4 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car GL-4

Passenger: 4 person
Dimension: 4130*1570*1960
Battery: 8V*6 48V
Power: 5KW
Max Speed: 28km/h
Total Weight: 880kg
Charging time: 8-10h
Painting: Automotive Paint
Range: 80-100km

4 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Features

  • Multiple Designs For Sale, Customizable Options, Tons Of Optional Accessories For Easy Customization
  • Different Durable Colors, Open And Closed Designs With Ample Sitting Space
  • Eco-Friendly Electric Motors, EU Standard Paint, Improved Handling And Structure Stability
  • Compact And Easy For Use Indoors And Outdoors, Small Turning Radius

The 4 seater classic sightseeing cars are among the latest and reliable people movers. Designed by experts, the cars are reliable for use in different applications.

You can get the four-seater classic sightseeing cars for your golf courses, farms, parks, and other places.

The choice of the best construction materials renders these sightseeing cars to be among the best. Featuring steel and fiberglass, there is high weight reduction.

Also, XunHu allows you to choose the perfect color for your sightseeing vehicle. By using high-quality automotive paint, there is a smooth and appealing long-lasting gloss. You have an easy time selecting the ideal color customization at no extra cost.

6 Seater Sightseeing Car Colors

6 Seater Sightseeing Car Applications

  • Xunhu 4 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control (1)
  • Xunhu 4 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control (2)
  • Xunhu 4 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control
  • Xunhu 4 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control (4)
  • Xunhu 4 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control (5)

Xunhu 4 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control

  • Materials

XunHu Uses Hot Steel With Treatment Against Corrosion And Rust; Fiberglass And Other Plastics Help Reduce Weight And Improve Efficiency.

  • Manufacturing

Manufacturing Of 4 Seaters Classic Sightseeing Cars Is In A Modern Warehouse; With Latest Standardized Production Lines, Quality Is Amazing

  • Test

Testing Of Classic Sightseeing Cars Takes Place Within The Manufacturing Plant; XunHu Has 5 Kilometers Of Test Track With Different Features.

Full Support on Your 4 Seater Sightseeing Cars

Buying a 4 seater classic sightseeing car from XunHu opens ways for timely and reliable support. You can access support for your park and cars throughout the year.

The use of the latest technology in communication ensures worldwide support coverage. You can always use a website, email, and social media to reach XunHu support team.

Sightseeing Car 1 Year Warranty
XunHu Provides 12 Months Warranty For All Equipment, Including 4 Seater Classic Sightseeing Cars; You Get Free Parts During The Cars Delivery.
Sightseeing Car Optional Configuration
There Are Numerous Optional Configurations Available For Sightseeing Cars; You Can Request Customization Of Your Car At Best Price.
Sightseeing Car Maintenance
Maintaining XunHu Sightseeing Car Is Simple And Efficient; Access To Spare Parts Is Easy, And Detailed Operation Manuals Are Simple To Follow.
Sightseeing Car Online Support
XunHu Allows All Customers To Access Online Support Anytime; You Can Reach The Support Team Through WhatsApp And Other Established Channels.

Related Classic Sightseeing Cars for Sale

XunHu has a broad category of sightseeing cars. You can get the ideal ones that suit your park or institutions. Whether you are looking for standard sightseeing buses or specialized ones, it’s easy to order.

Some of the available options you can get include 2 seaters, 6 seaters, 8 seater, and 12 seater classic sightseeing cars. You can also get resort carts and golf carts, and other related equipment.

2 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car (2)
XunHu 2 Seater Classic Sightseeing With Compact Design, Simple To Maneuver, And Easy To Attach Cargo Bod For Easy Load Transportation.
XunHu 6 Seater Sightseeing Car for Sale (10)
XunHu 6 Seater Classic Sightseeing Cars For Sale With Toughened Windshield, Large Wipers, And Super Huge Dash For Driver Comfort.
6 Seater Open-Topped Sightseeing Car
XunHu Make 6 Seater Open-Topped Sightseeing Vehicles With Weatherproof Seats, Covers Rustproof Fiberglass Bodies With Peal Resistant Oil Paint.
8 Seater Sightseeing Car for Sale
XunHu 8 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car For Sale With Huge Discount, 1 Year Warranty, And Free Parts Supply For Maximum Car Running Time.
12 Seater Sightseeing Car for Sale
XunHu 12 Seater Classic Sightseeing Cars For Sale With Multiple Design Configurations, Latest Mp5 Player, And Digital Dahs For Easy Parameter Display.
14 Seater Sightseeing Car for Sale
14 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car For Sale At Wholesale Price, Reliable Customer Care And Best After-Sale Services With Quick Spare Parts Delivery.
Enclosed Sightseeing Car for Sale
Enclosed Classic Sightseeing Cars For Sale From XunHu Have Comfortable Interior, Customizable Accessories, And Strong Bodywork For Ultimate User Safety.
Resort Car for sale
XunHu Resorts Cats For Sale With 50+ Designs, 2021 Models Available And Easy To Modify Structure To Change Car Use.
Electric Vintage Carts for Sale
XunHu Eco-Friendly Electric Vintage Carts For Sale With Heavy-Duty Chassis, Noise Free Operations, And EU Standard Automotive Paint That Is Pollution Free.
Xunhu Resort Vehicles for Sale
XunHu Resort Vehicles For Sale Have Large Wheels, Customizable And Optional Accessories, Huge Warranty And Instant Customer Support Worldwide.
Electric Sightseeing Bus for sale
Pollution Free, Noise Free Electric Sightseeing Buses From Xunhu; Large Sitting Capacity, And Smooth Transmission Enable Enjoyable Driving.
Electric Tourist Car for Sale
XunHu Electric Tourist Cars With Optional Features, Comfortable Seats With Padding; Large Mirrors And Lights Enable Easy Street Drives.
Electric Resort Cart for Sale
XunHu Electric Resort Carts With Huge Weight Capacity, Optional Candy Coolers, and Audio Player Keep The Tourist Elated.
Airport Golf Carts for Sale
Airport Golf Carts With Different Passenger Capacities, 100+ Models Available, Free Parts On Delivery, And Cheap OEM Spare Parts With Global Delivery.
Retro Golf Carts for Sale
XunHu Retro Carts Have Diverse Looking Designs, Variety Of Customizable Colors And Strongly Supported Broad Roof For Safety Of Passengers.
6 Seater Retro Electric Patrol Car (2)
Xunhu supply you with new design Electric Patrol Car for sale, Worldwide Export, Competitive Factory Prices. International Connections, Fast Delivery.

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Xunhu is Your Best 4 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Manufacturer in China

Adding XunHu 4 seater classic sightseeing cars to your fleet gives you a great advantage.

XunHu manufactures the best 4 seater classic sightseeing cars in China. Supplying to local and international markets, it has over 10,000 clients all over the world.

The supply of 1000+ sets of Electric Passenger Shuttles equipment ensures you can order the cars in bulk. An army of 1,200 workers and production lines ensures quick production.

Apart from the quick production, XunHu has a high precision manufacturing facility. Boasting 131+ sets of precision tools, you can rely on the quality of classic sightseeing cars.

With a perfect supply chain, your 4 seater classic sightseeing cars get tracked up to their destination.

In addition to sightseeing car vehicles, you can also buy other electric vehicles at Xunhu, such as resort cars, electric patrol cars, mobility scooters, trackless trains, and golf buggy.

Contact Xunhu to get support for your business from China.