8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SD-8

Passenger: 8 person
Dimension: 3900*1500*2050
Battery: Maintenance-free Lead-acid batteries/Lithium batteries
Motor: AC Motor 48-72V
Controller: AC 48V5KW Enpower Controller
Suspension: Macpherson strut suspension
Steering: Rack&Pinion steering
Brake System: Four wheels hydraulic braking system
Range: 80-100km (loaded)

8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SD-8 Features

Seating Capacity: 4, 8, and 11-seater electric sightseeing car and electric shuttle bus configurations are available for various group sizes.

Battery Options: Choice between maintenance-free lead-acid batteries or advanced lithium batteries for extended range and durability.

Roof Options: Open-roof or enclosed roof options for different weather conditions.

Entertainment System: Optional audio systems, including speakers and microphones, for guided tours or music.

Body Fiber  glass  body
Roof Steel  frame  +  fiber  glass  cover
Windshield One-piece  see-through  laminated  windshield   with  wiper
lights  system front  lights,  tail  lights,  turing  lights,  brake  lights,  fog  lights
mirrors side  mirrors,  inner  mirror
Dashboard speedometer  combined  with   battery  capacity  indicator,  hours  meter,  current  meter,

voltage  meter,  range  meter

Trojan  battery,AC  electric  system  48V/72V,Rear  seat,Full  enclosure  weather  curtains,Sunshade  Curtain,Seat  belts,Loud  speaker,CD  player,Solar  panel  on  top,Aluminum  rim  wheels,Front  disc  brakes,  rear  wheel  drum  brakes,Right  hand  steering
Any  colors  can  be  customized  per  customers
  • XUNHU Electric Shuttle Bus factory
  • XUNHU Electric Shuttle Bus factory
  • XUNHU Electric Shuttle Bus factory
  • XUNHU Electric Shuttle Bus factory

8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SD-8 Quality Control

Skilled Workforce: A highly trained and skilled workforce, including engineers, technicians, and assembly line workers, capable of handling complex tasks and ensuring precision in manufacturing processes.

Quality Control: Implementation of stringent quality control protocols at every stage of production to guarantee that each unit electric shuttle bus meets or exceeds industry standards and customer expectations.

Testing Facilities: State-of-the-art testing facilities for conducting rigorous quality checks, performance evaluations, and safety tests on manufactured electric shuttle vehicles.

Full Support on Your 8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SD-8

You can Customize Your Sightseeing Cars Color, Size, Capacity, and Style with XunHu. And Get Full Support on Your 8 Seater Sightseeing Cars.

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8 Seater Electric Shuttle Bus SD-8