2 seater golf cart buying guide

Ultimate Guide to 2 Seater Golf Carts: Buying Tips, Pricing & More

Do you want to buy a two-seater golf cart? What are the most bothering questions? Exploring this guide will give you answers to some of your worries.

Whether it’s about the best choice or general maintenance, you can now enjoy your golf cart.

Read the list to learn more…


What Types of 2 Seater Golf Carts for Sale In Xunhu?

Buying two passenger golf carts from XunHu offers you a great chance. You can get standard carts or customized ones.

The custom 2 seater golf carts for sale have additional premium features. Also, you can request your electric 2 person golf cart be lifted. This gives it the ability to travel on different terrains without difficulty.

XunHu sells standard and lifted golf carts. They are ideal, and you can choose the ideal ones for your requirements.

2 seater golf carts for sale from xunhu
2 seater golf carts for sale from xunhu

What is the Best 2 Seater Golf Buggy to Buy?

Normally, you can get the best 2 seater golf buggy by visiting the manufacturer. Like in this case, XunHu has different models that are superb and worth having.

Some of the best 2 passenger golf buggies include

  • New luxury 2 seater electric golf carts for sale;
  • 2 seater electric golf cart  for sale with cargo box;
  • 2 seater electric lifted golf carts for sale;
  • 2 seater retro golf carts for sale;
  • 2 seater hunting golf carts for sale;
  • 2 seater electric ambulance golf car

All these golf buggies are superb and ready to give your golf course, hotel, or other places a real thrill.

2 Seater Golf Buggy for Sale
2 Seater Golf Buggy for Sale

How Much Is A 2 Seater Golf Cart?

The cost of 2 seater golf carts depends on a lot of things. It depends where you are buying, the number of carts and others.

Buying in bulk from the manufacturer is the best option. It gives you a great price advantage since there are no middlemen.

The wholesale price for most golf carts for two people ranges from $1,500-$ 4000. The more expensive a cart is, the more features it possesses.

In most cases, custom and lifted golf carts are the most expensive. Buying a standard two seater cart isn’t that costly.

Cheap Two Seater Golf Cart
Cheap Two Seater Golf Cart

What to Look When Buying Two Seater Golf Cart?

As you plan to buy a 2 seater golf cart, it is essential to have a clear picture of what you need. There are those vital qualities, and giving them priority will ensure s you get the best choice.

Some of the many qualities to check include;

New or used golf cart

Before you buy, deciding on whether to buy new or used golf carts is vital. It allows you to make the right decision depending on your budget and expectation.

You can buy a new 2 seater from the manufacturer, but they will cost more expensive than second-hand carts.

The good thing with new golf carts is they come with a lot of advantages. You can be sure about the quality, warranty, and support from the manufacturer.

On the other hand, used 2 seater golf carts for sale come as refurbished. They are mostly from firms, golf courses, and other places. The main reason people go for this option is due to the lower price.

Check on Batteries

Batteries power electric 2 seater golf carts. As a matter of fact, batteries are expensive to buy. Before you buy the carts, it is recommended to check the condition of the batteries.

Apart from the condition, you can also look for the type of batteries in use. Traditionally, Lead-Acid batteries are most common in many carts. However, some manufacturers are using lithium batteries.

You can instruct a manufacturer of your preferred type of golf carts batteries. However, you will experience increased costs when you order lithium batteries.

The good thing is lithium polymer batteries and lighter, maintenance-free, and last longer.

Available features

The available features are another consideration worth your attention. When you choose a golf cart manufacturer, be sure to check the available features in your two seater golf carts.

There are different features that every golf cart must have. However, others are optional and only available when you request.

For the standard feature, here are some that you can ensure your cart have.

  • High-quality tires
  • Headlights
  • Protection canopy
  • Additional storage
  • Padded seats
  • Windshield

The standard features differ from one golf cart manufacturer to the other. Also, optional parts will depend on the manufacturer.


Warranty is vital, especially when you are buying new golf carts. It gives you the ability to enjoy free parts replacement when your cart breaks down.

Depending on your two seater cart manufacturer, the warranty will differ. But, the best thing is to have a reliable warranty cover.

Premium Quality 2 Seater Golf Cart
Premium Quality 2 Seater Golf Cart

How to Wholesale 2 Seater Golf Carts from Xunhu Company?

XunHu solely sells two seater golf carts wholesale. In that case, you can order only the lowest number of stated units.

Buying two seater golf carts in bulk from XunHu is simple. Especially when you are buying from the factory direct, there are no complicated processes.

Buying golf carts from XunHu involves;

  • Contact the company
  • Get quotation from the company
  • Indicate desired quantity of 2 seater golf carts for sale
  • Arrange for the payment
  • Arrange for the shipment of your golf carts
Wholsesale 2 Seater Electric Golf Cart
Wholsesale 2 Seater Electric Golf Cart

Do Xunhu 2 Seater Golf Carts Have a Warranty?

All 2 seater golf carts from XunHu come with a huge warranty. You can be sure about the quality of golf carts you are getting.

Apart from the major warranty, XunHu provides great parts when you receive your carts. This allows easy change of malfunctioning parts without having to wait for spare parts.

If you buy 2 seater golf cart from XunHu, there is a great 1-year warranty for the main parts. Contact XUNHU company for more.

One Year Warranity Golf Cart
One Year Warranity Golf Cart

What Is The Material of 2 Passenger Golf Cart Enclosures?

The good thing is you can buy different types of golf carts. Whether you want open or closed designs, they are available.

Golf carts enclosures must be strong and lightweight to eliminate bulkiness.

The enclosures are essential since they allow protection against weather elements.

The most common materials for 2 seater golf carts include:

  • Metal support bars
  • Fiberglass panels
  • Reinforced fiber plastic panels
  • Canvas
  • Clear PVC

Fiberglass Body Golf Cart

Which Is Better Between Gas and Electric 2 Seater Golf Cart?

As the world seeks to reduce emissions, electric golf carts are hot cakes these days. They are preferred since there is little impact on the environment.

Apart from keeping the environment clean, electric two seater golf carts are great for reduced maintenance. There is no changing of oil, air filters, and other frequent maintenance as in gas golf carts.

Besides the near-zero maintenance, electric golf carts have no noisy running engines. Electric motors run smoothly and quietly. Even when you have several carts running, there is no disturbing noise.

Here is a summary of the differences between gas and electric 2 seater golf carts.

2 seater electric golf carts 2 seater gas golf carts
Runs quietly with minimal noise Tends to be noisy
Requires minimal maintenance Requires a lot of maintenance
Faster acceleration Slower acceleration than electric carts
Lighter than gas  A bit heavy
Takes longer to charge Quick fueling


Where to Buy a Golf Cart with Two Forward-Facing Seats?

Many manufacturers make two seater golf carts. You can choose from a range of 2 seater golf cart manufactures from China.

XunHu is one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of two seater golf carts with forward-facing seats.

Unlike the bigger golf carts, two seaters have mostly seats that look forward. Therefore, it’s not complicated to get front-facing golf carts for two passengers.

Forward-Facing Seats 2 Seater Golf Cart
Forward-Facing Seats 2 Seater Golf Cart

Can Gas 2 Seater Golf Cart Be Converted to Electric?

Converting a 2 passenger golf cart to electric is possible but complicated. There are many components you will need to change to make a full conversion.

When you convert your gas golf cart to electric, some components aren’t compatible. You will need to change gauges, transmission systems, and other vital parts.

Therefore, it can be as expensive as buying a new cart when you think about the conversion process.

When you think about the process, it is vital to consider the labor, time, and resources involved. And, although you will succeed, it might not run smoothly as real electric golf carts.

Gas 2 seater golf cart
Gas 2 seater golf cart

How Long Is A 2 Seater Golf Cart?

While buying a 2 seater golf cart, there are many features that you can look at. One of them is the dimension.

On standard, a two-passenger golf cart has 4’ wide, 8’ long, and 8’ high.

This is the most dimensions you will find in most 2 seater golf carts. However, you can have your custom length depending on your needs.

For utility 2 seater golf carts, you can order more length to accommodate your luggage.

2+2 Seater Golf Cart Size

2+2 Seater Golf Cart Size


Are There Lifted 2 Seater Golf Cart in XunHu?

If you plan to buy a lifted 2 seater golf cart, you don’t have to struggle. XunHu makes different types of lifted two passenger golf carts.

Whether you need it for carrying people or luggage, you can easily find the ideal one. Also, you can request the fitting of a customized lifting kit in your cart.

Whether you want a standard or customized lifted two people golf cart, XunHu is your best place to buy.

2 Seater Electric Lifted Golf Cart (4)

Are 2 Seater Golf Cart Better Than 4, 6 And 8 Seaters?

The suitability of 2 seater golf carts depends on the usage. When you want a versatile and flexible cart, this is the ideal option.

With a compact body, these carts are best when you don’t have many people or loads to carry.

When comparing the 2 passenger golf carts for sale with 4, 6, and 8 seater, they have differences. However, the most notable is capacity and overall size.

Besides, two seater are easy to upgrade to lifted golf carts or utility golf carts. They can move in more rugged terrain since they are lighter.

8 Seater Golf Cart
8 Seater Golf Cart

How Can I Buy Cheap 2 Seater Golf Carts for Sale under $1,000, $500?

Buying cheap 2 seater golf carts isn’t a complicated process. There are many options available where you can purchase these carts at a low price.

The best place you can buy 2 seater golf carts at $500 and $1,000 in China. Especially, most manufacturers specified the minimum number of units you should buy.

Since there is cheap labor, plenty of raw materials, you can expect cheap 2 passenger golf carts from China. Despite the low price, the carts meet global quality.

2 Seater Golf Carts for Sale under $1,000, $500
2 Seater Golf Carts for Sale under $1,000, $500

What Is The 2 Seater Golf Cart Weight Capacity?

Two seater golf carts come with a standard weight capacity of 360 kg (793.66 lb). Therefore, even when you want to use these carts for other purposes, it’s possible.

You can convert your 2 passenger golf cart into a utility cart by adding a cargo box. The ability to carry more weight ensures these golf carts are amazing for multiple functions.

2 Seater Golf Cart Weight Capacity
2 Seater Golf Cart Weight Capacity

 Do 2 Seater Golf Cart Come with Cover?

In most cases, golf carts don’t come with covers. Although they have canopies, the covers aren’t part of the golf carts.

The golf cart covers are available for purchase from specialized manufacturers. If you want your 2 seater golf carts to come with covers, you can arrange with your manufacturer.

With a special arrangement, you get your golf cart complete with your preferred cover.

What Are The Dimensions of A 2 Seater Golf Cart?

Having a good understanding of a 2 seater golf cart is essential. It ensures you can enjoy a proper design of your storage area.

With the dimensions and number of units you need, it is possible to design a perfect area to keep your electric golf carts.

If you take a two seater golf cart from XunHu, it has a standard dimension of 2.3×1.20×1.7m. However, a standard golf cart will measure 1.22 m by 2.44 m by 2.44 m.

With large dimensions, you can enjoy more space for passengers or loads.

The Dimensions of A 2 Seater Golf Cart
The Dimensions of A 2 Seater Golf Cart

Do 2 Seater Golf Cart Come with Windshield?

A windshield is essential whether it’s in passenger or utility golf carts. Most of the manufacturers include it as a standard part.

Whether you are buying your two seater golf cart from XunHu or other manufacturers, it must have a windshield.

The quality and type of windshield differ from one manufacturer to the other. Some offer glass type while are PVC material.

Whether it’s a glass or plastic windshield, it should be highly reliable and durable.

Do 2 Seater Golf Cart Come with Cargo Box?

When buying two seater golf carts, they come with seats for passengers. Extra features like cargo boxes are optional. Since you can decide to use your cart for other functions, you can opt for cargo boxes.

Although the carts don’t come with cargo boxes, you can instruct the manufacturer to include it. However, this will cost you some extra bucks.

2 seater golf carts come with powerful motors, which means they can carry more load. Therefore, you can choose different-sized cargo boxes.

Two Seater Golf Cart With Cargo Box
Two Seater Golf Cart With Cargo Box

Do 2 Seater Golf Carts Have Reverse Gear?

2 seater golf carts have reverse gears. They come with reverse gear functions. Therefore, if you need to reverse, there is no need to get out of the cart to push.

Normally, the gear shifting is achievable through levers or buttons. It depends on the brand of the golf cart. Most of the latest 2 seater golf carts come with a button-controlled gear function.

Whether you want a two passenger or larger golf carts, they come with reverse gear functions.

Electric Golf Cart Reverse And Foward Gear Shifter
Electric Golf Cart Reverse And Foward Gear Shifter

Do 2 Seater Golf Cart Have Parking Brakes?

A parking brake is a vital feature for golf carts. However, many cart owners don’t fully understand this feature. Having a park brake is important since it keep your cart safe from damage.

All 2 seater golf carts come with parking brakes. Besides, using the feature isn’t complicated. It’s universal among all golf carts. Engaging and disengaging is pretty simple.

Engaging golf cart parking brake

  • Bring your golf cart to a complete stop
  • Get hold of your park brake, making sure the cart doesn’t move
  • Press the parking brake until you hear a clicking sound
  • Release the stop brake and turn off your cart

Disengaging golf cart parking brake

  • Get into your golf cart and sit
  • Press the parking brake pedal past the locked position
  • Release the pedal and let it go back to its normal position
  • You are good to start driving your cart
Golf Cart Parking Brake
Golf Cart Parking Brake

Do All Electric 2 Seater Golf Cart Have Universal Chargers?

Like other rechargeable machines, two seater golf carts come with different types of chargers. Also, the carts have different voltages, which means you can’t use one charger to charge your carts.

There are different types of 2 passenger golf carts. They have different voltage ratings and for use in different countries. Whether your golf cart is 36 volts, 48 volts, or 72 volts, you need to look for the ideal charger.

Also, the input and output heads are different, which means they aren’t compatible with every golf cart. When you are buying a charger, you need to check for a variety of aspects.

2 Seater Golf Cart Charger Heads

What Is The 2 Seater Golf Cart Voltage?

A standard golf cart, whether for two passengers or more, has 6 to 8 batteries. This gives rise to 36 volts or 48 volts. Depending on your preference, you can buy a golf cart with a preferred voltage.

48-volt golf carts are very popular for golfers.

Besides, you can request customized 2 passengers golf carts with more voltage. However, you will have to pay for extra batteries and other power regulation accessories.

The more batteries, the more power a golf cart can deliver. But, it will also have increased weight since batteries are significantly heavy.

2 Seater Golf Cart Voltage

What Is The Towing Capacity for 2 Seater Golf Cart?

The towing capacity of a two seater golf cart depends on the motor power. Different brands have varying towing power, which ensures they can handle different loads.

Motor power is a great determinant of the amount of load a golf cart will carry.

With different brands having varying motor power, you can expect a towing capacity of 500 pounds to 1500 pounds. It all depends on the surface and inclination.

In more inclined places, expect your golf cart to have reduced towing capacity. Also, the overall power will determine your towing capacity.

Golf cart Towing bar
Golf Cart Towing Bar

How Far Will Electric 2 Seater Golf Cart Go?

The range isn’t universal when it comes to 2 seater golf carts. However, you can expect modern golf carts to achieve a better range. The technology, type of motor, and controllers will affect the overall range.

Some of the 2 seater golf carts, like those from XunHu, offer a significant range. Expect your golf cart to travel 70-80 kilometers. This is when it is carrying a standard load and riding on recommended terrain.

Also, the travel range depends on your driving techniques. When driving at high speed while carrying a heavy load means more power requirements. Therefore, you will expect a reduced travel range.

80Km 2 Seater Golf Cart
80Km 2 Seater Golf Cart

Does Driving 2 Seater Golf Cart Require License?

Most two seater golf carts are for use in private properties. In such a case, you don’t need to have a driving license.

However, this isn’t all the case; if you convert your golf cart to street-legal versions, you need to have a license.

Generally, the requirement for a license depends on where you are driving your cart. When in private properties, the license requirement doesn’t apply.

Street Legal 2 Passenger Golf Cart
Street Legal 2 Passenger Golf Cart

Should I Buy New or Used 2 Seater Golf Cart?

The choice of whether to buy new or used 2seater golf carts depends on your personal preference.

Most people will opt to go for new golf carts. However, the cost is sometimes restrictive. This doesn’t mean you should shelve your plans of acquiring golf carts.

Whether you want to buy a new or used two seater golf cart, each has its benefits and restrictions. These are the reasons why you should go for used 2 seater golf carts;

  • Great price deal

The biggest advantage when you go for used golf carts is they are significantly cheap. You can sometimes get a used 2 seater golf cart with half-price new.

  • The ideal time to learn about golf carts

If it’s your first time buying two seater golf cart, used one gives time to understand them fully. Especially when replacing the old parts, you can learn more than going directly to new carts.

  • Ability to customize your cart

When you buy a used golf cart, it’s possible to customize it before it goes into service. During the replacement of parts and general servicing, you can instruct your mechanic to perform customization.

  • Refurbished 2 seater golf carts are good as new

When you buy a two seater from a reliable seller, you have a chance to get a quality cart. Refurbished golf carts have all worn-out parts replaced by the seller.

As a result, you can be sure the two passenger carts you are buying are super reliable.

Downsides of buying used 2 seater golf carts

Although buying a used golf cart is great, there are also some downsides.

  • No warranty

Used 2 passengers golf carts usually don’t come with a warranty. Therefore when there is a breakdown, you have to cater for it yourself.

  • Lack of technical support

Unlike in new golf carts, the support is limited since you didn’t buy from the manufacturer. Therefore, you have to rely on the seller for technical support.

Apart from opting for used 2 passenger golf carts, you can also go for new ones. They have all the benefits like

  • Quality assurance

New two passenger golf carts come with great assurance from the manufacturer. You can be sure all parts are OEM, and there is a quality production process.

  • Huge warranty

Every golf cart from the manufacturer comes with a warranty. This means even in case of accidental breakdown; there is superb support and parts replacement.

  • Long operation duration

When you have a new 2 seater golf cart, there is an assurance of long-term application. Also, new golf carts have great durability; hence you will get value for your investment.


What Are The Safety Precautions When Using 2 Seater Golf Cart?

Always read the user manual before operating a golf cart

  • Ensures your cart complies with state laws
  • Don’t drive open design golf carts during rainy seasons
  • Don’t overload your golf cart
  • Always operate golf carts from the driver’s seat
  • Keep your arms inside the cart when moving
  • Keep all traffic rules in mind when driving
  • Bring cart to a halt when you want to exit
  • Wear seat belts always if available
  • Don’t use a phone when driving a golf cart
  • Engage the parking brake when the cart is stationary
  • Don’t drive when intoxicated
  • Maintain safe driving speed
Golf Carts Safety Precautions
Golf Carts Safety Precautions

What Are The Daily Checklist for 2 Seater Golf Cart?

Whether you have a gas or electric 2 passenger golf cart, there are some things to check daily.

Some of the checklists include

  • Brakes
  • Park brake
  • Reverse buzzer
  • Taillights
  • Headlights
  • Batteries charge level
  • Turn lights
  • Battery water
  • Tire pressure
General Golf Cart Checklist
General Golf Cart Checklist

What Are Do and Don’t for 2 Seater Golf Cart?

Every machine has its etiquette. Even two seater golf carts have dos and don’ts. By going against these rules, you might end up with unwanted expectations.

Here are some of the dos and don’ts

  • Keep your legs and hands in the cart when driving
  • While driving your golf cart, always maintain lanes
  • Always be mindful of other people, pedestrian, and fellow players
  • Don’t drink and drive a golf cart
  • Don’t overcrowd your two seater golf cart
  • Safety belts are important; wear them always
  • Avoid distractions when driving
  • Avoid high speed in bends
  • Drive only when the weather is permitting
  • Perform regular golf cart maintenance
Golf Carts Dos And Don'ts
Golf Carts Dos And Don’ts

How Are 2 Seater Golf Cart Transported?

The transportation of 2 passenger golf carts is pretty simple. They come packed in containers. Therefore, you can be sure about the safety of your golf carts.

Before the electric 2 seaters, golf carts are loaded into containers, wrapping keep them clean. Besides, the wrapping material keeps the cart protected against debris.

Some of the manufacturers like XunHu ensure shipment of golf carts are secure.
Depending on how big a golf cart is, a container carries different numbers. A 20-foot container can accommodate 8 two passenger golf carts. Additionally, a 40-foot container can carry around 18 two seater golf carts.

2 Seater Golf Cart Transported
2 Seater Golf Cart Transported


How Are 2 Seater Golf Cart Delivered?

Delivery of two seater golf carts is pretty easy. They arrived at your destination while in containers.

Especially when you order in bulk, shipment is super simple. They are delivered to your park, hotel, and golf courses while in shipment containers.

Besides the placement in containers, the golf cats have protective wrapping to keep them clean.

XunHu has various hotel golf carts and resort carts for sale, if you need to know more about the carts, get in touch with XunHu experts now.

2 Seater Golf carts loading in Containers
2 Seater Golf carts loading in Containers

What Are The Periodic 2 Seater Golf Cart Maintenance Practices?

You might be wondering whether golf carts need a lot of maintenance. However, there are a lot of maintenances that one needs to carry out. This guarantees great golf carts durability.

Some of the periodic maintenances for all two seater golf carts include;

  • Check and clean batteries
  • Look for damages in chargers
  • Vehicle warning decals
  • Check electrical connectors tightness
  • Condition of tires
  • Ensure lubrication of moving parts
  • Check the brakes
  • Ensures suspension system is working well
  • Check fuel system
  • Clean oil and air filters
  • Drain old oil when necessary
  • Steering wheel condition
2 Seater Golf Cart Maintanace Checklist
2 Seater Golf Cart Maintanace Checklist

What Are Optional Parts for 2 Seater Golf Cart?

Not all features in 2seater golf cars are standard. Some are optional, which makes it vital to decide whether you want or not.

In most cases, optional parts will increase your golf cart cost. This means you need to inform your manufacturer about the inclusion of these parts.

The optional parts you can request from your manufacturer are;

  • Onboard tow bar
  • Custom lighting package
  • Ashtray
  • Permanent tow bar
  • Large cargo box
  • Repair kit
  • Tinted windshield
  • Allot wheels
  • High-performance tires
  • Suns shade curtains
  • Entertainment system
  • Seat belts
  • Caddy cooler
  • Sand bottle
  • Weather enclosure
  • Branded batteries

Optional Parts for 2 Seater Golf Cart

Optional Parts for 2 Seater Golf Cart


Do Xunhu has 2 Seater Golf Cart Batteries for Sale?

When you need a replacement battery for your 2 seater golf cart, you can get it from XunHu. The manufacturer always provides spare parts for your golf cart.

There are different types of spare golf cart batteries you can get XunHu. This means your golf carts won’t stop due to the lack of replacement batteries.

And if you want to buy other electric golf vehicles, we can help.

2 Seater Golf Cart Batteries for Sale
2 Seater Golf Cart Batteries for Sale


2 seater golf carts are handy and affordable for multiple uses. This gives the buyers a lot of questions before they can buy the carts.

Whichever reason you are looking two-seater golf carts, now you can make the right choice.

This guide tries to answer all your questions and shed more insight into two seater golf carts. Whether it’s your first time or adding more carts, you can now do it without worries.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to grab two seater golf carts from XunHu.

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