4 Seater Golf Cart GM-4F

Passenger: 4 Seater Golf Cart
Dimension: 3400 * 1220 * 1850 mm
Battery: 8V*6pcs Maintenance Free Battery/Lithium Batteries
Motor: AC 48V 4KW
Controller: 48V 400A
Tire: 18*8.50-8,4Ply
Charger: Onboard charger
Climb Capacity: 40%
Range: 80-100km

4 Seater Golf Cart GM-4F Features

Efficient Regenerative Braking System: XUNHU golf carts employ regenerative braking technology, converting kinetic energy back into stored energy. This not only enhances battery life but also contributes to energy efficiency and sustainable driving practices.

UV-Resistant Body Panels: The golf carts feature body panels constructed with UV-resistant materials. This ensures that the vibrant colors and aesthetics of the cart are preserved, even under prolonged exposure to sunlight, maintaining a polished appearance over time.

4 Seater Golf Cart details

  • 4 Seater Golf Cart GM-4F
  • 4 Seater Golf Cart GM-4F
  • 4 Seater Golf Cart GM-4F
  • 4 Seater Golf Cart GM-4F
  • Golf Cart QC
  • Golf Cart QC

XUNHU 4 Seater Golf Cart GM-4F Quality Control

XUNHU meticulously curates quality in their avant-garde 4 Seater Golf Cart GM-4F through cutting-edge quality control methodologies.

Every cart undergoes rigorous scrutiny, ensuring unwavering durability, unparalleled safety, and peak performance.

Components are examined with precision, and manufacturing procedures adhere to the most stringent benchmarks, guaranteeing a futuristic, high-performance golf cart experience.

This epitomizes XUNHU’s commitment to revolutionizing golf cart technology.

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4 Seater Golf Cart GM-4F