12 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car GL-12

Passenger: 12 person
Dimension: 5130*1640*1970mm
Battery: 6V*8 48V
Power: 5KW or 7.5 Kw
Max Speed: 28km/h
Total Weight: 1063kg
Charging time: 8-10h
Painting: Automotive Paint, Customized colors
Range: 80-100km

12 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Features

  • 28 Km/h Maximum Speed, Quick Accelerating Electric Motor With High Conversion Efficiency
  • Thickly Padded Seats, Waterproof Cover To Resist Water Damage, Customizable Battery Pack
  • Various Classic Designs, Bright Led Headlights, And Tail Lights For Safe Night Drives
  • Heavy-Duty Steel/Allow Rims, Vacuum Tires, And High Roof With Large Canopy

12 seater classic sightseeing cars have a revolutionary yet vintage touch. Professionally done designs are unique and ensure you can enjoy great-looking sightseeing cars.

The chassis has a super rigid design and materials that enable your vehicle to hold 1063kg. This means 12 persons can relax on the car without compromising its structure.

Apart from the sturdy structure, the 12 seater sightseeing car comes in different colors. You can opt for a custom color, and XunHu won’t charge you extra money.

With versatile applications, these sightseeing cars are suitable for amusement parks, ports, farms, and other places. The availability of different configurations lets you customize the customer experience.

Classic Sightseeing Car Colors

Classic Sightseeing Cars Applications

Classic Sightseeing Cars Configuration

Xunhu supplies you with different passenger carrier solutions and depending on your specific needs.
Xunhu 4 to 23 seater electric sightseeing car bus for you to choose from.

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  • Xunhu 12 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control (1)
  • Xunhu 12 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control (2)
  • 12 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control
  • 12 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control (2)

Xunhu 12 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Quality Control

  • Materials

12 Seater Classic Sightseeing Cars Have Rigid Steel Structure With Hig Resistance To Twisting, Body Panels And Floor Are From Molded Glass Fiber.

  • Manufacturing

XunHu Manufactures Sightseeing Cars In ISO Certified Production Lines; Using Laser Cutting And High Tech Welding, Vehicles Reliability Is At Top.

  • Configuration

Numerous Configurations Are Available For 12 Seater Classic Sightseeing Cars; Seats Designs, Optional Accessories And Interior To Look More Appealing.

Full Support on Your 12 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car

XunHu provides ample support to all customers. Available 24/7, you can get assistance before and after the purchase of 12 seater classic sightseeing cars.

Whether you want assistance to design or service your classic sightseeing cars, there is a quick response. Online support ensures everyone around the world can get timely assistance.

Sightseeing Car 1 Year Warranty
XunHu Offers 12 Seater Sightseeing Cars With 12 Months Warranty; Also, You Receive Free Parts To Keep Your Cars Operating.
Sightseeing Car Optional Configuration
Tons Of Optional Configuration Are Available For Choice At Xunhu; You Can Customize Your Sightseeing Car Design, Color, And Other Features.
Sightseeing Car Maintenance
XunHu 12 Seater Sightseeing Cars Have The Easiest Maintenance; Being Electric, Only Basic Maintenance Is Needed Thus Reducing Overall Operation Charges.
Sightseeing Car Online Support
XunHu Online Support Team Is Efficient In Offering Needs Assistance; You Can Access Online Support Via Mails And Social Media.

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Some of the top-ranking cars include; 4 seater sightseeing cars, 6 seater sightseeing cars, closed sightseeing cars, and open sightseeing cars.

You can order different customization for your sightseeing cars.

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XunHu 4 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Have Compact Design, Small Turning Radius And High Use Versatility For Use In Different Areas.
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12 Seater Sightseeing Car for Sale
XunHu 8 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car For Sale With Customized Battery Pack, Alloy Wheels; Vacuum Tires Are Great For Use In Different Seasons.
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XunHu 14 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car With 12 Months Warranty; Free Consumable Parts And Quick Access To Spare Parts.
Enclosed Sightseeing Car for Sale
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Xunhu is Your Best 12 Seater Classic Sightseeing Car Manufacturer in China

XunHu is the best place to source your classic retro sightseeing cars. Making some of the best 12 seater sightseeing cars, they are known worldwide for their reliability.

Having been in production since 2011, the experience is fantastic and tested. The modern production lines allow for standardized sightseeing car manufacturing.

The production meets international standards and is certified by CE, ISO, and BV. XunHu is also a member of the export associations of China that ensures exports meet set standards.

Apart from manufacturing prowess, Electric Vintage Carts, and sightseeing cars for sale, there is delivery to your place.

The robust chassis used in 12 seaters is versatile, which allows easy modification.