23 Seater Sightseeing Car SN-23

Passenger: 23 person
Dimension: 5700×1800×2290mm
Battery: 6V 225AH*16pcs
Motor: 67V12KW AC motor
Controller: Enpower controller 96V500A
Suspension: front shock absorber and leaf spring front suspension
Steering: Recirculating-ball steering, with steering power
Brake System: Four wheels hydraulic braking system,with steering power
Range(loaded)(km) 80-100km

23 Seater Sightseeing Car Features

  • Robust Steel Structure With Professional Welded Joints, Stable Design By Experts And Independent Suspension Ensures Stability When Driving In Different Surfaces.
  • 50+ Models 23 Sightseeing Cars Available At Wholesale Price, Delivery Is Worldwide Within 7-15 Days; Superb After-Sale Services With 24/7 Support.
  • Variety Of Colors Of Choice, Durable Paint That Never Fade Due To Strong Sun; Rustproof Fiberglass Body With Excellent Reinforcement.
  • High-Quality Imported Curtis Controller, Maintenance Free Trojan Batteries; Excellent Hill-Climbing With Smooth Electric Drive Train And Hydraulic Batteries

XunHu 23 seater sightseeing cars for sale are available in standard white colors. However, there are numerous colors you can choose depending on your personal preference.

With construction featuring different materials, the sightseeing cars are exceptionally reliable. The structure is galvanized steel, while the body features molded fiberglass.

Equipped with a powerful electric motor, the electric sightseeing bust offers excellent hill climbing. The bus runs quietly and smoothly without disturbing noise.

Manufacturing of 23 seater sightseeing cars features modern and verified technology. They are CE and ISO certified to meet international safety levels

Buying the electric sightseeing car and shuttle bus from XunHu gives you the freedom of customization.

Max. speed (km/h) 30km/h Passenger capacity 23 person
Front wheel tread 1535mm Range (loaded) (km) 80-100km
Battery 6V 225AH*16pcs Wheelbase 3420mm
Motor 67V12KW AC motor Rear wheel tread 1520mm
Controller Enpower controller 96V500A Minimum turning radius (m) 8m
Charger 96V Brake range (m) ≤6
Suspension front shock absorber and leaf spring front suspension Max climbing ability (loaded) 15%
Steering Recirculating-ball steering, with steering power Overall dimensions(mm) 5700×1800×2290mm
Brake System Four wheels hydraulic braking system,with steering power Max. loading weight (kgs) 1955
Chassis Steel Curb weight (kgs) 1600
Quantity per Container 1PCS/20FT,2PCS /40HQ Ground clearance (mm) 100
Body Fiber glass body
Roof Steel frame + fiber glass cover
Windshield One-piece see-through laminated windshield with wiper
lights ystem front lights, tail lights, turing lights, brake lights, fog lights
mirrors side mirrors, inner mirror
Dashboard speedo meter combined with battery capacity indicator, hours meter, current meter, voltage meter, range meter
enclosure weather curtains, fan, Sunshade Curtain, Seat belts, Loud speaker, CD player, Solar panel on top, Aluminum rim wheels, Front disc brakes, Warning light system, Bus seat, Safety chain
Any colors can be customized per customers

Xunhu supplies you with different passenger carrier solutions and depending on your specific needs.
Xunhu 4 to 23 seater electric sightseeing car and bus for you to choose from.

Xunhu 4 to 23 seater electric sightseeing car

  • Xunhu 23 Seater Sightseeing Car Quality Control
  • Xunhu 23 Seater Sightseeing Car Quality Control (3)
  • Xunhu 23 Seater Sightseeing Car Quality Control (2)
  • Xunhu 23 Seater Sightseeing Car Quality Control (1)

Xunhu 23 Seater Sightseeing Car Quality Control

  • Material

XunHu 23 Seater Manufacturing Materials Are Premium; Galvanized Steel, Molded Fiberglass Body And Fade Resistant Paint Ensure Unmatched Durability.

  • Manufacturing

Manufacturing Of 23 Seater Sightseeing Cars Takes Place In Weatherproof And Enclosed Warehouses; Powered Production Lines Enables Standardized Production.

  • Certificates

XunHu Produces 23 Seater Sightseeing Cars That Are Internationally Certified; The Manufacturer Has ISO: 9001, Which Verifies Ability To Make High-Quality Cars.

Full Support on Your 23 Seater Sightseeing Cars

XunHu offers full support for your 23 seater sightseeing cars. The team’s customer care ensures there is prompt attendance to your issues.

Accessing support is simple through WhatsApp, Facebook, phone, and e-Mail. Also, XunHu has 24 hours active telephone.

Sightseeing Cars 1 Year Warranty
XunHu Has Extended 1-Year Warranty For 23 Passenger Sightseeing Cars; You Can Have Custom Extended Contract Warranty Through Special Arrangement.
Sightseeing Cars Optional Configuration
XunHu Lets You Choose Optional Configuration For Your 23 Seater Sightseeing Cars; You Can Choose Different Accessories Available And Designs.
Sightseeing Cars Maintenance
23 Seater Sightseeing Cars Are Easy To Maintain; XunHu Offers Easy To Access Spare Parts And Maintenance Team Whenever You Need.
Sightseeing Cars Online Support
XunHu Online Support Is Rapid; With Team Monitoring Support Department 24/7, You Can Get Needs Assistance Anytime And Throughout The Year.

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All the sightseeing cars are versatile and offer the ability to modify to other types of electric vehicles.

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XunHu Make 14 Seater Sightseeing Car For Sale With Large Windshield, Rain Wiper And Led Lights; Driving At Night Rain Is Safe.
Sightseeing Car Nimo Design
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Sightseeing Car Dolphin Design (3)
XunHu Sightseeing Car Dolphin Design With Multiple Colors, Lightweight Body Panels, And Smooth Smart Driving System Ease Driver Work.
Resort Car for sale
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Xunhu is Your Best 23 Seater Sightseeing Car Manufacturer in China

When you are planning to order 23 seater electric sightseeing cars, China is your best destination.

XunHu, on the other hand, is one of the best sightseeing cars manufacturer from China. With different models to choose from, it’s easy to get your best choice.

Boasting over 1,200 personnel, production line, and automated spraying booths, there is perfection.

Unlike other manufacturers, XunHu manufactures 23 seater sightseeing buses and delivers them to your destination. Using the highest materials, you can always be sure consistency and performance of your car.

The support is on another level, and your electric sightseeing bus comes with an extended warranty.