4 Seater Golf Cart GM-2G+2

Passenger: 4 Seater Electric Golf Cart
Dimension: 2800 * 1220 * 1850 mm
Battery: 8V*6pcs Maintenance Free Battery/Lithium Batteries
Motor: AC 48V 4KW
Controller: 48V 400A
Tire: 18*8.50-8,4Ply
Charger: Onboard charger
Climb Capacity: 40%
Range: 80-100km

4 Seater Golf Cart GM-2G+2 Features

All-Terrain Capabilities: XUNHU golf carts are engineered to handle diverse terrains, including rough trails and uneven surfaces. The robust suspension system, reinforced tires, and high ground clearance provide superior off-road capabilities, making them suitable for various recreational and commercial applications.

User-Friendly Charging Stations: XUNHU golf carts are compatible with user-friendly charging stations. The charging process is streamlined, ensuring convenience for both operators and passengers. Fast-charging capabilities minimize downtime, allowing for continuous use in various settings.

4 Seater Golf Cart GM-2G+2

  • 2 Seater Golf Cart GM-2G
  • 4 seater golf cart GM-2G+2

XUNHU 4 Seater Golf Cart GM-2G+2 Quality Control

XUNHU upholds exceptional quality in their 4 Seater Golf Cart GM-2G+2 through stringent quality control protocols.

Each cart undergoes thorough testing, guaranteeing durability, safety, and optimal performance.

Components are meticulously inspected, and production processes adhere to strict standards.

This commitment ensures customers a dependable, high-performance golf cart, showcasing XUNHU’s unwavering dedication to excellence.

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4 Seater Golf Cart GM-2G+2