6 Seater Golf Cart GM-6 with Cargo Box

Passenger: 6 Seater Electric Golf Cart
Dimension: 3820*1200*1900mm
Battery: 8V*6pcs Free Maintenance Battery/Lithium Batteries
Motor: AC 48V 5KW
Controller: 48V 400A
Tire: 18*8.50-8,4Ply
Charger: 48V/18A
Brake Distance : 4.5 m
Range: 80-100km

6 Seater Golf Cart GM-6 with Cargo Box Features

  • Spacious 6-seater capacity for passengers.
  • Durable cargo box for carrying equipment and belongings.
  • Comfortable seating with plush cushions.
  • Weather-resistant design with rain covers available.
  • The regenerative braking system for energy conservation.
  • Optional lithium battery for longer range and faster charging.
  • Smooth and quiet operation for a pleasant driving experience.
Passenger capacity 6-passenger golf cart
Battery 8V/165AH*6 Free maintenance battery
Controller AC 48V5KW Enpower controller
Motor AC48V5KW
Charger WHTL Charger
Suspension Leaf Spring With Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
Brake system Rear wheel Mechanical drum brajke &Mechanical parking
Steering system Self Compensating” Rack & Pinion” Steering
Over Dimension(L*W*H) 3820*1200*1900mm
Max. speed 24km/h
Load Range 80km
Brake range 5m
Minimum Turning radius 6m
Max climbing ability 30%
Tires 18.8*.50-8,4Ply
Container Loading Qty 4pcs/20FT 10pcs/40FT
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XUNHU 6 Seater Golf Cart GM-6 with Cargo Box Quality Control

XUNHU ensures the highest quality for the GM-6 6 Seater Golf Cart with Cargo Box through rigorous testing and inspection during manufacturing and assembly.

Full Support on Your 6 Seater Golf Cart GM-6 with Cargo Box

We offer full support for the GM-6 6 Seater Golf Cart with Cargo Box, providing exceptional customer service and assistance throughout your ownership experience.

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6 Seater Golf Cart GM-6 with Cargo Box FAQs

Q: What type of battery does the GM-6 Golf Cart use?
A: The GM-6 Golf Cart uses maintenance-free batteries, either lead-acid or lithium, for reliable and efficient power.

Q: Is the GM-6 suitable for off-road use?
A: While the GM-6 Golf Cart is designed for golf courses, it can handle light off-road conditions with its sturdy construction.

Q: How many passengers can the GM-6 Golf Cart carry?
A: The GM-6 is a 6-seater golf cart, accommodating six passengers comfortably.

Q: Does the GM-6 come with a warranty?
A: Yes, the GM-6 Golf Cart is backed by a warranty to ensure peace of mind and satisfaction with your purchase.

Q: Can I customize the GM-6 Golf Cart with additional accessories?
A: Yes, XUNHU offers various accessories to personalize your GM-6, including weather enclosures, ball and cup holders, and more.