6 Seater Golf Cart GMD-H6

Passenger: 6 Seater Electric Golf Cart for Hunting
Dimension: 3705*1245*2050
Battery: 8V*6pcs Free Maintenance Battery/Lithium Batteries
Motor: AC 48V 5KW
Controller: 48V 400A
Tire: 18*8.50-8,4Ply
Charger: 48V/18A
Brake Distance : 6.5m
Range: 80-100km

6 Seater Golf Cart GMD-H6 Features

  • Spacious seating for six passengers.
  • Powerful electric motor for efficient performance.
  • Sturdy and durable construction for longevity.
  • Quiet and smooth operation for a pleasant ride.
  • Suitable for various applications, including golfing and other recreational purposes.
Passenger capacity 6 passenger golf carts
Battery 8V/165AH*6 Free maintenance battery
Controller AC 48V5KW FJ controller
Motor AC 5KW Motor
Charger WHTL Charger
Suspension Double swing arm independent suspension, longitudinal leaf springs
Brake system Rear wheel Mechanical drum brajke &Mechanical parking
Steering system Self Compensating” Rack & Pinion” Steering
Over Dimension(L*W*H) 3705*1245*2050
Max. speed 30km/h
Load Range 80-100KM
Brake range 6.5m
Minimum Turning radius 5m
Max climbing ability 30%
Tires AT22*10-10
Container Loading Qty 4pcs/20FT 10pcs/40FT
  • 6 Seater Golf Cart GMD-H6 Quality Control
  • 6 Seater Golf Cart GMD-H6 Quality Control
  • 6 Seater Golf Cart GMD-H6 Quality Control
  • 6 Seater Golf Cart GMD-H6 Quality Control

XUNHU 6 Seater Golf Cart GMD-H6 Quality Control

  • Structural and fatigue tests to ensure durability.
  • Mechanized track testing for shocks and vibrations.
  • Endurance testing on test tracks for reliability.
  • Environmental testing to simulate various weather conditions.
  • Supplier visits to ensure high-quality parts.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) to monitor manufacturing processes.

Full Support on Your 6 Seater Golf Cart GMD-H6

XUNHU provides full support for your 6 Seater Golf Cart GMD-H6, including comprehensive maintenance, service, and assistance to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

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6 Seater Golf Cart GMD-H6 FAQs

Q: Is the GMD-H6 specifically designed for hunting purposes?
A: Yes, the GMD-H6 is a hunting golf cart, designed to cater to the needs of hunting enthusiasts.

Q: What makes the GMD-H6 suitable for hunting activities?
A: The GMD-H6 is equipped with features like a quiet electric motor, sturdy construction, and ample seating capacity for hunting gear and companions.

Q: Can the GMD-H6 navigate rough terrains commonly found in hunting areas?
A: Yes, the GMD-H6’s robust suspension and off-road tires allow it to handle various terrains encountered during hunting trips.

Q: Is the GMD-H6 equipped with camouflage patterns for hunting purposes?
A: Yes, XUNHU offers camouflage patterns as an optional feature for the GMD-H6 to blend seamlessly with the hunting environment.

Q: How does the GMD-H6 contribute to a successful hunting experience?
A: The GMD-H6 provides a silent and eco-friendly ride, ensuring hunters can approach their targets quietly and without disturbing wildlife.

Q: Can the GMD-H6 carry hunting equipment and game trophies?
A: Yes, the GMD-H6 can be fitted with cargo boxes and racks to accommodate hunting equipment and transport game trophies safely.

Q: Is the GMD-H6 available in different power options, such as electric or gas?
A: The GMD-H6 is primarily an electric golf cart, known for its quiet operation and environmentally-friendly features.

Q: Does XUNHU offer customization options for the GMD-H6 to suit individual hunting needs?
A: Yes, XUNHU provides customization options to tailor the GMD-H6 for specific hunting requirements and preferences.

Q: Can the GMD-H6 comfortably seat six hunters with their hunting gear?
A: Yes, the GMD-H6’s spacious six-seater capacity allows hunters to travel comfortably with their gear and hunting companions.

Q: What safety features does the GMD-H6 offer for hunting in rugged terrain?
A: The GMD-H6 comes equipped with safety features such as headlights, seat belts, and a sturdy frame to ensure a safe hunting experience in challenging terrains.