14 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car GL-14

Passenger: 14 person
Dimension: 5400*1550*2060mm
Engine: 4B10 EFI or 4A13 EFI engine
Fuel Tank capacity: 55L
Max Speed: 28km/h
Total Weight: 1060kg
Charging time: 8-10h
Painting: Automotive Paint, Customized Colors
Climbing Ability: 20%

14 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Features

  • Powerful Electric Motor, Rust Proof Body Made From Glass Fiber To Increase Safety And Cut Weight
  • Toughened Windshield, Large Windows, And Doors For Easy Access And Exit.
  • Worldwide Delivery In 7-15 Days, Safe Packaging And Tracking To The Destination
  • Robust Battery Pack With Improved Ranger, Optional Battery Type, And Latest Controllers

14 seater classic sightseeing cars have modern features. Made by experts, you get appealing vehicles with high reliability.

The manufacturing process meets international standards, which ensures great performance. Equipped with latest electric motors, there is efficiency in charging.

Apart from the choice of premium raw materials, XunHu makes flexible structures. The 14 sightseeing classic cars are easily modifiable. You can change the functions without struggling.

Whether you want to use these classic sightseeing cars for private affairs, the vehicles are versatile.

Driving is simple due to the smart steering system, large mirrors, and turn signals. Even when driving in the streets, you can be sure of your passengers safety.

Classic Sightseeing Cars Applications

Classic Sightseeing Cars Applications

14 Seater Classic Vintage Sightseeing Cart Configurations

14 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Configuration

Xunhu supplies you with different passenger carrier solutions and depending on your specific needs.
Xunhu 4 to 23 seater electric sightseeing car bus for you to choose from.

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  • Xunhu 14 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control (1)
  • Xunhu 14 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control (2)
  • Xunhu 14 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control

Xunhu 14 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control

  • Materials

 Xunhu Manufactures Sightseeing Cars From Best Galvanized Hot Steel And Fiberglass, Toughened Glass Is Used In Making Windshield And Windows

  • Manufacturing

Xunhu Has A Large Manufacturing Plant With The Ability To Hold Thousands Of Sightseeing Cars; There Are Multiple Production Lines.

  • Test

Modern Testing Facility Is Available At Xunhu; All Classic Sightseeing Undergoes Repeated Testing By Professionals.

Full Support on Your 14 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car

Accessing support from XunHu is convenient and straightforward. You can get in touch with the company via different means.

The support covers electric vehicles equipment, Park establishment, and after-sale support. You always get 24/7 online support from experts. With instant replies, the support team offers solutions within 30 minutes.

Sightseeing Car 1 Year Warranty
Xunhu Supplies Classic Sightseeing Cars With Free Consumable Parts, And 1 Year Extended Warranty, You Always Have Access To OEM Spare Parts.
Sightseeing Car Optional Configuration
There Are Numerous Customization At Xunhu; You Can Request For Personalized And Optional Configuration For Your Classic Sightseeing Cars.
Sightseeing Car Maintenance
Xunhu 14 Seater Classic Sightseeing Cars Have Easy And Cheap Maintenance Requirement, Quick Access To Spare Parts Make Repairs Simple.
Sightseeing Car Online Support
Xunhu Has a Robust Team Of Experts To Offer Quick Support; With Full-Time Access, You Can Request Assistance From Anywhere In The World.

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XunHu is home to all types of classic sightseeing cars. There are over 100 models you can choose from. Whether you want a people carrier for personal or institution, variety exists.

Among the popular types include; 4 seater classic sightseeing cars, 6 seater classic sightseeing cars, retro classic sightseeing cars, among others.

4 Seater Sightseeing Car for Sale
Xunhu 4 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car For Sale With Sturdy Structure, Twist Resistant Chassis And Fade Resistant Paint To Protect Body For Long.
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6 Seater Open-Topped Sightseeing Car
Xunhu 6 Seater Open-Topped Classic Sightseeing Car For Sale, Thick Padded Seats, And Optimized Windshield Allows Smooth Drive With Less Wind.
12 Seater Sightseeing Car for Sale
Xunhu8 Seater Classic Sightseeing Cars For Sale At Wholesale Price, Ready Spare Parts, Free Worldwide Delivery And Installations By Experts.
14 Seater Sightseeing Car for Sale
Xunhu Made 12 Seater Classic Sightseeing Cars With Molded Body Parts, Laser Cut Parts, And Weather Resistant Paint To Protect The Body.
Enclosed Sightseeing Car for Sale
Enclosed Classic Sightseeing Cars By Xunhu Have Less Noise, Efficient Smooth Drive Trains, Digital Al Dashboard, And Entertainment System That Keeps Riders Happy.
Resort Car for sale
Xunhu Resort Cars For Sale With Versatile Chassis, Aerodynamic Body, And Smooth Fade Resistant Paint; Your Car Runs Smoothly Without Noise.
Electric Vintage Carts for Sale
Xunhu Electric Vintage Carts With Large Passengers Compartment, 3 Point Seat Belts, And Large Attractive Grille Depicting Vintage Style.
Xunhu Resort Golf Carts for Sale
Xunhu Makes Resort Golf Carts With Standard Golf Attachment Bag, Optional Caddy Cooler, And Cargo Box For Carrying Different Accessories.
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Xunhu Electric Tourist Cars With Eco-Friendly Silent Motor, Durable Maintenance-Free Battery Packs And Curtis Latest Controllers For Best Charge Optimization.

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Xunhu is Your Best 14 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Manufacturer in China

XunHu is one of the best manufacturers, suppliers, and installers of electric sightseeing vehicles. Having different models and types, 14 seater classic sightseeing cars are one of the best options.

The ability to manufacture high-quality electric sightseeing cars is due to long-time experience. It has produce cars since its establishment in 2011. Also, the large army of workers numbering 1,200 is highly skilled.

A fully dedicated team of R&D team ensures new products periodically. Also, it improves existing models to move with time.

You also can find golf carts and electric shuttle bus from Xunhu EV company. Get the price now.