2 Seater Golf Cart GW-H2

Passenger: 2 person golf carts
Battery: 8V150AH*6
Motor: KDS AC motor (5KW)
Controller: 48V(FJ controller / Enpower  controller)
Charger: On-board 48V/25A
Max. Speed: 25km/h
Braking: Hydraulic brake/mechanical park
Max. traveling Range: 80km
Overall Dimension : 2930*1200*1750mm

2 Seater Golf Cart GW-H2 Features

  • XUNHU 2 Seater Golf Carts GW-H2 feature ultra-strong metal chassis, strong enough to bear loading up to 360 kg
  • These 2 seater golf carts for sale boast a superior slope climbing ability of 20%. The tires are robust enough to offer optimum traction on different surfaces
  • XUNHU 2 seater golf carts can reach the speed of 25 km/h with an impressive 80km/charge driving range
  • The dashboard is stylish and equipped with a trendy speedometer, cup holder, battery indicator, 12V power outlet, and more
  • The bodies feature bright front and rear LED lamps. Moreover, these golf carts are equipped with a reverse buzzer, quick-charging 48V battery, rearview and side view panels, and more
General Specification:
Passenger capacity 2 passenger electric golf cart
Battery Chilwee Battery,8V150AH*6
Controller 48V(FJ controller / Enpower  controller)
Motor KDS AC motor (5KW)
Charger On-board 48V/25A
Suspension Front Independent suspension
Suspension Rear Integral rear bridge, single leaf spring + cylinder hydraulic damping
Brake system Hydraulic brake/mechanical park
Steering system Self Compensating” Rack & Pinion” Steering
Over Dimension(L*W*H) 2350*1350*1950mm
Max. speed 25km/h
Load Range 80km
Brake range 4m
Minimum Turning radius 3.5m
Max climbing ability 20%
Tires 205/50-10(Tire diameter 460mm)
23*10.50-12 inch
Container Loading Qty 8pcs/20FT 18pcs/40FT
Standard configuration:
Dashboard Injection Molding Instrument, Liquid Crystal Combination Instrument, Lock Switch, Single Arm Combination Switch, Gear Switch, Cup Seat, 12V Power Supply
Lighting and signals LED headlamp : ( near light, far light, steering light, clearance lamps )
LED tail lamp : ( brake light, position light, steering light ) ,snail horn, reversing buzzer
Body Injection Molding of PP for Automobile
Rearview mirror Manually adjustable, foldable rearview mirrors left and right
Windshield Acrylic plexiglass
Seat Seats of ergonomics, leather material
Floor Formed anti-skid floor leather
Minimum Ground clearance 200mm
Wheel Tread Front 880mm
Seat belt Two-point winding seat belt
Roof PP plastic
Gross weight with battery 470kg
Carrying capacity 360kg
Wheel base 1670mm
Wheel Tread Rear 990mm

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  • Why Buy 2 Seater Golf Cart GW-H2 from XunHu (4)
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Why Buy 2 Seater Golf Cart GW-H2 from XunHu?

  • Golf Cart Battery & Motor

XUNHU 2 seater golf carts for sale come with a long-range 48V battery that offers a quick charging feature to reduce downtime. The imported FJ motor control delivers the right amount of amps to a 5 kW AC motor for maximum torque and range

  • Golf Cart R&D Capacity

XUNHU has a dedicated R&D department to offer full support related to design customizations, power customization, and other optional features for enhanced functionality

  • Golf Cart Manufacturing

With 200+ competent technicians and up-to-date machining equipment, XUNHU ensures flawless cutting, molding, welding, assembling, painting, and testing for the golf carts

Full Support on Your 2 Seater Golf Cart GW-H2 Wholesale Business

XUNHU offers A-Z support when it comes to wholesale business as well. With competitive pricing schemes, a wide range of design options, and optional customizations available, XUNHU continues to be one of the largest golf cart suppliers in the world.

You can get customizations, even for bulk orders. The production line of XUNHU is efficient enough to produce bulk quantities without compromising the quality of the product. Not only this, you get custom packaging, secure shipping, and attractive aftersales for your order.

Save big on bulk orders, enjoy remote inspection, and have your product delivered at your doorstep securely and reliably.

2 Seater Golf Cart GW-H2 Warranty
XUNHU offers a 1-year warranty for the chassis and the electrical parts of the 2 seater golf carts. Get the warranty claimed without indulging in endless paperwork
2 Seater Golf Cart GW-H2 Wholesale Prices
XUNHU combines quality with affordability by offering the best wholesale price. Benefit from big discounts and secure shipping
2 Seater Golf Cart GW-H2 Delivery
Get the product delivered at your doorstep. XUNHU offers secure worldwide shipping, thanks to the 11+ years of offering quality products
2 Seater Golf Cart GW-H2 Online Support
XUNHU online support team is dedicated to answering your queries regardless of the time and day. Track orders, send inquiries, get catalogs, etc. with ease and comfort

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XUNHU 2 seater golf cart GW-H2 is a seamless blend of quality, performance, affordability, and versatility. The applications of this golf cart are endless. You can use them at golf courses, in the neighborhood, as utility vehicles and resort golf carts.

Given the optimum ground clearance, robust tires, and sturdy suspension, this variant can be used as 2 seater golf cart for hunting and camping. We also have 4 seater, 6 seater, 8 seater golf carts variants available that come with front LED lights. These are bright enough to illuminate the terrain at night while the acrylic plexiglass windshield offers a clearer view. With so many optional features to choose from, this 2 seater hunting buggy can be completely transformed to suit different tasks.

4 Seater Golf Cart GW-2+2
Get a Fantastic Riding Experience with XUNHU 4 Seater Golf Cart GW-2+2. With a passenger Capacity of 4, This Golf Cart is Ideal for Grassy Golf Course as Well As Rocky Roads
2 Seater Golf Cart GW-2 (2)
With Stylish Exterior and Extremely Ergonomic Interior, XUNHU 2 Seater Golf Cart GW-2 is Pure Luxury to Ride In. These Carts come With Sufficient Ground Clearance and Hydraulic Brakes
4 Seater Golf Cart GW-H2+2 (4)
With a "back-to-back" Seating Arrangement and Silent-running Motor, XUNHU 4 Seater Golf Cart GW-H2+2 Offer Utmost Comfort and Respect to The Passengers
4 Seater Golf Cart GW-4
Ideal for Sightseeing and Neighborhood Cruising, XUNHU 4 Seater Golf Cart GW-4 Carries an Efficient 5 kW motor, That Offers Silent Operation While Delivering Stronger Torque
4 Seater Golf Cart GW-H4
With a Carrying Capacity of 540kg and Braking Distance of 4m, XUNHU 4 Seater Golf Cart GW-H4 Can Climb 20% Slopes, Handle Bumpy Terrains, and Offer Reliable Maneuvering
6 Seater Golf Cart GW-H4+2
With 200mm Minimum Ground Clearance and a Traveling Range of 70 km, XUNHU 6 Seater Golf Cart GW-H4+2 Can be Used as Electric hunting golf carts As Well
6 Seater Golf Cart GW-4+2
XUNHU 6 Seater Golf Cart GW-4+2 comes Equipped with Two-point Winding Seat Belts and a Carrying Capacity of 540 kg, Making Them Ideal for Resorts, Hotels, and Airports
8 Seater Golf Cart GW-6+2
XUNHU 8 Seater Golf Cart GW-6+2 Comes with Self-Compensating" Rack & Pinion" Steering That Offers Reliable and Safe Maneuvering Across Slopes and Hills

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2 Seater Golf Cart GW-H2

XUNHU is trusted by more than 10,000 customers in 160+ countries for offering ISO, CE, GV, and GOST-certified electric golf carts at the best prices.

With more than 30 designs, an advanced lighting system, and superior loading capacity, XUNHU electric golf carts can be employed to serve different applications.

The golf carts chassis is crafted from hot galvanized metal and turned into rods and sheets, that are welded with laser-precision to achieve high load-bearing strength.

And the chassis is covered with industrial-grade PP plastic as body kits.

All electric parts of 2 Seater Golf Cart GW-H2 are sourced from top suppliers and the highest quality assembly is achieved at the XUNHU factory.

With maintenance-free quick-charging golf cart batteries, your golf cart is always on the go.

Moreover, the electric golf vehicle is equipped with certified safety features like seatbelts, hydraulic brakes, a smart steering system, robust suspension, and heavy-duty tires.

The assembled product is tested on a 5km testing track to make sure that your golf carts are safe, reliable, and certified to be operated.