6 Seater Golf Cart GW-6

Passenger: 6 person golf carts
Battery: Maintenance-free golf cart battery, 8V150AH*6
Motor: KDS AC motor (5KW)
Controller: 48V(FJ controller / Enpower  controller)
Charger: On-board 48V/25A
Max. Speed: 25km/h
Braking: Hydraulic brake/mechanical park
Max. traveling Range: 80km
Overall Dimension : 3850*1200*1850mm

6 Seater Golf Cart GW-6 Features

  • XUNHU 6 seater golf cart for sale GW-6 incorporates a smart and reliable braking system that allows for safe driving across different terrains
  • This 6 seater electric golf cart for sale features a maintenance-free battery that offers 80km of range and charges up quickly
  • XUNHU 6 passenger electric golf cart for sale offers remarkable loading capacity,  is affordable to buy, operate, and maintain
  • Equipped with an independent suspension system and self-compensating steering mechanism. XUNHU electric golf carts 6 passenger variants ensure optimum traction and stability on the roads
  • XUNHU 6 seater golf cart GW-6 is available in a wide range of colors, optional features, and hundreds of compatible accessories
General Specification:
Passenger capacity 6 passenger golf cart
Battery Chilwee Battery,8V150AH*6
Controller 48V(FJ controller / Enpower  controller)
Motor KDS AC motor (5KW)
Charger On-board 48V/25A
Suspension Front Independent suspension
Suspension Rear Integral rear bridge, single leaf spring + cylinder hydraulic damping
Brake system Hydraulic brake/mechanical park
Steering system Self Compensating” Rack & Pinion” Steering
Over Dimension(L*W*H) 3850*1200*1850mm
Max. speed 25km/h
Load Range 80km
Brake range 6m
Minimum Turning radius 5.2m
Max climbing ability 15%
Tires 205/50-10(Tire diameter 460mm)
Container Loading Qty 8pcs/20FT 18pcs/40FT
Standard configuration
Dashboard Injection Molding Instrument, Liquid Crystal Combination Instrument, Lock Switch, Single Arm Combination Switch, Gear Switch, Cup Seat, 12V Power Supply
Lighting and signals LED headlamp : ( near light, far light, steering light, clearance lamps )
LED tail lamp : ( brake light, position light, steering light ) ,snail horn, reversing buzzer
Body Injection Molding of PP for Automobile
Rearview mirror Manually adjustable, foldable rearview mirrors left and right
Windshield Acrylic plexiglass
Seat Seats of ergonomics,leather material
Floor Formed anti-skid floor leather
Minimum Ground clearance 120mm
Wheel Tread Front 880mm
Seat belt Two-point winding seat belt
Roof PP plastic
Gross weight with battery 610kg
Carrying capacity 540kg
Wheel base 3170mm
Wheel Tread Rear 990mm

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Why Buy 6 Seater Golf Cart GW-6 from XunHu?

  • Golf Cart Parts & Accessories

XUNHU offers a wide range of golf cart parts and optional accessories to choose from. The parts are original and compatible. You can buy fast chargers, weather enclosures, enhanced lights, 3-point seatbelts, better tires, and more at affordable prices.

  • Golf Cart Manufacturing Capacity

XUNHU makes use of the best manufacturing practices and the latest machining equipment. More than 200 skilled workers benefit from computer-aided machines to put forward the best build quality, even for bulk orders.

  • Golf Cart Warranty

For 1 year from the date of purchase, your golf cart is under warranty. You are entitled to get free repairs for the damaged chassis. For spare parts, all you need to pay for is the shipping.

Full Support on Your 6 Seater Golf Cart GW-6 Business

XUNHU is the one-stop shop for all your golf cart business needs. Whether you want to buy in retail or wholesale, XUNHU offers reliable services and assistance throughout the purchase process. Not only the golf carts, but business owners can also buy compatible accessories and spare parts as well.

The buying process is simple and straightforward. When buying golf carts in bulk, XUNHU offers discounts on the purchase price as well as the shipping. Moreover, you can benefit from a remote inspection of your order via a video link if you want. XUNHU can take care of the loading process as well. XUNHU’s competent online support team is always at your service. You can track your orders, and use multiple payment methods as well.

6 Seater Golf Cart GW-6 Warranty
XUNHU Offers a 1-year warranty for the golf cart chassis and the electrical parts. You don't have to go through hectic paperwork to claim the warranty
6 Seater Golf Cart GW-6 Prices
XUNHU is known for offering the best prices for golf carts in the industry without compromising the quality of your vehicle.
6 Seater Golf Cart GW-6 Delivery
With more than a decade of experience in manufacturing and shipping, XUNHU ensure that our order is delivered swiftly and securely
6 Seater Golf Cart GW-6 Online Support
Get in touch with XUNHU 24/7 without hassle. XUNHU's online support team is always at your service to answer your queries in the best manner possible

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You can choose from the available designs or ask for a customized one. XUNHU’s expert design team can assess the feasibility of your request and entertain your request in no time. All XUNHU electric golf vehicles are tested for quality and reliability by expert engineers before they are dispatched to the customers.

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6 Seater Golf Cart GW-6

XUNHU 6 seater golf cart GW-6 is designed to offer sheer performance and safety.

This engineering masterpiece incorporates immense power, utmost comfort, better traction, and lasting quality.

Not only does XunHu 6 seater golf cart offer superior build quality, but also is affordable to purchase, operate, and maintain.

The uses are endless. XUNHU 6 seater golf cart GW-6 can be customized to suit a variety of tasks.

The body is composed of industrial-grade PP plastic that is strong yet lightweight.

The coating of eco-friendly and weather-resistant paint ensures that your golf cart is going to last for years.

You can be sure of the ISO-certified quality that XUNHU offers as the assembled golf carts are put through a series of different tests to examine their structural stability, safety, reliability, and performance. Only those golf cart buggies dispatched that pass the tests.