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4 Seater Golf Buggy

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  • High Precision Manufacturing To Meet International Standards, Highly Experienced Staff
  • Reliable 4 Seater Golf Buggy Carts For Multiple Applications, Different Configurations, And Designs
  • Custom Designs Available, Highly Affordable, Quick Delivery Within 7-15 Days

Your Best 4 Seater Golf Buggy Manufacturer in China

XunHu is one of the best 4 seater golf buggy manufacturers in China. The dedicated team of workers has perfection in making the equipment.

There are over 50 designs of 4 seater golf buggies for grab at XunHu. Therefore, you have a chance to get unique-looking carts.

Apart from the quality, the golf buggies undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet market quality. XunHu engineers work the extra mile to guarantee global quality golf buggies.

Apart from the best manufacturing facilities, XunHu also allows you to customize your four-seater golf buggy. This ensures you have the best 4 seater golf buggy of your desire.

  • Best 4 Seater Golf Buggy Manufacturer in China
  • Best 4 Seater Golf Buggy Manufacturer in China (1)
  • Best 4 Seater Golf Buggy Manufacturer in China (2)
  • 4 Seater Golf Buggy for Sale Cases
  • 4 Seater Golf Buggy for Sale Cases (1)
  • 4 Seater Golf Buggy for Sale Cases (2)

Xunhu 4 Seater Golf Buggy for Sale Cases

XunHu produces and ships your golf buggies to your destination. Regardless of your location, the carts come sealed and in containers.

4 seater golf buggy carts are in use in different countries. You can find them in UK, South Africa, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, India, Uganda, Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and other locations.

Xunhu 4 Seater Golf Buggy Manufacturing Capacity

4 Seater Golf Buggy Cutting
Laser Cutting With Presets Designs Ensures Uniformity And High Precision Parts Cutting; There Are No Deformities Or Errors.
4 Seater Golf Buggy Compression Moulding
Xunhu 4 Seater Golf Buggy Compression Molding Machine Makes Super Durable Side Panels; Frp Molding Is Reliable, Lightweight, And Reliable.
4 Seater Golf Buggy Frame
4 Seater Golf Buggy Have Robust Yet Flexible Structures; Galvanized Steel Ensures Reliable Chassis For Massive Weight Support.
4 Seater Golf Buggy Painting
Xunhu Has Ultra-Modern Painting Warehouses; Dirt-Free, Waterproof Painting Booth, Eco-Friendly Paints Meets Global Standards, Paint Is Fade Resistant.
4 Seater Golf Buggy Assembling
Four-Seater Golf Buggy Assembling In Xunhu Meets The Industry Standards; The Production Lines Ensure Consistency In Quality.
4 Seater Golf Buggy Testing
Xunhu Uses The Latest Testing Facilities To Ensure The Safety And Reliability Of 4 Seater Golf Buggies; The Test Track Includes Bumps And Hill Climbs.

Being a professional and a reliable electric golf cart buggy manufacturer, XUNHU 4 seater electric golf buggies can be seen running in almost every corner of the world. For more than a decade of experience, XUNHU electric golf carts are known for quality, safety, and affordability.

With unique designs, powerful batteries, efficient motors, and a customizable body, XUNHU 4 seater golf buggies for sale can serve different tasks and requirements efficiently.

You get a golf cart that is built to last for ages; thanks to the premium manufacturing practices and efficient production lines. Being ISO, CE, and GV certified parts and services, you can be assured of the superior quality you are getting, and that too, at an affordable price.

Choose XUNHU as your 4 seater electric golf cart manufacturer and supplier and benefit from huge discounts on bulk purchases, ask for custom packaging options, choose how you want your product to be delivered, and much more.

Golf Carts customized color

XunHu 4 Seater Golf Buggies for Sale with Competitive Price

The availability of different customization options ensures you can enjoy your best four-seater golf buggy cart. Also, 2+2 golf buggies are available for high versatility.

They are versatile since extra space is good for additional passengers or loads.

Ideal for golf courses, residential communities, sightseeing spots, and camping trips alike, XUNHU 4 seater electric golf cart buggies for sale are versatile, functional, easy to maintain, and inexpensive to maintain.

Loaded with tons of technical features like an intelligent steering system, reliable drum braking system, independent suspension system, and an innovative dashboard design, XUNHU offers quality services at the lowest 4 seater electric buggy price.

The highly customizable body can be shaped into any design you prefer. Our competent design team can assist you with modifications and customizations of your choice. With a wide range of accessories and optional features to choose from, you can customize your 4 seater golf cart buggy to carry out different tasks.

XUNHU used deep cycle maintenance-free batteries that offer enhanced range and charge up quickly to reduce downtime. The motor is powerful enough to push your 4 person electric golf cart uphill with ease and an intelligent braking system allows safe and stable descent.


Your Best 4 Seater Golf Buggy Supplier in China

When you want to source 4 seater buggy golf carts for sale, XunHu never disappoints you. It’s a leading manufacturer and also supplies 2 passenger buggy carts.

The many years of experience ensure you get a high-quality golf car buggy. Whether you want a tailored or standard golf buggy, there is fantastic quality and product reliability.

With a decade-long experience, XunHu has mastering of 4 seater golf buggy manufacturing. There is excellent quality assurance since all-electric golf buggies have CE, ISO, and BV certification.

Besides, skilled staff is experienced in making quality four-seater golf buggy. After-sale services and warranty ensures you can get quick help in case of problems.

4 Seater Golf Buggy: The Definitive Guide

When you are looking to invest in golf buggies, it is always advisable to check the best ones. 4 seater golf buggy is one of the many types available and handy.

With many applications, it’s one of the versatile options for different users. It is this case that makes them preferable by many users. This guide has the essential information you need to get the best golf buggies for sale.


The Technology of XunHu 4 Seater Golf Buggy

4 Seater Golf Buggy Technology

4 Seater Golf Buggy Technology

The technology in golf buggies these days is impressive. They have seen improvements over time that make them reliable, user-friendly, and eco-friendly.

Therefore, as you think about getting a golf buggy, some of the technology to experience include.

  • Electric motors
  • New lithium-ion batteries
  • Smart driving systems
  • Electronic transmission system
  • Digital dash displays


The Models of XunHu 4 Seater Golf Cart for Sale

4 seater golf buggy models

4 seater Golf Buggy Model Models

There are many models of 4 seater golf carts available depending on the manufacturer. However, in the case of XunHu, you can choose different available models. They are great due to their performance and reliability.

The bestselling XunHu 4 seater golf carts are;

  • 4 seater electric golf cart mode A
  • 4 seater electric golf cart mode B
  • 4 seater electric golf cart with cargo box
  • 4 seater electric utility golf cart


The Advantages of XunHu 4 Seater Golf Buggy

4 Seater Golf Buggy Advantages

4 Seater Golf Buggy Advantages

As you plan to buy golf buggies, it’s essential to ask yourself what advantages you get from your manufacturer. The terms and conditions, as well as services, differ from one manufacturer to another.

XunHu is one of the leading 4 seater golf buggy makers and offers tons of benefits.

  1. The high technology manufacturing process

XunHu is home to 300+ sets of precision tools. The manufacturing is regulated and guarantees excellent products. Besides high precision, the mechanized production units ensure the best buggies ever.

  1. Quick production and delivery

Due to the improved manufacturing capacity, there is quick bulk production. Depending on your order, you can get bulk production to meet your demand.

XunHu can make 1000+ units per month. Also, the delivery is super-fast, taking 7-15 days for worldwide shipment.

  1. Huge warranty cover

Each golf buggy you get from XunHu comes with 1 year extended warranty. As not enough, you receive free parts, especially consumables. In case your golf buggy breakdown, you can change parts quickly.

The warranty allows you to enjoy free services once your buggy gets into problems. 12 months warranty is available worldwide to all customers.

  1. Spare parts supply

This is one of the main concerns when buying golf carts and golf buggy. However, once you get your shipment, you won’t struggle to look for spare parts. XunHu ensures all spare parts are available everywhere within a reasonable time.

  1. Best prices

XunHu sells 4 seater golf buggies at wholesale prices. Since you can order directly from the factory, it means you enjoy great cost reduction.

The Retail and Wholesale Price of XunHu 4 Passenger Golf Buggy

Wholesale 4 Seater Golf Buggy

Wholesale 4 Seater Golf Buggy

XunHu sells 4 passenger golf buggy at wholesale price. Depending on your order, you can buy in wholesale or retail.

The company always prefers selling the golf buggy wholesale. The good thing is you can also buy in retail if you don’t meet the minimum order. However, you will pay more than wholesale buyers.

About XunHu Golf Carts Factory and Team

 XunHu 4 Seater Golf Buggy Factory

XunHu 4 Seater Golf Buggy Factory

XunHu is a manufacturing company that is located in China, Zhengzhou City. It’s a leading company which makes different equipment. Ranging from amusement equipment, it also produces some of the top golf carts in the world.

Established in 2011, the manufacturer has excellent production experience.

The extensive manufacturing facility ensures you can get bulk golf carts production. Besides, the company has multiple production lines and high-precision cutting tools.

With a team of 1200 workers, they are qualified and deliver excellent products. Moreover, the team has specialists, skilled staff, and an R&D team.

You can always bet on the quality of golf carts manufactured from XunHu due to the modern facility and skilled workforce.

Service of XunHu Golf Carts Company

XunHu Golf Carts Company Service

XunHu Golf Carts Company Service

XunHu has great services, which makes it a reliable player in golf cart manufacturing. The customer-oriented services ensure you get satisfaction.

Once you think about the services, you should not have a second thought. Every part or service is high quality and meets global standards.

Some of the XunHu services include

  • Testing of raw materials
  • Spare parts production and testing
  • Quality inspection
  • Packaging of equipment
  • Delivery of equipment
  • Provision of spare parts
  • Offering warranty and servicing of equipment


Certifications of XunHu 4 Seater Golf Buggy

The certification of XunHu golf buggies is by world-leading laboratories. You can be sure the golf carts and other equipment have top-quality manufacturing.

Having been certified by ISO, BV, CE, and GOST, you always get fantastic quality golf buggies. XunHu is ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 certified. This lets the products sell anywhere in the world.

Apart from the certification by the global labs, golf buggies passes strict quality control. State of the art testing facility ensures only the best golf buggies are delivered.

 Materials for XunHu 4 Seater Golf Buggy

Manufacturing of 4 seater golf buggy features different materials. The latest golf buggy comes with lightweight yet durable materials.

The common materials you will find in XunHu golf buggies include;

  • Galvanized or electrophoresed steel: Golf buggy mainframe
  • Polycarbonate, FRP and ABS plastic: Body panels, dash, and other parts
  • Toughened glass: windshield
  • Rubber: Tires, gaskets, and seals
  • Aluminum: alloy wheels


Specifications of XunHu 4 Seater Golf Buggy

XunHu makes leading 4 seater golf buggies. They have exceptional features which allow users to enjoy driving this equipment.

Some of the unique and notable specifications for XunHu 4 seater golf carts included.

  • 4 passenger seats
  • Vacuum tires
  • Regenerative brake system
  • Electric transmission system
  • Smart steering system
  • Modifiable structure
  • Tons of optional parts
  • Improved hill-climbing ability
  • Optional cargo box
  • Latest controller


Configurations of XunHu 4 Passenger Golf Buggy

4 Seater Golf Buggy Configurations

4 Seater Golf Buggy Configurations

Different configurations of 4 seater golf buggies are available for sale. Whether you want customized or standard versions, some configurations are standard and others optional.

The configuration usually refers to color, design, accessories, and other related features.

XunHu 4 passengers have standard body configurations, while you can also opt for customized ones.

Optional Parts and Accessories of XunHu 4 Seater Golf Buggy

There are different optional parts you can get for your 4 seater golf buggies from XunHu. They are great since they ensure you can enjoy a great experience.

Some of the available optional accessories include;

  • Candy cooler
  • Lighting system
  • Points seat belts
  • Sunshade protection
  • Cargo box
  • Lifting kit
  • CD player
  • Sand bottle
  • Alloy wheels
  • Police light
  • PA address system


XunHu 4 Seater Golf Buggy Safety Features

As you buy a 4 seater golf buggy, you should know there are different safety features. They are reliable and ensure as you drive, there is superb protection from harm.

XunHu ensures your golf buggy is safe for the driver as well as others. That is why every golf buggy come with;

  • Rearview mirrors
  • Toughened glass windshield
  • Loud reversing buzzer
  • Turn signals
  • Efficient braking system
  • Headlights and brake lights
  • Reinforced structure


 XunHu 4 Seater Golf Buggy Warranty Terms

4 Seater Golf Buggy with 1 Year Warranty

4 Seater Golf Buggy with 1 Year Warranty

Every 4 seater golf buggy from XunHu comes with an extended warranty. This enables you to enjoy a full year of services without stress.

XunHu ensures you get the best warranty terms which provide easy operations. Whether it’s a breakdown or part that needs replacement, XunHu always ensures you enjoy great coverage.

The simple to understand terms ensure you can buy 4 seater golf carts with confidence.

4 Seater Electric Golf Buggy Maintenance

Whether you have a gas or electric 4 seater golf buggy, maintenance is essential. Without proper care, it can be tricky since your golf cart can’t last for long.

Some of the maintenance are daily, biennially, and annually.

Daily maintenance

  • Battery charging
  • Battery water level check
  • Check tire pressure
  • Look for oil leaks
  • Keep seats and instruments clean

Biennial maintenance

  • Clean corroded battery terminals
  • Check for loose connection
  • Check the switches functioning
  • Lubricate moving parts

Annual maintenance

  • Battery replacement
  • Brake check
  • Check the condition of motors
  • Electric components testing


4 Seater Golf Buggy Battery Maintenance

4 Seater Golf Buggy Battery

Batteries are the heart of every golf buggy. Without batteries, your golf buggy can’t have power. Therefore, it is vital to ensure the batteries are performing correctly.

With proper battery maintenance, you can experience good range and durability. These are some of the vital practices to keep your batteries performing optimally.

  • Keep the electrolyte at the correct level
  • Maintain the correct battery electrolyte pH
  • Keep the batteries charged always
  • Use proper chargers to charge your golf cart
  • Keep using your golf cart regularly
  • Do not overcharge the batteries
  • Discharge battery to the recommended level
  • Don’t freeze your batteries
  • Always keep batteries upright
  • Change batteries when necessary to maintain golf buggy performance


4 Passenger Electric Golf Buggy Utility Vehicle Features

One of the good things with 4 seater golf buggy is they are super versatile. Especially when you buy from XunHu, you can convert it to a utility cart easily.

Apart from converting, you can request a golf buggy utility cart from the factory. They have amazing features which make them great for different tasks. Some of the features are;

  • Cargo box
  • Reinforced structure
  • Lifted structure
  • Toughened glass windshield
  • All-terrain tires


36v Vs 48v 4 Seater Golf Buggy

When you are buying a four-seater golf cart, you can go for 36V or 48V. Each has benefits and downsides. Also, the performance differs, which gives you the chance to choose the ideal one for your use.

36 Volts Golf Buggy Pro Cons
36v 4 Seater Golf Buggy Battery
  • Cheaper to buy
  • Batteries are cheaper to replace
  • Perfect for flat surfaces
  • Easy to upgrade to 48V buggies
  • More affordable to replace spare parts
  • Lighter battery packs


  • Less powerful
  • Less travel range
  • Not perfect for elevated places
48 Volts Golf Buggy Pros Cons
48 Volts Golf Buggy battery
  • More powerful
  • Great for elevated surfaces
  • Offers better resale value
  • Extended travel range
  • Less amperage means higher efficiency
  • Ideal for off-road conditions
  • Replacing batteries is expensive
  • Replacing parts can be costly
  • Expensive to purchase


Lead-acid Battery VS Lithium Battery for 4 Seater Golf Cars

Figure 19. 6V Lead-Acid Battery

Buying a four-seater golf buggy is a significant step. But, you need to decide the best type for your business.

Typically, there are two types of golf buggies, depending on the battery types. You can get lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

Traditionally, lead-acid were the standard batteries available for golf carts. They have lead plates and electrolytes.

On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries are dry and don’t need maintenance. With different chemistries, lithium batteries are lightweight and offer more endurance.

Lithium-Ion Golf Buggy Battery Pros Cons
Lithium-Ion Golf Buggy Battery
  • High capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Small sizes save space
  •  Faster charging rate
  • Don’t suffer from Peukert effects
  • Economical in the long run
  •  Safe and don’t release toxic gasses
  •  Expensive to purchase


Lead-Acid Golf Buggy Battery Pros Cons
Lead-Acid Golf Buggy Battery
  • Mature, tested technology
  • Inexpensive to make and purchase
  • Capable of deep discharge


  • They are bulky
  • It takes a long time to charge
  • Suffers from Peukert effects
  • Shorter lifespan


Related New 4 Passenger Golf Buggies for Sale

Apart from the 4 passenger golf buggies, there are other related equipments you can buy. Specifically, when you want a range of products, XunHu offers different electric vehicles.

Some of the other products you can buy include,


Ship 4 Seater Golf Buggy to UK, USA, South Africa

Golf Buggy Shipment

Golf Buggy Shipment

Shipping 4 seater golf buggy from China is a common process. Many Chinese manufacturers are shipping equipment for their clients.

Normally, XunHu ships electric golf buggy everywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter your location; you get your equipment on time.

Here are some of the times taken to ship golf buggies from China to their destination.

4 seater golf buggy shipment to the UK 25-60 days

4 seater golf buggy shipment to USA 15-25 days

4 seater golf buggy shipment to South Africa 20-26 days


A four-seater golf buggy from China is highly reliable. They are efficient a certified for use anywhere in the world. With this guide, you are a step away from getting your best 4 seaters electric golf buggy.

Contact Xunhu to get the golf carts and multi-passenger electric shuttles solutions.

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