary gas mileages and increased power on the course.
  • The diesel 8-seater golf carts can be outfitted with the most powerful motors they can also have their suspension beefed up.


2. What Are the Features of an 8 Seater Golf Cart?

The motor industry has undergone massive revolutions.

Similarly, 8-seater golf cart manufacturers have kept pace with these innovations to present their clients with commodities that meet their needs.

This explains why you must assess the features of the 8 seater golf cart you intend to buy to ensure that it meets your needs.

Here’re the features of 8-seater golf carts that make them a must-buy any time you go shopping for your golfing appliances:

  • Heavy-duty bumpers and differential guards
  • Extra traction rear tires
  • Fold-down windshields
  • 5-panel rear-view mirrors or side mirrors
  • USB Charging Port
  • Single point watering systems
  • Accent stripes
  • Premium colors


3. What Is a Good Price for an 8-Seater Golf Cart?

Well, the prices you will be charged for the 8-seater golf cart you wish to purchase.

Factors like quality, discounts, distance, etc. play a great role in dictating the prices of the 8-seater golf carts sold.

Even with these factors put into consideration, the price of a good 8-seater golf cart should be somewhere above $3,000

The $3,000 to $4,000 gap would be a fair charge for an 8-seater golf cart.

4. What Are the Main Parts of 8-Seater Golf Cart?

Here’s the list of the major parts of an 8-seater golf cart:

  • The chassis
  • The tiers/wheels
  • The golf cart keys
  • The golf cart shocks
  • The golf cart clutch
  • The golf cart controller
  • The golf cart solenoid
  • The battery cables
  • The golf cart body
  • The golf cart motor
  • The golf cart battery


5. What Are The Option Parts for 8 Seater Golf Carts?

Here’s the list of the optional parts of a golf cart:

  • A golf cart horn
  • A rare seat golf bag attachment
  • A battery water fill bottle
  • A mounting bracket
  • A club washer


6. How Long Is An 8 Seater Golf Cart?

Basically, an 8-seater golf cart should have a minimum length of 4200 mm.

This length allows the cart to carry the designated passengers with great ease while offering a lot of comforts.


7. What Battery Does The 8-Seater Golf Cart Use?

optional golf cart battery

A typical 8-seater will use a lithium battery.

In particular, 48V lithium can be very effective in meeting the power and energy requirements of an 8-seater golf cart.

8. How Long Do 8 Seater Electric Golf Cart Batteries Last?

A properly maintained 8-seater electric golf cart battery will last about 4 to 6 years if operated in fleet settings.

However, private 8 seater electric golf cart batteries will present with a lifespan of 6 to 10 years.

More about golf cart battery info, contact XunHu now.

9. Are 8 Seater Electric Golf Carts Better Than Gas?

Overall, 8 seater electric golf carts are better than their gas counterparts.

Here’re the reasons why you should go for electric 8-seater golf carts instead of gas 8 seater golf carts:

  • They won’t produce any emissions- This makes them very environment friendly
  • Electric 8 seater golf carts won’t affect your course as much as their gas-powered counterparts
  • No leaks and noxious smells
  • Recharging the battery of an 8-seater electric golf cart is less expensive than its gas counterpart


10. How Far Will 8 Passenger Golf Cart Go?

Well, depending on the geographical factors of the golf course in which the 8 seater golf cart is meant to operate, a typical 8-seater golf cart bearing a new battery will run for between 102 and 117 minutes operating at a constant speed of 56 amps.

This can be averaged to between 3 rounds (54 holes) and 3.3 rounds (or 60 holes).

11. What Is The Best Electric 8 Seater Golf Cart to Buy?

XunHu 8-seater golf cart is the best in the market.

The automobile has all the standard features needed to drive in golf courses and roads marked 35 miles per second or less.

Its in-built board chargers do not only keep the battery ready to go and a microprocessor that minimizes the chances of overcharging.

Apart from an upgraded motor, the XunHu 8 seater electric golf cart comes with other motor options.

12. 2 Seater, 4 Seater, 6 Seater, And 8 Seater Golf Carts, How to Choose?

Well, the type of golf cart you choose will greatly depend on your needs and preferences.

However, it would be a great idea to buy 2 seater golf cart if you want one that will help you in your personal uses.

On the other hand, a 6-seater or 8-seater golf cart should be the thing to go for if you are fond of driving in the company of a team as you move around the golf course.

Comparatively, you need to settle for a 4 seater golf cart if you only want a mid-sized mode of travel as you navigate the golf course.

13. How to Wholesale 8 Seater Golf Carts from China?

Wholesaling 8 seater golf carts from China shouldn’t be as hard as you think.

In essence, you can navigate this journey with the least amount of torture.

Here’s how to roll around any time you want to wholesale your 8-seater golf carts from China:

  • Find a wholesale supplier from China using these three steps:
  • Navigate through the Chinese wholesale websites looking for one that will suit your needs- be keen to check consumer reviews and establish the pros and cons of each website
  • Take time to visit trade shows and factories dealing in 8-seater golf carts
  • Scrutinize for wholesale companies using directory websites
  • Have a clear record of the prices and supplier locations
  • Do thorough research of the wholesale suppliers in your portfolio – this will give you a great image of the store that will suit your needs.
  • Be keen to wholesale the minimum order quantity
  • Watch out for scammers
  • Only make payment after confirming that the 8-seater golf carts are in the condition you ordered


14. What Are The Rules And Regulations Of Operating An 8 Seater Golf Cart?

Well, here’s the set of rules and regulations governing the operation of golf carts:

  • Golf carts should be operated within four miles of the address on the registration certificate
  • People operating the 8-seater golf cart should have a valid driving license
  • There must be proof of liability insurance for the 8-seater golf cart
  • 8-seater golf carts should only be operated in daytime hours
  • The number of occupants in the 8-seater golf cart should be limited to 8
  • The driver of the 8-seater golf cart should use hand signals when turning or stopping unless the golf cart is equipped with turn signals.
  • 8-seater golf carts are subject to all traffic rules and parking laws


15. How About the 8 Seater Golf Carts’ Hill-Climbing Ability?

Yes, you can ride your 8 seater golf cart up a hill.

In particular, a new 8-seater golf cart, whether gas or electric can be very effective in initiating your hill-climbing ventures.

However, it would be a great idea to go for a gas 8-seater golf cart model if you want something that will serve you in your hill-climbing operations even when it gets old.

If your 8-seater golf cart isn’t able to climb hills, then you need to check out for the following pointers and work on them in a way that will make them effective:

  • The 8-seater golf cart could be very old
  • The tires mounted on the 8-seater golf cart are too small- you’ll only need to get yourself a set of bigger tires and the problem will be solved without having to go through struggles
  • There’re tendencies that the battery charge of your 8-seater golf cart is losing voltage
  • It could be an indication that your motor needs a few sessions to initiate the necessary resets
  • While your voltage could be operating at the optimal, there are tendencies that the amps of your 8-seater golf cart aren’t doing the best job to operate at the maximum desired rate.


16. Can I Modify My 8 Seater Golf Carts to Utility Carts?

Yes, you can modify your 8-seater golf carts to utility carts.

In essence, your 8-seater golf cart shouldn’t just be left lying at the golf course.

It should be in a position to give you service even in areas outside the golf course- from your hunting trips and short market visits to the local race track and communities, your 8-seater golf cart can play the role of an alternative vehicle.

The fact that your 8-seater golf cart will present you with greater versatility compared to other types of low-speed motor vehicles reveals why they can be effectively modified into off-road utility cars.

You will only need to have a proper design in mind and ensure that you get the right expert to get the job done

However, you need to ensure that the modifications you make do not interfere with the recommended guidelines.

It would be a great idea to liaise with your local authorities or the agency that governs such automobiles to check if there are regulations limiting the modifications.

17. Is There A Warranty for 8 Seater Golf Carts?

Warranties for 8 seater golf carts
Warranties for 8 seater golf carts

Yes, most of the companies will grant a warranty for the set of 8-seater golf carts they will supply to you.

In most cases, the manufacturer will grant you a warranty ranging between 5 and 10 years.

However, you must be very careful to study the 8-seater golf cart you desire to purchase and ensure that its value will still persist within the warranty period of five years.

18. What Are The Daily Checklist for 8 Seater Golf Cart?

Well, here’s the daily checklist you must adhere to when dealing with your 8-seater golf cart:

  • Charging the battery
  • Checking the battery water levels
  • Cleaning the batteries
  • Checking the tire pressure
  • Ensure that the brakes are in a good working state
  • Check the steering wheel
  • Light and mirror inspections
  • Review the lubrication schedule


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