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  • Fast bulk production and excellent wholesale prices for golf cart buggies with quality assurance and CE approval.
  • Precision manufacturing to meet international standards by highly experienced staff.
  • Dependable 4-seater golf buggy carts for various applications, available in different configurations and designs.
  • Custom designs are offered at highly affordable rates, with quick delivery within 7-15 days.

Your Best 4 Seater Golf Buggy Manufacturer in China

XUNHU stands out as a premier manufacturer of four-seater golf buggies in China. Our dedicated team of skilled workers meticulously crafts each buggy with top-notch equipment, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Choose from a stunning selection of over 50 unique designs of four-seater golf buggies at XUNHU. With such variety, you are sure to find the perfect cart that suits your individual style and needs.

In addition to the exceptional quality, our golf buggies undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet and exceed market standards. With XUNHU, rest assured that our engineers go the extra mile to guarantee global quality in every buggy.

What’s more, our customization options allow you to create your dream four-seater golf buggy, tailored to your exact specifications. Experience the best in craftsmanship and personalization with XUNHU.

  • Best 4 Seater Golf Buggy Manufacturer in China
  • Best 4 Seater Golf Buggy Manufacturer in China (1)
  • Best 4 Seater Golf Buggy Manufacturer in China (2)
  • 4 Seater Golf Buggy for Sale Cases
  • 4 Seater Golf Buggy for Sale Cases (1)
  • 4 Seater Golf Buggy for Sale Cases (2)

Xunhu 4 Seater Golf Buggy Cases

I’m thrilled to share that XUNHU expertly manufactures and delivers top-quality golf buggies straight to your desired location.

Our meticulously sealed and containerized shipments ensure that your order arrives in perfect condition, no matter where you are.

These popular four-seater golf buggy carts are trusted and utilized in various countries worldwide, including the UK, South Africa, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, India, Uganda, Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and many more!

XUNHU 4 Seater Golf Buggy Manufacturing Capacity

4 Seater Golf Buggy Cutting
Laser Cutting With Presets Designs Ensures Uniformity And High Precision Parts Cutting; There Are No Deformities Or Errors.
4 Seater Golf Buggy Compression Moulding
XUNHU 4 Seater Golf Buggy Compression Molding Machine Makes Super Durable Side Panels; Frp Molding Is Reliable, Lightweight, And Reliable.
4 Seater Golf Buggy Frame
4 Seater Golf Buggy Have Robust Yet Flexible Structures; Galvanized Steel Ensures Reliable Chassis For Massive Weight Support.
4 Seater Golf Buggy Painting
XUNHU Has Ultra-Modern Painting Warehouses; Dirt-Free, Waterproof Painting Booth, Eco-Friendly Paints Meets Global Standards, Paint Is Fade Resistant.
4 Seater Golf Buggy Assembling
Four-Seater Golf Buggy Assembling In Xunhu Meets The Industry Standards; The Production Lines Ensure Consistency In Quality.
4 Seater Golf Buggy Testing
XUNHU Uses The Latest Testing Facilities To Ensure The Safety And Reliability Of 4 Seater Golf Buggies; The Test Track Includes Bumps And Hill Climbs.

Being a professional and reliable electric golf cart buggy manufacturer, XUNHU 4 seater electric golf buggies can be seen running in almost every corner of the world. For more than a decade of experience, XUNHU electric golf carts are known for quality, safety, and affordability.

With unique designs, powerful batteries, efficient motors, and a customizable body, XUNHU 4-seater golf buggies for sale can serve different tasks and requirements efficiently.

You get a golf cart that is built to last for ages, thanks to the premium manufacturing practices and efficient production lines. Being ISO, CE, and GV-certified parts and services, you can be assured of the superior quality you are getting, and that too, at an affordable price.

Choose XUNHU as your four-seater electric golf cart manufacturer and supplier and benefit from huge discounts on bulk purchases; ask for custom packaging options, choose how you want your product to be delivered, and much more.

Golf Carts customized color

XUNHU 4 Seater Golf Buggies for Sale with Competitive Price

Experience the absolute best in four-seater golf buggy carts with a wide array of customization options to perfectly tailor your ride to your preferences. Additionally, our range includes 2+2 golf buggies, providing incredible versatility for various needs.

Whether you’re seeking to accommodate extra passengers or transport additional loads, our 2+2 golf buggies offer the solution with their spacious design.

XUNHU 4-seater electric golf cart buggies for sale are the ultimate choice for golf courses, residential communities, sightseeing spots, and camping trips. Not only are they incredibly versatile, but they also boast functionality, easy maintenance, and affordability.

Packed with advanced technical features such as an intelligent steering system, reliable drum braking system, independent suspension system, and innovative dashboard design, XUNHU delivers exceptional quality at the most competitive price for a four-seater electric buggy.

Unleash your creativity with our highly customizable body, allowing you to bring your dream design to life. Our skilled design team is ready to assist you in achieving the modifications and customizations that best suit your vision. Moreover, an extensive range of accessories and optional features provide the freedom to tailor your four-seater golf cart buggy to any task at hand.

Experience worry-free rides with XUNHU’s deep cycle maintenance-free batteries, offering extended range and quick charging capabilities to minimize downtime. The powerful motor ensures effortless uphill travel for your four-person electric golf cart, while the intelligent braking system guarantees safe and stable descents.


Your Best 4-Seater Golf Buggy Supplier in China

When you want to source four-seater buggy golf carts for sale, XunHu never disappoints you. It’s a leading manufacturer and also supplies two passenger buggy carts.

The many years of experience ensure you get a high-quality golf car buggy. Whether you want a tailored or standard golf buggy, there is fantastic quality and product reliability.

With a decade-long experience, XunHu has mastering of 4 seater golf buggy manufacturing. There is excellent quality assurance since all-electric golf buggies have CE, ISO, and BV certifications.

Besides, skilled staff is experienced in making quality four-seater golf buggy. After-sale services and warranty ensure you can get quick help in case of problems.

Mastering the Selection and Maintenance of 4 Seater Golf Buggies: The Ultimate Guide for Professionals4 Seater Golf Buggy: The Definitive Guide

Industrial Golf Cart GM-4F

As a professional in the field of transportation and logistics, you understand the importance of selecting suitable vehicles for your operation. Whether you manage a bustling airport, a serene resort, or a dynamic industrial facility, the need for reliable, versatile, and well-maintained people movers is paramount. If you’re in the market for four-seater golf buggies that blend performance, customization, and durability, look no further than our latest blog post.

Titled ”Astering the Selection and Maintenance of 4 Seater Golf Buggies: The Ultimate Guide for Professionals,” this guide is your go-to resource for making informed decisions. We’ve covered a wide array of topics, from the latest technological advancements in electric golf buggies to the intricacies of choosing the perfect model to suit your specific needs.

Discover the advantages of XunHu’s4-seater golf buggies, from their intelligent steering systems and reliable braking to their independent suspension and innovative dashboard designs. Learn how to customize your golf buggy to carry out various tasks and understand the technical features that set XunHu apart from the competition.

Our blog also delves into the essential aspects of maintenance and battery care, ensuring that your investment remains in prime condition. With insights on warranty terms and the benefits of choosing XunHu as your supplier, this guide is a must-read for any executive or procurement officer seeking to enhance their fleet with high-quality electric golf buggies.

Don’t let the complexities of selecting and maintaining golf buggies overwhelm you. Gain the edge with XXunHu’sexpert guidance and make your transportation operations more efficient, safer, and more environmentally friendly. Read our comprehensive guide today and take the first step towards transforming your facility’smobility solutions.



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