11 seater Electric Shuttle Bus SN-11C

Passenger: 11 Person
Dimension: 4650*1520*2700mm
Battery: 6V225AH
Motor: 72V 7.5KW DC system
Controller: 72V400A
Suspension: MacPherson strut suspension
Steering: Rack&Pinionsteering
Brake System: Four wheels hydraulic braking system
Range: 80km(loaded)

11 seater Electric Shuttle Bus SN-11C Features

Seating Capacity: Accommodates up to 11 passengers, offering spacious and comfortable seating.

Low Maintenance: Electric components typically require less maintenance than traditional vehicles.

Accessibility: Designed for easy entry and exit, accommodating passengers with varying needs.

Customization: Options for interior configurations and exterior branding.

Warranty: 1 year warranty on electric drivetrain and components.

An 11-passenger electric shuttle, such as the SN-11C, finds versatile applications across industries.

It excels as an eco-friendly airport transfer, offering swift movement between terminals and hotels.

Within campuses, it provides efficient mobility for students and employees. In tourism, it elevates sightseeing experiences with its quiet operation and zero emissions.

Corporations benefit from it as a reliable mode of inter-building transport. Event venues employ it for seamless attendee conveyance. Healthcare institutions streamline patient transit among facilities.

Theme parks enhance guest convenience through shuttle services. Residential communities improve intra-area mobility sustainably.

Overall, this electric shuttle caters to diverse transport needs with environmental consciousness.

  • 11 Passenger Electric Shuttle Quality Control
  • 11 Passenger Electric Shuttle Quality Control
  • 11 Passenger Electric Shuttle Quality Control
  • 11 Passenger Electric Shuttle Quality Control

11 Passenger Electric Shuttle Quality Control

XUNHU’s 11-seater Electric Shuttle Bus SN-11C is meticulously crafted and rigorously tested through a comprehensive quality control process. This ensures its impeccable performance, safety, and sustainability, making it an ideal choice for efficient and eco-friendly transportation solutions in various settings. Experience the excellence and reliability of the SN-11C for your passengers’ comfort and peace of mind.

Full Support on Your 11 Passenger Electric Shuttle

Experience complete support for your 11-passenger electric shuttle journey with XUNHU. From quality construction to attentive service, we ensure your transportation needs are met with excellence and reliability. Enjoy peace of mind and efficiency with our top-notch electric shuttle solutions.

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11 seater Electric Shuttle Bus SN-11C

Introducing the XUNHU 11 seater Electric Shuttle Bus SN-11C, a versatile solution for efficient and eco-friendly transportation.

With its spacious design and comfortable seating for up to 11 passengers, it’s perfect for various industries.

Equipped with advanced features and backed by XUNHU’s quality, it ensures a smooth and reliable ride every time.