6 Seater Open-Topped Sightseeing Car

Passenger: 6 person
Dimension: 4130*1570*1960
Battery: 8V*6 48V
Power: 5KW
Max Speed: 28km/h
Total Weight: 880kg
Charging time: 8-10h
Painting: Automotive Paint
Range: 80-100km

6 Seater Open-Topped Sightseeing Car Features

  • Wide Application, Easy To Modify Steel Chassis To Utility Vehicle, Massive Weight Carrying Capacity To Accommodate Up To 6 People.
  • CE Whole Part And Construction Approved, High-Quality Raw Materials, Professional Workmanship And Through Testing To Guarantee Reliability When Working.
  • Variety Of Optional Accessories For 6 Seater Open-Topped Sightseeing Cars, Customizable Features And Bulk Wholesale Prices For Affordable Purchase.
  • Safe Parking Brakes, Four Wheels Hydraulic Brakes For Efficient Stoppage; Fully Automatic Charger With Fast Charging Capacity To Reduce Overall Time.

6 seater open-topped sightseeing cars are revolutionary and appealing to many. They are ideal for multiple uses due to their open-top design.

Apart from the multiple applications, the open-topped sightseeing care comes in over 50 designs. You can choose the best design, color, and style that give your mind relaxation.

With some open-topped sightseeing cars having different classic designs, you have a variety of options.

The 6 seater open-topped sightseeing cars weigh 880kg which is superb for maintaining efficiency. Also, the range is impressive at 80-100km on a single charge.

Optimizing Curtis controller ensures right charge distribution hence extended battery life.

6 Seater Sightseeing Car Colors

6 Seater Sightseeing Car Applications

6 Seater Open-Topped Sightseeing Car Details

Xunhu supplies you with different passenger carrier solutions and depending on your specific needs.
Xunhu 4 to 23 seater electric sightseeing car bus for you to choose from.

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Xunhu 6 Seater Open-Topped Sightseeing Car Quality Control

  • Material

XunHu Materials For Manufacturing Sightseeing Open-Topped Are Carefully Selected; Your Sightseeing Car Last For Long Without Structure And Paint Deteriorating.

  • Manufacturing

XunHu Manufacturing Facility Has Various Production Lines; Professionals Assembling Makes Sure Your 6 Seater Open-Topped Have International Standards.

  • Certificates

XunHu Is Certified And Manufactures 6 Seater Open-Toppd Sightseeing Cars Complying To CE Certification; ISO Certifications Also Ensures Quality Of Your Car.

Full Support on Your 6 Seater Open-Topped Sightseeing Car

XunHu manufactures quality electric open-topped sightseeing cars. Besides this, you enjoy access to support for the rest of your equipment lifetime.

The services are superb and during and after purchase. The warranty ensures your car gets repairs and free spare parts during this period.

Free consumable parts ship together with your sightseeing cars.

Sightseeing Car 1 Year Warranty
XunHu 1 Year Extended Warranty Offers You Peace Of Mind; Your 6 Seater Top-Opened Sightseeing Car Is Covered Against Breakdown For A Full Year.
Sightseeing Car Optional Configuration
6 Seater Open-Topped Are Easy To Customize Configuration; You Can Request For Additional Optional Accessories Or Designs, Color Is Also Request Custom Color.
Sightseeing Car Maintenance
XunHu 6 Seater Open –Topped Sightseeing Cars Are Simple To Maintain; XunHu Offers A Brochure On Necessary Maintenance Processes.
Sightseeing Car Online Support
You Can Access Online Support From XunHu Vial Online Platforms; You Can Use Whatsapp, E-Mail, Facebook, And Twitter To Request Support Or Inquiry.

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Xunhu is Your Best 6 Seater Open-Topped Sightseeing Car Manufacturer in China

XunHu is among the best companies that deal with different equipment, making the best 6 seater open-topped sightseeing car.

The sightseeing cars have powerful electric motors that ensure smooth traveling. You can drive 6 seater electric open-topped anywhere without encountering problems.

Getting your sightseeing car from XunHu gives you a lot of benefits. Free parts, prompt customer services, and available spare parts improved your convenience.

Delivery of electric sightseeing vehicles is worldwide and is quick within 15 days. The safe shipment ensures there is no damage to your electric 6 seater.

A huge facility with necessary equipment gives XunHu the ability to deliver your sightseeing cars on time.