10 Seater Golf Carts

Passenger: 10 person
Dimension: 5380*1680*1920
Battery: 6V*8 48V
Power: 5KW or 7.5 kW
Max Speed: 28km/h
Total Weight: 1063kg
Charging time: 8-10h
Painting: Automotive Paint, Customized colors
Range: 80-100km

10 Seater Golf Carts Features

  • 11 Years Golf Carts Experience
  • Unbeatable Pricing & Selection
  • Worldwide Export, 7-15 Day Fast Delivery
  • Low Noise, No Pollution, Widely Applicable

10 Seater Golf Cart Colors Options

10 seater golf carts Applications

10 seater golf carts Details

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XunHu 10 Seater Golf Cart Quality Control

  • Materials

International standard raw material choosing.

  • Manufacturing

600+ skilled workers, modern production equipment.

  • QC Team

Strict quality inspection progress for every major part.

Full Support on Your 10 Seater Golf Cart Wholesale Business

XunHu Company has a complete golf cart production line, our golf cart factory can manufacture 2/4/6/8/10/12/14 seat golf carts.
We have regular electric golf carts, luxury golf carts, hunting golf carts, and all kinds of retro sightseeing cars.
If you are in the wholesale business of golf carts, XunHu EV is an excellent choice for you.

10 Seater Golf Cart Warranty
All major components of your 10-seater golf cart are covered by a one-year warranty.
10 Seater Golf Cart Wholesale Prices
XunHu is a professional golf cart factory, you will get the best price.
10 Seater Golf Cart Delivery
XunHu company has a very good freight forwarding work, your goods will be delivered on time and safely.
10 Seater Golf Cart Online Support
XunHu company has 20 professional customer service staff, 24 hours online for you to solve problems.

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XunHu’s 10-seat golf cart has been selling very well. This golf cart uses branded motors, batteries, and controllers, these high-quality golf cart accessories keep your golf cart safe. In addition to the 10-seat golf cart, you can also buy 2 seat golf carts, 4 seat golf carts, 6 seat golf carts, 8 seat golf carts, 12 seat golf carts, and 14 seat golf carts at XunHu. car, and a 20 seater golf cart.
Every golf cart or electric shuttle bus exported from XunHu is 100% experienced.

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Why Buy 10 Seater Golf Carts?

1. The 10 seat golf cart has a wide range of applications and is widely used in golf courses, scenic spots, hotels, airports, factories, etc.

2. The 10 seat golf cart has strong load capacity and climbing ability, and can be used as a utility vehicle;

3. The 10 seat golf cart is cost-effective.

How to Choose the Best 10 Seater Golf Carts?

1. First of all, you need to know what purpose you are buying golf carts for; if you are in the wholesale business of golf carts, you should know what kind of golf carts your customers need.

Expensive golf carts and branded golf carts may not be the best choice for your customers.

XunHu company has provided golf cart procurement solutions for customers from more than 100 countries and regions, you can tell us your requirements, and our team will meet your requirements.

2. What is your golf cart budget; XunHu has a modern golf cart production workshop, so you can buy golf carts with high-cost performance here.

3. You can get the information about golf cart manufacturers through Google or the exhibition, but you may get the wrong information.

XunHu is a professional manufacturer, you are welcome to visit our golf cart factory and sightseeing car factory at any time.

10 Seater Golf Cart Specifications

Motor 5KW
Battery 48V/72V
Controller AC controller
Exterior dimensions(mm) 5130*1640*2000
Max.total mass(kg) 1063KG
Max.speed(km/h) 28KM/H
Driving Mileage(km) 80-100KM
Grade capability(%) 15%
Rated capacity(including driver) 11
Tire type 175/70R14
Min.Ground clearance(mm) 150mm