8 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car GL-8

Passenger: 8 person
Dimension: 4130*1570*1960
Battery: 8V*6 48V
Power: 5KW
Max Speed: 28km/h
Total Weight: 880kg
Charging time: 8-10h
Painting: Automotive Paint
Range: 80-100km

8 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Features

  • Super High Strength Hot Galvanized Steel, Latest Medial Player, Best Quality Automotive Paint
  • Molded Seats With Padding Material, Large Windshield And Long Wiper For Efficient Cleaning
  • High Illuminating Headlights, Loud Horn, And Loud Reversing Buzzer For Pedestrian Safety
  • Heavy-Duty Vacuum Tires, Alloy Tires With Polished Hub For Sleek Look

XunHu 8 seater classic sightseeing cars are made to perfection. Having flexible chassis, there is an easy time converting these cars into utility and other vehicle types.

Fitter with super quiet 5kW motors, they have great pulling and weight capacity. Therefore, even when in use at busy places, they are reliable.

Unlike other vehicles, these 8 seater classic sightseeing cars weigh 880kg unless you opt for additional features. Such less weight increases efficiency and enables increased range.

The manufacturing of 8 seater sightseeing cars allows them to be flexible. Whether it’s paint color or performance, there is a range of choices. Additionally, customization options let you decide the look of your electric sightseeing vehicle.

Classic Sightseeing Car Colors

Classic Sightseeing Cars Applications

Classic Sightseeing Cars Configuration

Xunhu supplies you with different passenger carrier solutions and depending on your specific needs.
Xunhu has 4 to 23 seater Electric Sightseeing Bus and Electric Tourist Car for you to choose from.

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  • Xunhu 8 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control
  • Xunhu 8 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control (2)
  • Xunhu 8 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control (1)
  • 8 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control

Xunhu 8 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control

  • Materials

Different Materials Are Used In Making 8 Seater Classic Cars; Most Common Are Steel For Chassis And Fiberglass For Floor And Body Panels.

  • Manufacturing

Manufacturing Process Meets Global Standards, Automated Production Lines, And Experts Leads To The Best Produced 8 Seater Classic Sightseeing Cars

  • Test

Before Approval By Quality Control, XunHu Test Sightseeing Cars In A Modern Facility; Wit Bumps And Speed Track, Every Aspect Is Tested.

Full Support on Your 8 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car

Once you order 8 seater classic retro sightseeing cars, there is prompt access to support. The expert assistance ensures you get valuable tips about your sightseeing cars.

Besides, you can request professional support for your sightseeing cars business. The presence of different experts at XunHu ensures all your issues get an ideal and prompt solution.

Sightseeing Car 1 Year Warranty
8 Seater Classic Sightseeing Cars Come With Guaranteed 1 Year Warranty; Besides, Free Fast Wearing Parts Ensures You Have Quick Fix To Breakdowns.
Sightseeing Car Optional Configuration
There Are Tons Of Optional Configurations For Your Classic Sightseeing Cars; You Can Have Personalized Sightseeing Cars For Your Passengers.
Sightseeing Car Maintenance
Maintenance Of XunHu Classic Sightseeing Cars Is Convenient; You Can Easily Fix Different Problems Since They Come With Multilingual Manuals.
Sightseeing Car Online Support
Your Locations Doesn’t Matter; XunHu Has Elaborate Mechanism Of Online Support, A Team Of Experts Works Round The Clock To Solve Your Problems.

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You can have 4 seater sightseeing cars to 14 seater classic sightseeing cars. Also, there are resort carts, airport golf carts, and electric sightseeing cars for sale.

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Enclosed Sightseeing Car for Sale
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When you are buying classic sightseeing cars from China, think of XunHu as the best option. It has been producing such equipment since 2011.

8 seater classic sightseeing cars made by XunHu has a reputation all over the world. This is possible due to the efficient supply chain and certification of the products.

The use of high precision manufacturing process allows your sightseeing cars to be among the best. From the cutting of parts to painting, there is ultimate precision.

XunHu delivers classic sightseeing cars for sale all over the globe. It has recorded sales to 160+ countries with thousands of happy customers.

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