8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SW-8D

Passenger: 8 person electric shuttle  bus
Battery: 6V*200AH8pcs
Motor: AC48V5KW
Controller: AC48V/5KW controller
Charger:  On-board charger 48V25A
Max. Speed: 30km/h
Braking: Front hydraulic braking, rear drum brake, and parking brake
Max. traveling Range: 80km
Overall Dimension : 3950×1510×2050mm

8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SW-8D Features

  • XUNHU 8 seater electric shuttle bus for sale SW-8D is designed for extreme productivity. The robust carbon steel chassis allows for consistent performance under different loading conditions;
  • The hydraulic dual-line braking mechanism coupled with independent suspension offers better handling and safe maneuvering across slopes and rocky terrains;
  • These 8 passenger electric shuttle vehicles feature a one-piece automotive laminated glass windshield that offers a glare-free sight of what’s ahead;
  • With maintenance-free batteries and a high-powered AC motor, you get outstanding delivery of torque and consistent acceleration even on slopes with fully loaded conditions;
  • The tires of these electric shuttles for sale are durable and long-lasting. The unique tread design allows for an efficient road grip and optimum traction.
General Specification:
Passenger capacity 8 seats electric shuttle  bus
Battery 6V200AH*8 maintenance-free battery
Controller AC48V/5KW controller
Motor AC48V5KW
Charger On-board charger 48V/25A
Suspension McPherson independent Front suspension,
Vertical leaf spring Rear suspension, The
the rear suspension is a multi-leaf leaf spring,
cylinder type hydraulic shock absorber
Brake system Hydraulic dual-line brake, front, and rear drum wheel brake, and parking brake are mechanical
Steering system Self-Compensating” Rack & Pinion” Steering
Chassis High-strength carbon steel welded steel frame and sheet metal stamping
Over Dimension(L*W*H) 3950×1510×2050mm
Max. speed 30km/h
Load Range 80km
Brake range 5m
Minimum Turning radius 5.5m
Max climbing ability 20%
Tires 165/70R13
Container Loading Qty 2pcs/20FT 4pcs/40FT
Standard Configuration:
Dashboard White fiber glass, battery capacity indicator, turning and speed indicator, forward/reverse switch,ignition key
LED lights High / low beam, turn lights, reversing lights, running lights, brake lights, safety warning lights, reversing buzzer
Body High-strength carbon steel welded steel frame and sheet metal stamping forming
Windshield One-piece Automotive laminated glass windshield
Reversing alarm With
Rear-axle Integrated
Wheel Tread Front 1340mm
Ground Clearance 105mm
Roof Aluminum alloy frame + ABS sheet
Gross weight 1030kg
Carrying capacity 900kg
Wheel Tread Rear 1310mm
Wheelbase 1930mm
  • 8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus (5)
  • 8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus (4)
  • 8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus (3)
  • 8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus (2)
  • 8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus (1)

Why Buy 8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SW-8D from XunHu?

  • 11+ Years of Electric Shuttle Vehicles Manufacturing Experience

XUNHU has been revolutionizing the electric shuttle vehicle industry for more than 11 years now. For more than a decade, XUNHU has been offering top-notch quality by abiding by certified and internationally recognized manufacturing standards

  • Brand Batteries & AC Motors, Safe & Durable Chassis

You can have peace of mind knowing that the parts like batteries, motors, motor controllers, etc., are procured from certified local and international manufacturers. The chassis is a high-strength carbon steel welded frame for lasting performance

  • Wide Variety Of Styles, Support Customize

XUNHU offers dozens of designs for electric shuttle vehicles. If you have specific requirements for features like power, size, or seating capacity, XUNHU can follow while maintaining the best quality across the board

Full Support on Your 8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SW-8D Wholesale Business

XUNHU is the electric shuttle bus manufacturer that you can trust with your money and time. Making the best use of centralized production and vertically integrated assembly lines, XUNHU can cater to the needs for quick and efficient production, even for variations and different colors.

You can expect full support from XUNHU for your wholesale business in terms of easy payments, quick production, consistent quality, secure delivery, and long-term support for spare parts and accessories. XUNHU also covers your electric shuttle buses for damages by XUNHU’s 1-year warranty policy

8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SW-8D 1 Year Warranty
XUNHU offers a 1-year warranty for the chassis so you can ride your electric shuttle vehicle with an assurance of full support in case of damage to the chassis.
8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SW-8D Prices
Unmatched quality at the best wholesale price is what XUNHU is known for. Benefit from big discounts and quality aftersales when buying in bulk from XUNHU.
8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SW-8D Delivery
XUNHU has more than a decade of experience in secure and swift shipping of bulky vehicles across the globe. The efficient delivery network ensures that you get your order on time.
8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SW-8D Online Support
XUNHU ensures that you always get the support you need. XUNHU's online support team is available to entertain your concerns and answer your queries 24/7.

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8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SW-8D

From elegantly crafted fiberglass body to outstanding road performance, XUNHU 8 seater electric shuttle bus SW-8D provides safety, comfort, and extreme reliability.

Equipped with robust quality features like heavy-duty suspension, reliable braking mechanism, self-compensating intelligent steering system, and efficient drivetrain allow for extreme torque, acceleration, and handling.

The highly customizable design of the XUNHU 8 seater small electric shuttle bus accounts for ultimate versatility when it comes to different requirements and uses.

Equipped with an energy-efficient and smart motor controller, your vehicle efficiently manages power drawn from the motor, offering you substantial hill-climbing power while ensuring maximum range.

This passenger shuttle bus variant can be used as a sightseeing vehicle, airport shuttle, security patrolling car vehicle, neighborhood shuttle cart, utility vehicle, and more. Apart from a significantly strong steel chassis, XUNHU offers dozens of compatible accessories for endless modification options at the best electric shuttle for sale prices.