11 Passenger Electric Shuttle SN-11(8+3)

Passenger: 11 Person
Dimension: 4650*1520*2700mm
Battery: 6V225AH
Motor: 72V 5KW DC system
Controller: 72V400A
Suspension: MacPherson strut suspension
Steering: Rack&Pinionsteering
Brake System: Four wheels hydraulic braking system
Range: 80km(loaded)

Features of 11 Passenger Electric Shuttle

1.Fiberglass body, steel frame+fiberglasscover roof;

2.Any colors can be customized as your needs;

3.1000kg loading weight, strong carrying capacity;

4.Four wheels hydraulic braking system, safe and reliable.

11 Passenger Electric Shuttle Applications

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  • 11 Passenger Electric Shuttle Quality Control (1)
  • 11 Passenger Electric Shuttle Quality Control (2)
  • 11 Passenger Electric Shuttle Quality Control (2)
  • 11 Passenger Electric Shuttle Quality Control (2)

11 Passenger Electric Shuttle Quality Control

  • Strict Raw Material Quality Inspection Program

All raw materials and standard parts need to be strictly tested and can only be used with a qualified certificate to ensure the safety of your 11 seater electric shuttle bus.

  • Strong and Professional Product Design Team

Xunhu has a team of more than 20 designers, which can meet your special needs while ensuring the electric shuttle bus quality and safety.

  • The Latest and Most Advanced Production Equipment

Xunhu company has domestic leading electric vehicle production equipment to ensure that your 11 seater shuttle bus is precise and flawless.

Full Support on Your 11 Passenger Electric Shuttle

You can buy kinds of 11 Passenger Electric Shuttle from Xunhu company, Competitive Price, 7-15 Days fast delivery.
Xunhu has been focusing on manufacturing quality electric passenger shuttles and golf cart shuttles, with 11 years of experience, and is trusted by 10,000+ customers. Get support for your electric shuttle business today from Xunhu.

11 Passenger Electric Shuttle 1 Year Warranty
For the Xunhu electric shuttle vehicle product, the battery, charger, motor, and control, you will get a 12 months warranty from delivery.
11 Passenger Electric Shuttle Optional Configuration
Trojan battery, AC electric system 72V, Full enclosure weather curtains, Sunshade Curtain, Seatbelts, Loudspeaker, CD player, Solar panel on top, Aluminum rim wheels, Front disc brakes,rear-wheel drum brakes.
11 Passenger Electric Shuttle Maintenance
You will get the user manuals and technical information for each electric shuttle bus vehicle, pls read them carefully before driving your new cart, and please maintain and operate the cart according to the user manuals.
11 Passenger Electric Shuttle Online Support
No matter when there is any problem with your Electric Shuttle Bus, you can contact us for the solution or support, and we can provide 7*24 hours services.

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11 Passenger Electric Shuttle

Before you buy the 11 Passenger Electric Shuttle, maybe you want to learn more about this shuttle vehicle and Xunhu company.

Xunhu was founded in 2011, it is a world-class electric vehicle manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China.

Electric shuttle bus, sightseeing car, golf buggy, electric mobile command vehicles, electric utility vehicles, go-karts, electric trackless trains, and electric bumper cars are our main products.

Xunhu has 11 Years’ experience in manufacturing and exporting to 60+ countries.

Xunhu will be your #1 choice for passenger electric shuttles.

Xunhu 11 Passenger Electric Shuttle has the characteristics of simple structure, easy to operate and maintain, durability, etc.

Xunhu 11 Passenger Electric Shuttle is equipped with four wheels hydraulic braking system and a small turning radius, your vehicle will be safe and reliable.

Xunhu has a number of different passenger electric shuttles solutions and all the shuttle buses can be customized depending on your specific needs, and we have a wide range of 4-23 passenger shuttle buses for you to choose from.

If you want to know more details about Xunhu electric shuttle vehicles, please contact Xunhu now.

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